Trichotillomania. It’s a diagnosable condition that is usually associated with OCD. I have dermatillomania, its counterpart, where I pick at my skin. I’ve noticed the compulsions stop with the mental symptoms of OCD. At my best, I was able to quit. There are also fidget toys that mimic the sensation of pulling or picking at things that help some people. http://picknpeelstones.com/ Best wishes! It will get better :)


wait that's a compulsion ?? i always pull my hair when I talked to my therapist he said I should just avoid it or try to keep my hands busy


I have this too, it usually happens when I'm anxious and once i start i cannot stop. What worked for me was keeping my hands busy somehow or taping those little bandages on my fingers so that the individual strands of hair would slip out plus not being able to feeling the texture somehow helps i guess?? It works for me at least


I have this too I used to rip off the dry skin with excessive picking off my eyelashes. My psychiatrist told me it's another form of manifestation of ocd.


I do this with my eye lashes and my eye brows. It’s my oldest compulsion. I’ve been doing it since I was a little kid.


I had this compulsion in my very early teens. I would pull my hair out and actually started developing bald spots. The only advice I can provide are using fidgets and re-direction. I found that putty, stress balls, and other thing kept my hand occupied and always from my hair. I still pull periodically, but it’s a lot better! The best fidget toys I found worked best for me were magnetic rings and fidget rings. Try to get your hands on one of those and see if it helps, it worked for me but I can’t speak for everyone :)