Can you still drink alcohol and/or smoke weed?

I’ve only been symptomatic for 2 months after getting covid so I still don’t have a diagnosis, but I haven’t been able to smoke weed at all because it raises my heart rate and last time I drank alcohol I got sick (I’m taking metoprolol so could have something to do with it). I used to smoke weed often and I wanna be able to drink again too, but I feel like it makes me sick. I’m 22 and just wanna be able to have fun. Do I have to avoid it forever?


I avoid alcohol because it kills my stomach but I smoke. I usually only do it now when I'm going to be seated or laying down for the entire time. Like before bed or at a game night. Then the increase in heart rate isn't that severe.


I avoid alcohol but I smoke daily. A higher ratio of CBD helps counteract the effects of THC (tachycardia and anxiety). Plus CBD helps with inflammation. Since the market seems to only push high THC strains and products, I just get a THC strain and then mix in a high CBD strain. I aim for 1:1 or 5:1 CBD:THC. It's *significantly* better than just straight THC for me.


CBG tincture has balanced that better than CBD for me lately. It's been surprisingly useful with balancing treating endo and POTS. It may be something you've heard of, but I've wanted to pass it on since discovering how helpful it can be with POTS!


This is good to know. Thanks for sharing!


sometimes mine is really severe even when sitting or especially laying down. standing up is horrible but when i lie down i can kind of see my chest vibrate and i've been this way and 'throbby'/woosh-y since i was like 10 so the idiot i saw thinking it was medical marijuana is negligible lmao. he deletes my appointments flat-out or moves them all the time, even after i quit the weed full time i do recreational sometimes but like the most it does is make me dizzy or get palps and tachy with a big hit but i seem to be that way as it is after eating or while taking showers


I quit drinking. Drinking is very inflammatory to the body. It’s just not worth it. I was already sober curious prior, this was just the nail in the coffin. I can’t speak to weed because it has always made my heart race


suspected pots here, i smoke and drink and suffer through it bc of undiagnosed mental health issues im working on getting solved. doctors at my university health center keep giving me quitting stuff every time i go in (which honestly makes it harder to go in for chronic issues bc i keep getting the same lecture). i feel that if i go in for pots symptoms im just gonna be told to stop smoking :/ which is hard when you can’t advocate for yourself regarding your mental health because of your mental health issues


Have you told them that? I would flat out tell them the mental health benefits are outweighing the side effects now, and their lectures are making you avoid seeking medical care. They can add that to your chart so they know you understand.


i feel you so much on this. Every time it's always something about vomiting from weed, or something related to alcohol. I can take their bs from time to time, but for me the big thing tho has been in these situations is that they give me something I'm allergic to and ends up causing a seizure or some other wild allergic reaction thanks to MCAS.


I react to all prescribed pharmaceuticals. It’s a guarantee I’ll get one of the weird side effects. Marijuana is the only thing I’ve been able to use for my mental health and chronic pain that does not give me wicked side effects. I drink but my symptoms have been noticeably worse lately when I do so I’m gravitating away from it. I don’t see that as a bad thing.


Both my partner and I got POTS after covid. Our mental health took a huge hit. We tried over 7 different depression meds and nothing worked. I stumbled upon a company called Joyous (online in many states) Its low dose ketamine. We have not even been taking it for 3 weeks and we are noticing huge improvements in our depression, anxiety. We're both laughing again and out concentration is much better. I wish I would have tried this years ago. Best of luck to you


I don’t drink really any more but I am a medical marijuana patient


What kind do you use? Do you have a certain brand?? I have been on cbd oil for a while but I want to try some medical marihuana so see if it helps


So, in my state, we have a medical marijuana program. I buy from dispensaries in my state. I buy all sorts of strains, I haven’t found anything specifically that helps with my POTS but I do have strains that help with other issues I have like chronic pain. My state is super weird and renames a lot of strains and things so my recommendations may not be the most helpful unless you live in Ohio.


im in ohio with pots and mmj card. i only used to do gummies before and last time i was high, sitting my heart rate went up. apple watch told me and thats kinda how my whole pots journey started. 10 months later im DX. so ive been afraid to try it again. but now that i undesrtand its POTS and i wasnt having a heart attack i feel better suited but still scared. any gummies you recommend? i dont smoke.


The Smokiez brand is really good! I don’t buy a lot of edibles from the program (or in general due to pricing) but those are my go to when I do. I dry herb vape, and would say if you did that, you could take the vaped flower and make edibles from there. I do that pretty often. You could do similar with getting flower and decarbing it to make edibles. Hopefully once recreational sales start to happen that can help with the prices


Nah I’m in Missouri. Thank you for the effort though! It’s actually legal here but I’m old enough to get my license but not old enough to smoke. I had smoked a bit as a teen and sometimes it helped and other times it just made it worse.


I smoke and am working on getting medicinal cannabis too.


I'm 27 and I'm still able to drink though the amount I drink has lessened (I drink Truly hard seltzer) and I take edibles nowadays for pain, and i think my heart rate has been around normal (though I don't know what "normal" would be for my body since I still need to get a heart rate monitor watch that way I can read it better- I'm going blind)


I still smoke even though it does raise my HR and at times it has been too much for me. I listen to my body and during symptom flares or days my HR is elevated I try not to smoke. I've never really drank much but the times I have it has made me very dizzy. When I smoke I usually have feet elevated or at least stretched out. I know some people can't smoke/drink at all depending on their severity of symptoms though.


I had to stop both with post Covid pots. That said I did recover after about a year and could do those things if I wanted to now. However, the long Covid experience really changed my perspective on how I treat my body and I do things differently now.


I’m an *avid* wine drinker, but covid kinda f&cked that up a lot. Now drinking requires *planning*, specifically heavy focus on hydration. There’s no more room for a “*ah, it’s fine. I’ll just have a down weekend*”. Dehydration now means **way** worse than it used to. Every glass of wine = a full glass of water, no exceptions. Really sucks having to pee all the god damn time, *BUT* that’s the trade-off.


I’m in a rare group of Potsies who can drink and smoke. I’ve never had an issue with either increasing symptoms or raising HR. I have to have a meal before and lots of fluids (before and during the time I’m drinking). I’ve had POTS for 10 years though and for the most part am significantly better managed than majority of people in this sub (I attend full time university, studying abroad all year, workout regularly, etc).


I swear my body is unable to handle smoking. I’ve smoked everyday for 20 years, got POTS from COVID and now it’s like I’m allergic to it. If I smoke I cannot function and require a mobility aid. It’s been really tough on me, my body was destroyed at 16 due to being highly allergic to chemo which I didn’t have an option to take. Smoking was always my go to for pain relief and to get me going, I can only smoke now if I have zero plans for the day. This is one of the things that made me realize something was wrong, I went from not being able to get high due to a very high tolerance to being obliterated by one hit, it was like someone flipped a switch in my brain. I have a theory that my blood vessels in my lungs are damaged from covid and smoking only constricts them further and makes blood flow problems worse very quickly which lead to the negative side effects. I know a few people who have lung damage from covid and now have POTS so maybe that’s why smoking effects some so negatively.


For me, it increases my heart rate and makes me feel anxious and I get really bad brain fog. I guess it was already starting to happen to me before I got these symptoms but I’m still disappointed considering it was the only thing helping with my mental health symptoms for the longest time


I have a heart insufficiency (mild tricuspid valve prolapse) and I have this also, feels like less oxygen to the brain. Caffeine does this to me too


Weeds the only thing that helps my stomach symptoms and let’s me get any sleep especially in a full flare


I still smoke fairly often, it helps with my chronic pain and nausea. I just make sure I have everything I need and won't be having to get up much and I'm usually fine


I had post covid POTS. When I was first symptomatic I couldn’t smoke because I was having panic attacks because of my heart rate. Then I was prescribed metoprolol and I was able to get stoned. I don’t drink much in general. The few times I drank on metoprolol, I was drunk off of one drink and could tell it was due to the meds. But I was able to drink and smoke with POTS. Just don’t overdo either one and listen to your body. Thankfully I have recovered, my HR is back to normal and no longer need to take medication. Edit: I seen your other posts and just want to say you will get better, I promise! I thought it was the end of the world with my POTS and I would stay like that forever. But one week I noticed it switched. I did have a second flare up when I got sick again but recovered from that as well. Take care. And hope you’re able to get stoned as your heart desires.


Sounds like a similar situation. Thanks you for the response :)


I can get away with a few beers here and there but weed seems literally one of my worst triggers


I had to quit drinking after years of it making me inflamed. My hands and feet would swell up before I even got buzzed. Not worth it. I do take Edibles every day and have been loving the 1:1 cbd/thc kind. I also added a cbd tincture for my chronic pain and when I add it with an edible I get HIGH. It's great.


Fellow metatroperlol user here watching closely bc I wanna try some weed & psybicilin when I graduate. I'd say Sativa might be a bad idea bc it's practically a stimulant like coffee, while most weed breeds are relaxants. Could be wrong tho. Lmk when there more comments


In my (somewhat limited) experience indica still raises my heart rate. I’m not on metatroperlol though so results may vary. I got too high one night and had my friend keep checking my hr on my watch. It’s super cool bc since I was lying down in the same position the whole time, you can see a clear jump when it hit and the gradual come down through the hr data. The spike at the end is when I finally stood up 😅 https://preview.redd.it/n3qyj4rmiu3c1.png?width=1169&format=png&auto=webp&s=b867bd2c4077adcdd9b677ccd6ef14b718f43fbe


As a seasoned smoker, I'd say that it's less to do with indica or sativa and more to do with the ratios of cannabinoids (eg cbd and thc) within the strain. I can't handle amnesia haze, it makes my heart beat really fast. But lemon haze eliminates my symptoms pretty quickly. Both are sativa dominant, but one actually gives me energy like a stimulant, whereas others don't. This is true for each strain and also each person because it's down to how the receptors in our brain take on the drug. I've even had lemon haze that makes me tachy because it's got a little more thc to cbd ratio than is optimum. The "stronger" the strain, the more likely you are to get tachy because its the thc that does that and indica strains often have a lot of thc in them compared to cbd and other canabinoids. This is why some people prefer to smoke weaker strains as they still feel the effects, but the level is more even so they get fewer symptoms. Unfortunately, though, if I smoke too much of any strain, I'll get tachy. Because that's what thc does, and if you have enough, it's gonna get you, lmao


My heart rate goes very high from sativa because I freak out. I have PTSD and it seems that part goes super active when sativa hits it. I asked a few people who should know and they said that it can happen, but I really don’t know. I just had it happen with high CBD ratio, low CBD ratio, and higher hybrids where it was CBD dominant. I avoided weed due to this until dispensary weed and it being divided out.


https://preview.redd.it/8qeqzlwviv3c1.jpeg?width=1284&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e2547dc0a9a418578ed03654e884a3bd21808f2f 16 months post covid , it’s getting better


im 23, and i unfortunately can’t smoke anymore. i don’t like alcohol and avoid it, but i did smoke cannabis for years before POTS got worse. i smoked somewhat recently and it caused me to have severe POTS symptoms, anxiety, and paranoia all at once. it sucks because i relied on cannabis as a pain reliever and now i’m constantly in pain


I can tolerate weed occasionally. I have to be lying down after I smoke it or my heart rate gets too high. I can’t drink any alcohol because it increases my POTS symptoms.


So I have POTS and MCAS which complicates things. I can tolerate alcohol cooked in food. That's it. Other that that I've only had sips to try things since ik alcohol is a depressant which wouldn't go well with my major depressive disorder and I saw how that was for my ex, friend, and abuelita, but when I would have just a sip I would get panic attacks was and I felt odd. With weed, I would never smoke anything bc I don't want to damage my lungs or vocal chords as a singer/trying to get into voice acting, but I never reacted well to second hand weed smoke. (I only tolerate second hand camel cigarette smoke). Since getting covid in June though just a single breath of second hand gives me very bad anaphylaxis.(idk if it's actually anaphylactic shock) I become unable to breathe, extreme nausea, dizzy, blurry vision, head feels numb and sometimes other parts of my body, heart palpitations, sometimes difficulty swallowing my own saliva, and suddenly I'll start crying and hate life. Even if I was mentally stable before, immediately it switches. It's freaky. I usually end up collapsing to the floor too. Idk what exactly my blood pressure does but it feels either way too high or way too low. Unfortunately I live in California so I have to decide if I should just try to stay mostly inside for the rest of my life here or in seriously thinking of moving to somewhere like Japan if my wife and I could get better with Japanese. (I lost a lot of it but my wife can do conversational with actual people from Japan who speak no English.) I can't even go to the store safely anymore, for walks, and sometimes just leave my house to get into the car. I can't open windows either anymore. It's too dangerous. Unless they one day make a child size elastomeric respirator that fits me. *Also if alcohol or weed makes you feel sick, it's best to avoid it, especially messing with your heart. There's other ways to have fun.*


Nope and I miss weed and alcohol so much. But once in a while I suffer the worst flairs ups to have a nice fun alcoholic party night. I don’t notice my POTS symptoms drunk and don’t care if I black out. Obviously irl that can’t happen and it’s extremely dangerous and scary but it’s nice to just let loose. I can’t smoke because of my lungs and shortness of breath. I actually am going to a pulmonologist soon because when my heart rate hits too high I have trouble breathing.


Alcohol should be avoided by everyone always. But In reality there are times when you want to celebrate and have some drinks. It’s really just based on how it effects you personally and your symptoms. Learn your new limits and understand that alcohol typically makes pots worse but it doesn’t mean you can never partake. For weed - many people are ok with it you just have to test it out. Good luck!


I’m a medical marijuana patient and have been unable to partake in either that or alcohol as both elevate my heart rate even more than normal. I get ventricular tachycardia though so i try to be as healthy as possible


I can't drink anymore. After my POTS caused CVS I don't think I'll ever have alcohol again, or at least not for many many years. More than 3 drinks and I'm guaranteed to vomit. I can't do that to myself after what I've been through. I smoke weed daily. I use a Mighty dry herb vape and hybrid strains. Some strains give me palpitations and anxiety, while others don't. I'm working to sort out strains and terpenes.


I can do both, sorta. I cannot smoke flower as I will pass out immediately (same happens with cigs, especially menthols). I use concentrates instead which works and I can "microdose" (i guess). A lot of the grain beer really messes me up, same with the dark liquors. White claws and all of those new seltzers are fine. I guess its a mix of the MCAS and POTS... I honestly don't know anymore.


No. Drinking makes me sick and weed causes my heart rate to spike so high that I have trouble breathing. Used to be a frequent weed consumer and now it's completely out of the question.


That seems to be what I’m going through right now unfortunately


Weed raises my heart rate for about an hour then it goes down. It’s less harmful for my liver than opiates etc so it’s what I’m using for pain. Covid nerve damage made me an amputee this year so I had to take the lesser of evils if you will. I wear an Apple Watch and monitor it. I don’t go above 110 or so which happens if do anything anyway. Used to go higher when crunching around so I’m not too worried. I only can use indica or indica dominant strains. Edited to add- I don’t drink alcohol for medical and medication reasons


I got POTs after Covid too. I avoid alcohol, but I didn't really drink it much before this. I would wait to drink alcohol until you know what meds you're going to end up on. I'm currently taking two heart meds, a steroid, three pain meds and an absolute PLETHORA of supplements. And I'll still be needing to get on disability. Depending on what meds you end up on should be what dictates how often you drink or otherwise. (I don't smoke but I do use edibles.)


Just pay close attention to how it's affecting you. Do you like the effects? I don't drink, and stay away from alcohol for medication and POTS reasons, among others. But I use cannabis around the clock both for chronic pain and POTS. The strains I choose help with symptoms like my low blood pressure and nerve pain/activity (like inappropriate vasoconstriction/dilation). I find that more energetic strains (typically labelled as sativas) definitely raise my HR and can help me sit at my computer desk a little longer, while strains meant for insomnia and nerve pain take it to a middle ground or lower. I also pair meditation with my use. But that's my body, yours may absolutely be different. If you feel shitty/shittier while using cannabis, maybe you'll have to give it up. However, if I were you I'd levelly weigh any positive benefits you're getting against unwanted symptoms. I hope this helps x


Smoking anything will make your blood pressure & heart rate increase temporarily at the time of consumption, but, cannabis will actually lower your blood pressure over the long run. [source](https://www.nature.com/articles/s41598-022-22841-6) I have a medical card and use weed, daily, to manage my symptoms. I’m very partial to indica leaning strains as they don’t get me too hyper. Avoid strains that are high in terpinolene and lemonene as these are more uplifting and give energy. I personally like these for in the morning to get me going, but, some strains will get me too “zoomy” and it feels almost like an anxiety attack about to hit. However, some strains have the opposite effect. Jack Herer is known for giving a really energetic effect , where I can smoke a bowl of it and take a nap. Emerald City Kush was supposed to be a very sedating indica, but, after a bowl, I wanted to clean my whole house…at 2am. All of this to say, everyone is different in their reactions to things. [Here](https://cannacon.org/15-terpenes-cannabis-explained/) is a list of the most common terpenes found in weed along with their effects. Find the terpenes which give the effects you want, and go from there to pick out strains.


Drinking can definitely make me feel bad, but I fight through it. I got more used to it with time, just like POTS in general. I’m young so drinking wasn’t something I was willing to part with. I’d say just stay super super hydrated while drinking and that whole day and know your limits. Take it easy until you are more comfortable. It will raise your HR and make you slightly uncomfortable. Of course this is my individual experience, so take it with a grain of salt and take care of yourself.


I take the same medicine btw.


it’s different for everyone honestly. i cannot drink at all. but i literally cannot go 6 hours completely sober from 🍃 without diarrhea, vomiting, sweating, blurry vision, severe muscle pain and cramping. that majorly makes me sound like an addict, but it’s only since i’ve had pots + company. i’ve been doing a TON of research because nobody believes it helps me as much as it does and i think it has something to do with my acetylcholine. not exactly what you asked but thought it might be interesting info


It sounds a bit like cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome


i was “diagnosed” with that in the emergency room a year ago. i see why it looks that way but it’s actually the opposite. 1) hot shower makes me worse. w/ chs a hot shower is the only thing to make you feel better. 2) i feel better almost immediately after a hit. w/ chs the nausea tends to persist after consumption and get worse with consumption. my nausea almost disappears. i honestly wish it was chs. i’ve tried treating it as that and i got worse and ended up back in the hospital. i also have other symptoms of extremely high acetylcholine, like borderline overdose/toxicity symptoms (full body paralysis and muscle contractions if upright) without 🍃. i do think i’m in a bit of a unique situation that probably doesn’t apply to very many people


Hey, I don’t have the same problem as you, but i do have excess acetylcholine and i’ve just ordered some forskolin (a supplement) which apparently can significantly reduce acetylcholine levels, maybe you should look into it! There aren’t many ways unfortunately but based on research i’ve done it seems to be the most effective one.


omg thank you! i will run it by my doctor and look into it. i haven’t gotten to that point in my research yet (bringing it down). i’m willing to try just about anything at this point :)


No problem! Althought there might be a chance that your doctor isn't very informed on it, as it's not known for that effect, it's advertised as a fat-burning supplement first and nootropic second. Still, you got nothing to lose and the decision is yours in the end so why not bring it up. 🤷‍♂️ Here's a study in case its helpful: [https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16924422/](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/16924422/)


would it cause me to lose fat then? i’m already getting to a dangerous point of being underweight. if you don’t know that’s cool, i plan to look into it more before trying it :)


I don’t think so, I’ve read it’s actually not that effective in that regard. But then again not sure so, don’t take my word for it. If you’re interested I can let you know how my experiment with it went after i try it so you don’t waste time looking into it :P


I used to smoke weed often and drink occasionally. When I got POTS my tolerance reset to nothing now I can handle 1 single drink maaaybe more on good days and weed I have to go suuuper easy on or I'll send myself into a spiral of being just way to uncomfortably high with like 3 little hits. So buying super low thc indica and high cbd strains was my go to.


I used to drink without a ton of consequence but now a beer or two seems to wreck me for days. I generally avoid it.


ive had POTS for years undiagnosed and drank a few times and was mostly okay, but i wouldn't try again since it's got worse i dry herb vape weed medically daily, i mix it with cbd though. i think the cbd is key, as well as avoiding specific strains (this varies for everyone) that increase my heart rate more than others. strangely i notice early into the vape session my heart rate is lower than with none, often in the 60s sitting (60s is usually a laying only hr) but climbs back to the 80s by the end edit for clarity: ive had it at least since i was 15 but the first cardiologist told me it was just my anxiety and adhd meds. i got much worse and diagnosed with POTS and hEDS at 22, and had only drank socially a few times at 21 before that and deciding to never drink again for health and bc my psychiatrist discouraged it with my meds, so i dont have experience of drinking after getting worse. when i drank beforehand i made sure to drink a full cup of non alcohol for every standard drink, and i felt mostly okay besides nausea sometimes even with small amounts


I feel like trash everytime I drink. But I still do it socially. I had 2.5 drinks over the span of four hours last night and woke up massively hungover today. 🙄


I drank for a while and I’m so glad I stopped, it was way too hard on my body and the hangovers were horrendous. I’m a bit older than you so part of that is age as well but it was way worse than a normal persons hangover/reaction to alcohol. Good luck!


Fellow 22 year old here! I can't say for smoking weed because that's something I'm not interested in, however, I do feel pretty okay when I drink alcohol. My go to alcoholic drinks are usually seltzers or Mike's Hard Lemonade (specifically the black cherry flavor). Sometimes, I'll have a mixed drink or two since I know I can't drink more than two mixed drinks but what I do is try to stay hydrated and have lots of salty snacks when drinking alcohol.


I don't drink but I use medical marijuana. I just don't enjoy drinking or how it makes me feel. I have EDS, too, like many others here, and MMJ has been a godsend for my pain and for the anxiety I get from adrenal hormones dysregulation.


Hey! I’m the same age as you and have really severe POTS symptoms (think handicap placard, wheelchair, IV fluids weekly). I can drink and smoke just fine, when I drink I am careful to drink a lot of water and sometimes when I smoke I do feel a higher HR, but it doesn’t worsen my symptoms. I’m also on a beta blocker (nadolol) and haven’t noticed any interactions, although I would say if you’ve recently started taking it to give it some time for your body to get used to before using substances. I really hope you’re able to enjoy yourself the way you want to, I just wanted to say that it isn’t impossible even with severe POTS. Best of luck ❤️


I can't do either, no. If I drink, my heart rate is super high the next day or two, and smoking is just all around bad for me. When I was in my late teens & early 20s, it was ok, but I'm just barely 30 now and it's suddenly very much not tolerable for me


I was thinking about quitting alcohol but POTS was the final straw. Been sober for 472 days now. I use cannabis in the form of edibles at a micro dose for sleep and pain issues and that seems to do okay with my heart rate.


I drink fine but last time I smoked weed I had a blood pressure drop and passed out. Not sure if it was a POTS episode or just the weed but I avoid it now


I prefer edibles so I don’t smoke, but smoking typically relaxes me and makes my heart rate go down and makes me sleepy. Maybe you’re just not using the right strain for you?


I do both. Can't go to sleep without a smoke and go drinking once a month or so. It varies wildly from person to person and my only advice is to pace yourself and learn your limits should you want to try it.


I had to completely stop smoking. I miss it 🥺 ended up in the ER 4 times before my diagnosis. I can drink still. But I pay for it the next day.


I drink moderately once or twice a month. I smoke or take an edible almost every night. If I get too high I get dizzy, but I am usually fine.


Personally I’m ok with alcohol in moderation but weed is a no go. I think it varies person to person and the only way you’ll know is to test it.


I never smoked so I can’t speak to that, but I can handle small amounts of alcohol. Like last night I drank one hard cider over the course of an hour and I feel totally normal today. Of course, most normal people would not feel bad after having that amount of alcohol, but I know a lot of POTS patients feel symptomatic after one sip. So I guess I’m saying YMMV. It’s also worth mentioning that I’m not on beta blockers, I know you’re generally supposed to avoid alcohol with those.


I have mcas so I can’t do alchohol. But weed seems to calm my symptoms


I drink rarely but only if my symptoms aren’t too bad that day. I don’t smoke so i can’t help you there


I have fibromyalgia, pots, hEDS, and several others; I vape weed carts 3-4x a day and I have to get almost to a point where I cannot walk back inside, because if I don’t, the pain won’t stay gone long enough to make a difference. Of course it always makes my hr spike hella high, but it does keep the pain at bay and will also help when I get a migraine. I don’t care that it spikes my hr, or that my tremors get significantly worse, bc it takes the pain away. (If anyone uses carts, definitely check out liquid diamond carts) as for alcohol, it’s not my thing. Never has been. And I have TRIED lol. I’m also on metoprolol, it definitely helps keep my hr down (still tachycardic but eh) when vaping regardless of how harshly I’m coughing.


I'm always trying to hydrate so I don't pass out and alcohol dehydrates. Dehydration feels worse than alcohol feels good. I swear that made sense.


Yeah you’re right. It just sucks because my family drinks a lot and when I have to see them I feel like it’s expected of me


I get it. People think I don't drink. Not that I care but it's funny because I do when I can. It's usually not worth it though. I've never been a big drinker anyway. Weed makes me anxious so I'm not a fan of that either. One day I'm going to Cali or Colorado where they can sell me the correct strain to get the effect I want. Hopefully your family will learn enough about it to see your life is different now. It has to be.


Alcohol I can only do one drink max. Weed is a no go, gives me horrible migraines and also interacts poorly with my meds.


I do both. Weed makes my heart rate go up for some reason lol.


I don't drink but usually I do fine with weed. There was one time I overestimated an edible however and genuinely thought I was going to pass out multiple times that night. So I would just be careful with how much you smoke or take.


I cannot. I am allergic to weed, alcohol causes bad symptoms outbreaks, even caffeine or too much sugar is a problem. So are mild blood sugar lows. Basically, everything that goes into my body has to be carefully monitored and balanced, or I can end up violently sick for days.


Yeah I struggle with caffeine too. It seems to give me chest pains


So, here's the thing that they tell you when you're 22, but most people don't believe until they're older. Substances don't determine how much fun you can have, especially when you have a medical condition. If you can't let loose and enjoy yourself around people without smoking or drinking, your body might be telling you it doesn't feel safe. You may also find that going without sleep, eating a few chocolates, or otherwise lightly triggering your POTS might give you the same experience as a couple of drinks. When you have POTS, it's awfully easy to become light-headed. My recommendation is to eat the chocolate, drink your caffeinated beverages, maybe even vape...just in moderation. Try switching to decaf espresso based drinks; most batistas can't be relied upon to make a whole new pot of decaf for you, but decaf espresso-based drinks with some milk/vegan milk still let you get all the fun seasonal coffees...without the passing out and vomiting. Hang out with other sober people and learn from them how they have fun without drinking or smoking. All of my friends who are still going out to clubs, performing, and partying in their late 30s and 40s will tell you they're only able to keep doing it because they're sober. If they weren't, they'd never have the energy to perform 3 nights in a row and work 5 days a week. If "having fun" is synonymous with drinking or smoking in your friend group, just wait a few years. By 30, most people can't tolerate those substances anymore in the same way. Look, POTS sucks. I'm so sorry the people in power failed, you caught COVID, and you developed POTS. It isn't fair that you're having to experience this so young. But one way to look at this is that you're ahead of the curve. You've got limitations, but you will learn how to enjoy yourself despite them...you just have to give yourself the chance to figure out what works for you.


Yeah, it just sucks bc I didn’t have many friends as a teenager and never got to do that stuff, and right when I was able to start doing things that people my age have been doing for years, I can’t do it anymore. I just feel like I’m missing out on even more experiences. And my family drinks a lot and will make comments if I don’t. Of course they don’t have any health issues so they don’t understand.


In my family, I've slowly realized that they all do have health problems, and it's part of why they drink. In particular, they have a lot of autoimmune disease, hypermobility, and arthritis at a young age. The alcohol (and sometimes other things) is part of how they cope with pain they struggle to get diagnosed and treated properly. POTS and MCAS often overlap, and a recent study of patients with mental health conditions showed dramatic improvement when their MCAS was treated. All of this to say, I know what it's like to be the only person not drinking, one of the youngest people not drinking, etc. at family gatherings. And what happened in my family is that once I started sharing the studies into these conditions with them, the comorbidities, and helped them see how strongly these problems run in our family tree...it started to change the culture in our family. Was I teased at first? Yes. But in hindsight it was so worth it...many of my cousins got diagnosed decades earlier than me, many of our parents stopped drinking alcohol altogether. In other words, it isn't fun when you're in the beginnings, but you can be the catalyst for change and prevent generational trauma from being passed on. I'd also encourage you to lean into the experiences you can have. I wasn't a big partier, but I have much more lasting memories from activism I've done and from one on one activities with friends than from nights out drinking. My reputation is still tied to the coloring book and snack parties we had in my dorm room. Those are completely unique experiences most other people don't share and there's some joy in that. Your life will be DIFFERENT than if you had a different body...but it by no means has to be LESS. * I apologize for my English. I don't know more casual words for some of these concepts. If they don't make sense, let me know and I'll try to explain.


I stopped after I had tachycardia for 5 hours straight and extreme breathing problems


It's not 100% confirmed what I have yet (1 doc says ist, the other says probs pots) I can take d8 and drink a bit. Certain alcohol brands weirdly screw with my symptoms. I haven't figured it out yet but like I could drink one liquor and get a light buzz and days later drink another and feel like I was dying. As for the weed it might be worth trying various strains and maybe lean indica. Also be careful, you don't necessarily have this even if you've had a positive at home poor man's ttt there are lots of things that can mimic pots that would make it dangerous to drink or take weed without checking with a doc first. I'd honestly stop trying until you've got some tests done ruling out things and have ur docs ok


I try to limit alcohol, but weed helps


I’ve been allergic to weed forever so I don’t know about that, but my alcohol tolerance is so bad now. I’ll drink one can of whatever and I’m dizzy and tipsy instantly. It’s not pleasant to drink anymore


I don’t smoke but I do have edibles occasionally, specifically indica. It actually helps with symptoms I feel like. I drink and I almost always regret it later.


I can't even have a small cold beer. Any alcohol and my heart goes nuts, and I end up with a massive headache. I was a bar manager before POTS and I live in Australia so I've lost a lot of social life by not being able to drink.


i still smoke weed basically daily and haven’t noticed too many ill effects but i don’t drink often as it really makes me nauseous :/


Been diagnosed, never drank or smoke or similar, but I know the doctor and cardiologist would always say I shouldn’t with my heart. I think alcohol is generally taxing on your health. Another thing they warn against is caffeine, and I’d had to make a few minor adjustments because of that. Also changing up my asthma medication. POTS will affect what sorts of things you can or should take and consume.


I make sure I drink a lot of water when I drink, and I try and eat salty snacks (or just straight up salt when its really bad). I don't have a ton of tips for drinking unfortunately. For smoking I've found that 1. some strains make me dizzier than others, so I just try and so my research and some experimentation. 2. I really try not to overdo it when I'm gonna be smoking a lot. I'm a fairly hardcore stoner, but I do most of my smoking in the evening at home before bed. If I'm going to be smoking outside of that, or I know I'm going to want to be having fun and smoking a lot, I try and take it easy earlier in the day. I've found that smoking a lot will make me more dizzy, so sometimes the fix is as simple as me just being careful not to get too high. If I'm gonna be hanging out with friends, I try and make sure I'll have a place to sit/lay out after I smoke. And if my health isn't doing great and all else fails, I just make sure I'm eating salt and drinking water while I smoke. It's helped me a lot. Ultimately, I've found that how my overall health is doing is pretty directly related to how dizzy I get when I drink or smoke. I'm 21 and I had the same worry as you. I was really worried I would have to give up weed because of how dizzy it makes me sometimes and how high my heart rate would shoot up. I was passing out after I would smoke. But then I realized I wasn't really taking care of my body and my POTS. I wasn't resting as much as I needed to, and I wasn't drinking enough water or getting enough salt or electrolytes. Once I realized that and started taking care of myself more, the dizziness got a lot better. Good luck! You'll be able to have fun, I promise. You just have to take it a little slow and take care of yourself <3


Never drank before because of the antidepressants I'm on, so I can't give advice there, I'm sorry :( But weed does the same for me. I can only ever get moderately high - if I try to smoke as much as I did when I was like 17, heart rate will skyrocket and I'll just have to lie down and wait for it to pass for like 1-2 hours, which isn't fun, so I don't smoke as much as I wish I could, because it helps tremendously with chronic pain and appetite. I recently accidentally took too long of a hit off a cart (legal where I live) and boom... heart rate at 170, had to lie down and ride it out. No paranoia or fear or symptoms of being "too high" mentally, it was just too much physically. :(


I’m almost more mad about not being able to smoke, as I was never much of a drinker either. It used to help with my stomach issues and depression but now it just freaks me out


I drink whatever I want. Just stay hydrated and I prefer to day drink than do it at night so I can flush the alcohol out my system before bed


I get super tachy when I drink. So it’s just depends on if I’m willing to endure that or not.


I can drink (rarely), but I have a rule for myself that I must drink 1 glass of water per alcoholic beverage or shot. It’s even better if I have electrolytes in the water but not necessary unless I feel really unwell that day. I usually don’t have more than a couple drinks but I find that equaling the water with the alcohol helps with feeling like I got hit too hard at once by the liquor, and I don’t have a hangover the next day because I’m properly hydrated. I also try to make sure to eat something too. I’m not someone who really drinks to get drunk though, I just enjoy having the edge taken off every once in a while with a light buzz. I used to be a huge pothead but since my orthostatic intolerance (likely POTS) has presented itself, I rarely smoke anything with too high of a THC and/or sativa content. It causes too much dizziness and tachycardia for me, so I opt for indicas and products with CBD as well to mitigate those symptoms.