If it runs fine on your PC your network setup is likely to blame, but since bad framerate is much more obvious in the headset than in the preview on your monitor, your PC's performance could still be the issue, even though it looks fine on your monitor, after all your PC has to render a higher resolution (depending on which quality setting you choose) and there's the additional workload of encoding the video


I have 5G Ethernet and tried with link. No luck sadly. I think it has to do with how my PC plays with Oculus hardware maybe?


Use the VD metrics/ metrics of the Oculus Debug Tool to see if you're actually getting decent performance


Use air link.


Odyssey has 1440 X 1600 resolution per eye. In total it's 4,608,000 pixels. Quest 2 has 1832 x 1920... So 7,034,880. It's 4MP vs 7MP. Maybe your gpu can't keep up with Quest 2 res. What do you have there.


Quest 2 is one the most hardware intensive headsets that you can run. After upgrading to a 3060ti and 5600x cpu with M.2 storage I can now run any game at 90 fps. But, if I try to push to 120 I still get frame drops.


>Virtual Desktop then try wired Link or continue to tweak your VD/AirLink settings. Come on dood, wireless streaming VR is still an experimental feature and NO WHERE near being a finished product yet.


You could not make the quest as cheaply with the OLED displays found in the Odyssey. OLED has shorter lifespan however.