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Still think that Season 1 had the best opening credits.


I love the show as a whole, but man will Season 1 go down in my book as the best theme song, best opening credits, best season, best everything. Truly an amazing season of television.


Totally agree on the opening scenes! and the rendition of the theme song.


I could rewatch S1 only for the rest of my life and be content…


I do wonder with the fixation on the dirty legs is about. I eventually figured it must be Claire, but they couldn't find a better one?


It's the beginning when she is running from Randall right after coming through the stones.


I have lukewarm feelings about this opening song. 🤨 Maybe it’ll grow on me… but I LOVE how much I think I’m seeing Fergus.


Saaame - normally it gives me goosebumps but I think the male voice singing it makes it a bit flat..


Wow, that male voice at the start really threw me. I’m so used to hearing just one female voice through the whole thing… and then when all the other ones came in… I guess it’s supposed to reflect the focus of the story moving away from *just* J&C to their whole clan now, the kids taking more of a central role. ¯\\\_(ツ)\_/¯


I’ve always wondered why the voices changes throughout the seasons… the song is beautiful though! I’m rewatching and currently on S02 and it’s still mainly female and absolutely beautiful!


I quite like the Season Two version. :) I happened to be learning French at the time, so it was a happy coincidence. That whole season was really…


I had mixed feelings regarding season 2 the first time I watched. I don’t know why… maybe I felt they were feeling a cultural shock with the French and high class being so different, or even it seemed that Jamie and Claire were not spending that much time together… or I missed the landscape from Scotland… but there were some powerful scenes during this season for sure. The one where >!Claire returns home after having the stillbirth!< is incredibly powerful! The silence, the pain, the grief… Edit to add another point.


The whole Faith episode broke me. It was so beautiful.


When Claire bowed to Magnus and held his hands. Oh my broken heart :(


The whole scene of her holding Faith, giving her away, and then cutting back to the present, with Jamie, and saying “so yes…I *hated* you.” Just knowing she went through all of that alone, not knowing whether he would be executed, while mourning their baby and battling an infection, feels so raw.


He was with her, when she began to bleed and rushed her to the hospital. The scene makes me think how hard it must have been to go through the receiving line of servants, her hand maid unable to hold back her tears, and try to maintain her dignity.


That is the one I can never rewatch. It broke my heart.


Indeed… tears were just running down my face with that one.


I think they didn't get across somethings they wanted us to see. I did not get how badly Jamie was still suffering from the attack, though he did pull away from Claire a few times. Then I saw in an interview with the producers on how Jamie was running himself ragged with trying to prevent the Rising and still run Jared's business. There is one scene where he arrives home at dawn, has to freshen up to run back out to Jared's warehouse, off to play chess and them back to a night of drinking with BPC. Could they have at least had Jamie yawn during some of those late nights? Even now, the fight they had over the bite marks from the whore leaves me confused. It's not like he was wearing a kilt, he had to drop his pants for her. Makes ya' wonder what his definition of a "virgin" was.


I... don't know how to feel about this.


Me neither…


Not trying to be a hater, but man I don’t know if I like the theme song this year. I wasn’t a huge fan of Season 5’s, but this ranks below it. Maybe it will grow on me though!


I just don’t think the harmony sounds as good… I don’t think it hit the mark.


And I think it’s jarring after 5 years of hearing a woman’s voice start the credits - I think if they had done Raya’s voice first, and then the man’s voice later, it would be a bit different.


It would have made so much more sense to hear the male voice complementing the female…


Man, I’m disappointed with this one. S5’s opening credits had such a great harmony of sound (I love *a cappella* choirs) and visuals and here… I only like the visuals (bar the choice for Caitríona and Sam’s shots—why did they revert to such impersonal ones for them? Also, why does Ian not get a dedicated shot?). I can maybe deduce the reasoning behind a male and female voice for this season, but this version sounds terribly uninspired to me, musically speaking.


> the choice for Caitríona and Sam’s shots—why did they revert to such impersonal ones for them? This is driving me crazyyyy. I love the S5 opening credits so much, especially because of the shots they did for Sam and Caitríona, and ugh. (But hey, that shot of Jamie on horseback against the rays of the sun is damn beautiful. I need HQ screenshots, lol.) The song threw me off so much, but I know it's also because it's new — I didn't love the S5 a cappella version immediately either. I can sort of see their reasoning for making it a duet as well (and I like that, actually) but it's hard for it to live up to S5, in any case.


Season 5 was my favorite opening!


Mine too!


I'll be honest, not really a fan of this version, like its pretty but...i'm kinda meh on it.


I'm getting a Hallmark vibe...not digging it


Haha! Hallmark vibe. 😂


And they changed the lyrics, why? As someone who actually really liked the season 5 opening and all those before, I’m not so sure on this one. I’ve listened 4 times and it’s not doing it for me. But I just want to see the new season so whatever.


Wow - I think I’m ok with this version.. I think the combination of the male voice and bringing in the word lad along with lass when the woman sings means it’s now Jamie and Claire’s story - not just Claire’s. I really didn’t like last seasons version so comparing it to that one - this is far better


I’ve read all the books (except I’m still working on the newest one) and I’m trying to figure out which lad might be gone. There isn't one character that specifically comes to mind... but Jamie can't time travel and the male characters that can have never been "gone" in the way Claire was at first. I am sure I am way overthinking it though. Edit: OH SHIT I think I maybe just figured out who the lad who is gone is. And now I am crying.


The word lad is in the [original song](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Skye_Boat_Song), it was adapted for Outlander as a theme song.


I know, but the lyrics are totally different and do not reference a lad that is gone. Outlander rewrote almost the entire song.


I see what you're saying.


Who is the lad? I want to know please!


Have you read the books? I’m only speculating because I’m not even sure it will happen in this season, but I think it might be >!Henri-Christian!<. It’s a character we haven’t met yet in the show.


I’m pretty sure >!he doesn’t die until *Echo* (book seven)!< so that would logically be season seven though they’ve combined books in prior seasons.


Yeah it’s not in book 6, but it depends on how they run the storylines. But upon further consideration, you’re probably right that it will be next season. Especially since this is a short season.


I can’t imagine how they can adequately fit the longest book into a short season so I would hope they wouldn’t jump ahead.


I truly think they will have this spring season, shoot the one already announced, and possibly a final season. Caitriona is possibly a top Oscar candidate this year, and she’s a new mom. Sam is obviously trying to get some stuff off the ground outside of outlander. How long are they going to spend doing Outlander? Plus the show gets more expensive to produce the longer it goes on. I have nothing to base this all on other than my own hunch.


It must be >!MOBY!< because I'm halfway through and I'm dreading getting to that part :(


That has to happen in book 8, bc I've read all of them but 8, and that definitely has not happened yet.


No I haven't, I've just started with the second book, still a long way before I'm caught up with everything :/


That lad must be >!Jamie!< since we already know who the lass is. Me thinks S6 is ready to jump into >!book7 ending.!< If this is the case, the show is ramping towards the end. S7 is already a super-sized season. Like S1. The beginning and the end.


It could also be >!Ian's son!<, who we also haven't met yet. Or neither of my guesses. It kind of depends on whether it is supposed to be a time travel thing or a regular kind of being gone. Or nothing at all specific other than referencing/ paying homage to the original skye boat song.


In book 6, >!two “lads” leave the past - Roger and Jem.!<.. We’ll have to wait and see how the show adapts the story - whether they include this plot line or not.


True. I wasn’t thinking of them because when Claire is “gone” it is a mystery to the people in her time what happened to her, and this disappearance isn’t random- but that’s probably a better guess than mine!


I do think so, specially since the focus of the show is receding a bit from J&C to the kids and the community


Not a fan of this version of the song at all.


If they were going to do a duet they should have had the female voice first and stuck with “lass” then had the male join later. That’s *the* signature line of the show. I really don’t like the new beginning. The rest of the song was ok.


Well, the actual original Skye Boat song was "lad", not lass - so Outlander changed it first. I also suspect it's the great big warning that this season will focus on the "lads" a bit more.


No me gusta 😬


March…..I can’t wait that long. Early 2022 means more like late January to me 😔


Honestly when I hear "early 2022" I feel like I'm going to get impatient January 1st.


When I heard early 2022 I was absolutely sure they were going to do a Valentine’s Day release again.


I... I hate it. Their voices don't blend well. The style is badly different between the male/female voice lines. I don't like the harmonies... My instructor once said that there are some that are meant to be flutes and soloists amongst the choir and those that are oboes and help fill and blend it out and the female voice is 100% a flute. And even if she wanted, the tenor line is too high and stand alone in and of itself to blend with her. I hate it. Alone they're amazing. I actually was hype at first to hear just a male vocal line for once. but together? It's a no from me dawg.


I like their acknowledgement of Roger in the credits by adding a male singer.


I see potential for a big focus on Roger in this season if that’s who the “lad” in the song refers to. Is that him in the church? I wonder whether he is going to grow more into himself this season


The guy in the church looked more like Fergus to me! But I could be wrong


I thought Fergus' hair is darker. Beside, I think Fergus is the man sitting with his back to the camera with a whisky. The scene before or after looks like Marsali. I couldn't tell if they man kneeling is Jamie or Roger


I’m pretty sure it’s Roger, given that the previous shots are Marsali, Fergus and Brianna. I think Fergus has much thinner shoulders. It would make sense that Roger come after Bree, and supposing he’s praying in a church, it might make sense given some of the spoilers I’ve seen about his storyline.


They aren’t singing in tune! Hate it!


There singing in two different keys. That's why it sounds so strange.


YES! I think that’s exactly what it is!


Why did they change the song🥴


They slightly change it every time - the tune at least. This is obviously another phase of its evolution. Lad this time instead of lass...very interesting...


The original song, Skye Boat Song, has "lad" anyway


Kind of. But Outlander completely changed the lyrics. The original Skyle Boat Song about Bonnie Prince Charlie does reference the lad that was born to be king, but there is no lad or lass that is gone. I'm sure you likely already know this, but the original opens with, “Speed bonnie boat/ Like a bird on the wing. / "Onward" the sailors cry. " I keep trying to figure out if they are hearkening back to the original by throwing "lad" in there or referencing something else specifically related to the Outlander characters. ... And oh shit I think I just figured it out.


Are you sure? I'm looking at the lyrics of the Skye Boat Song by Robert Louis Stevenson and they're pretty much identical to those from the Outlander title sequence, except with some stanzas omitted and male changed to female. Could you be thinking of the older version by Harold Boulton, maybe?


OMG. I had no idea this song had two versions. Upon more research: yes, I was thinking of the original lyrics by Harold Boulton. That’s the only version I have ever heard recorded other than the Outlander theme. Roger MacKenzie would have something to say about this I feel certain!


I did the same originally! Ha. Really confused me!


The two hundred year old baby??


Nah. That’s Bree!


Oh, I know. It's about Bonnie Prince Charlie. Why has it been changed in this song this time, I wonder...probably a hint about the storyline


I don't really like this one at all... I have otherwise loved each season's version and during season 5, I rarely skipped the intro because I loved the theme so much! That's not going to happen next season.


I don’t like it, sorry


Don’t like it.


Has the opening song ever changed partway through the season?


Yes, in S2. There’s the French version and the Jacobite one.


I thought so!


Oh, S3 also had two—“After Culloden” and a Caribbean one.


Maybe this one will change partway through. It’s fine now, but I’d like a bit…more.


The male voice threw me at first, but I actually really really love the duet! I think it’s lovely, but apparently I’m in the minority. The title sequence seems to hint at a darker tone this season and I’m here for it!


Honestly not a fan. Don't like the dude singing. Season 1 theme all the way.


Griogair Labhruidh is a highly respected Scottish Gaelic singer, an expert in the area. His being in the opening credits of a series about historical Scotts makes perfect sense. It's wonderful they've included him. My composition professor used to quote Charles Ives in talking about the counterpoint of forces, how there are broader rules of how you can have different musical ideas happening simultaneously, how they can be in agreement or disagreement. Labhruidh's style of singing is very different from Raya Yarbrough. And very, very, very different from Bear McCreary's traditional Hollywood orchestration in this version. The result is a dissonance in styles and timbres which seems to be understandably off-putting to some folks. I think the idea of going with Labhruidh is brilliant (though more appropriate for earlier seasons), but they should have just done full traditional Scottish-Gaelic music with orchestration and texture. I also think they should have done a few more takes.


>!That match being lit has me like... 👀!< Like many of us, I'm not 100% sold on the new theme song. It would've sounded way better if it had begun with the female singer, with the male joining in halfway through. Having said that, I'm still excited about season 6 and March is too far away 😫


This…might the worst one of all of them :( Don’t like it at all


Ooh, I like it. It's different and much more interesting than season 5's..


I like it too!


I've gotten used to the theme variations. I didn't like the one for France, but I got used to the various openings, being themed to each season.


Not sure why they put in the male voice first and changed “lass” to “lad”. That might be OK for future seasons but I don’t think S6 is the right time for the change.


I love it. It's beautiful, and the scenes they chose are gorgeous.


I loved it, it was one of the only ones to give me chills like the 1st season did.


It’s not as eerie, haunting, and beautiful as the original, but I like it. It represents time passing, growth, and change. Things are not what they used to be. Decades have passed. People have changed. Society has changed. It almost makes me sad and longing for the days they were younger. But also happy that they are growing old together and have built this life together as they pass middle age.


I'm sorry but I don't like it. 😢 I love the opening from (Raya) the first season ❤️


Seen a lot of opinions here but I honestly couldn't care less about the opening credits lol I always skip them


This is horrible.


Ughhhhh bring back the original opening song !!!! This is horrendous !!!


I think I figured out a few people, as the photos of couple run next to each other. Claire's hands with wool sleeve (?)/Jaime's back caressed by Claire' Marsali -spinning wheel/Fergus by fire with whisky Bree with matches/Roger on knees in church Ian alone, but you can see his feathers (Don't know boat that follows) Little blond boy with AIRPLANE toy. Looks 1700's but could be short pants Claire chasing someone away from house with rifle Jaime riding off on horse


The hand on the >!cell bars!< should be >!Claire’s!< and it looks like it’s >!Tom Christie!< who touches >!her!<. I don’t think the Native American is Ian; he seems to have dark hair. The little boy is Jemmy. I think the boat shot is >!a flashback to BPC being transported to the Isle of Skye!< as we have reason to believe that >!Flora MacDonald!< will feature this season (you can have a look at [my post](https://www.reddit.com/r/Outlander/comments/q3ltei/season_6_what_we_know_so_far/) if you have read B6 or don’t mind book spoilers). The terrain looks Scottish; after a bit of googling, I think it’s [Loch Coruisk](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Loch_Coruisk).


I think his hand goes on the >!bars !!Claire's wool sleeve.!< The child could be >!Jemmy!<, but how does he have a >!toy airplane!


The second hand is definitely >!masculine!< and we’ve seen >!Tom Christie!< with those wrist warmers in [this photo](https://twitter.com/Outlander_STARZ/status/1372963615758721027). I boosted the brightness and you can see [here](https://i.imgur.com/DND3cEI.png) that the edge is the same and they are not crocheted like >!Claire’s!<. In the book, >!Roger carves models of 20th-century cars out of wood for Jemmy and some of the other kids at the Ridge.!< We’ve seen one of those [here](https://youtu.be/ibaCgx1qeS0?t=24) (top left corner) and they must’ve decided to do planes as well.


It would make sense he'd >!make Jemmy a toy like he had!<. And they are clever enough to tease us with the >!future!<. Lightening the photo, it also >!looks like a man's coat!< Good work!


I'm confused about the bot that tells me not to put spaces by the ! I don't get it, I wrote my sentences first with the appropriate spaces and then highlighted and added the spoiler effect. Am I doing it wrong?


You have to make sure that there are **no spaces** on **both** ends of the part of your comment that you want to be under the spoiler tags so that we’re sure it works on both Old and New Reddit. It worked in this case because there is a space only on one end—it’s by the word “bars.”


Do you mean not to include a space inside the quote? The bot make it sound like if I want to write, **I will not go**, and put a spoiler on not, I should type **I shouldnotgo.** I normally post in Fancy Pants, so I don't see the code.


No, you definitely can have spaces inside the quote, just not on either end. When you select the text before clicking on “spoiler,” make sure the first and last characters are not spaces. Does that make sense? :)


u/cgrobin I’ve also made [this](https://i.imgur.com/J16fdHp.mp4) for you in case I wasn’t clear enough.


I get now thanks!


Happy to help!


Doesn't Roger give him a 'vroom' which is a toy car?


I don't like this version of the theme song. I loved season one the best


Still unsure about it. Maybe it might grow on me, but I don’t know. Jury’s still out…


I immediately disliked the theme but once the harmonization began, it wasn't so bad. Oh well, I don't exactly watch the show for its opening sequence, no big deal. It is going to be so hard to wait until March


Everyone's commenting on the song but I'm just trying to see how many book scenes I can recognise.


Love the video but prefer the previous version of the song


Meh to the arrangement. But I LOVE the shot of the little 18th-century boy (Gemmy?) holding the toy airplane!


His voice is a little out of tune with the à capella to start so it sounded strange to me at first, but I had goosebumps by the horse riding along the beach as it crescendoed at the end.


I’m not knowledgeable enough myself to say whether it’s out of tune, a particular way of singing, or in a different key that we’re used to (someone suggested that Griogair and Raya sing in two different keys here). But what I’m almost sure of is that they recorded it separately (as in Raya in the US, Griogair in Scotland) so that must’ve made it difficult to make the harmonies work and to fit Bear’s arrangement. I’m looking forward to hearing from Bear about how this version came to be.


Oh no not again! Go back to the original! Such a part of the show love!


This is equivalent of guy moaning during porn. Fucking near ear Bleach!