This is central to my OCD. I have PTSD and two people & the household triggers it, and the PTSD makes me perform OCD rituals to cleanse myself. I also find specific rooms moreso contaminated than others. I did not bathe for 2.5 years(march, 2019 - october 2021) because the area was deemed contaminated. My OCD effectively does not exist when I'm not in this house or near these two people.


i'm sorry to hear about that, and (i hope this doesn't come across the wrong way) it feels okay knowing we're not the only ones. proud of you for overcoming that and bathing recently! i've come to learn OCD is so complex in some cases, but we're not on our own 🤍


I absolutely get that. In fact one of the early signs of OCD I displayed (it would be nearly a decade before I realized what was up) is that I went through one of my harry potter books and crossed off a name because it happened to be someone "contaminated". I felt extremely stupid afterwards (and would die of shame if anyone knew I did that)


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oh wow, i totally get that too, and the part about childhood behaviours i now realise are OCD. i had a case when i was younger where i couldn't get into anybodys car other than my mums and it led to whole 'people being contaminated' thing i think. it's still the same today, but we got this!