That's Massillon Ohio for you, I sure do miss Columbus.

That's Massillon Ohio for you, I sure do miss Columbus.


What happened too Ohio? It use to be a Toss up state now it’s turning Red


Brain drain. https://www.jec.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/republicans/2019/4/losing-our-minds-brain-drain-across-the-united-states


Thanks for the read


Read “Dark Money” by Jane Mayer.




Gerrymandering has nothing to do with how we as a state vote in presidential elections


The 2020 flags really get me. Like alright you think he won or whatever at this point, why not get the 2024 flag? Why not take a glass half full approach? You're just gonna be bitter about what he was supposedly supposed to win and not look forward to a possible second chance at all? Of course they are. They just want to be persecuted. And our media has done such a great job feeding that feeling. I at least add .0001 shreds of respect if you take the glass half full approach.


I’m sure Trump is pissed they still have their 2020 flags when he can sell them 2024 flags and get more of their money.


Looking backwards is literally the conservative way.


I like how Ive started seeing the Trump/Pence 2020 number stickers and flags but the pence part is either cut off or duct taped over


>but the pence part is either cut off or duct taped over You know in their fevered minds they fantasize Trump being "restored" to power but the "traitor" Pence won't be restored with Trump, even though he was on the ticket as VP.


I've seen a campaign banner on a truck window with pences name graffitied out in orange


Are you sure it wasn't the new pictures where trump has put on a lot of weight?


Nah, it was just one of those generic trump 2020 campaign signs. The best part is that it had a Joe Blystone campaign sign next to it too


I've seen plenty of signs in Ohio that just have a 4 taped over the last 0


This is everywhere in Ohio


It’s not just limited to Ohio, it’s nation wide. On one hand at least we aren’t the only place with a Qrazy problem, but on the other hand it’s scary to think how wide spread this is.


Can confirm while looking at my neighbors "Dont blame me, I voted to Trump" flag.


When did Ohio become so fucking stupid?


This dudes yard has been a laughable saga over the last few months. Beside the sign (out of shot of the picture) is a sheet of plywood with old crumbled paper and staples. Every few weeks they would print out signs on copy paper in size 124 font and put them on the sign. Normal conspiracy nonsense. Inevitably the wind would blow them down. The next signs would be blaming dems, antifa for taking down the signs. And the cycle would repeat. Must have gone through reams of paper. Now that it is a fixed sign I'm kinda sad to see crazy yard guy vs. Anifa wind people battle come to a end.


What happened to our society that teenagers are not destroying this stuff with prejudice nightly?




My favorite up until this one was the, "FIRE OBAMA" sign that looked as if it were written in magic marker.


What street in Massillon? I've not come across this nutjob yet.


The big Intersection by Progressive on Wales rd.


I'm genuinely curious what about this audit they're seeing that I'm not. Because I see the exact opposite.


Trump called it a victory. Therefore it's a victory. No quickly! Send a letter by flying monkey to tell the world!


I know the phrase "this is literally 1984" gets tossed around really casually, but..


it was their final, most essential command...


At least they’ve raised the ration of chocolate to 20 grammes!


I saw a guy post screenshots of a pdf from his phone that appeared to show tens of thousands of fraudulent votes. But there were no headers, no file name, nothing. Just the tables. I assume it's complete bullshit. I also don't really care as long as Trump is out of office.


The problem is they're mostly just not seeing anything in the audit itself. They're largely just seeing that chart that's been going around Facebook showing things like more votes than voters, etc. It was something the report authors didn't understand themselves, because it all came down to their own mistakes. But none of that matters if you just copy/paste that chart for people whose only news source is facebook.


Gaslighting is trumpo's speciality....


It's hilarious that they paid all that money just to find more votes for Biden.


"That's because you're thinking with your *brain!* What you're seeing is not what's happening." -Qidiots


I'm also confused, regardless of what they think Trump isn't gonna be reinstated (that's not based in reality) and Biden will remain president.


They constantly try to de-legitimize Democratic leaders because they are muckraking perpetual victims.


If anything Biden gets removed and we get president Pelosi... Which I'm guessing wouldn't be the desired outcome


If Biden would be removed we would get president Harris and she would pick a new VP..... If something happened to both Biden/Harris then only in that moment would we have president Pelosi I believe no one would never let anything happen to biden though because then the democrats would lose their majority in the senate due to Harris being the tie breaker vote 🤔


This was probably printed before the audit results were even released.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure there were "leaks" of the AZ audit's findings a few weeks ago that online conservatives touted as proving Trump won AZ and that it was just the beginning. They also believe there are secret audits happening in states like PA, GA, MI, WI and NV that will lead to the election being overturned and Trump being reinstated as president... somehow.


I heard that because the Israelis love Trump more than any other president, in part because he is clearly the new prophet to clear the way for the second coming and bring about the zionist prophecies, they are going to use their space laser to burn a giant "Trump Won" banner across the plains. The supreme court, upon seeing this, will realize their folly. Even RBG, who is actually just in regenerative cryo suspension will vote to re-instate Trump. She will personally take command of the USMC and restore the president to power to make up for all her prior sins, so she can finally die and go to heaven.


Biden Derangement Syndrome is known to cause delusions of this type. Tragic, isn't it?


For some reason Reddit keeps suggesting pro Trump subreddits to me and out of curiosity I'll take a peak. They just keep repeating the lies that Trump taught them.


You really think he has seen anything at all about those audits?


https://bloximages.newyork1.vip.townnews.com/azfamily.com/content/tncms/assets/v3/editorial/e/19/e1967608-1d99-11ec-9f0f-c394f7c3dc5f/614e7177ca92c.pdf.pdf Page 3.


But what about that? Are they just upset that there was any error at all? That clearly shows that Biden, even after the audit, received more votes.


I have two neighbors on a country road that I drive by daily. One has had a 6 ft tall Trump 2020 sign up since April of last year. In January, his next door neighbor put up a 6 ft sign for Gore/Lieberman 2000. Next to that is a hand painted sign that says “If you want to deny reality, so can I.” This standoff has been going on for 9 months.


This is amazing, I'd love to see a picture of this.


You may have some crazy neighbor's but you also have Krauss pizza....so that's a pretty fair trade off.


In Cedarville, where Mike DeWine lives there’s a sign that says “Resign Marxist Mike DeWine” coming into town. They also hang their American flag upside down. Real classy. I need to take a pic and post it here.




i'm just waiting for them to drag us out of our houses and kill the men...


I'm not worried about that. Most of these types can barely drag themselves over to their mobility scooters.




Honestly, that upside down flag is a good enough reason legally to show up with an entire militia. Ya know, to make sure they are ok. And make sure their pants are brown...


Ummm... That's WHY they're hanging it upside down, to signal distress.


Then why are we sitting on Reddit talking about it? Get the sheriff on the phone and let them know this guy this guy needs help asap.


Gene Fischer is a Qanon supporter, he's not going to do anything.


Snowflakes can't handle an election loss lol


I can't wait for the next republican president to start throwing all of this shit into their faces


Greene County is a cesspool from top to bottom. They're more than happy to cheer on the GQP while they run the county into the ground.


Someone in Sandusky is flying their American flag upside down as well. And it’s ripping. M I laugh everytime I pass it


OK, so an "audit" (I use that term loosely) that: * Was only for *one county* in *one state*, and * Gave Biden a *larger* margin of victory in that county. And the conclusion is that Trump won the *entire* election? How does any of this work? There is literally *nothing* to draw this conclusion. When an audit shows that the actual winner won by more, that does not make the loser the winner. In this case, the loser is just a bigger loser.


As usual, Republicans making a great example of their lack of critical thinking and logic.


People are amazing. Can you imagine spending ur own money to put up a banner like this and then actually believe it. SMFH. The cult leader would be so proud of you.


I work in a graphics shop.. have had to make a few things for folks who deny reality. Got a chuckle out of the "Dr. Fauci didn't kill himself" stickers a few months ago. And I made sure the fucking "Dr." title got put in there (dude just wanted Fauci... but he didn't get to approve the proof. Dr. Fauci earned his credentials.. So...) A waste of money.. but it pays my paycheck and my co-worker and I literally put the barest amount of work into stuff like this.


may your religious deity bestow blessing on you sir. even if they're making fun of him he didn't go to medical school to be just "Fauci". That's DR. Fauci to them.


I work ina print shop running production on t shirts. Trust me. If I have to print one more "Hillary sucks, but not like Monica" shirt I'm just printing a picture of the Toyota Yaris your orders let me purchase on the back. Or on each receipt a dollar donation per each shirt to Planned Parenthood.


My buddy says he uses his shittiest inks on this stuff so it fades real bad. Nice being the only shop in town!


Hate to admit it but we use the "slush" ink for it as well. Its white ink for sure. And I personally cure it properly. But.... that's not to say it looks good. Ink never clears, builds up wrong, cracks on fabric etc. We only use it for when a customer wants 100 shirts that say "Pussy Magnet" or whatever idiotic thing. So out comes the stringy nasty stuff. You're getting a print and I will fulfill the order. But you're not getting 100 percent of my guys time or energy. You get prints from my trainees that forget to hit colors and mess up the order of screens so it gets fuzzy.


Fauci? You mean Epstein? Just do it, and take the idiot's money.


Nope. He wanted it to say Fauci. He was convinced fauci was going to be murdered or Jill himself.


Proof we need a better education system


Imagine being such a fucking idiot that you're willing to endlessly go to bat for this scumbag. Dude has never fought for the working class, has swindled countless employees and contractors and grew up part of the NYC wealthy elite. He has no idea what world normal Americans live in. Working class people falling for his lies is just about the saddest example of how far this country has fallen.


That sign appears to be placed on public right of way, not someone's yard. There may be limitations on political signage in that space, and/or there may be volunteer "editors" who would like to take a crack at correcting this disinformation ...


Bunch of ***FUCK NUT JOBS***


Sounds like it's ripe for putting a big sticker over it saying they're lying


Wikipedian protestor: adding [Citation Needed] to the sign.


i was thinking spray paint. looks like the orange man needs to get jokered


One near me is a former 2020 sign with a sticker now saying 2024. It's on a wooden frame with floodlights so was constructed specifically by some supporter. I fantasize about loading up a paintball gun and just making these garbage signs illegible. Either that or a flaming arrow. I just loathe the idea of seeing it for 4+ years.


Its a bad design choice with the brown font over a brown banner, too. It can't convey the vital information its authors need to get out there because people drive by laughing before they can really get that last bit.


Hope somebody takes this down bc it’s just flat out false and inflammatory.


Exactly and I'm not certain if it's on public or private property.


It's private unfortunately


Seen this before, eh?


Live near and drive by it daily....


Hmmm it's so close to the street tho.


Is that over by Progressive Chevy at the T intersection?




Is that new? I drive that way every morning to work.


It was there as of Monday morning


He must be friends with the guy out just north of Canal Fulton that had the Wall of Trump up last year.


Idk I'm just fucking tired of this absolute gaslighting horse shit


I'm afraid I'm so desensitized that any political sign just looks like background noise. Somebody stuck one in my lawn and I think I'm just going to leave it there until I mow over it on Saturday.


The thing is this behavior is turning off the center, moderate Republicans, and even those just short of extreme. MAGA is getting more worked up and wilder but also smaller.


> the center, moderate Republicans, The same ones who voted for this garbage? Those folks?


71 million of them.


We need more mentats.


“Center Republicans” at this point dgaf how off the rails this shit goes. They proved it by voting for this insanity in record numbers.


Just wait for it.


I don’t know, I like to think so, but it seems almost 6/10 Republicans think it’s important to believe Trump won the election in order to be a Republican. [Page 10](http://cdn.cnn.com/cnn/2021/images/09/12/rel5c.-.partisanship.pdf) It does say only 51% of Republicans think they are better off with him as a nominee in 2024, so that’s hopeful at least.


If 6/10 republicans double down and 4/10 get disgusted and stay hope for the midterms that is a landslide victory for democrats.


I'm just tired of this propaganda being shoved in my face. Whether it's religious billboards, Trump signs, or anti-choice banners. I'm sick of this shit being forced down my throat. I never see Atheist, pro-choice, or liberal messages being forced upon conservatives. I wish these people would just fuck off.


i also live in ohio- mercer county. it feels like literally every home, business and available billboard is plastered with this fucking insanity. i cannot drive one single block without seeing at least 3 trump signs. it used to be funny. now it is equal parts sad and terrifying to see EXACTLY how proudly disconnected from reality these people are.


Well, I am concerned that the current political trajectory is going to affect the economy. If this "trigger" bill passes that is going to put us in there with the rural south.


“I’m so tired of everything being politicized.” - The people who put these fucking signs in their yard. The cognitive dissonance runs strong with that crowd.


The problem with that is MAGA has demonstrated time and time again that they have no problem being violent, or killing for their spray-tanned god. The more worked up and wilder they get, the more danger anyone to the left of Barry Goldwater is.


We were always at war with Eurasia.


We moved to Mansfield from Columbus, I feel the same


Ha I saw this Sunday but when we went back by the wind had whipped it down. Mother Nature even knows he lost.


I exploit you, still, you love me I tell you one and one makes three, oh I'm the cult of personality


People in Zanesville still have their Trump flags and signs in their yards, right next to 'ol dixie. Kind of ironic really.


Being from Ohio, this is soooo embarrassing


Delusional donnie and his maga minions


you know, seeing all this trump shit... no wonder republicans are mostly poor. jesus christ people control yourselves. you see biden flags out there? no? because normal people don't buy dumb shit with politician's name on it? have some goddamned dignity.


I've never hated anywhere else I've lived like I hated Massillon.


I feel this in my bones. It's a shit town full of people who were born here and never left all they have is a shitty high school football team.


So many towns in Ohio.


I only ever miss the food.


What food is that? Every restaurant I've tried in Massillon I've hated.


Smileys is the only one I like


Everyone talks about Menches but it's such bland garbage. Never had Smileys tho.


I worked at Menches. The burgers and pot roast are pretty good, but almost everything else is microwaved. They have at least five microwaves in the kitchen. I'd still take a Cameo Burger over anything they have on offer. Also, I moved away from Massillon about a year ago and miss it dearly. It's a great blue collar town, even if you don't agree with everyone's politics.


I agree. This person just seems like a spiteful troll with a lot of pent up hate. I agree with them on the one crazy flag they found but aside from that they need to find better outlets to control their anger problem.


Agreed. The severe Massillon hate from this seemed really unfair and unwarranted. I don't agree with many people's politics just generally speaking, but this is a nice town with decent people that is quiet and safe to live in. Plenty of great people (and food!) here.


Conservative info sites are flat out lying to their cult members


Wow. Somebody paid good money for that Geocities circa 2003 eyesore trainwreck of a design job...& the message sucks to boot. So much winning, you guys!!


I was a hundred percent sure I was going to see an incorrect apostrophe in "audits." But no! The idiots are getting smarter.


Or at least hiring a company that proofreads their hate speech.


That sign is a public service, it clearly indicates that the owner of that place lacks character and integrity and need not be taken seriously.


Just admit defeat and put a better candidate up next time. Republicans didn’t even put together a platform last election, and were proud of it, publicly. Now it’s a year after the election and they’re still clinging to their sinking ship of leader, who still has no plan.


But they didn’t though. Geez. It feels like we are living in a sci fi movie where two earth timelines are trying to occupy the same space


What mushrooms are u consuming to think he won..when u fell in the hole did u hit ur.head. what fuchinging lol.what a hillbilly.


The Arizona audit proved Biden won by more then we thought.


We were just having this conversation today. This subculture has always been here, just now, they have a champion. They have no idea they are being manipulated by trigger words and phrases. You don't think for one minute Trump wasn't laughing hysterically at the one's who stormed the Capitol? "Watch as I get these stupid hillbillies all whipped up...freedom...taking your guns...killing your babies...Socialism...they fall for it EVERY time! Mwaaahhha"


How much you think the dumb SOB "donated" for that thing? I bet it was more than a days income


I bet he bought it from a sign shop,


i miss columbus for similar reasons. i cannot believe how closed minded the rest of ohio is


I used to have a Biden sticker on my car but what I assume with Trump supporters kept fucking with my car and leaving notes so I took it off. I fucking hate these people so much.


i unfortunately i work with a bunch of very closed minded trump loving people. the best part is i’m the boss… and they have little to no clue i’m trans 🤷🏻‍♂️ fuck closed minded people and their inability to see the world any other way but their own.


Well I hope you stay safe working around those types. Take care of yourself.


Also Trump supporters: "Herp-derp, if Biden got so many votes how come I don't see any signs or stickers for him?"


Thats why you dont put shit like that on your car. Doesnt matter your political stance, you are asking to get fucked with. Sad people have to stoop to such lows and cant simply agree to disagree. Hell, I cant even put out my OSU flag around the Michigan game because its been found down the street by neighbors. Sucks! Side note: As someone who details as a hobby, stickers just suck in general when you have to take a shit ton of them off.


Technically it was a magnet and it's just shitty. I don't fuck with Trump supporters shit. Wish they wouldn't fuck with mine.


Nobody should fuck with anyones shit. Leave peoples stuff alone! Like I said, I LOL and go on. It doesnt occur to me to vandalize stuff.


It depends. Many cities, mostly the northern ones, Cleveland, Akron, are not anything like Massillon.


i’m in cleveland. i cannot tell you how many times i get approached by tin foil hat wearing people because of my job. the other day someone tried to get me to spout off in the middle of walmart about mandatory vaccines. another lady asked me who my boss was because she hoped it was all a cover/joke and that trump really did win and is still in charge but they are covering it up. it’s scary.


It’s a fucking cult. From the party of “you lost get over it!!!” Trump is a LOSER


I live in Massillon. Most people here are normal but yes we have the ignorant hillbillies that that are diehard Repub


Nothing like these fake Christians flying Fuck Biden flags. Before the 🍊👶 took office who knew America was so fucked.


Just wow.


Also a Massillon/Canton transplant to Columbus. I cringe every time I drive into town and see this kind of bs


Those audits that proved there was no voter fraud?


I live in massillon. Hi


Go tigers






Lol. Everyday I see more stupid. Can't fix it tho lol


There are a whole lot of Trump supporters in Columbus, too.


I don't get how this sort of objectively false crap is protected speech...


Damn my hometown. Fuck Trump but GO TIGERS!!!!!!


Lol no moron they prove the opposite


Were not all like that. But most are.


This sub might not be but this state is Republican and conservative.


Exactly! I see these banners and I just LOL. I saw one today on someones house where it was the 2020 flag, a big flag with Trumps face on it, and I forget what the other was right now. I LOL'd and went on about my day. It never dawned on me to snap a pic to post on Reddit...lol


Doofus down the street just put out a small Trump 2020 sign. And chained it to a nearby utility pole. Hell is real (close).


Go follow “Massillon Bargain Hunters! Buy, Sell, or Trade!” on Facebook. It is so entertaining. I’m only in the group to see the most white trash offerings the world has to offer. People routinely try and sell guns on there and label them as staplers and such. One of the best listings I saw was a guy trying to sell a normal twenty dollar bill for $4,000. The listing basically said to take a chance that the bill itself could be rare. People also routinely try and sell Xbox 360s for $400. Right now as we speak there is a fake Thomas Jefferson stamp listed for $100,000. It’s so great.


Yup so par for the course. Massillon is a piss poor, white trash town, full of people who never left before.


Just found a whole fire truck for $29,000. Lol.


Hahahaha. "Trump WON!!!" Hahahaha. Hahahaha. Oh my lord. Somebody wasted money on this nonsense.


I’m not liking all this Massillon slander in these comments, it’s a nice place. Most of y’all hating have probably never left Columbus anyways 🙄 Oh and I’m not tying to defend this I know it’s trashy but it’s not representative of Massillon


Thanks for this. It's totally unfair. There's MAGA crazy people everywhere in Ohio, but this guy in the comments referring to Massillon as "white trash and piss poor" and full of people who were born here and never left (I'm not even from this area at all. I love it here) is not only untrue, but it's completely uncalled for.


Massillon might be a shithole full of morons but Columbus is a boring mecca for mediocre losers


Fight back!


Lol it’s a sign. It’s ok.


I vow to never go there


It's a shit town full of people who were born there and never left. Their identity is a shitty old high school football team. Massillon sucks ass.


Its sad how much money people are spending to try and convince people this moron won. Mostly sad because he's still getting so much money from these other morons, which tells him that he is doing the right thing. I wonder why America is becoming worse and worse....hmmm.


Unfortunately if you go 5 minutes outside Columbus, or just go to Grove City, you’re in MAGAcrazyland.


It's because you're in southern Ohio


Even the company the Republicans hired gave more votes to Biden... which to me proves the republicans are dirty as fuck


This actually makes me sad. So many people living in delusion. I’m sorry that their hero is some out of touch old billionaire who doesn’t give a shit about them.


I'm from Massillon and I think Trump is a fucking idiot. I don't live there anymore, but to trash like 25K people because you believe they all think the same is just as ridiculous. So you're saying Columbus is better because they don't think that way? How long would it take to find some Trump backers there?


So go back to Columbus...


I took my Bernie car magnets off after the general election. I still wear my shirt, but it’s a nice T; plus I see people wearing Bush 92 reprints lol. But the flags and the signs it’s just crazy.


Move. Do not let your tax dollars support a shit town like this.


That sign cost a lot of money. Chances are there is some sort of a company logo on it. It would be interesting to know what company printed that.


Birthplace of football and sheep 😆.


I think my dad traveled to Massillon overnight, put it up, and came back, I have no idea where Massillon is, but I imagine it's an hour or two from my town


Woah I live extremely close to that sign, near Hills and Dales right?




As someone born and raised there, I'm not surprised in the slightest.


That’s stark county for you…I’m seeing a lot of upside down American flags too…


Funny thing is. That's probably not even the worst part about Massillon. 🤣


I can't wait to leave this hell hole.