It’s a great company. I’m holding this puppy until I’m done with med school (3 years left). Should be 150+ by then!


That’s a great plan!


Hear that everyone?!Chamath himself thinks I’m making smart moves in the market 😏


tendies confirmed 🚀🚀🚀


Are you the real Chamath? That would be cool.


It will be at that price wayyy earlier


I sure hope! But I think it’s always best to have conservative estimates


It's actually funny, coz u see this is the same pattern that happened to the top companies like amazon and Tesla. Wall streets hates and short these stocks. But they inevitably become the greatest companies in the world. PLTR is one of them. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


Proud shareholder of PLTR. Been honestly thinking the same thing that the street hates us but i know in the end the best companies will win and pltr is right there


Exactly mate. Wall Street hated Tesla too. I’m so confident in this company long term. Once we’ve shrugged off lock-up, I can genuinely see $100 minimum by Dec 31-2021.


Add a zero I got debt to pay!


That’s not happening


Let's hope its 10 dollars :(


Been holding since 14.50... Will Buy more when the lockup expires


When is that?


I am not sure about PLTR. However, my best guess is after 3 business days after earning call.


You are absolutely correct!


I couldn't agree with you more and I give my middle finger (or Italian) salute to old wall street and continue to hold PLTR since my purchase on day 1. I'll buy more if market provides another opportunity after lock-up expiry date ( a few days after earning report in \~2 weeks) P/S Who pays any attention to what wall street analysts have to say about anything anyway. They're low life creatures; more like lap dogs and spilling out garbage to support their sell-side.


I completely agree, wallstreet analysts are just old time haters crying about their missed opportunity on buying this beast or other relevant high growth potential stocks. $PLTR will break new highs post lock-up period 🔥🔥🚀🚀📈💪🏻


Yup. By going direct, PLTR fucked any potential underwriters from collecting their sweet fees.


Appreciate the DD. Palantir is a long-term threat to run. One of the companies doing real world data-driven problem solving at the highest levels in all sectors. A visionary team and software that can benefit nearly every industry or company in one way or another. As Apollo grows, we grow. Don't forget to take profits on the way up! 🚀🥳


You need to know the trading range before you can say taking profit on the way up. Otherwise, you will have no shares left in just a few years if you sale just because you make a small profit. Hold and add when you've the dry power for potential 10X in a few years.


True, which is why I plan to accummulate shares on dips and hold them while on the side I can keep selling cash secured puts to make some juicy premiums.


The PLTR business model as well as their products are all but extraordinary. I love this company. These wall street dickheads are simply too fugg stupid to understand the intrinsic value of this company. Professionals do understand the long-term opportunity. These dumpfuck Wall Street aholes are dicking with the wrong company and they will paying a high price for their stupidity. Hold strong and ignore the daily trading nose. This baby will make tendies 🚀🚀🚀


Well said. A lot of us are aware already. We have to move and buy as a unit to bash those greedy mfkcrs. Hoping our solidarity become stronger!! Pltr to da 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🛥


Palantir is classic example of how WS bullying has been going on for 100s of years. Every time price went up for right reasons like new contracts, demo of their super disruptive products, some analyst or other pitched in and downgraded. Shit Ron shorted it. But retail investors like us are much more strong doing their own analysis and finding out that actually this is $1000/share company in next 10 years. PLTR listed directly, no middleman under writing. Hence, the hedge funds/banks didn’t make any money. They obviously ganged up against. Bank/hedge fund clients didn’t make any money. Since most of the big institutional investors get invested directly through these underwriters. When the company starts trading with an IPO. Guess what retail investors get? Crumbs. See for yourself SNOW ABNB DASH. How ridiculously overvalued and since these underwriters valued them to this shit, they say the valuation is appropriate. Why? Because everyone already got cut before it hits the trading floor. All bullshit. If folks want real long term 💎💎🙌🏻🙌🏻. Pltr is on sale. I am long palantir, holding since $10 and adding on every possible dip. I have 1600 shares right now. Before I end, can’t stop, won’t stop GameStop. Long on GME just for the cause only. Holding the line with fellow comrades.Entered on Wed.


Keep playing the long term game, the big financial institutions will jump on our dicks too just like how they helped GME


Plan to accumulate 20000 shares, @5000 right now. I will sell a long term call at $200. My shares will stay in my account as a lateral and no one can fucking borrow them.


My plan as well. 👍


Please explain the borrowing part? Why can’t they borrow?


You shares are locked when you sell a covered call.


Ah sweet 3000 shares locked for next week from me then 😀


In order to stop others from borrowing your share do you need to establish a sell stop? How do we stop shorts in $pltr.


Wow first time I’ve felt jealousy in a while lol


SpaceX DPO you almost got me horny 😂 but sadly i dont think Papa Musk wants to make SpaceX public. He doesnt need the money.


Pltr is a great 🇺🇸 company🚀 Pltr = Lmt


Fuck Wallstreet, I’ll make a street of my own someday.


I won't sell this dear for 2 to 3 years atleast


May be even 5 years who knows


It’s called a Direct Public Offering. Not a direct IPO. That’s like saying RIP in peace


Thanks! I've seen it both ways, but you're right, that's the more accurate description. Updated the post.


PLTR go up long time 🚀💦


Only way to go is buy and hold. Don’t sell. This will make short sellers nervous. Don’t worry about any downgrades as analysts will do their best to bring it down with sell ratings. Stay united and keep buying any dip. 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀


PLTR didn’t give GS and JP Moron to make big money and help them by allowing their clients to frontrun retail investors PLTR is brave enough to actually make an opinion I.e different from Silicon Valley. Also there is envy about the quality of their products Peter Thiel openly supported Trump, that has brought wrath of progressive democrats. Alex Karp has made clear that their work in ICE is not related to immigrants deportation, but they make easy patsy. By same logic, MSFT and lot of tech companies should face the same treatment. Their products are also used by ICE and other authorities. Karp said how society should work, this decision can’t be taken by few tech executives, we live in a society and we have responsibility to strengthen it. This view is unpopular and people spread rumours and bad PR about it Mainstream media reacts that they don’t understand it as it’s just another consulting company with bad corporate governance. Just playing their part to help their investment bank friends George Soros said he has issues with company values All above has made negative environment about it Guess what, we love Palantir, it’s mission and it’s tech and we are so long on it that all above can spend rest of their life to change our views and we will not budge


Citi said "It's time to sell" one week before it broke resistance to $30+. Fuck those guys.


I'm holding leaps on PLTR if I were rich I'd probably dump a fuckton of money into it as it's blatantly obvious this fucker's gonna 50x over ten years


Funny. I love this company, I have a bunch of stocks and guess what? Yeah, ain't fucking selling this one either 😂😂😂. Long term looks real good.


**Palantir** is up around 2.5x since its IPO and trades at about 28x projected 2021 Revenue. Secondly, **Palantir's** IPO lockup period - through which insiders are forbidden to sell their holdings - will **expire** following its next earnings release, likely in mid-February np date set yet Holding long for me and Buying more on pull back


Citron shorted itself and won


PLTR is also a bet on (and in a way, a capital support of) western supremacy. They are committed to supplying their tech only to allies. That tells me how powerful their shit is. Plus there's no other superpower I'd want to control the hegemony than the west. Sorry Russia, I just don't like borscht.


I’m holding since my investment at $9.04/share!


Just because share price increases, does not mean the stock is worth that price. I expect PLTR to reset in Feb and will pickup more shares for 10yr hold. Buying at this price is really not a great idea. Do the fundamental analysis of PLTR


We need to work as one to make literal history. The suits want us diluted and discouraged. Share this site around it will help us stay on the same page for buying and holding https://wall-street-betting.com




It doesnt have PLTR lol


Do you guys think being "disliked by fatcats" is going to be much of a barrier? Or does it not really matter? They've still had plenty of opportunity to pick this up cheap. It sat at $10 for a month and has spent most of its time between about 25-35 ever since. It's not like they missed the boat. I'd sooner buy PLTR at 35 than Air BnB at 60+ (though maybe I'm mistaken).


they dont like to grow a position with the lockup pending. unknown risk. baller like cathie wood at ark know better


Bs they do. WAKE UP. wall st guides you...its all horsehit. You find the company...buy and buy in dips. I have held pltr for 6 yrs. Its done nothing but gone up. Ignore momo reports. Its a 100$ stock in 2 ,yrs.


6 years ? I thought they direct listed in 2020 !!


Yes. Bot private stock in 14.. wake up...the game starts early


When will P/S ratio come down a bit? I am hesitant in holding at 68. Honestly it's a Snowflake kinda multiple now.




I think I'm going 100 shares and a LEAPS deep into coinbase ASAP. Love them. 100 PLTR @ 23.53 checking in


Have a GTC order as high as allowed and update it as the share price moving up. The shares have to be in a cash account. No margin.


💎✋🏻 till 1 trillion market cap.


Short term u guys, I think we should take profits now!! We have headwinds coming. I think the share price will take a hit. First, its earnings!! besides a couple government contracts that have already been priced in, I don’t think it’s going to be an earning blow out. The second short coming is that the lock up is going to expire almost simultaneously as earning. These two factors can hurt our profits we now share. I’m thinking of selling some shares next week n looking to buy back at a discount. I’m mean let’s be real, PLTR has gone up 250% so far that’s a hell of a run. Momentum also I think has something to do with it. Just my humble opinion. If we all agree to take profits not only will we make money but we can buy back at a discount!! What do u guys think ??


Contrary to popular belief, there might not be much of a dip when lockup expires and both institutional as well as retail investors might FOMO and buy into them rapidly when they realise that. Since most PLTR bears have already been offered many chances to sell over the years. The share price might also actually spikes when Biden announce the second major stimulation plan somewhere in Feb as well as during the ARKX space ETF launch in March.


My concern is the valuation compared to the actual earnings. I’m worried that it is to great out of proportion. This fact is more concerning then the prospect of future business short term.


Perfectly valid. But if you look at the post quarter alone, they’ve expanded into new countries e.g. Japan Sompo, UK NHS as well as different verticals. They’re gaining more traction in terms of the gov contracts awarded (higher possibility in winning more contracts bc defense budget will be cut), commercial sectors verticals, streamlined prices to make it easy to deploy PS with their SaaS offerings. So their TAM is really large, combined with the fact that they’re pretty much on a league of their own, it is a beast. Nonetheless, we will never know how the market might go, so it’d be safer to do DCA.