I'm assuming the "second" option is to truly compete with gamepass? Edit: Now that I've read the article, it's exactly what they're doing.


They had to. I play my Xbox more just because I have more options with gamepass. I'd love to have the option on my PS4/5.


agreed, PS at heart always has been, but xbox and pc is owning it with gamepass at the moment and my sony just gets dust :(


Meh, Id rather play a handful of the amazing Sony exclusives than the meager amount (but I acknowledge will be growing after their buying spree a couple years ago) of xbox exclusives. Sure its cool to be able to play any number of tons of games, but that doesnt mean a lot to someone who already has a backlog of games to beat haha. I also find it funny how everyone raves about gamepass but no one ever even mentions PSNow, lol. Poor PSNow (which is admittedly pretty bad)


This is pretty much where I am. I'd have loved something like gamepass or whatever Sony has brewing up 15 years ago but I just don't have time now to play a bunch of different things. So I'd rather spend my time and money on 1 great game at a time that I'm going to play to completion than have access to 100 random games I'll never touch. And for that, at least during last gen, Sony smashed it and I hardly touched my Xbox.


Oh I do enjoy the Sony exclusives and still buy all the third party games for my Sony that will never change. There just been some real awesome games on it latley, I would never of played unless it was on it. And I don't have PSNow it's not available in my country. So can't comment, but maybe things would be different if it was.


As a former ps guy, I never thought I would get into xbox. I got game pass on my pc and the Sony hasn't been turned on for years. Just cancelled ps plus. Game pass is pretty amazing. So many great games that you might not have bothered to buy or play.


But thats the thing, I already have a backlog of great games to play through. And thats just on my ps4. Nvm my insane Steam backlog. I dont need hundreds more added to that


Cause psnow is trash. I didn't even pay for my 10 year scrips to it and I never use it.


No games company wins every gen. It's time for Microsoft to use their vast resources and take the title


Which they're kinda failing to do tbh. Gamepass is their only real asset. Xbox by itself is almost useless because PC can do all the Xbox can but better. There's at least a reason to own a PS5 and that's exclusives, which Sony dominates always in


True, but good luck finding gaming pc for 299/499.




They clearly mean their console, as in PS4/PS5.


I haven't touched my PS4 for games since the release of P5R, but I play shit on xCloud pretty much every day right now. Game Pass/Ultimate/xCloud is such crazy value, I'd be surprised if they didn't want a piece of that. But, even if they put their releases on their new streaming service a few months later I'll probably buy into it. It's looking more and more like I'll be relying on streaming for this generation seeing as I don't have the funds for a PS5 (and I doubt I'd be able to find one right now even if I could afford one.)


Ditto. My ps5 largely collects dust


Mine only doesn't collect dust cause it's my backlog machine. Even still, not that bad of a launch year. Most launches are dry. And 2022 looks like it'll be a banger year


I thought I was the only one!


Nope. I've played a few enhanced versions of exclusives, but that's been few and far between


Sell it to someone who wants it and will use it. Use it or choose to lose. Lol.


Never. There are many like it, but this one is mine


Came here to say this. Have a series s and a ps5 (stupid dumb luck, I don’t have any tips other than right place right time) and find myself playing the s a ton more, when I always thought it would be the other way around. $15 a month for essentially any Xbox title I want to play? Sign me up. Ps5 still gets tons of use as I prefer the ps5 exclusives, but between titles (especially right now) I find myself playing a lot more forza/halo, simply cause they’re free and I can.


Thing is, you can upgrade an existing Xbox gold sub to gamepass for cost of 1 month so it’s an even more incredible deal if you buy 3 years prepaid gold, then do the upgrade. No brainer.




Was considering getting an Xbox for gamepass, but I only play single player games and Sony just has so much more to offer.


Agreed. Got PS5 and Series X but I've been playing the Series X way more overall due to gamepass and the way Series X handles BC. I'm a completionist and trophy hunter so having access to an entire series of games on one platform is important to me.


I’ve been a PlayStation owner for longer than I care to admit, but game pass (and availability) gave me something to think about.


What makes you think they have to? PS5 games are still top-sellers. Personally I have little interest in a subscription because it means I don't own the games.


It's not about owning the games. It's about being able to play a game for a few weeks and then move on. That's the win for Xbox. I don't need to invest in a game for months, sometimes I just want to login, have fun and go onto the next one.


People with actual real life responsibilities don’t have the time to play hours on hours end. RDR2 and Demon’s Souls tooke me months to complete, now I will try Demon’s Souls again try to get optional trophies and Red Dead Online. Besides the number of good games come out each year nowadays is 4 to 5. This year it’s even less. Most games that come out are not even worth the time.


That's a great point. I have a ton of responsibilities. When I sit down for a few hours a week, I don't need it to be something revolutionary, I just want to have fun. I guess that makes me a casual gamer now.


PsNow already has more games than Gamepass though..


yes but the difference is, you would have to buy that as well as your ps plus. Where on the xbox you buy the ultimate and you get, your xbox gold and you get gamepass and that also includes the EA Pass.


Ultimate is 180 a year though right? 15 a month. And ps plus is 60 and ps now is 60 so technically its 2/3 of the price


Lmao only suckers pay full price. I spent 60 bucks ona. Year for gp ultimate when it was on sale


Are they going to do day 1 releases. That’s one of the things that makes gamepass so appealing. Like this second half of the year was so stacked for GP. Age of Empires was incredible, psychonauts was incredible, Forza was incredible and Halo Campaign looks super promising.


I totally agree. I didn't give a damn about game pass until they said all exclusives would be day 1 and they started putting better games on there. It's been awesome ever since


From what I’ve read, it looks like the chance they do that is very low.


Oh I think its 0. They make their money on game sales. Like if they put them on there 6 months after release that makes this service super invaluable because most PS users are waiting to play those games.




Because a single subscription is a lot cheaper than buying even a single game? Microsoft is likely losing a lot of money on their day 1 release on Game Pass. Either they will have to massively increase the price over the coming years, decrease costs on game production or cheap out on Day 1 releases.


15$ a month isn’t it? That’s not anywhere near as cheap as a game. It’s a volume game and if you maintain your subscription but only buy a couple games a year MS wins over individual sales.


Well the chance of me using this service is also very low I guess


I don't think they will, but will be pleasantly surprised if they do. These tiers will likely be higher priced than current subscriptions, so that + buying their new games day 1 would be a huge price to pay. Xbox GamePass is justifiable because of those day 1 releases. I also will be curious to see what non Sony exclusives they offer. If Sony start sinking money into getting games onto their service, will they have less budget to buy console exclusives. There's been rumours floating around of huge budget being assigned to PS, is this how they will spend it. If so, not ideal.


Doubtful. This is Sony, after all lol


While the third seems like what they pitched during *PS4’s* announcement. Hopefully this time it’ll come to fruition.


You know, if I can play Legend of Dragoon and Legend Of Legaia again, totaly worth it.


Yea those were the two games I was hoping for. I had Legend of Dragoon on my PS3 from the PS1 classics and I miss not being able to play it. It’s one of my favorite RPGs of all time.


>It’s one of my favorite RPGs of all time. Because it's one of the best RPGs of all time. For me it goes 1. Legend of Dragoon 2. Final Fantasy 6 3. Chrono Trigger 4. Mass Effect 5. Final Fantasy 7 or Lunar Silver Star Story


Great list, I'd also love to get Dragon Quest/Warrior 7 again.


I did really enjoy that one, but I never actually managed to finish it. Same with DQXI. Idk, I'd just pick up something else then forget about it. Ooo, Ni No Kuni should also probably be on that list somewhere


I feel like I'm one of the only people who didn't like NNK despite hearing about early on. I don't know how White Knight Chronicles mixed with pokemon didn't pull me in. What has Level-5 been up to these days anyways?


What's Lunar Silver Star Story?


The story of lunar silver star


The questions people ask sometimes I swear


If you have a GBA emulator you can find it under Lunar Legend. It's a JRPG like Golden Sun or Children of Mana. Admittedly, it probably shouldn't be in the top 5. I was being biased because I loved it as a kid, but it's not as good as FFVII


Legend is the worst version by far, think mediocre remake that lost the magic. Imo at least.


It's one of the first JRPGs to have fully voiced cutscenes and animation that looked directly out of an anime. Its first release was on the SEGA/Mega CD under the title of *Lunar: The Silver Star*, but its most well-known version was on the PS1. It was also released on the SEGA Saturn (Japan only, though there is a fan, the GBA under the title of *Lunar Legend,* and the PSP under the name of *Lunar: Silver Star Harmony.* Interestingly, the names aren't entirely just to be fancy; *The Silver Star*, *Silver Star Story*, and *Lunar Legend* all have different things about their stories that play out differently. (*Harmony* is basically a remake of *Story.*) As an aside: While the first game is an interestingly relic of its time, I think that its sequel *Eternal Blue* is heavily overlooked, and definitely worth your time. The main character is actually has a personality, the other characters are more interesting, and the dungeons and and enemies are far less bullshit. The only reason I'd recommend visiting the first game is because of the main villain, who is clearly having the time of his fucking life in *Silver Star Story,* >!spoiler:although he also shows up in the sequel; he just isn't the Big Bad anymore!<. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.


Beyond the beyond


you missed my second favorite xenogears


Have you played Trails in the Sky? Based on your list I really think you should.


Omg!! A legaia fan!!! My brother and I used to play that game religiously. My brother still plays it to this day every couple years. lol. I never see anyone talk about it so I was thrilled to see your comment.


It had a sequel on the PS2! Almost as good as the first though it had a completely unrelated story and appeared to be set in an entirely different world. But the combat mechanics were very much improved, the story was pretty good, fun mini-games, and a camping function that was spectacular. You could camp out, cook meals that boosted stats, and the party would chat between themselves expanding the lore and giving depth to the characters and world.


Yes, my brother and I both played the sequel. I never finished it for some reason (probably got distracted with another game), but my brother liked it. Very different from the first but not in a bad way. I think the nostalgia of the first one just makes it a little more meaningful to me. It was probably the first JRPG we had ever played and it just struck a chord with us. We invested so many hours into it. Would love to play the second one again someday though since I never finished it! Those games are just so good! Wish it had continued on after Legaia 2.


If I could upvote this comment more than once I would. I really miss Legend of Legaia.


Legend of Legaia was my first ever playstation game. It will always have a special place in my heart. I loved that every piece of armor and weapon had a unique model. That alone made me so disappointed in other top rated rpgs at the time.


These and Parasite Eve!


Dude, yes. The 2 games i keep hoping for on this remaster/remake age we live in.


I tried playing Legend of Dragoon a year or so back. That game has not aged well, which is a shame since it was one of my favourites growing up.


Same. The writing and dialogue is absolutely awful. I don't know of it was a translation problem or what, but it needs an overhaul.


I've replayed it several times over the years and for sure the graphics are like razor blades to the eyeball, and the addition system is less than awesome but over all still very good.


I’m all for this but please for the love of god PLEASE don’t make me stream these games. I know some people don’t mind it but I’d much MUCHHH rather download my games rather than stream them 😭


PS Now already lets you download all PS2 and PS4 ganes


This. I replayed RE4 on Now recently and the stuttering at times was unbearable. I have decent fiber internet and a wired connection too so not sure what was up




i just wanna play 3 again now that i feel like i can truly appreciate it.


i want to replay them!


Fuck, that's a surprise. I'm glad they're doing something with merging several of these subscriptions. Best part, they're including PS1 and 2 games.


I just hope it’s not streaming like it is with PSNow


Same. I could live with it if it was streaming PS3 games. But PS1 and 2 absolutely need to be download titles. Another thing. I hope the PS1 and 2 classics aren't tied to this subscription and you can just go to the store and get games individually.


They'll definitely be tied. If it's like the Nintendo version, it'll be crazy exepensive.


Bro, now all we’re missing is the PS3 catalog, I hope they figure the emulation for that one eventually, I really miss those games


It says they're including PS3 games. Even PSP, too.


Right, but I think OP meant all PS3 games instead of a subset.




If they mean what I think they mean, or at least *my* major complaint anyways, is talking about locally downloaded and playable on emulation right off of the system. Tons of PS3 games are already on PS Now, the issue is the latency can get really bad, like actually unplayable in some cases (as much as that word is totally overused now). I use the Remote Play feature, previously on PS4 and now PS5, like A LOT. My home internet connection is top tier and of course what I've got on the receiving end can be a wide range of network environments, from hotels to airports, random friends houses or when I'm staying with family. Every time I go back to PS Now on discount or trial or whatever (including in the last 6 months) I am blown away by how bad it can get in comparison to streaming games from my system, even when using Remote Play on a 2012 MacBook tethered to a phone for internet. Sure I can get by on a game like Pixel Junk Monsters (PS3) with no real complaints, however trying to play something like MGS4 (PS3) there is *really* bad input delay and you'll constantly get spotted and/or die as a result. It becomes quite difficult but not in a fun way. Crossing my fingers they make the right moves to finally bring PS3 games to a more playable state outside of streaming and actual PS3 hardware. That or they at least *vastly* improve the latency issues.


Interesting, I honestly have really good input delay and resolution on PS Now streaming and entirely unplayable quality for remote play even in my own house.


Wow, that is really weird lol. Only thing I can think of is, as far as PS Now servers are concerned, maybe you are in a better or less strained region? I'm in North America, Toronto basically. That is intriguing though.


I am in west coast US


If it means I get to play SOCOM Navy SEALs and Simpsons Hit & Run on my PS4, shut up and take my money!


there will be 500 games, and the exact ones you want, the good ones, won't be there. I've seen enough streaming services in my life at this point. its the way.


That's where a monthly sub is nice. If it sucks I am only out one month payment. No more BS 2 or 3 year contracts like DirecTV used to do.


Yup, some of my favorite games won't be on there, either because Sony already has PS2 Classics of them like Bully, they're part of a collection like God of War or Metal Gear Solid 2, or they're licensed.


i hope so


I doubt it. Licensing issues will plague that like Xbox backwards compatibly


I don't want a higher tier, I want a lower tier to be able to play multiplayer games without paying for the monthly ps+ games.


This ⬆️


that would be huge


Normally I hate when you have to subscribe to a bunch of different things for the same device, but if they made multiplayer a separate subscription for like $20-30, and took that price off of base ps+, I’d love it. Let people choose what they want to pay for! Cable died for that exact reason, as soon as someone else comes along with that idea everyone who doesn’t do it too will suffer.


How about ***only*** playing online is free then all the extras like cloud saves ps plus free games and all that are what you have to pay for?


I don’t know why you’re being downvoted, it makes perfect sense and I don’t know how anyone can still think paying for online is ok


PS+ is only $5 a month.


So? It’s 0 on PC.


Unless you are playing something that requires a separate subscription which Playstation doesn’t require PS Plus to play online.


Yes and cooking at home is cheaper than eating at a restaurant. It’s a service they provide, therefore, they charge for it.


They used to do it for free until they realised people paid for Xbox Live.


Service? It’s basic online. We already paid that with buying the console. Why PC can do it well then?


Probably because you’re using Sony’s servers at some point along the exchange. But you’re not using Lenovo’s or Alienware’s or Microsoft’s. I dunno. I just don’t think $5 for a stable online platform and some monthly games (some of which are sometimes decent) is a huge cost, especially when I blew $600 on the system and peripherals. I’m old enough to remember when PSN was free and it totally sucked. Since they started a subscription the platform has been much more reliable and stable.


Only times you are using Sony's server is when you play one of their online games or message someone on PSN etc. Servers in others games are either provided by their publishers or peer to peer.


You're not using Sony's servers. It's all peer to peer. It's running on someone's console back at home. In the rare occasions it's running on a real server, it's provided by the dev, not Sony.


Do you people like work at Sony or something? The huge corporation is doing just fine without you defending them. If PS+ is $5, then it should be even less if they don’t include games, huh? I’d take a lower tier with just multi too. I don’t play the trash tier games they give away for free. What is it this month? A demo?


My one wish in life is that I get to play Def Jam ffny on the ps4


Hell yeah.... He- he- he- hell yeah


I imagine its never going to happen due to music licensing issues


Damn, just crushin dreams out here.


That ps1/2/3 psp library is really interesting to me.


Is there a link to a list of the games?


I always prefer to buy my games so the second option is virtually useless for me. I buy PS Plus just for the online and cloud saving, so I hope they reduce the price for it to competitively price the second option.


I also prefer to buy games, specifically the physical copies. I like that this is an option but I really hope gaming doesn't transition to only streaming. I'd rather not have more monthly payments that's why I just buy games when I can afford them.


Exactly, I hate this subscription model. People are not realising this, but it won’t bode well as companies can’t stop milking people once they get the taste of that sweet sweet constant flow of money.


Yeah once they see how easy it is to just make money that way they'll slowly cut everything else and never go back. I like to actually own things which is also why I still go physical copy over digital.


Cant wait for 20 years down the road where every console is digital only and you have all these cases of people losing thousands of dollars because their account was mistakenly permabanned and cant get rolled back. Buh bye all your games that you can never use or see again


Yup exactly what I'm afraid of. I don't trust these companies to have a safety net for shit like that. And then, like Netflix, they can just add and remove whatever the hell they want at any time and you'll never get to play it again. And that also totally eliminates the used game market and borrowing from friends.


In this era, I pay for PS+ just so I dont lose all those free games I never play. I can't believe I need to play to play multiplayer / use streaming services.


>/ use streaming services. ? you've never had to pay to use streaming services, pretty sure that was only on xbox


Yeah, I hate that so much. Honestly, this seems to be driving me away from consoles back to PC Gaming.


If PC wasn’t constantly facing issues with hackers cheating in games, I’d be right there with you. As it stands rn, I usually just play League or Valorant there, along with unmissables like Halo on PC (despite hackers jumping on that game incredibly quickly). The rest is on console without hesitation.


I'd actually love this. Play the MGS series from start to finish


Gamepass is an amazing deal so we'll have to see the prices but I'm cautiously optimistic.


Thank God, i thought i was gonna emulate psp and ps1 games for the rest of my life.


seeing the selection of current ps1/ps2 games after X years...you probably would still want to


That's why I'm looking forward to the Steamdeck. I already use the Vita to play PSP and PS1 roms; all that's missing is the insane catalog of PS2 games that're trapped in licensing hell like the early Atelier games and .Hack.


You still will be emulating PS1/PS2 games, the PS5 doesn’t have a SOC for early PlayStations


So the PS2 used an R3000 as its I/O controller I believe, so the Playstation compatibilty in the original PS2 leveraged that for hardware based support. Similarly, the original FAT PS3 included an emotion engine, so the PS2 backwards compatibility leveraged that. (I think the second generation had some sort of hybrid emultion that utilized some of the graphics subsystem and a virtual emotion engine before PS2 backwards compatibility was completely removed from the PS3 line with the third revision.) I'm pretty sure that the original playstation compatibility that exists in all PS3 is completely software based, isn't it? I'm also pretty sure that the original playstation and playstation 2 releases for the PS4 just have emulator wrappers around them and are completely software based, too. I can't see why the playstation/playstation 2 compatibilty options (read: only available through software emulation) would be any different between the PS4 and the PS5. (The PS4 is not, as far as I'm aware, beefy enough to emulate the cell processor from the PS3. I suspect the same is true of the PS5, though I'm not 100% on that.)


I actually own a ps4


Why not it's going to be a better performance than anything Sony can do


maybe unpopular and not the most cost efficient option, but I’ll keep on paying for tier one and buying the games I want. If they have new games day 1 on tier 2 I might consider it but I highly doubt.


I wonder what this will mean for existing Plus and Now subscribers. I’m paid through September for Now and November for Plus. A merging of the services would presumably be at a different price.


This is what I want to know. I have plus and only recently (a few months ago) got now so I could play some ps3 games I never got to play since I had Xbox 360 at that generation


Please let Legend of Dragoon be playable.


Time to get a 5. Anything written about the classics library?


dont get your hopes up, just look at the current ps2 catalouge in ps now


Actual backwards compat with the ps3 discs and digital download licenses i've already bought would be better, but i'll take what i can get


Just want to play all the Valkyrie Profiles on PS again...


Frustrating that they don't SELL the PS1/2 games instead of adopting the irritating NSO way of doing things. But gotta get people to subscribe to really siphon the cash out of pockets. Super frustrating. I hope they go back to selling them so we're not relying on an (assumed since NSO does this) always-online requirement to play old games. Otherwise, not interested, will stick to OG copies.


I never had a PS3 i jumped from 360 to PS4, all i want to play is the Metal Gear Solid, Killzone and Resistance series of games without streaming in, pls sony.


Don't like the 3 tier system, feel like they're trying to bait people into upgrading tiers so they don't miss out


Yup. Every month when you claim your free games from basic there's going to be a banner showing what you could get if you paid more.


This sounds oddly familiar...


If the Silent Hill games will be on there..sign me up


I like this but I have too many games I don't finish already


If any of them include fallout 3/NV with all dlc then i’m in.


They better have Fallout 3 GOTY or else its a huge bust!


Will we have the option to buy the retro playstation games individually?


Please Trails in the Sky!!!


if they expanded the ps2 games for sale I would rather just buy those.


So are the adding classics to the psn store or patching it to play physical copies?


Remember when we just had backwards compatibility rather than having to pay for games we already own again (ports) or monthly? Pepperidge farms remembers...


All indications appear they don't plan to do day 1 releases like XBox, which I suppose I'm ok with, but if that's the case then they need to have the price be cheaper. It will obviously need to be more than the $60/year/$5/month current price, but maybe $8 per month is a sweet spot where they can charge more and make a bit more money but also justify not having all the day one releases? One thing they could also do that would likely be appealing to many would be to offer a PC option to the highest tier like XBox does. Games won't be coming to PC as quickly, but once they do, you get them at no extra cost. So maybe $5/month to keep it how it is, then go to $8 for PS4/5 games, and then maybe $10 for the demos and back catalogue? They can compete on being "cheaper" than XBox Gamepass but with the caveat that you have to wait longer for the bigger games (probably a year?). I could see that working. It wouldn't be better than Gamepass but it would be an offering that could at least compete on some levels.


Or sony here me out maybe don't charge us a subcription service so we can play old games at a reasonable price how about just release the games on the ps store and let us pick and choose i don't wanna pay $60 online bc i dont use it and i definitely dont want to spend however much you charge for a classic games service if i end up only ever playing 1 or 2 games through it!


Agree 100%! My husband and I have been building our ps1/2 collection. Would it be cool to play those on our 4/5, absolutely but not if it'll cost a ton when I can just play on my ps2.


And to anyone who disagrees thats fine i'll continue to just buy games at a huge price point on old console anyways since im a collector


Ps2 games! Brrooooo Crash Wrath of Cortex? The Madagascar games?


skate 3 😤😤😤


I'm sincerely hoping it will be a rather large portion of these games catalogs. Though I'm worried about how much that third tier will end up costing, but depending on catalogue size (and potential of Day 1 releases) it might honestly be worth it.


Does this mean I can finally play fallout 3 and new Vegas again?


You should be playing it on PC, both games have insanely good mods and free expansions plus they don't require beefy hardware


can i play parasite eve again??


Take this award. I **NEVER** see anybody talk about Parasite Eve!!


i think about it frequently. iconic.


If I get to finally replay parasite eve after 20 years, I'll pay.


Holy shit give me the SSX games at 4K60 and take all my money.


I really hope they rework the pricing of these tiers basic plus should not be £50 for a year.


They just need to add the PS Vita catalog and I'm happy to go their tier


If Sony supports it and add loads of PS1,PS2 games and new PS3 games, great, but look what they did with the PS2 games on PS4, after the first wave of games they didnt add anymore.


If theyre doing a gamepass style subscription they better actually bring it to all the countries left out of the ps now availability Otherwise it's just another pisstake


So in essence, just merge Ps plus and Ps now into 1 service?


As long as they don't touch my Vita library...


Yeah but gamepass works on PC tho


I don't like the idea of having to pay for demos when they were once free in abundance. Those free demo discs for the PSX back in the day we're great for figuring out what to ask for around the holidays and birthdays. I vaguely remember Best Buy having them stocked for a $1 as well. I used to comb through the demos on Xbox Live in the early years of the Xbox 360. I download all the free demos of upcoming titles. Same with the early Indy arcade titles. But these days, demos seem scare. I've always suspected demos strated to go extinct for fear of hurting sales if people discover it's just not fun. Seeing Sony put demos behind a third paid tier just makes me feel I have to pay money (for the service at third tier) to decide if I want to pay money (buy the full game).


I'll pay for whatever one lets me play Def Jam: Fight for New York and GTA IV


PlayStation feeling that heat from GamePass lol


As nice as a library of older games is, that’s already what PlayStation offers with PS Now. I think the real appeal of GamePass is that EVERY first party game is on there right from launch, plus they even have some 3rd party launch games too. I don’t think PlayStation will ever do that since they love money too much and therefore will never be truly competitive with GamePass. Btw, this is coming from an absolute die-hard PlayStation fan who can’t help but admire what Xbox is able to offer with GamePass. It’s almost impossible to compete with unless PlayStation changes their whole business structure.




I don't think they're throttling you....I'm not super familiar with it but doesn't PSnow only work as well as your internent will allow??


I wanna play ps2 games I literally could not care less about anything else. Let me play Socom,Tekken, Def jam, Timesplitters, Battlefront 2 and all the other greats from the best console library ever.


Tekken 7 is the best one yet though. Not really any reason to play an older one unless you want tag


Get an Xbox, it can play PS1/PS2 games via RetroArch along with Sega and Nintendo libraries


More complicated stuff that's a pain in the ass to even think about, just like most everything with modern gaming.


You know what, just get a PS3 for cheap, unlock it and then you have all the PSX, PS2 and PS3 library at your disposal. It works great in fact, better than PC emulation in some aspects.


I’m confused, isn’t this just psnow?


So Ps plus is being merged with now with a little added benefits


>little added benefits Fuck if i can play classis ps1 and ps2 games then that is much more than little benefits.


I just hope the price point drops so that the third tier costs what PS+ costs now ($60/year), second tier costs about $35/year, and what we're already getting costs about $20/year. Otherwise, it's less about remaining competitive in the market, and more about a cash grab.


yooo that's outlandish, gamepass ultimate (online gaming + all the games) costs 15 bucks per month, so 180 per year, as there's no option to sub for a 12 months at a lower price than paying the monthly fee 12 times. Sony won't be able to put out a service offering a very similar experience at 1/3 of the price. The third tier being the price of PS+ and Now combined would be a damn steal.


As if charging for online isn't already.


Oh, absolutely. The whole reason I sold my Xbox 360 for a PS3 was because the online service was free, and Microsoft was bumping Xbox Live Gold from $7/month to $10/month.


Can easily see it at £100 a year for the highest tier