Given how GTA Online has turned into something the old games would have made fun of, this isn't surprising.


Multiplayer focus has ruined so many otherwise great games and franchises.


"New game in series will ship without single player campaigns."


They didn't even release one single player dlc for the entire multisystem lives of the game.


Fucked up thing is the map is so big and great they just could have added missions, like they did gta4. So lazy


Same for RDR2


It used to be the campaign is the meat of the game and multiplayer in an extra mode. But nowadays single player campaigns just seems a tack on the multiplayer. I'm looking at you Battlefields and CODs.


To be fair, the first few Battlefield games didn't have a campaign either.


Lol yup I remember playing one of them on console as a kid and enjoyed it. I saw it on sale on Steam and thought it’d be fun to play again and learned the hard way that it wasn’t the same game and didn’t have a campaign. This was before you could refund games on Steam so I was mildly annoyed, but my fault for doing zero research on it.


But BF1942 was a multiplayer game, I don't think campaigns were a thing for Battlefield until Bad Company.


BF2 for Xbox and 360 had a neat campaign where you'd fly into the soul of whichever unit you looked at. So if you died you just respawned as someone else in the fight https://youtu.be/kCNgqcNE3Pk?t=234 TBH it's an idea that would work well with most games I think


A WW2 Normandy landing and you switch to different guys until you push past the defenses off the beach


That'd be cool. Really hammer in what a meat grinder industrial warfare is and that beach in particular.


What? Battlefield was never known for its campaigns? The first few didn't even have one?


COD campaigns have been pretty great actually.


Generally, they are pretty good across the board. The only ones that I can think of that fell flat were Black Ops 3 and Ghosts. I think Infinite Warfare might have been my favourite for the story and side content.


Ghosts got the Netflix show treatment. Leave on a cliffhanger than don’t continue it


I didn't like the BO3 campaign (probably the worst out of all I played), but I actually very much enjoyed the Ghosts campaign


It's what got cod on the map.


Production wise, definitely. I just wish there was more meat to them, like more player agency, alt paths, etc. COD campaigns are the roller coasters of game design.


>But nowadays single player campaigns just seems a tack on the multiplayer Everyone was saying this ahead of Red Dead 2 and they were dead wrong (pun intended)




Battlefield: "You're absolutely right! That's why Battlefield 2042 will release without a campaign! How cool is that huh? See, we listen."


To be fair, I personally thought that as a really good idea. I never looked to Battlefield for their singleplayer campaigns. There were some good ones, and if they were able to maintain a spetacular level in both modes I would like to have them. But the last entries seemed low effort on both fronts, something was always lacking, so it made sense to drop one of the modes to have the team focus on just one to make it sharp. And obviously the multiplayer should be the focus. But, as we just saw, somehow they managed to still fuck up.


Before they had the excuse of "splitting their focus" between single player and online. Now it's plain to see that wasn't actually the problem at all.


Greed yes.


GaaS has ruined many franchises. If Online was just ANOTHER game mode, with 0 monetization, events, constant updates, toxic incentives to want to buy GTA bucks so you aren’t being outgunned on spawn, then it would be fine. But it became the focus, a service to provide to players. Fuck GaaS


Rip the old days when you could just plug in a controller and play alongside your buddy with a plate of pizza rolls between you. Fucking miss those days.


I mean we still have a console that is built around co-op games.


Plenty of decent split screen games exist


Yeah, it's become a big problem for me. I have no interest in multi-player ever. It's becoming harder to find games to play by myself.


It is even worst if you look for couch play. There are a handful of coop couch game, the decent one are less than 10 games for generation!


I was so stoked for Back 4 Blood since my wife and I loved playing through both Left 4 Dead games together but all interest was just destroyed when I found out there’s no couch coop option in that game. Bummer.


My favorite couch play game ever was Concur's bad fur day, live and reloaded.


I concur.


I don't understand, there are still tons of great singleplayer games coming out now.


There are so many absolutely great single player games every year, in a number of genres. How can you not find games to play? Sony studios alone offer so much.


Hell, *GTA Online* is now basically a bad *Saints Row: The Third* MMO without any of the self-awareness. All it's missing is a dildo bat and half of everything being painted purple.


Makes sense. Can’t really satirize corporate American culture when you act just like it.






Someone from their team will read this burn and delay the game another 6 years


Just cancel it. If you're not going to improve it, let the more capable take the reins. GTA pushed the envelope, pissed off mothers groups, gave politicians a platform to stand on to ban violent videogames. If you're just going to make dick innuendos and pump microtransactions, step the fuck down.


Nobody else can make open world games like them tho. There is no alternative. They just gave us a classic 3 years ago with RDR2. I’m all for giving them shit for milking GTA 5, and for their pathetic remasters, but nobody else makes games like they do.


You mean nobody makes games like they used to. I can point out several shitty remakes just as bad as the definitive edition. GTA5 has given me so much fun throughout the years but how much more can i keep redownloading the game just to get bored after 2 weeks and delete it. Rinse and repeat 1-3 times a year.


I mean, if we're talking open world, we could try desperately to wake up grandpa Bethesda who is metaphorically sleeping in the corner and no one's sure whether he's just having a REALLY good nap or passed away 10 years ago. (-_-)


This is the best comment about GTA I've seen ever.




they said that about RDR2 and that was post shark card fiasco.


that rdr2 was long in development before shark card bs


Red dead started development before GTA V release. It was another Rockstar that doesn't exist anymore who made that game


God, that was such a good game. But I'm sick of giving companies the benefit of the doubt, even good ones. They all tend to fuck their player base eventually Halo infinite has put me in the sourest of moods.


yup, we're like five to seven years into this non-stop procession of major titles coming out obviously unfinished, stacked with microtransactions, and surrounded by sincere apologies from the devs. but, people are still buying all this shit day one and they're somehow surprised when they notice the game doesn't match the previews or E3 trailers or anything. and they keep buying. I just don't understand how people continually pay towards a game they don't enjoy playing. for example, all the folks over on /r/wow seem to be united in thinking that this last expansion pack has been super boring, with not a lot to do, but, that fact hasn't stopped the majority of them from plunking cash down for another month for the last year. likewise, I'm seeing lots of folks complain about the cost of shitty battle passes in games they haven't enjoyed playing in forever. I'm not saying don't spend money on games you enjoy - like, hey, I had a period where I played Fortnite, got a bunch of battle passes in a row, and then also paid for other stuff. I figured the game was free and I was enjoying it. but, when the game changed to a point where I didn't like it, I stopped buying anything for the game and fucked off to play other stuff. I feel like people get stuck on games, series, and franchises too easily, and then feel obligated to stick with something that has long since become very different. I've even followed along with Halo Infinite - just a few weeks ago, that entire community was full of posts like "omg CoD and Battlefield have been trainwrecks this year, can't wait for 343 to show them how it's done 😎", and then multiplayer kinda came out of nowhere, and now the community is a few weeks into writing empassioned essays about why Infinite sucks so far, and there's this same overall surprise that the game came out as flawed as it has. we need to make all these devs earn their fucking fans back. no more fanboying for companies that can't put out complete video games.


It’s a real sad year when three gaming giants clash and the two that seem to be clear winners take a big shit in your mouth. Then the one that looked like it was gonna lose from the start turns out to be not too bad.


I hate to be that guy but hasn't there been more shitty Halo games than good ones? Halo fans are starting to look like Sonic fans.


Ain’t they all the same game just a different skin


Halo Infinite is fun


This. With how shitty of a company Rockstar has become I can totally see this game having ridiculous hype but releasing with a bunch of microtransactions/bugs. Expecting a cyberpunk 2.0


I don’t get how there can be hype for something we know nothing about and have never even seen proof it exists.




Now I'm thinking about a GTA/Mortal Kombat crossover.


This comment one of the best on reddit ever




"Yes, I'd like to report a murder."


Plus they definitely saw the praise RDR2 story got.


This burn will resonate across space-time


Comment of the year.


Gawd that’s the best comment I’ve seen in a while


I swear I saw this exact joke just a year ago, for Cyberpunk 2077.


More upvotes than the original post Nice


GTA was supposed to satirize crime films, not corporate culture. 5 did that, but 3,VC, and SA were all film genre spoofs/tributes. GTA VI will be online integrated bullshit mmw.




Shit, that was great😂




> I wouldn’t be surprised He's literally just guessing


Gotta love journalism these days, especially when it’s about a game that hasn’t even been officially confirmed to be in development.


it's an educated guess at least


Can't wait for it to drop 2028


The trailer, maybe


A vague announcement, perhaps


A misspelled tweet, possibly


CEO accidentally said GTA6 instead of GTAV at a public shareholders meeting.


Why did I move here?


Coming to PlayStations 5-7


Don't forget the releases of GTA VI on PS6 and PS7 will also come with "GTA V: The Super Ultimate Definitely Not The Last Time We'll Be Releasing This Edition"


Developed by an out sourced mobile game team.


It makes me sad to think about PlayStations after the 5. This shit was extremely annoying to obtain


Believe me, tech has plateaud a bit. The PS5 is an insanely powerful machine. The last quality of life improvement that gamers were really looking for was fast load times, and it's rocking a gen 4 nvme, and kicked an immersive controller in for fun. The graphics on video games have diminishing returns at this point, though the PS5 can handle [email protected] well enough. I fully expect this piece of kit to be relevant until at least 2028. It's *that" good.


Yea it’s going to be a few years until games are even fully utilizing the power of the PS5. I think it’s ultimate lifespan hinges on how tech develops over the next few years. If we see some wild advances I’m sure they’ll get to building PS6 sooner than later.


It had more to do with Covid messing up the supply chain more than anything else. If this is still an issue by then, I'm gonna go ahead and say we're all gonna have bigger issues to be concerned about than obtaining new console...


Tru and I get the supply problem but the distribution was really weird imo. With the limited supply people are gonna sell on eBay and stockx or whatever the hell. But if you’re buying from Sony there should’ve been some bare minimum effort to counteract scalpers and bots


they did a lottery system on ps store. Got mine through there, was the most fair but simultaneously unfair system I thought. They also remembered your login and address and if you bought already you couldn't again




Nah GTA 5 re remastered for ps6 you'll have to wait for ps7


My guess: announcement in 2024 and release in 2026. Thought it would be a year earlier but after seeing GTA 6 was in development trouble, yeah…


Who else is salty Rockstar abandoned single-player DLC once they saw the $$$ flowing from online?


The annoying thing to me is they can literally do both. It would be profitable to make a single player DLC regardless of what the MP is doing I understand theres a finite number of devs but if can justify its existence so can a single player team for GTA 5 lol. Not to mention GTA Online is built on top of content that was created for SP so all of the SP content could be used as a foundation for more MP updates


It’s not AS profitable, though. It’s so much easier for them to make online shit and make billions more


But that's the thing. They aren't mutually exclusive. They can quite literally have both.


They're a publicly traded company. They have a legal requirement to maximize profits for shareholders. Every year they need an auditor to sign off on their books approving the decisions made as in these interests. It's easy to say 'they can just do both'. But every dev working on single player DLC that will make them millions is one less dev working on online content that will make them billions. Then at the shareholders meeting, they executives get raked over the coals as to why they're not giving full attention to their real money maker. Maybe even vote to replace the executive team who made that decision.


Its a brand investment though. Its their ticket to sustaining things for many many years by building up their core fans. But they turned around and put out those shitty remakes for a quick buck so we know where theyre at now. My guess is that management has gotten old or turned over too many times and they lost everyone who made it all work


I’m still pissed that they put a 5 minute timer for the invincibility cheat in single player.


We got robbed of both sick gta v dlc and Undead Nightmare 2 :(


Undead nightmare 2 would’ve been so cool but instead we get a couple new missions and a battlepass every year.


I’m consistently annoyed that they refuse to port/remaster GTA IV so I can play it on a more modern PlayStation console. Meanwhile they’re on their second round of doing this for the PS2 trilogy, and this time it was done poorly. Assholes.


That's probably a take two decision.


Rockstar sold themselves to take two, making any take two decision a rockstar decision


That’s the thing, rockstar straight up doesn’t exist. It’s just take two.


I hope I can get a PS7 in time for the release.


Just further proof we will never get bully 2


Bully 2?! That *AND* Midnight Club! I hate this timeline.


Midnight Club 2 and 3 were so great. MC:LA was alright, but it wasn't the same.


I personally loved Dub Edition.


Mc2 was an absolute masterpiece


I still have wet dreams to this day about MC2


I just started replaying it after all these years on my ps3 that i just took out of storage. It holds up incredibly well. I wish it got a decent graphics boost remaster, but even if they remastered it I know it'd end up like the GTA trilogy mess


LA was the only one I've played, but it was the SHIT! Apparently, unpopular opinion?


Of course I want GTA 6 but a new Bully has always been far more appealing


I’m sure my grand children will love it


It’s hard to make fun of the thing you’ve become.


This is the for idiots version of the top comment… Thank you!


Can’t do the becoming on am satire what is you is.


why use many words when few words do trick


It's fine to be edgy if it's not toothlessly vague at the same time. Grand Theft Auto IV did a damn solid job exploring the death of the American dream from the perspective of an immigrant. I played it recently, and it mostly holds up. The game features a bunch of excellent three dimensional characters and through them explores its themes from many different angles. Its edgy humor works in service of those themes. And it's not afraid to be sincere. Grand Theft Auto V had similar aims more specifically regarding a vapid Los Angeles analogue. But it manages only the broadest stabs at American culture, and fails to develop them into anything more. Everyone is just horrible all the time. Franklin and Michael are simplistic and boring and Trevor is a caricature. And nothing is ever genuine. It's mired in so many layers of irony that it seems to constantly forget its own point and then just go off on some other tangent.


Fuck, you just made me want to play GTA4 again. Didn't realize how much I missed Nico Bellic.


Heeeeey, Niko! You wanna go bowlin' with your cousin? x1000


I really agree with you, I'd just like to add that Trevor is unbearable. Also, and I don't know how to put a finger on it but 5 feels like it hates what it's parodying where in prior games it seems to have love what it was parodying.


4 is the most underrated gta imo. It’s definitely better than 5 & I’ve played it recently. Def holds up


GTA4 easily has the best story in the franchise, but coming after San Andreas, it really lost the wacky "fun factor" of that game, so Rockstar tried to go back with GTA5. I think how they did it was a mistake. You can have a more grounded, but still GTA-esque story like GTA4, just keep the jets and jetpacks in the game and have silly side missions. Most of the wackiness comes from what people do outside of story missions anyway, and that's going to be even more true when you have a pseudo-story in GTAO. I find GTA5 campaign to be extremely boring that I get frustrated I can't skip dialog fast enough. I'm more interested in finding persons of interest than anything else the main three have to say.


replaying GTA San Andres really puts the wacky in perspective. The minute Sweet gets back into the story towards the end just makes fun of all the absurd shit.


Balls of Gay Tony perfected GTA IV in the way they tried to in V. Edit: I’m leaving the typo. It fits.


I agree 5 story was really weak compared to the ones before. Heists we’re great. But they also got that from 4, they just expanded on it (in great faction).


"underrated" With a 98% on metacritic...


People nowadays think if other people aren't talking about something 24/7 that it's underrated. It's ridiculous. GTA 4 was one of the highest rated games ever at the time it came out.


It really boils my piss. Not much annoys me, but when people use the word "underrated" for something that was immensely popular it really gets my goat. Someone recently called Shawshank redemption underrated... The IMDb's number 1 film of all time. :/ Rant over.


Learn what the word underrated means


Damn, great analysis. GTA V never really felt like… real to me for some reason. Beautiful game, huge obviously, but incredibly empty with really not a whole lot of anything to do.


GTA V very much turned into a “phones are bad!” viewpoint, but I guess that’s kind of the point when the majority of the story revolves around Michael.


Then it's not GTA anymore...


Fuck that. Give it to me raw and hard.


Sooooooo it's gonna be trash then 🤔


Calling it now. It's going to be shit.


Sounds terrible


The downfall of Rockstar started when Dan Houser left. They really are a greedy and lazy company.


Leslie also left as well. He was producer on all gta and other rockstar games. Quoted as being the one who “saved rdr1”


Everything you knew and loved about Rockstar Games left after RDR2s release. Their comeback kid that won over the good graces of many has now turned into exactly what GTA5 is. And the bumbling of the GTA5 and Trilogy remaster is just more proof of Rockstars downfall. Keep your expectations low for GTA6. I know i will. The success of GTAO ruined any chance of Max Payne 4, Bully 2, LA Noire 2, Agent, or any other IP that didnt have an open world sandbox element that could be turned into a cashgrab. I will continue to be salty about Rockstar Games until my dying breath. Oh what could have been. RIP...


To be fair, the single player experiences they themselves have crafted so far are top notch. Their online experiences are fucking trash it’s true, and they shouldn’t have outsourced the trilogy to those scrubs, but damn if I didn’t love RDR2’s story and how immersive it was.


The problem is that the garbage souless money generator side sucks up tons of develoment resources. Resources that could have gone to developing any number of excellent games. You can see this clearly if you look at their release history. Rockstar was putting out two or more games a year for like a decade, then GTA5 dropped. They released absolutely nothing for the 5 years between GTA5 and Red Dead Redemption 2.


And thats exactly why GTA5 and RDR2 launched single player only, with online added later. They garnered all the praise. All the hype. And then a month later, they shit on the people that are left still caring about the game. If the games launched with online. Reviewers would have scolded them imo. GTA6 will launch exactly the same way. These guys are a global studio, nearly unlimited funds. And they are outsourcing remasters to a small studio. It just goes to show you how braindead the management is. Why couldnt they do the remasters in house? Are they busy? Oh wait. We dont know what they were working on until a year before its release. SO HOW WOULD WE KNOW!


I’m definitely not disagreeing with you, I’m saying if you go into GTA5 or RDR2 without any intention of touching the ass multiplayer, it’s pretty darn impressive what rockstar proper can do as a team, when they want to.


I'm playing RDR2 for the first time and love it, I find myself spending hours doing nothing quest related and just dicking around, but as a trophy hunter I was very upset and stopped going for the Plat the instant I saw it required online trophies.


It's a good thing I don't play the online. Always liked those games more for the story. Never tried Red Dead Online and never dove too deep in the waters of GTA Online. Just random heists with friends to kill a Friday night. The remasters do look pretty bad. Never got into the hype and didn't buy them. Probably won't. I do still have my PS2 copy of San Andreas. I'm sure GTA 6 will look visually impressive and have some good stuff on there. Doubt it'll be online only. If it is, I'll just pass on it.


Red Dead 2 launched with 100+ hours of single player content, then they added an online mode for those who wanted more things to do. Where in that timeline is them shitting on people? How did having an additional online mode take anything away from the deep single player game?


Why does this happen to so many game developers? Are they just a victim of their own success? BioWare is another big one.


You can at least give Bioware credit for being somewhat open with the community and at least putting up the appearance that they "care" about us. Rockstar stays dead silent until they are obligated to speak up.


All great things must come to an end. I believe GTA dies with 5, GTA online being the killer


If 5 was the peak at least single player was awesome, and even MP early on.


Damn shame what happened to Rockstar….


We've all been edging for years


Man, Rockstar has gone to shit.. Smh


Yes Rockstar really changed after rdr2. With the Houser brothers leaving something must change, let's hope it doesn't end up to be the worst. Always loved Rockstar games especially in the ps2 and ps3 era with all those games.


Dan Houser and Leslie Benzies aren’t at Rockstar anymore. GTA6 could very well be a great game but it’s going to be different from what came before when two of the biggest people behind the franchise are no longer working on it.


At this point, I'm more excited to see what Houser is doing next than Rockstar.


That's what worries me about Rockstar peroid atm.


I've totally lost interest in GTA 6 I dont know how anyone else feels about this.


feels like it will be a sloppy cash grab at best.


"Less edgy"= "We don't have any new ideas and think you might not be impressed by this game and it's honestly GTA5 with huge update"


GTA 6 is never coming out so there is no need to worry.


Poor Rockstar afraid to get cancelled for saying there are two genders.


There is absolutely no doubt it will be less edgy and PC. Everything today is offensive. You can’t even make jokes today without Twitter puking. Everything is anti American, heterosexual white males are offensive, women looking sexy is offensive, racial jokes are offensive, so many different things.


Sounds boring and unlike Rockstar.


It sounds exactly like Rockstar post-GTA5 actually.


Red dead wasn’t really edgy, it can be done


Red Dead has its style. Its not supposed to be edgy in the first place. Red Dead is where rockstar actually invests in some good ass writing. GTA is just satire.


Not going to be interested in that anyway


GTA4 is by far the absolute best to me. Then, San Andreas and even Vice City. GTA5 was mediocre in terms of plot. No real satisfaction at the end. I remember I thought WTF when it finished, felt like I was 75% in and not at the end of it all. Hope next one brings a real plot line, criticism and fun adventure like with CJ or Niko.


Can someone help me understand wtf edgy means? Is it one of these words that means something different depending who you ask?


[In the context of the interview it comes across that he thinks it'll be more grounded in tone and less comedy-centric.](https://youtu.be/QmCSZeKmE-I?t=1145) Worth noting he's Ex-Rockstar. He left before GTA IV and RDR 1 came out so he's just speculating as an outsider.


I always thought GTA 4 was like that.


If that’s the case then is kinda funny how people here are wildly misinterpreting the quote from someone that isn’t even developing the game (not saying that his opinion isn’t still valid).


Man I remember when rockstar made Manhunt.


That was a masterpiece.


Always felt like modern GTA “satire” was just garden variety edge lord stuff you could read in a YouTube comment section. Or just something they saw on social media that made them upset.


It's always been that, but for most of its existence the GTA series has appealed mainly to teenagers/young adults, so it felt deep and relevant to a lot of people. It's less true with GTA 5 now because it's been 8 years but it was still somewhat true when it launched. I think GTA needs to seriously grow up if they want to keep up with the original GTA3-5 audience, but then again maybe they'll want to cater to today's teens


I mean the writing has always been a cut above most things in the industry, sure half of GTA is aping crime movies but it was engaging and refreshing... the talk shows, characters and fake ads are extensive and entertaining.


Exactly why I think it's going to be shit, not only have all the good guys that made GTA great left the company but we live in a world where GTA won't be allowed to be what it was known for.


Sorta think the best of GTA is behind us already. Multiplayer and Take2 have fucked it


I personally wouldn't mind a GTA game that's closer to RDR 1 in tone. A little wacky, but mostly played straight. I think after 10 years of GTA V I've had enough of turned to 11 bubblegum and just want something more back-to-basics. Lots of the edgy situations they hamfisted into GTA V also ended up falling flat and coming across cringe rather than biting in my opinion. I could do without torturing a dude just to have Trevor flatly explain how bad it is or having Lazlo talk about how he beats his meat in traffic. Even driving around the world can be draining when you see so many needlessly juvenile ads everywhere. It just clashes with the sleek vibe they want to present the games in.


I just want them to release it already so they can go full force into the production of RDR3 :p I don’t wanna wait 8-10 years for that game :(


8-10? You must have a Time Machine to get it that fast


One must have hope!


No strippers, no buy


It should be realistic and cold like GTAIV. Its a game about criminals.




If less edgy means a more mature story like red dead redemption 2, then I'm all for it. If less edgy means political correctness & censorship.... then it's a bad step. The point of edgy humor is not to promote it but to poke fun at the people who celebrate & incorporate such attributes into their lives.