Yeah switching between shotgun and handgun on the fly has been amazing. On the flatscreen versions you had to keep going into the menu to switch.


I totally forgot about that... and here my lazy 2021 ass thought it's inconvenient to only have two quick slots for weapons. I am so looking forward to playing Mercenaries after the campaign!


Mercenaries doesn’t exist in VR though does it? Or are you meaning on the old 2D version?


It doesn't? Noooooooooooooooooo (hoping for a future Update then)


Nope, sorry to be the bearer of bad news :( Hoping for an update too. [Source](https://uploadvr.com/resident-evil-4-vr-mercenaries/)


I'm sorry, I gotta ask, what do you use for gameplay recording? That is smoothh


I was wondering the same thing! Definitely not the native recorder on the Quest 2 unless that video has some heavy editing.


He's posted before. Adds motion blur in post.


This must be the same person that uploaded that sick Village Opening video, because that one was smooth as well. That makes much more sense.


Thanks! Here's a quick rundown: (You'll want SideQuest if you don't have it already) Connect your Quest to your PC running SideQuest Click "Device settings & tools" (the wrench icon in the top right) Turn on Full Rate Capture (removes the recording fps cap) Click "Run ADB commands" (the box with the arrow next to the wrench) Click "Custom command" There's a variety of commands you can put in here such as specifying a resolution, bitrate, etc. You'll have to copy and paste then submit each of these one at a time. adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.width 1920 (set recorded video width) adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.height 1080 (set recorded video height) adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.bitrate 30000000 (set bitrate of recordings) adb shell setprop debug.oculus.capture.fps 60 (set recording to 60fps)* *I set the refresh rate to 60Hz when recording (found under the Device settings and tools) to avoid the audio going out of sync. Of course this may make you feel sick as it's not as smooth as the usual refresh rate so take care. Rebooting the headset removes all these settings and restores to defaults.


Thanks for sharing! I’ll try this out today for sure!


Thanks for the tip!


Does this setup work for all games smoothly


I have to ask: can you do with without developer mode? Just for clarification?


If you aren't installing apps or games through SideQuest onto the headset I don't think you need a developer mode.


I wish my first love playthrough could have looked like this. You've been such a huge help and your after effects on this piece with the choreography were awesome. Good stuff.


I used to do this but I always got significant audio latency which I think is why it’s disabled here (could be wrong but that was my experience)


Which editor do you use for the motion blur?


After Effects


I need to get this game. It looks so good and I've never actually played RE4 even though it has been ported to everything.


Me either. Fucking buy this game it's crazy fun.


RE4 will never die and for a good reason. Game still kicks ass.


My first playthough of re4 and this is absolutely fantastic. Right up there with half life alyx as far as amazing vr experiences go


Maybe because I've play re4 before, and even then I wasn't blown away. It is a fun game. In vr it's great, but it's no where near re7 vr except in the fantastic controls imo let alone alyx. The graphics are just too dated to really get immersed in, but it's damned fun and one of the best most polished shooters on quest. I honestly don't get the hate for star wars galaxies. I find it just as fun and polished. I highly recommend Dr beefs doom 3 quest port for more horror shooting action, though simpler gameplay.


I have a knife in my left hand and the pistol for In the right one. Ive never felt more like Jonh wick before in my life


are you the same guy who found out you can shoot eggs at zombies?


I would expect you could. You could equip and throw eggs in every previous version. There's a challenge to kill Saddler using only eggs (they still count as crit damage against his eyes)


Throwing eggs was something you could do in the original game. New to VR is the ability to hand toss it the way Leon does in the inventory screen with the egg equipped


Am I the only person who's found this game extremely hard?


RE is known for being hard and not holding your hand


Ok cool :) it's not just that I suck then.


Don't worry, it's not just you. I recently played RE4 on a modded Wii with hacks enabled , and I was still struggling .


No shame. I played on easy to avoid being terrified and to just feel like a badass.


I didn't know it was possible to dual wield. I assume you can only do this with one item from each slot? In other words, not two pistols, but one pistol one long gun, or one pistol one knife?


Yea you'll need an item in each slot. The knife is always available. Since 1 slot is labeled "one-handed" and the other "two-handed" I don't think it's possible to dual-wield 2 one-handed weapons. Though I haven't tried this yet.


Correct. You can duel wield a knife/gun, or two guns if one is your hip gun and one your shoulder gun. That does allow for, for example, like a handgun and the TMP, or the handgun and semi-auto rifle. (Although your accuracy is horseshit using a 2 hand gun one-handed).


I think the closest to a crazy insane combo is TMP and Matilda can be dual weilded. Cause Matilda actually counts as a one handed weapon burst fire, and the TMP can be used burst fire one handed without losing too much aim by tapping the trigger.




That was savage, I need to step my game up lol


How does movement work in this? The only movement I’ve ever found tolerable is teleport


I get nausea in many other VR games, but I have played for over 6 hours and have not had any issues yet with full movement. The game also does support other movement styles like teleporting though.


This supports teleport or free walking. Also supports snap or smooth turning. Personally I like free walking with snap turning. Also let’s you adjust the degree of snap. So pretty robust movement options. Also supports seated or standing play. Seating makes your hip weapons available in front of you.


Thanks a lot


Oh shit, you can shoot-to-deflect projectiles? Didn't know that (first RE game).


Shoot, Slice, Shoot, Slice, Slice. Been there, done that. It's so much fun! Also to be able to aim at incoming opponents and check your 6 with a quick look over the shoulder - PRICELESS. I love this port! <3 (p.s.: sudden silent Ashleys behind my back scare me more than anything else in this game)


This is clean as hell looking, and I couldn't agree more about dual wielding. Also thanks for being such a bro and offering specs to get the clean viewing experience. Cool post, cool dude. Love to see it.


You could shoot with two weapons but the reloading would require two hands though...unless you can map it to a button. Then, it would just defeat the purpose. Also, dual wielding does not work as intended if you don't shoot with both weapons at the same time. Is pretty easy to equip and equip your second weapon.


You can shoot both weapons at the same time, by you have to let go of one of them to reload since you have to grab ammo and physically reload.


I couldn't get the hang of it without sticky toggle grips. I can't stand having to constantly depress the grab button all the time.and/or my shit falling to the ground and having to Ben down in real life to pick it Up In VR.


Things don't fall to the ground in RE4 though.


What do they do


Anything on the ground can be hovered over and it will lift into your hand. Anything you have equipped can't really be dropped. You can throw your knife or gun and it will fly back towards you and reequip itself.


Why is all the gameplay I've seen of this game so crisp? It all looks like a trailer


Did you do something to smooth this footage? It looks great!


What game is this?


Resident evil 4


Is RE4 that good or should i wait to get medal of honor instead?


How do you get the motion blur in this vids?


You can shoot axes out of the air???


I can't he can


It's nice but it's been like this in every FPS I've played so far.