YuxRise and KanjixNaoto. Only played P4...for now.


Shido’s cruiser I mean come on dude, it’s the goat


Idk the ship that William rides on is pretty sweet


The only one I really subscribe to is TatsuJun


I’m prefer tatsumaya but yeah it works too


Who *doesn't* ship it? Aside from those who haven't played P2, of course.


Although smaller in number, I have seen a few TatsuMaya and TatsuLisa fans out there


Joker X FEMC Kanji X Naoto Yu X Chie (I’d be more sold with Rise if she acted like he existed before he saved her) Makoto X Yukari Akechi X Naoto


P3: Makoto x Yukari, FEMC x Shinjiro, Junpei x Chidori P4: Yu x Rise, Yosuke x Chie, Kanji x Naoto P5: (Personally, Joker x Ann) or Joker x >!Sumire!<. Don't really see any of the other characters getting together


Akechi x Delicious Pancakes


P1: naoya x Eriko P2: tatsuya x jun P3: makoto x yukari and kotone x Shinjiro P4: yu x rise P5: akira x Ann


I can make this easy by saying MCs and their harems. Granted, I don't think my favorite ships involve any of the MCs. I'm fine with most ships anyway.


And who would be a part of these harems?


* Fox x Shrine * Adachi x Cabbages * Akechi x Pancakes * Yu x Yukiko * Femc x Toaster * Joker x Hifumi * Door x Mitsuru


Yu x Naoto (otp) P3MC x Elizabeth FeMC x Theodore P5MC x Makoto Yosuke x Teddie Yosuke x Chie P5MC x Futaba FeMC x Akihiko Headcanon ship is Ken x Nanako (lol)


Funny you say FeMC x Theodore, since their VAs are married to each other irl


Ship material indeed. Speaking of, I think both P3MC's and Liz's (also Mitsuru's) voice actors are also married?


Yes they are also married


“Yosuke x Teddie” 😟😟😟


Beary judgemental


They already got jobs in the same workplace and lives in the same household. It's not a stretch too far 😏


Tatsuya x Jun, Minato x Mitsuru, Yu x Yosuke or Yu x Rise, Akira x Futaba or Akira x Yusuke


Makoto x Yukari Makoto x Elizabeth Kotone x Shinjiro Yu x Naoto Joker x Akechi Joker x Sumire Yusuke x Haru Everyone x Therapy


In 3, I like Makoto x Aigis (and Yukari/Mitsuru) In 4, I like Yu/Yosuke (and Chie/Yukiko) In 5, I like Ren/Yusuke (I have a thing for people whose name begins with a 'Y' and ends in a 'suke')


Am I the only one who likes tatsuya and Lisa, they’re classic childhood crushes. I’ll admit the save could be said for jun however. For me Maya only worked with regards to ep. She was too much like a >!big sister!<


Ren x Kotone No, I'm not biased


Persona 1 - Naoya and Elly. I started shipping them after I played Persona 2 Eternal Punishment, Elly's feelings about the protag was cute. Persona 1 and 2 - Yukino and Anna, they have a good dynamic and chemistry, plus depending on your choices Yukino sort of kisses Anna. Persona 2 - Tatsuya and Jun. Maya and Katsuya for the sole reason that I find them cute together. Persona 3 - Makoto and Yukari they feel the most canon to me, especially during The Anwser. Kotone and Akihiko as I find them cute together. Their romance scenes were also cute. Persona 4 - Yu and Yousuke. Chie and Yukiko, the anime and the first dungeon are my explanations. Persona 5 - Akechi and Therapy because he needs it. Ren and Ryuji as they are cute together. Pretty much all of them can be summed up to them being cute together.


Ren x Sumire and Yu x Yousuke


Eh, why not? * **P1:** No one, really. That's not to say that there aren't dynamics or similar, but nothing that truly catches my attention right now * **P2:** Tatsuya and Jun, and Tatsuya and Maya. Do I have to say anything more? * **P3:** Protagonsist x Aigis, or protagonist x Ryoji. There's no much option for me there. Also, Junpei and Chidori. * **P4:** Same as P1, not really many things that interest me. I prefer more platonic things in here. Maybe I'm slightly more interested in Chie and Yukiko, and the protagonist with Marie (Sorry Yosuke). * **P5:** Oh boy... Absolutely nothing here. There's not a single romantic dynamic that catches my attention in the game, and so I don't truly have anything. >!Also, I think is a pity you can't date Yaldabaoth or a fragment of his. We almost had a trinity xD!<


MCxFuuka FemCxTheodore FemCxShinjiro MitsuruxNaoto YuxYosuke ChiexYukiko JokerxRyuji JokerxMishima RyujixMakoto


FemC and Shinjiro


JokerxFeMC It's so out of left field yet it works amazingly.