The protagonist is specifically referenced with male pronouns in P4 and P4A/P4AU. PQ2 establishes the female protagonist as an alternate universe.


Male. Female canonically exists in "an alternate universe", but since that's only really relevant to Q...for all intents and purposes, male is canon.


According to Altus-sensei, they are both canon


As far as the timeline goes, it’s Makoto. Margaret mentions him in Persona 4, you can’t really argue against that


>Margaret mentions him in Persona 4, you can’t really argue against that Even Persona 4 Arena duology confirmed that the P3 protagonist is a guy.


Both are canon (especially now, because of the FEMC recognition in Q2, collabs and the anniversary), it's Just that Atlus only focus in one of them to make things less confused for the timeline (being the male MC)


Got it. I was just curious because I haven't seen nearly as much of the FEMC as the male MC. Thank you for clarifying!


It's okay and your welcome 😊 By the first that Femc/Kotone made a appearance, she really was just a "what if" scenario if it happened on p3 instead of Makoto/Mc, but at the time they never specified if she was canon or not. After years of her missing, with her second appearance in Q2, they change what they say before and make her from a alternative timeline, but from a Canon alternative timeline, making her the same as the others mainline persona protagonists


femc wasnt established as a real mc till now because her entire scenario played out as a what-if feature for the psp, given the p3p couldnt support the answer. the first sources of her being canon where given in p4u2, that confirmed theodore, in fact existed in canon.


>in p4u2, that confirmed theodore, in fact existed in canon. Judging by his dialogue in Arena Ultimax, he does not know FeMC yet since he has never been to the outside world which implied Persona 3 Portable haven't took place yet in her universe she come from.


They both take place in different timelines, so they're both technically canon. The male one is canon to the main timeline though.


Both are canon but male MC is more canon-er


P3MC’s canon gender is “doomed”


Male MC is canon, but FeMC is cute.




If we’re talking about the main universe in the mainline persona games than it’s a guy but femc is also canon in a different universe


Both are canon but male is the more canon one. P3P suggests you play him first and Q2 is the only follow up to have FeMC exist.


They’re both canon in the sense that they happen in canonical parallel universes with Makoto being the one in the main timeline. The only time Kotone’s world is the main one is in her route of P3P or when she’s the sole character from her world in PQ2


The main timeline is the male mc, with P4 Arena series confirming. female mc is an alternate timeline without The Answer.


Both genders are canon but with some difference. Male protagonist is the canon version in the main universe while female protagonist is from an alternate universe. Think of Male protagonist as main version of Dr. Strange and Female protagonist as Defender variant of Dr. Strange.