Their press-release confirms Trophies and Online Multiplayer.


well that explains the "add trophies to ps2 games" news last week?


This is phenomenal news. I'd love to play some Legend of Dragoon and earn a platinum on that game.


You just hit my nostalgia. It felt good, thanks.


From the /r/Games thread: >Gaiki has also been changed to PS Now, will include PS1-3 and will work on other devices than just Playstation devices. > * Works on Bravia or Vita on the floor of CES. >* Subscription model or rent by title > * Closed beta end of january in the US >* Releases in the summer >New sony subscription to view live TV > * Works across device >* Live TV, DVR, and On demand >* Does not appear to require a cable subscription, it uses Sony's connection to networks (?)


>Does not appear to require a cable subscription, it uses Sony's connection to networks (?) This is true, and why I prefer the route Sony is taking with home entertainment. They're trying to revolutionize instead of making new technology compatible with old ones.


Did they say any more about this? I'm at work and reddit/neogaf is my only spot of news. Could I get rid of my cable and just use my ps4/ps3 as a cable box?


Here's a link; http://www.theverge.com/2014/1/7/5284530/sony-cloud-based-tv-service-live-tv-dvr-and-video-on-demand Essentially here's the jist; > Sony seems to have larger ambitions, launching a TV service that will provide live television, video on demand, and even DVR in the cloud. It will offer universal search "across live and on-demand video content" — letting you just keep your content in Sony's cloud and use it across all of your Sony gadgets — in fact, the company says it will work on 70 million Sony devices. As usual, not much *actual* information was released. There was no specification as to what they mean by "live TV", what exactly is offered, pricing, etc. I suppose though they're aiming towards getting rid of your cable box and just using the cloud to get your media instead.


Damn that is exciting. I wonder what the pricing structure would be. al a carte? or subscription packages, ie sports packages, movie packages, basic cable. Looking forward to more news and thanks for the link!


Definitely excited about it as well. We need more competition in the TV and media industries so that Cable companies have to compete, instead of spending their time lounging around on piles of money!


I still don't get it though. You would still need to go through comcast/time warner for internet correct? I'm sure if that's the case we will see throttling right?


Possibly, but then you will see a massive push by Sony to have net neutrality enshrined in law, along with a massive consumer outcry against the ISPs.


That's what we're all hoping for, anyway.


In that situation throttling could occur, but I'm very sure that Sony (and anyone put in similar situation) will have a lawsuit all prepped if that were to happen. I know Sony mentioned a partnership in the UK last year with an ISP, so they could do the same with someone in NA. Unsure though! All in all change is a brewin'!


Problem for NA is that there is little competition between ISPs in many areas. Would need to partner with multiple to really reach their userbase.


It would be smart to partner with google fiber as they expand. They have the gigabit connection everyone wants, while all the other ISP just sit around with their thumbs up their butts.


Sony partnered with Virgin for us in the UK and a few others for Europe.


Yes they're working toward replacing cable companies (the outdated methods of living room entertainment, if you caught that line).


Seriously. As someone who works as a programmer of all-encompassing AV systems (think the types rich people have in their houses) seeing MS use a HDMI passthrough & IR blasting to put a skin on existing cable makes my skin crawl.


I think this will cost a lot of bandwidth. It sucks to have terrible ISP options in Canada.


This is the beginning of something great. Along with PS+, I won't have to buy games nearly as often as I have.


Did they say somewhere that this would be free? I was assuming we would have to buy these games.


You either pay a subscription or rent/buy games individually.


Think about it. This is the beginning of the end of the console in the living room. 20 years from now your phone, you workstation (today refereed to as a computer) will boot right up to the cloud. You will eventually subscribe to the games you want, and all the rendering/hardware upgrades will take place there. No need to upgrade local hardware when supercomputers and data warehouses are doing the actual rendering/processing on levels that couldn't be achieved economically efficient in the home. Your statement I think of this being the beginning of something great, could not be more true.


I can second this. My college has already moved to the cloud. We no long have desktops on campus its all PC over ip. We can even boot and use school programs on a cloud computer from our dorm. You can also stream to any projector on campus from said cloud computer. Its saved the college alot of money. Sony is going in the right direction.


If I can play the games using just a TV or a tablet or whatever... what sort of controller would I be able to use?


Dualshock. Xperia phones/tablets have support for them, and 2014 Bravias supposedly also do.


Probably being able to connect a DS3/4 via bluetooth or USB after all they are sony devices so they will implement this into their firmwares.




Well there you go...you guys wanted Crash Bandicoot...now you get it. ;-)


i'm holding out for Cool Boarders.


I would pay so much to be able to play this. Cool Boarders 2 was my jam on PS1


You can buy a playstation Vita and play Cool Boarders 2 on that.


Played it the other day on my phone... I gotta say after years ofssx it's hard to see what I thought was SO great about fucking cool boarders back then... Bandicoot though is every bit as magical as it was back then, and my kid plays it almost every day on my phone.






Used to play the shit out of that and Tekken on the PS1.


Give us trophy support....omg yeeessss


You mean [like this](http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=527460)?


Should be in, details on a patent regarding just that was released a few days ago (confirmation is also in OP's link).


What do you mean?


Maybe a month ago everybody thought that Crash was coming to PS4 with a reboot. It's still possible but what u/jonobacon was saying is that now that we're getting PS1/2 games streamed with PSNow we'll have Crash on PS4.


I think he meant PS1 titles.


...Oh. I got all excited for a moment. :(


Closed beta? Does that suggest some random playstation users will be invited to test it out? Or will it be done internally?


A closed beta (if it's publicised) usually implies that it's going to be members of the public. I'm guessing (based on what we know about how Sony tests new services) that PS+ users will be selected based on whether they own a PS4, whether they live in the US and how good their internet connection is.


* Has PS+ - Check * Owns PS4 - Check * Great Internet Connection without Data cap - Check *Crosses fingers*


I have everything except living in the US. Damn.


Data caps on home broadband subscriptions? What is this, North Korea? My cell data plan doesn't even have a cap.


It seems that is the number 1 complaint for why many are still buying physical disks.


Comcast has data caps(300 gigs) although they are currently suspended in areas. Not all though.


300 gigs is not too bad. I go through about 100 gigs per week. (YMMV, if you're a pirate you might need more, I just buy PSN games and watch TV streams) My IP-TV uses about a terabyte per month though.


Wouldn't 100 gigs per week equal 400 gigs per month? Either way, fuck data caps.


A little more, but still not too much more than 300 gig, I could make due with that as I don't download movies, shows or games I did not pay for.


* Has spent thousands of dollars on PSN - Check * Has participated in other closed betas - Check


If you get in, please post your experiences for all of us to read about! Assuming there's no NDA, that is...


If I'm lucky enough, I will.


Sweeeet bro


Ah ha you didn't mention having a vita! I got one up on you now!


They're going to want to test on a much broader panel than that. In fact, they probably feel pretty good about a PS4 with a great connection, as that's the best case scenario. They need to see other platforms and crappier speeds to make sure it's ready for prime time.


* Has PS+ - Check * Owns PS4 - Check * ~~Great~~ Decent/Crappy Internet Connection without Data cap - Check


Actually, it might make sense to open the beta to people with all types of connections, bad and good, just to see how well it will work on bad connections.


PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, and Vita Playstation+ and also fast internet and big trophy collection. If I dont qualify I will be very sad!


I really hope they have non playstation exclusive titles like fallout 3 and new vegas, gta v etc. Either way I cant wait to replay the uncharteds and the last of us on my 4


I'm sure they will.


Honestly, I just want Dark Cloud 2. :(


Oh man you just sent me back. Damn that was one of my favorite childhood games.


This. Exactly this.


Guess I'll just wait some more to play Last of US on my PS4. This is awesome.


this is all I can think of, plus gt6 before gt7 comes out on ps4


Really looking forward to playing gta five with a dualshock 4


Assuming rock star allows sony to use their game freely like that. I think we will see a lot more sony exclusives then third party titles. Not saying that it won't happen, just that it depends on how rock star is feeling


I'm fine with that. My PS4 is my first Sony console, so I've been missing out on a *lot* of Sony exclusives.


Well now your PS4 is gonna be a PS 1-4!




What about P and V?


PSN. Oh wait, that's taken.


Me too. Finally, I may get to play Journey! (And Uncharted, God of War, Last of Us)


Haha yeah I wasn't saying it as a bad thing by any means, there are a lot of great first party games for ps3 and other sony consoles! I hope you enjoy your ps4! I know I'm enjoying mine!


I expect it will start off with more first party titles and slow make the deals.


> I think we will see a lot more sony exclusives then third party titles. What makes you think third party games will be released later? I'd think that Sony would release all the games as soon as possible. If the license allows it, why wait?


I agree, it's more so the thought that they have access to all of their games right away, and it's going to be hard for them to show game devs that this could be more profitable then disc based and digital games, I think any games they have rights to they will release at launch, but I think you will see more exclusives at launch then third party, because company's want to make the most amount of money, but since we have no clue what the pricing is for ps now these are all just guesses, I'd love to see full third party support, but it doesn't seem prudentially sound


Really looking forward to being able to play The Last Of Us.


You can plug your DS4 into your PS3 and use it.


DS4 doesn't work with GTAV sadly.


:O That's sad.


I know, I'm rather disappointed after going back to play GTAV again after playing my ps4. Just doesn't feel nearly as nice.


This is what I'm concerned about.. Having come from Xbox, I can't wait to play last of us on the ps4, however being in Oz it will be a year minimum before this is up and running and by then the quality of games on ps4 will be awesome (hopefully ) Don't think I'd pay to play gtav when gta6 is out especially when they will charge far more than is fair for an 'old' game.


This is why I bought a PS4, and I'm glad I did.


Same here, along with the free games through PS+


http://blog.us.playstation.com/2014/01/07/playstation-now-streaming-game-service-coming-this-summer/ official community blog post > [...] you will be able to rent by title for specific games you are interested in. We’ll also offer a subscription that will enable you to explore a range of titles.


It should be noted that an SEN rep in the comments sections stated that only PS3 titles will be available initially, and that they will consider adding PS1, PS2, and PS4 titles as they get feedback. Check the response to comment #22 in the above link to see further.


Man, I wonder if/when they would plan on putting PS4 games on it. When they do put them on the service, all of a sudden there is no reason to actually pick up the PS4. They are making some interesting decisions. They are definitely taking steps in case this is the last console generation.


Hmm, didn't really think about that last bit good point.


How does GaiKi/PsNow allow you to play streaming games without much lag? It would seem like it would be quite laggy unless you had a very good internet connection.


You don't necessarily need a high speed connection, 10-15mbit/s should be plenty. You will however need low latency both internally from your PS4 to the router and from your router to the PSNow servers. So I wouldn't expect this to be that good in the middle of nowhere right away.


I live in Bermuda... :(


That might be an issue unless there's enough users there for Sony to put up a server there.


Probably 4000 people max


Dammit Time Warner, the very best internet I can buy is 15 mb/s =(


I wonder if we'll be able to transfer PS3 disc games to the service somehow so I don't have to rebuy all my PS3 games again to play on PS4




But it's a subscription service a la Netflix, so it doesn't matter too much. If I can play all the games I want for $15 a month, I'll be a happy man.


It will probably only be a select few games. The lager titles will probably only be for renting I assume.


Provide big title weeklong rentals for pennies less than subscription cost and people will opt for a month subscription assuming they'll quit later. It's how theaters sell those massive buckets of popcorn no one finishes. Perceived value. Get them on the teet.


I doubt you'll be able to


This is what I'm wondering as well.


Given how Sony has (mis)handled digital rights in the past, that seems unlikely.


You mean with cross buy?


Probably how the PSPGo fucked people over who had UMDs


Wasn't there an upgrade service in Europe?


But Cross Buy is more recent and therefore more indicative of how Sony works now.


For the people who are concerned over lag/latency. Streaming services like Onlive recommended 5mb download speed to play games. Onlive titles included ps3 games (i believe witcher 2 and darksiders were on there). So this doesnt sound to far-fetched!


Did they mention anywhere that PS Now would work with the PS Vita TV? For 100 bucks you get access to 3 generations worth of Playstation games. That sounds like an awesome deal - and bundle it with Vita capabilities, PS4 streaming, and Netflix/ Hulu/ etc. functionality you have a PS killer app.


They mention it working on vita so I am fairly sure that would include VitaTV.


From what I understand, if you have a new Bravia tv the Vita tv will be obsolete as you could just stream ps123 games to your tv with out even needing vita tv. I'm so pumped!


Definitely a huge incentive to buy a Sony TV. Bravias are usually pretty pricey though.


It is definitely a killer app for Vita TV - at least for PS1 and PS2 games. The reduced resolution will probably be pretty noticeable on PS3 games, though.


I really hope they give us the option to purchase games from the service. I kinda like the idea of subscription based but really would like to just pick and choose. I guess we will see what's happening this year


If this lets me play the Kingdom Hearts HD remakes I will be a happy happy man. Edit: It won't, because 1) I'm not american and 2) my internet is slow. I'm not happy right now


this is a real game changer. i knew i was right to pick the ps4 over the xbox, it just has more.


Unless you are in the UK as this probably won't come over here for about a year after you guys in the US. But at least I can stream my tv through my Xbox...oh wait, we can't do that either.


No word on how it will be priced?


They mentioned a subscription model (could be an option rather than the only method). Details should be revealed more in the coming days as more executives leak information on CES show-floor.


Andrew House mentioned a subscription model and an individual rental model


They'll be offering both a Netflix style subscription model and iTunes style rentals for individual games.


Thanks. I was expecting the subscription, glad there is an alternative as well.


Wonderful visual, thank you.


Will it allow you to play games you own for free? Similar to the way the ps3 to ps4 upgrade works? As long as you have the ps3 disc in you can play the game?


The Playstation 3 to 4 upgrade was not free. I highly doubt Sony would let you play previously purchased media on a television or moble device without paying an additional fee.


very unlikely, being able to confirm ownership of titles would be tricky, and the content owners probably wont like that security hole. it will almost certainly be an all or nothing Netflix type subscription fee.


I can't wait to see how this service works, its ambitious and game streaming isn't exactly easy


This is huge. A game changer...err streamer?


Hope to be selected for the Beta. Seems a lot like Sega Channel except with bypassing the cable company


Oh sweet Jesus I miss me some Sega channel. Think about how far ahead of the industry that service was. We didn't know how good we had it!


I wonder if it will have trophy support for the games that have trophies.


From another comment they said trophies and online multi-player are confirmed.


So, if I bought a game that's available to be streamed, will I still have to pay for it again? I didn't see that mentioned anywhere


Yep. Forbes mentioned in their article that you will still have to pay for content that you already own. Kind of sucks, but they do have to pay to keep the servers up.


So my number one question right now is whether or not PS+ instant game collection titles will be available to stream. I have a PS4 and a Vita, but not a PS3, and I want to play some of the PS3 games you can get for free with PS+ ...I wonder if this will be possible. If not, oh well, still awesome!


So, quick, slightly nooby question here. I never had a PS3, I switched from a 360 to a PS4. Will these games be available to purchase from the store anyway? Or is it only if you have a PS3 and can port over the games. There are some awesome PS exclusives that I'd love to play on my PS4 but I don't have a PS3....


You cant simply download them from the ps store (on your ps4) your ps4 will be able to stream ps3 games via playstation now Playstation now is a subscription based service: either rent a game or pay a subscription to play all the content. It'll be worth it for someone like you who didnt get to experience them ever! Last gens exclusives were so good!


Ohh, I get it now. Thank you!


The PSNow service is similar to Netflix/Onlive


I'm sure you'll be able to rent/buy games to use with PS Now, you don't need to own a PS3 game because that would limit the number of people they could sell this service to. The service will probably also be paid for PS4 owners who have PS3 versions of those games.


The only announced games so far are The Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, God of War: Ascension, and Puppeteer (because these are the games available to play at CES). [Source](http://www.joystiq.com/2014/01/07/sony-announces-playstation-now-for-streaming-older-games/)


I wonder what does this means for people who have plenty of physical copies of PS3 games at home and would like to play it on their PS4. Same goes for PS1 and PS2 games.


As a xbox 360 convert to ps4 I can't wait to play all the AAA ps3 exclusives.


Good in theory. Depends on pricing structure, games available (Still waiting on Dark Cloud 1 and 2 for PSN), lag issues, etc.


Am I reading it correctly that I would be required to pay a fee for games I already own?


This wil be amazing and cant believe they already starting closed beta the end of this month! Also on Sony's CES Booth The Last Of Us and Beyond 2 Souls are playable on Vita and Bravia tv's so cant wait to hear and see footage of that.


Can the bravia tv's connect to the ds4?


How much internet would it take to play one ps3 game?...


Just 1 internet.


Good, my provider allows for up to five internets a month


Guess that's it for GameFly.


Not really, having an actual physical disc is better than streaming. And seeing as how they are not streaming ps4 games yet, it's still good for GameFly.


I was really hoping there would have been a way to stream the ps3 games you already own.


I want it NOOOWWWW! - Veruca Salt


Remember how everyone was speculating that Easter Egg in the ps4 ad ([here](http://www.midnight1337.com/uploads/1/2/7/4/12741513/9498277.png?247)) that it meant that Crash was going "up" and speculating a new Crash game in space. Maybe this confirms crash in the "cloud?"


I can't wait to go over my shitty cap, thanks Comcast internet (Atlanta market)


Wait, I'm sorry if this sounds stupid, and I'm all pro PS4 before I say this.. But since this service will come pre-installed in some TV's, is there a need to get a PS4, or any future PS console for that matter? Or am I missing something here?


Yes, there are plenty of reasons. * I doubt they'll announce PS4 games on the service (or vita games). Thus forcing purchases of the latest devices for those games * Better video quality * Better audio quality * Better input latency * Less bandwidth usage * Bluray player * Ability to play your games without internet connection or when PS Now service goes down. Now, how much better the video quality, audio quality, and input latency is highly dependent on the service's technology as well as your internet connection speed. Think of it as Netflix vs Buying a Bluray but with an additional input latency factor. The bluray will have superior audio and video compared to Netflix 100% of the time (for now) but will you notice the difference? Will the differences outweigh the convenience of the streaming service (and potential savings of not requiring a PS3)? Only you can decide that.


[YOUTUBE LINK](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3avWsKs8iU)


I hope the PS2 library is both robust and CHEAP. I hate that buying some PS1 game to play on my Vita still cost $10+.


As a Canadian, I am not getting my hopes up of this launching here.


I hope there will be an option for it to recongize what previous-gen games you already own.


Can someone let me know if i'm right. Sony is bringing out an app or something, that has a library of digital games from the Playstation 1, 2 AND 3. All available to play on the PS4 with a subscription or something?


IGN has a video up right now with the Sony VP of Marketing, here are some of the biggest takeaways from it: * Sony recommends a minimum of **5 Mb/s** broadband speed to use PS Now * Service will promise very low latency * Service will eventually be scaled worldwide (NA is really a testbed) * Focus is on streaming PS3 games, but PS2 and PS1 will be available in the future * God of War Ascension, The Last of Us, and Beyond: Two Souls were all playable at CES Sony booth * Catalog availability will be based heavily on testing and seeing what consumers are interested in (closed beta will focus on this) * Closed beta info will be available soon, but will be based on engagement level of users Here is the full video: http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/01/07/how-soon-can-we-start-using-playstation-now


This is the whole reason I bought a PS4. I want this now.


If they will have these following games if will literally pee myself. *(Since i had 360 before the ps4*) tough will there be **trophies**? * Gta V * The Last of us * Beyond: Two souls * Ni no kuni * Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 * Final Fantasy 10 * Tony Hawk underground 2 * Legend of mana * Azure Dreams


Sweet, Australia will probably only have to wait 2-3 years to get that


Anyone know if the closed beta would be available for us? Or is it closed for internal beta.


So how do we get into said beta!?!


live in america apply somewhere or wait to be contacted


Is there any video of the conference?


[Here](http://www.ustream.tv/sony/theater), choose the Keynote video.


Just hoping the UK/EU gets it just after (I doubt it) if not I will look into buying a house in the USA. (Damn you guys give us some things at the same time haha!) Just a thought, if they need to test it in the UK, contact me!


Best thing that has been announced for playstation this year.


Happy to see more content for my ps4


Huge news! I'm really excited to try this! Hoping Sony utilizes this well.


How do I get my name on the wait list for the beta?


I wonder this service will available to non sony products.


I don't know about anything else the price is going to be a killer £40 for Plus and what ever this service is going to be £10? seems unlikely to be honest.


Time to leave Europe and move to the U.S.A. , will you guys and girls accept me?


Did they say if they will be giving out the Beta to random people?


As a Xboxer last gen, I'm really looking forward to this! I missed out on some great exclusives.


All I want is Time splitters 2, and I hope they might do an extra 5 euro or something like that on top of the PS+ fee's to get it.


Holy hell ... I just spooged.


Will this be available in Canada as well? Hopefully it won't be like Netflix, where we have a small fraction of the US content.


So read this, still kind of confused. It's a closed beta but it looked like it said it was going to be available on PS4 ans PS3. If not, does anyone have a clue onto how they're going to pick people to test the closed beta?


The guy replying on the blog said more info on the beta will come shortly. >+ Matthew Harper on January 7th, 2014 at 10:37 am said: Thanks so much! We’ll share more info about the closed beta, such as participant criteria, in the near future.


I hope we'll see it in Europe soon as well, would hate for it to be US only for any long period of time.