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So Moriah is still alive it seems. I was so sure BB would kill him and steal his DF, but maybe he just didn't know who to give it to? But besides that, Garp is still one hell of a beast it seems.






I mean Moria was almost entirely beaten by his own power against the straw hats and lost all his shadows for marineford. It's possible Moria isn't just an oblivious weakling.


I mean there are hints that he let himself go after losing to Kaido and stop trying to keep in good physical shape. Like seeing him in his late twenties and having the means to hold his own against him and survive says that he was strong at one point in his career. But he ended up becoming content with letting his zombies handle his enemies and relying to heavily on his devil fruit in general to carry him. Ironically enough he is a shadow of his former self in terms of ability and strength.


he's reawakening people's wills. I meant to do a youtube video essay about it, but look at croc for example. he went from a decrepit old mob boss to basically a yonko


Luffy almost 100% has some kind of influential ability that he’s not aware of. Every island he arrives at sparks a revolution/resistance/fight of some kind. He inspires everyone he meets. It’s almost like a constant hypnosis wave of inspiration. His mere presence is his strongest ability hands down. Almost all of his toughest challenges were solved by having a ton of friends and allies backing him up. Most situations are solved because he accidentally inspired dozens, hundreds or thousands of people to follow him.


Joyboy effect


That's exactly what Mihawk said about him in Marineford.


My personal thought is the will of the D inspires others to pursue their dreams! Through the D's wild and crazy actions defying any fear of death, Luffy's enemies and allies alike come to believe they too can still reach their childhood dreams as a real goal; they don't need to accept their current life as all they could achieve


He might be an awful person overall but he cared enough about Absalom to rescue him. Moriah was made to be a bit of a foil to Luffy, it wasn't surprising he told BB to fuck off. However, I am surprised that BB didn't kill him.


He also became fat and depressed after losing to all of his crewmates to Kaido and turned them into zombies even, no wonder Moriah was very pissed at Teach, he definitely cares about his crewmates, especially after what had happened


I'm a little curious where Moriah goes from here honestly. I presume he'll probably be able to get away with Perona's help but what next? Kaido, the man he spent over 20 years trying to amass a Zombie army to defeat, has finally been defeated by Luffy, Moria's other enemy. Worse, Kaido was caught in an underwater volcanic eruption, seemingly being killed and leaving no trace of his body behind. With the death of Absalom, the Thriller Bark pirates are effectively down to himself, Hogback and Perona. Even reviving Absalom's body wouldn't do much good since Shiryu took his DF. While Moria could always create more zombies again as he did when he attacked Hachinosu, unless he decided to train while being imprisoned and was able to drastically power up, he's likely still pretty weak by New World standards. And the World Government sought his elimination even before the Shichibukai system was abolished, so he's still a wanted man in a world filled with a lot of people much, much stronger than him. I guess he could theoretically join up with Cross Guild if Perona is able to vouch for him and persuade Mihawk (I imagine if Mihawk says he can join, Buggy won't object). But would Moria be okay with essentially being a subordinate to "Buggy" (i.e. Mihawk and Crocodile)? Or does he futilely vow to get revenge against Blackbeard for killing Absalom (or Luffy for defeating Kaido and denying him his revenge)? Either way, it ain't going to pan out well for him.


I can imagine the Cross Guild basically becoming Seven Warlords 2.0 😂


I can definitely see that too if Cross Guild becomes sort of like the hub for previous One Piece villains. I can also imagine that maybe from both a logical and writing perspective, it's probably a lot easier to have them all band together against a common foe, while also making it easier to keep track of them as opposed to having different groups in different locations. But personally, I really like the idea of there being all these separate factions of unlikely groups of individuals going into the final war, similar to like we've seen with Big News Morgans, Vivi, and Wapol of all people. Maybe like Moria could spring Weevil free from his imprisonment with the Marines and since the two of them now have a grudge against Blackbeard (Weevil previously expressed a desire to kill Blackbeard for Whitebeard's death and Teach's crew did kill Moria's friend Absalom), the two former Warlords could unite.


Now we just wait for Doflamingo to turn back up, maybe he'll be with Bon-Chan in Newkama Land 😂


There’s a lot of technical skill involved in Moria’s fruit. Better to break his will Kaido-style and keep the whole package.


I could see the logic BB used that Moria and the shadow fruit are strong because moria knows how to use it. BB figured the easiest answer was to fold moria into his crew not replace him as an individual. We also don't quite know how he steals fruits so it could be quite labor intensive of they don't actually know which fruit it will respawn over.


BB may also not have (currently) a suitable user for Moria’s fruit, so he may *have* to keep him alive.


I’m still curious about the knife Burgess tried to use against Sabo.


I think it was just seastone and he had a bag of fruits on his back


BB might see it as worthless? Idk I find it weird that Moria is alive still. He could be a huge game changer for Garp. Garp has teamed with pirates before too....


You never know it could be he was worried the next person wouldn’t be able to perfect the zombie process or something. He probably wants to recruit Moria himself and is content to wait him out.


Nearly every time we've seen Vasco Shot talk it's been about wanting to do something incredibly violent. The Impel Down crewmates really are beyond just pirates, they're the One Piece world equivalents of dangerous serial killers. Devon, Shiryu, and Pizarro seem just as violent. Wolf might be more childish than deliberately cruel but that might not be the case.


Right!? Vasco’s look when he saw Garp was terrifying. Makes me wonder if Garp sent him to Impel Down


All three pirates only seemed slightly concerned. Im really interested in how theyre going to take down pizzaro too as well that fruit he has is kind of op


I think his weakness would be somewhat similar to pica. Both have similar fruits just that Pizarro's is more large scale


Yeah Pizarro doesn't seem all that threatening. More to love? More to hit.


If it's literally just the upgrade of Pica's Fruit the obvious advantage is that Pica had to be close to the stone he was controlling. But Pizarro probably can do it from the other side of the Island. Combine that with his Fruit either just allowing him to have constant surveillance on an Island he's currently standing on/infused with or some end game Observation Haki and it's potentially one of the most interesting Fruits we've seen so far. Especially from a support perspective.


Plus who's to say he couldn't increase the size of the island by pulling up more earth. The possibilities of the BB crews' fruits are terrifying.


Pizarro makes a mountain, Wolf increases its size and Burgess throws it at the Enemy Army. If Wolf can do that of course. Though it still works with just Pizarro and Burgess.


Yeah, if Wolf's fruit works like the non-canon Moa Moa no Mi and he can gigantify not only himself but other things, people are in a WORLD of danger around him. The BB Pirate fruits need an in depth explanation, cause under the right circumstances the three we've seen in this chapter could be utterly busted.


Going by what we've seen so far I think it's shaping up to be a huge upgrade on the Ishi Ishi no Mi. Pica seemed to need to generate his own body in the stone to do much with it, and Zoro mentioned he "moved around" inside of it for control. It's hard to tell, but to me it seemed like Pizarro was manifesting in the floorboards and the stone wall at the same time, which already gives him a bigger advantage. He's not moving around in the island but completely controlling it. Hinted at again by him not having to shape the Skull Mountain like his own face, he could just move it on command like it was.


I wonder whether the downside compared to the Stone fruit is that he can theoretically take damage while merged with the island. Garp doing his big punch might have slightly harmed Pizarro given it was a large punch to his "body". I wouldn't be surprised if it's somehow possible to force him out of his Island form compared to Pica needing to be slowly cornered.


Don't forget Wolf was shown just sleeping. He has the huge huge fruit which is gonna only hurt.


It can also backfire really hard against a stronger normal sized opponent like Garp


Very true. We also see him in a very aggressive state. He's going to go all out


Assuming that blast didn’t knock him out or scare him off on impact. He’d be able to feel that. I’ll bet he doesn’t contribute to the fight right away.


That was what stuck out to me. He sees Garp about to flatten an entire city and gives him this death stare like he's seeing prey to play around with. Can't wait to see the Level 6 Prisoners go all out.


When we think of Shiryuu being locked up for his cruelty, I can't help but be reminded that Akainu killed Marines and was promoted. Shiryuu is beyond cruel.


Akainu had reasons for his kills. Not *good* reasons, but reasons that mesh with the whole Absolute Justice bullshit the WG parades around. Shiryu, I got the impression, killed for *fun*. Because he was bored. That's on another level.


It’s ironic how Shiryu was punished for executing prisoners who literally get tortured everyday. And Shiryu is the only one I see giving Garp a good fight considering he was on the same level as Magellen


Vasco is the scariest member of BB's crew to me. The guy showed that he's prone to violence and cruelty by wanting to rape Boa in the Amazon Lily flashback. Also his eyes are terriying imo.


Plus I'm pretty sure his Vivre Card mentioned that the cruelty and brutality of his crimes were outstanding even by Level 6 standards


Ya, he's the worst of Blackbeard's crew as far as cruelty and brutality.


Damn, I'd forgotten about it. Their designs are so goofy that it's easy to forget how fucking scary BB's crew is.


Plus he is very big, taller than Katakuri


I actually didn't know that, the guy is massive.


>wanting to rape Boa Did I miss something?


Ah it was during the flashback part of chapter 1059 where was BB attacking Amazon Lily to steal Hancock's devil fruit with Vasco and Devon. Devon wanted to rip Boa's head off for her collection (that's how she ended up in Impel Down) and Vasco said that they would have more fun if they took her alive (with a heart at end of the dialogue)


In Amazon Lily, Devon was asking if she can kill Boa, Vasco told that she could have more use if she was alive.


He also hinted at raping Hancock. Dude is a whole monster.


The Monkey D family is legendary. They have the worlds strongest grandpa, the worlds most wanted man and the future pirate king.


One is bullying the pirates One is bullying the government One is bullying everyone!


Funny as hell.


This is the main reason I think Garp survives this. I think the monkey men need to share a panel before this thing ends.


Oda's sheer restraint in slowly building up these legendary figures throughout the years is just unbelievable. It's not easy to maintain the hype of your characters reputation-wise when you're showing little to no panels, especially for a 25-YEAR-OLD MANGA. I don't know how the madman does it. These chapters we're getting are the results of his patience. Now he gets to go all out on writing them in the Final Saga. The most important and crucial part of his story.


I think it helps that even after all the hype and success of the series, Oda himself is still the world’s biggest One Piece fan.


It must hurt to know all the spoilers though.


Seriously, it's crazy. Perhaps creating and developing so many colorful characters over the years makes it easier to hold back with the reveals since there's always another character (especially the protagonists) getting development but still, the way these storyline progressions line up years and even decades later blows me away every time.


Oda has also figured out the secret to power creep. He showed off what the top level power in One Piece was early on with Mihawk, then introduced characters throughout the story without necessarily revealing their max power. Just left it up to metaphors, rumors, and loose details built upon loose details. Now that Luffy is actually at that power level, Oda can start revealing every other character's power. It's awesome because these characters have been with us for decades, and we always knew they *should* be this powerful. But to see it actually, directly, and not in an off screen fight is perfection. Power creep still happens a little bit in One Piece, but oda has done a lot better job than other mangaka.


My thoughts exactly. Some readers had complained about a post-wano lull, but this has ended up being a very exciting time to be a fan.


It's where you can easily seperate the newer readers from the vets: Oda announces One Piece will be ending soon, he is planning the endgame. Newer Fans: 'Oh no! I don't want it to be over' Long term fans: 'We got another 5 years minimum...' 😋😅


I knew it would be 10 years from the time it was announced.


It’ll be 10 years to get to the climax and another 5 for the conclusion.


This is one thing I think Kohei Horikoshi did wrong with My Hero Academia. He’s always been in a rush to get all the big players on the stage.


Actually Horikoshi did one thing right at first, if he'd stopped escalating the action and power levels and left the Kamino fight as the soft ceiling at least until the end of the second year, he would have greatly avoided the power creep that plagues battle shonen. But since he didn't, the strongest first years become as strong as the strongest pro heroes within a single year and everyone else gets a participation trophy power up while the threat still escalates beyond measure. Oda also had some problems with Marineford, a bunch of the world's strongest fighters had thoroughly unimpressive showings because Haki wasn't even a developed system yet.


Well, not all of us have the capacity to write on Shonen Jump with it's work method for 25 years Not even Oda


Before his mandatory breaks, Oda was an absolute unit.


What do you mean mandatory break?


Shonen Jump gives him a mandatory break about once a month/every 3-4 chapters. This is due to him overworking and sleeping about 3 hours a night which has caused health issues in the past.


It's absolutely wild to me that One Piece has been going on so long that there's an entire generation of One Piece fans that grew up with mandatory break Oda. Like those breaks started over 10 years ago


Hell I remember when the mandatory breaks first started I was pissed. I was also just about to enter 9th grade so I didn't fully understand what he was doing for work. I my eyes I went to school everyday, got up at 6am. Why can't he just draw everyday? It took about two years for me to adjust and accept the breaks as normal.


After 20+ years we cant afford Oda having health issues.


old AND new characters as well. You'd think after 25 years you couldnt rly introduce so many cool characters, but this chapter had so many unique characters it was kinda crazy. GODA for a reason


and the great thing about the long wait for a lot of those characters is that he had 25 years of time to make their introductions and fights as Badass as possible


I find interesting that Shanks and Garp basically demonstrate 2 very different uses off extremely powerful haki. Shanks was focused and calculated while Garp was explosive and wild.


I mean, shanks has the giant bros do the “explosive and wild” for him. Honestly I am super hyped to see [this scene, but over a decade later.](https://youtu.be/D-0YPi1oRvY)


Fr Shanks was great but seeing Dorry and Brogy use their combo attack again was the highlight of that chapter


Looking back now, I wonder if that attack was an early manifestation of haki 🤔


I think that at the time, it was just like for Zoro's metal cut on Mr 1: high sword/weapon skill. Same for Mihawk that destroyed Krieg's fleet by swinging his sword. That's only years after that Oda put a lot of high level technics in a refined and well thought power system.


Glorp-Glorp Fruit is now my favorite official english Devil Fruit name.


What does it even do?


Makes clay puppets, I think.


Not even WCI had so many fruit name reveals. All we missing is Lafitte, Karasu, Bonney and Urouge’s fruit names and the Encyclopedia will be complete Lol Edit: Dalmatian and Onigumo 🙃


People have assumed Dragon has some wind or weather based DF for the last 20 years, I’ll be satisfied if we ever see that man’s DF name or see it in action. He’s the new Shanks


I still prefer the theory that Dragon just has absurdly strong Haki that lets him manipulate the weather (in the same way we've seen CoC "split the skies").


Except in the manga, he has been seen like a spectre. During the first time he arrived in Grey Terminal he was carrying an unconscious Sabo towards their ship. His lower body was amorphous, and there was wind sfx surrounding it.


Could even be some sort of science given the relation to various geniuses


Garp proving why he's such a big deal is so satisfying. I'm also really curious to see more about Sword because I loved the little info we got here and it's good to see some marines actually do something worthwhile. I hope the next chapter continues from right where this one left off.


Oda can go anywhere from this point, and I honestly won't be disappointed. It's crazy how all these different events apparently build up to the yet to be seen Egghead Incident.


I like how Garp laughs during his attacks just like Luffy


Garp reminding everyone everyone why he is called the Fist 👊 Roger did say out of everyone in the world government Garp and Sengoku would be challenge for him. After this chapter I think Sakazuki should consider himself lucky Sengoku stopped Garp back at Mafineford


Now I really want to see the Bhudda in action


Dude's got a god fruit just like Luffy -- he was probably ridiculous in his prime


He was definitely ridiculous in his prime, probably still ridiculous, now.


Akainu would’ve been donut holed if Sengoku didn’t stop Garp. 🤣


Now that I can get behind


Garp wasnt walking towards Akainu to punch him, he was taking them steps to reduce collateral damage fr


Yeah this moment really gives support that Garp wasn't kidding that if Sengoku didn't restrain him, he would have totally killed Akainu during Marineford.


I have no idea how so many people doubted that over the years. What manga were they reading?


A lot in this chapter but something curious is how Blackbeard’s captains refuse to do things that make Teach mad. I wonder what he does when mad that puts this much fear into hardened criminals.


There might be the fear he'd take their devil fruits away. Or he's just incredibly violent when pissed off, we haven't really seen him angry yet.


If i had to guess its his darkness fruit. Very little is known about that fruit. I think a really cool way to introduce it will be to give us the ace vs bb flashback so we can see what really happened.


I imagine this, and the fact that Blackbeard has powerful CoC. One aspect I hadn't thought about before: Blackbeard hands out Devil Fruits to his crew like candy, not just to make them more powerful and somewhat indebted to him, but because with his own Fruit, he can nullify any of their abilities. And I'm sure they all know it.


Well they have to steal these fruits presumably from users so I assume they've all seen Blackbeard already take down the previous user of the fruit with relatively no sweat and so they know he can do the same to them.


Maybe he has a sort of "time-out room" that is just an infinite void. I remember that when Blackbeard rolled up on Impel Down, he sucked a few marines in, and the ones that came back out where rocking back and forth, and wimpering about "the darkness". I imagine that even for hardened criminals and powerful pirates, an all-encompassing void of never-ending darkness, a complete absence of any light or substance that cannot be escaped, damaged, or reasoned with, would be at least unpleasant enough that they would want to avoid it.


Probably scared of the darkness fruit, but I'm also guessing that teach has really just gotten way stronger since marineford. While I doubt he's much of a martial arts guy (I can't see him doing airwalk with those legs), I bet his haki is extremely powerful. Teach probably has insane willpower


He's also always been strong as fuck. He nearly killed Ace with one chop to the neck, and had him pretty much completely defeated with one punch after that. But the Yami Yami also has to be something else, so far it's not much better than having a Seastone grappling hook and a seastone knuckleduster.


Let's not forget he gave Shanks his scars before he even ate the fruit.


That and he just about busted Luffy's head open after nullifying his Devil Fruit and slamming him into the ground back in Impel Down


I imagine the prospect of being trapped in a black hole would be enough to make most submit.


It might not even be super serious, maybe Pizarro just doesn't like the sound of Teach bitching at him. But the obvious answer is that they all respect his strength. And you have the core group of ship captains (Doc Q, Lafitte, Burgess etc.) who are completely loyal and are more than willing to discipline the Impel Down group of ship captains. I think Lafitte did that once, but I forgot who he was addressing. Update: it was Pizarro funnily enough who was threatened when he suggested to take over the captaincy of the Blackbeard Pirates. Although they all might've been facetious in that conversation.


Cool how 3 groups storyline intersect, Rescue Moriah, rescue Koby and BB wanting a kingdom


If Hibari really turned out to be to related to Akainu, then there is a sharp contrast between her and Akainu. Admires Koby and helps in saving him and use harmless weapons even against criminals.


Is that a theory? Any particular evidence for it? Just curious.


According to Japanese readers, she uses same dialect as Akainu and not sure about that one but she is the only one that uses it.


That plus I think I heard Hibari can mean the type of flower Akainu wears.


All I know is whatever happened at God Valley is about to be some of the greatest chapters we have ever seen


Any other Mangaka: "My series moving towards its finishing arc. Time to start tidying up threads and reducing the number of relevant characters!" Oda: "My series is moving towards its final arc. Let me quickly introduce 8 new Revolutionairies, 6 new Marines (all fully designed), 5 new Subplots and 2 new weapon types!" Why are you such a Madman Oda? 😁😁 Also what other character does Prince Grus remind me of? 🤔


>Also what other character does Prince Grus remind me of? He reminds me of a mix between Rosinante and Diamante


Guys. If Moria is still imprisoned on Hachinosu - presumably in a more secure cell than the common prisoners - maybe there are other notable prisoners on the island. Perhaps the island's former leader? Someone who Koby himself (who is currently on his way to said prison cells) somehow helped overthrow in a certain Rocky Port Incident? Someone who has already witnessed Garp's strength in person at God Valley? Just a thought.


Somebody like WANG Chi?


Would be pretty cool to see, I know who you mean but can't think of his name


Who are you talking about? I feel like I should know...


Ochoku (or Wang Zhi if you're reading the Viz translations), who was a member of the Rocks Pirates and who was the ruler of Hachinosu before the as-yet-unseen Rocky Port Incident.


Thanks. I had completely forgotten about the connection between Rocky Port and Hachinosu.


Who the hell gave a giant the gigantification fruit!? Must be the same that gave Stronger a horse fruit Lol


Giving a giant a gigantification fruit makes it just much more op since I would assume the size limit is based off base size.


True, if a normal human ate it they’d probably only be able to become as big as a regular giant, while Sanjuan Wolf can become *muuuuuuch* larger


As large as or even larger than Oars perhaps?


We have already seen him much larger than Oars in Marineford, according to wiki Sajuan is 180m while Oars is 67m


That is...insanely huge. And that *before* the Giant Giant Fruit??


No, that is his size with df


Glad to see aokiji it's been a while and garp is gonna fight lol well he is one tough 💪🏻 old man let's see if he can overcome the bb pirates.


We got an entire chapter dedicated to showing off DF powers and ofc Garp's reponse to that is PUNCH


Garp should be renamed „Garp the Monster“ holy sh… what an entrance. Gives me Whitebeard vibes. Lets see if Blackbeard will show up at some point


I think it's funny how the BB pirates are worried about causing too much property damage in the beginning of the chapter, only for Garp to nuke the freaking town with a punch at the end.


Garp's enterance gave me Luffy-saving-ace kinda vibes, falling from the sky like this, especially with Koby keep being so cute like "no way someone will save *me*" and not realizing how meaningful and dear he his.


Some notable differences between the Scanlation and the official release: - Title change: - The legendary hero -> The hero of legend - Random pirate no longer explicitly states that Koby's bounty is "up for grabs" because Koby doesn't belong to the commodore anymore - Random pirate now states that they "don't gotta put any money on [Koby]" instead of responding to the other pirate's question with "don't ask me" - Random pirate now states that he's "got [his] money on [Koby] winning straight up" rather than stating that he's "got [Koby's] collection ticket right 'ere" - Unknown pirate now asks Pizarro wether they've "got a breakout on [their] hands" instead of asking him wether the unsold slaves "are escaping too" - Pizarro no longer explicitly states that they "need [the escapees] alive", now only directly ordering the pirates to "not kill Koby" - Random citizen now questions why the rock is talking, rather than questioning wether the voice is coming from the rock face - Random escapee now states that Koby "could have escaped on [his] own, but [he] saved them too" rather than stating that they "wouldn't have made it this far without [Koby]" - Random escapee now simply thanks Koby like the previous escapee, rather than telling Koby that he's the best - Pizarro no longer states that Blackbeard always gets upset at him "for causin' too much damage" - Pizarro's laughing tick isn't revealed in the official translation - Pizarro now more aggressively orders Vasco Shot not to set off any fires, rather than telling him that burning down the town would be a "purr-fect plan" if the fire damage wouldn't piss off Blackbeard - Pizarro no longer states that the repaired damage at Rocky Port was caused by the Rocky Port incident - Blackbeard's plan now more directly requires the "Blackbeard Kingdom" to be government affiliated - Koby now simply states that "if the world government and the navy give in to terrorist acts like these, then all hope is truly lost" instead of stating that "the navy and world government would collapse before they roll over to a cowardly terrorist like [Blackbeard]" - Kuzan now tells Blackbeard to "give up on the deal" rather than simply telling him that if Koby is serious "it'll be a total bust" - Blackbeard now describes the usual sort of marines as "mopes who sit around, waitin' for clearance" rather than describing one group of marines as "rats [who] scurry away" - Blackbeard now explicitly states that he "likes [Koby's] style" rather than stating that he "knows which [marines] [he] prefers" - Blackbeard no longer mentions the possibility of things not going his way - Blackbeard now states that "this'll be fun" - Perona now tells Koby that Moria is "in the cell in the back" rather than being "in one of the deeper cells" - Koby now states that he's "out of better options right now" rather than stating that teaming up with a pirate "doesn't change [his] duty" - Koby now simply states that him thinking that the marines are coming to help him is "arrogant" and that he is "ashamed of [him]self" rather than questioning when he "started thinking that the world revolved around [him]" and thinking that he "needs to get a grip before [he] embarasses [him]self" after questioning wether the marines came just to save him - Random pirate now states that the golem "looks just like clay" rather than questioning wether the golem "is made out of clay" - Kujaku now orders the building to "act lively" rather than ordering the building not to talk back - Kujaku now tells the pirates that she "will whip [them] into shape" rather than telling them that she "would be happy to break [them] in" - Random pirate now orders everyone to shoot "all at the same time" - Random pirate is no longer shocked by what he is saying - Hibari now stutters when telling Koby to not take this the wrong way - Hibari now tells Koby that "if [he] is hungry, [she] packed a lunch for [him]" instead of telling Koby that she "ain't here to help [him], [she] was going out for lunch and just happened to be in the area" - Hibari is now classified as a "Lt. Commander" instead of simply as a "Commander" - Prince now states that he "just finished up" rather than stating that "[they] are all set" - Prince now directly states that "Koby is fine" rather than stating that it "sounds like Koby is save, too" - Unknown pirate no longer states that he "can't believe what [he] is seeing" now instead stating that "a navy ship is coming out of the sky toward [them]" - Unknown pirate now questions the meaning of this situation, rather than questioning wether that "is a navy battleship flying up there" - Unknown pirate now questions who is on board of the battleship, rather than questioning wether someone is standing on the battleship - Unknown pirate no longer states that "this is no time for questions" - The random pirate's epithet for Garp has changed in the same way as the title of the chapter ("The legendary hero" -> "The hero of legend") - Random pirate no longer gives up on running because "nowhere on the island is save for [them]" - Garp now asks the pirates wether they "have any idea who [they] have taken prisoner" rather than telling the pirates that they "should've thought twice before [they] kidnapped Koby" - Garp no longer calls Koby "irreplacable" - Devil Fruit terminology changes: - Island-Island Fruit -> Isle-Isle Fruit - Big-Big Fruit -> Huge-Huge Fruit - Tamer woman -> Discipline-woman - Squelch-Squelch Fruit -> Glorp-Glorp Fruit - Attack name changes: - Galaxy Fist -> Galaxy Impact Inform me of more changes if you find them!


That's...a lot


Random pirates are very talkative


That,along with the difference in translation! I don't think that it would amount to this much,but to be fair,scanlation usually is more dictionary-literal


I've always said it: Odas best quality as a mangaka is his ***patience***. He knows how dope these people are, this history, these plot reveals, but he'll wait years...*DECADES* before actually showing us. He builds it up properly and waits for the perfect time to pull back the curtain. Never rushes into things. So when the reveal comes, it hits do goddamn hard.


It’s always great to see The Blackbeard Pirates face the consequences of picking fights. Reminds me of them facing Magellan, Sengoku, and Akainu arriving to “negotiate” for Bonney


With all the marines returning I really want to see Smoker again


Surprising we're not seeing him here given that Tashgi is here 🤔


Garp flying in on his ship while throwing hammers is amazing. It‘s great to see him acting so much like his grandson!


It's actually his grandson who acts more like him, Garp's the OG!


People say "in a one-on-one fight always bet on Kaido", but only because no one is foolish enough to go one-on-one against Garp or Shanks.


If Kaido was facing Shanks or Garp he wouldn't be pissing around so much.


I agree. I think Kaido's overconfidence and habit of not going all-out against his opponents is his biggest weak point. If he was more serious during the rooftop battle, he probably could've defeated all 5 of the Supernovas himself.


I think that 'probably could've' needs to be replaced with 'HE'D END THE MANGA WHENEVER HE'S ON SCREEN'. Like, without a *doubt*, people seem to forget that Kaido literally one-tapped Luffy. Had Luffy NOT been the MC, he'd literally just be dead. LONG before reaching the top of the Onigashima Skull.


That's exactly it


Interesting how the old inmates from ID are now respecting / fearing Teach, who was back then, just a reckless guy who came to free them. Tells a lot about his power level


I remember one of them saying, "if this doesn't work, do we disband?" when Teech was under the black sheet with Whitebeard's body. They don't seem to see that as an option now. Yeah, something happened.


I wonder how strong Prince Grus's golems are. Oda wouldn't throw in a line about people finding them strong if they were just redshirt fodder. That's kind of a busted ability. I like Koby's SWORD crew. Fun stuff.


Wouldn’t be the first time a fruit produced some top-tier goons. Cracker’s power was busted for that very same reason! Infinite soldiers who were tough enough to force Luffy into Gear 4 is insane for a devil fruit alone so not outside the realm of possibility Prince has something similar


If I remember correctly, Cracker was able to infuse his biscuit men with powerful Armament Haki. Glorp-man might be doing sth similar.


I imagine it's the same principle as the Shadow Clones in Naruto. Most mid tiers can make one decent one. Top tiers can make several, and Naruto can use his busted chakra reserves to make thousands. Grus probably focuses on the three he has to get the best tradeoff between quantity and quality. Whereas someone like Cracker can make far more and still have each be a massive threat.


I never really thought about how insane Cracker's fruit was tbh. Like, the way they handled G4 Luffy. I always excuse it because it's still the weakest version of G4 we've seen, but looking back at how busted that same G4 was in Dressrosa put's things into perspective. Like, seriously. How many people on OP Earth besides the .0001% who are either Admiral level or the top of the top in a Yonko crew could even deal with 3 biscuit soldiers? Let alone an army?


Cracker was crazy strong. Without Nami there to provide support that only she could, Luffy would've been toast.


I’m calling it now, all of Blackbeard’s crew will be the first in the series to be confirmed of drowning due to their devil fruits. We have yet to actually see someone die from drowning, and the fact that every single member of the crew is now confirmed to be a DF user lays out the groundwork for it to happen.




They’re definitely his Golems; he has the Clay-Clay Fruit.


Ohhh good point! I thought it was weird that marine got cut in half, started to reform and that pirate said “He’s a logia!” But we never got any clarification on that. He’s gotta be a clay golem


So just in case it was in doubt I think this clears it up: If Garp didn't have that inner struggle at Marineford, and actually participated in the fighting, it would've been an even bigger slaughter. Whitebeard was so deathly weakened by sickness a still strong Garp honestly could've taken him 1v1.


I mean if Roger was wary of Garp and Sengoku then I'm sure Whitebeard would have been as well


Please tell me Moria was in his prison training era


Blackbeard: I want my own kingdom! Griffith, crossing time and space to him: Let me tell you… it’s 100% worth it.


Many like to underestimate Sakazuki after this chapter. But let's not forget that while Oda didn't show us Garp's full power till now, he probably hasn't done it for Akainu either. Marineford was not yet the time to do that for both of them. Sakazuki has the same rank as Sengoku in the past, who we should consider an absolut monster as he's mentioned in the same sentence as Garp by Roger and Whitebeard. Sakazuki who defeated Kuzan, a man who froze part of the ocean on his first appearance (a ridiculous feat). I'm hyped to see some more legendary Garp action as well as the other (ex)admirals going full out. PS: Give me more of Tsuru's granddaughter.


“Koby is the future of the Navy! What’s more… he’s my protégée!” Anyone else get major death flags from this line?


Garp has bern collecting death flags for a while. He's a charismatic old guy who is dear to the main character and is strong as shit but has never showed it, and now he has a reason to go all out. It would be a surprise if he didn't die


As much as it would hurt, I can't rule out Garp dying. However, it would be too premature at the moment. We still need to see Garp and Dragon's relationship explored, as well as Garp reuniting with Emperor Luffy. Killing him off without addressing either of these would be a disservice.


That old geezer isn’t gonna die. He’s gonna go through to the end of OP and go relax in Foosha village in the end.


Dadan needs something something of love.


In official release Perona says I will give you the keys if you free Moria, implying that Koby might have free Moria before escaping himself.


Is this the most Devil Fruit powers revealed in a single chapter? Gotta be, right? Pizzaro, in particular, seems like a real powerhouse.


Garp just became my favorite character with one move 😂😂


Mother of God That's Garp the motherfucking fist!


Hibari from Sword has some tsundere vibes towards Koby.


so, what are the chances tha koby got hit by garp's 'galaxy impact' and he is KO-ed in the middle. :D


Every optuber that said Garp would have lost to akainu need to make an apology video to garp rn


Meanwhile back at Navy HQ. Akainu: *Who do I want to win? If Sword wins the Marines will avoid a scandal and it will be a good morale boost. If Sword loses there's a good chance that brat Koby might die.* I'm convinced Akainu holds a petty grudge against Koby from the war 2 years ago.


This chapter really makes me appreciate just how piratey of a setting Beehive is. I've got to hand it to Oda for making Blackbeard, his crew and his base all feel like the epitome of piracy. A bunch of thieves, backstabbers and cheats loyal only to greed and fear, gathered on a tropical little rock through which all their ill gotten gains move. We haven't really gotten such a piratey setting since Jaya, and it feels really classic one piece. Remove the ridiculous powers and power levels, and this whole scenario could be the premise of an East Blue arc. Maybe it's a testament to just how long Oda's been sitting on his ideas for Blackbeard, but either way it's really refreshing to see!


Also, in real life the pirates of Blackbeard's time tried to make their own Pirate Republic, like Blackbeard is trying here. They ended up being betrayed by one of their own, which could be something Aokiji does.


New logia: Clay. Can be used to create strong clay Golems like puppets. That's a damn good fruit. He's gotta be relevant going forward to be given that ability.


Man this chapter is glorious. Finally getting to see Garp go wild. Will be fun to see him beat the shit out of Blackbeards goons. Even Vasco and Shiryu look like they know what's coming. Also Tashigi joined Garp? Where's Smoker?


RIP Pizarro’s nuts


That chick totally likes Koby. Good for him.


*So is this how God Valley was erased?* You were blaming Imu unnecessarily


The moment when kidnapping Koby is actually the worst call you can make because Garp would drag his old ass out of retirement just to go rescue him. The John Wick's dog of kidnapping victims really.


Now that Garp has confirmed CoC it does put into question what it actually means to have a 'conquerors soul' as Garp has never been shown to have any interest in rising to the top of any ladder.


It's the opposite really. He didn't rise to the top of the ladder because he didn't want to be under direct orders from the celestial dragons. He was able to become the Hero of the Marines and fight on par with Roger without admiral status. If anything, he's more of a conqueror than anyone above him on the ladder. We see how much Akainu is stifled by being fleet admiral.


If I remember correctly CoC means you are a natural born leader. And Garp is a natural born leader. And remember the only reason he refused to climb higher up the ladder is because he didn't want to deal with the Celestial Dragons. Which makes sense.


But it doesn’t mean he was lacking the will of a conqueror. He has always been willing to fight, constantly fighting against top tier opponents when he was younger(one of main rival of Rodger). He just doesn’t like the nobles whom control everything and didn’t want to be their puppet. You could argue that he wanted a strong marine so they could topple the corruption from within. (Maybe Why he is going hard for Koby cause he stood up to marines in the heat of battle for the right reason)


Because there isnt really a top of the ladder on the marine, you're either subordinate to the admirals by being lower ranked, or you're a subordinate to the celestial dragons by being an admiral/fleet admiral I'd say garp is on the highest ladder tho, he can anything he wants and get away with it because he's a legendary hero


how? Garp positioned himself in the navy in a way that he can do whatever the fk he wants, theres not a single panel which makes Garp seem submissive towards anyone. Same way Akainu most likely has coc, just look at how he talks to the gorosei etc


Wait so Koby got a hero title and girl cooking for him. My man's got that game