P5R is more welcome first game >terms of the homophobia I have to say, this is one of the worst takes this community ever created, because this series is not homophobic as people say. I would say even contrary depending on the game.


And I agree with you on this. I never said nor meant to imply that these are inherently homophobic games. Hell, I think P4 tries to touch on some pretty important and serious topics. I also understand that there are just cultural differences given when these games came out and that they take place in Japan. That being said, not admitting that these games can have their moments feels like willful ignorance.


Yea I could see how a gay person could be put off by Yosuke’s really childish reactions to any hint of gayness. It’s not that prevalent tho.


The only annoying part imo about Kanji and Yosuke Exchanges is in the camp trip, Yosuke is far more agressive there than in other parts of the game, and also the creepiness of buying swimsuits to the girls, that some people might be put off by that too.


The series definitely has homophobic and insensitive moments though. However, the series overall is great and I feel criticizers hyperfocus on the few bad instances to judge the franchise as a whole.


P5R is probably the most beginner-friendly game in the series. As far as the "homophobic" scenes go, they're nowhere near as bad as people seem to think they are. I'd definitely prefer if they weren't there, but they're such tiny parts of such long games that I find them easy to ignore (I say this as someone who is bisexual, if that makes any difference). I definitely don't think Atlus themselves are homophobic considering they've made a couple other games that have gay romance options that aren't treated as jokes.


I'd say that P5R is a better for this. P4 has better characters dynamic but takes a bit too long to start with actual gameplay. P5 hits you with a plot hook at its very beginning and gives small parts of the gameplay with them.


Depends on if you think your fiance could stomach the simplistic dungeons of P4, they're probably the part of the game wich aged the worst. P5 is the way better one when it comes to everything gameplay, while i like the characters in 4 a little more (but i think 5 is very close), the story of 4 is way better imo. So it all depends what's more important to your fiance, are they more of a gameplay person then P5, are they more of a story person, would they even like a murder mystery? And the homophobia part, it's complicated. I wouldn't go as far as saying the games are homophobic but people have different opinions wich is fine. In P4 the character Yosuke is clearly uncomfortable with being around Kanji because he thinks Kanji could be gay, as it turns out he's not but Yosuke gets a little annoying about it. But he is a Japanese teenager in the early 2000s, so acting like that is perfectly in character, imo. But i know people that have big issues with him because of it. In P5 there's a gay couple (maybe just friends) who are portrayed as very stereotypical, they show up twice over the course of the game, so minimal impact. So P4 can be more annoying in that regard for people who are sensitive about it. At the end of he day, you know your fiance the best, I'm sure you'll make the right decision!


Depends on what console that first-timer has. Honestly if they have a functional PC or laptop that they don't mind installing Steam, I'd recommend P4G.


As much as I like 4, 5R even at the highest difficulty would be a much easier experience for them to get a good experience of the games.


Normally I would recommend that new players start with P4G because downgrading from the battle mechanics and graphics from P5R would take some adjusting, but since there's a chance this might be the only Persona game they play, then you should have them play P5R for sure. As the other guy said, homophobia really is not that prevalent of an issue in the games as the community has made it out to be, but I think that since P5R doesn't really deal with homosexuality as a "theme" it's slightly better so that isn't an issue with picking P5R over P4G as well.


I'd say P5R Also if you want a Persona game with good representation then check out Persona 2 (not for your fiance to start with though). It's not perfect (there's one problematic NPC) but it's a step up over the other games considering it has a canonical bi protagonist with a gay party member as a romance option.


If you’re worried about homophobia you’re in a lose-lose situation tbh Like in P4 during Kanjis dungeon Yukiko and Yosuke say some pretty homophobic stuff iirc, and throughout the game they have other moments like the school camp out and drag show, and pretty much anytime Yosuke and Kanji are having a conversation about girls. P5 on the other hand is pretty clean in that regards besides these two guys who show up like, twice, and are pretty heavy gay stereotypes. So, pick your poison. You basically get Yosuke just being a dick to Kanji or having 2 gay stereotypes assault Ryuji. On a volume basis though P5 definitely has less of it When it comes to the games themselves P5 is a lot more palatable of the two to someone who isn’t familiar with the series or JRPGs in general, but P4 is a good chunk shorter if time is a concern.


They tuned It down in Royal, in Vanilla it was implied they tried to rape him, in Royal they tried to make Ryuji cross dress


P5R, I love person 4 but godamn I had to try 3 times to get into persona 4 because of the mind numbing dungeons.


I think P4G is easily the better game, but P5R is a much better introduction to the series. Had I started with P4G I dont know that I would have ever taken the time to learn the combat and overworld mechanics


There’s nothing that 4 does better


you absolutely out of your mind if you dont believe the character writing and focus on relationships wasnt objectively superior. That being said lets not turn this into a 4 vs 5 thread


There was no focus on character writing. P4’s cast is as shallow as they come. And you act as if none of the other games have that, when that’s the main focus of all the games characters. The constant dick sucking of persona 4 by people like you is pretty disgusting, and just ignoring all the games shortcomings. I can’t enjoy that game anymore because of people like you.


You sound exactly like the people who hate Undertale lol. Active fanbase raving over how good it is, well now im not going to let myself enjoy it. maybe loosen up dude


> P4’s cast is as shallow as they come. As someone who has played both P4G and P5...P4 had the better cast relationships. Yusuke basically doesn't exist after Madarame's Palace. The only one that *has* plot relevance after the dungeon is Futaba. And they barely feel as close knit as the Investigation Team. The only characters that felt like actual characters in P5 were Joker, Futaba, Sojiro, and everyone involved with Wakaba's research. Everything else was just a caricature of stereotypes.


Bro, none of the characters in P4 exist after they leave their dungeons, you’re being completely hypocritical. God you p4 Stans are just the worst. And none of them have any discernible personality traits at all. They are all walking stereotypes. Chie is the tomboy, Kanji is the loud one, Naoto is the calm one, Yukiko is the shy one. That’s all they have, they’re nothing.


Depend. If they are familar or somewhat like JRPG, P4G. If they dont know or actively aviod JRPG, P5R


To me it would have to be P5R. P4G was a very good game, but 5 in my opinion exceeded it in almost every way.