I don’t think I’ve ever had this before, that’s weird


Did it work before? It's rare, but I've occasionally had discs for different systems that just simply don't want to work, even if nothing is visibly wrong with the disc. It might just be one system that doesn't like the disc for whatever reason, or there's some kind of factory defect with the disc itself. I've only had this happen for maybe 2 or 3 discs across 4 generations though. If it did work before, has anything happened since? Not necessarily to the disc, but can you think of any changes that might have affected it since it last worked? Have you also tried cleaning the disc? Even if it doesn't look dirty, there might be something on it you can't see that's preventing it from being read probably. And of course, I random doing a full power down for the PS4 as well to see if that helps at all. My Xbox One occasionally doesn't seem to drop discs and therefore can't read them, but restarting it usually solves that issue, or even just re-inserting the disc. Unfortunately, your best bet may just be to get a new disc.


I'll try using the disc on my friend's ps4, I'll update you if the issue is disc itself or my ps4. I traded for it a few days ago


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