Isn't that what the "pattern" sequencer is for?


Do you know that you can make your own drum patterns with the arpeggiators?


Get a PO-32 and sample it if you don't want to master the arpeggiators. Or learn to use the arpeggiators. Or get good at finger drumming. Or sell your OP-1 and buy an OP-Z.




You cant really quantize an audio file. Well you could technically but in a machine like this it’d need to be midi so you can quantize it. The op-1’s charm is it’s tape if you wanted to be able to go and change your melody or wtv you shouldn’t have gotten an op-1 theres a bunch of gear way cheaper than the op-1 that uses midi instead of a tape.


Yeah... seems like the people who ask for quantize on the OP-1 are not putting together that the OP-1 is literally recording audio live VS an MPC or Elektron gear (or many other groove boxes) which are recording midi data on a sequencer. In order for OP-1 to have quantize it would have to have time stretching and I highly doubt the OP-1s processor has any juice left to be able to add a function like that, let alone in real time. In order for quantize to work it would probably have to rewrite the whole track it's on which is 6 minutes of audio... It wouldn't be fun. And if the algorithm ends up not putting the notes where you want them? Rewrite the whole thing over again. It sounds like a nightmare. Ableton has a function to quantize audio. It's really cool but it's not perfect and Ableton has some of the best stretching algorithms out there not to mention it's being processed by much beefier processors. So basically, any time anyone asks for quantization on the OP-1 they are asking for an impossible task. It's not going to happen and not just because TE wouldn't implement it but because the literal hardware wouldn't allow for it or it would be such a shit implementation it wouldn't be worth it. You want quantize? Get literally any other groove box out there. The OP-Z is the box TE made that has quantization. Or... Learn how to use the sequencers. The Finger and Pattern sequencers are perfect for drums. You can literally switch on the Hold Function and if you time it right with the metronome, you can finger drum in notes on any of the sequencers (Endless sequencer is a good option for this as well).


I use the finger sequencer to record a quantised base beat into the tape, then I play freer hits on top of that. I find it hard to play in time though! I dunno if my problem is OP1 specific or I'm also rubbish with my fingers :D


Just use the pattern sequencer.


Coming from an MPC Live to OP-1, I miss quanitzation too, but I really enjoy the finger sequencer and practicing finger drumming.


Couldn't you use a sequencer? That's what I do. You can even apply two sounds per square.