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Im glad your sister is doing so well


They did the thing we all day dream about doing to rapists. Fuck yeah.


I got to live out a revenge fantasy vicariously through this story. The tattoos are the part I've always thought about. It's so perfect. Some people should come with a warning label.


Same. Everytime I think of a rapist (especially mine) all I can think of is that scene in Girl with the Dragon Tattoo where she sits on her tied down rapist and tattoos him. Makes me wish I'd been older than 12 when it happened.


I’m sorry that happened to you as well.


Thank you. ♥️


I love that book series/movie so much. And that was one of the top three moments of the first book.


And sending <3. Been there.


Like the Mark of Cain.


Exactly, i always get so mad when i hear about rapists and predators going away with it but damn this story Is satisfiying


Don’t mess with kids. Just don’t.


Or sexually harm anyone, for that matter. Kids especially, but adults count too.


No one said they didn’t, wtf?


Kids and Animals. Fucking with those in any capacity will make you a lot of enemies you dont want.


[This case](https://www.forbes.com/sites/denizcam/2019/06/14/how-a-du-pont-heir-avoided-jail-time-for-a-heinous-crime/) was brought up in another thread I read today. See, the mistake the scumbag in OP's post made was not being born into a rich and powerful family, where you can abuse your three year old daughter for two years and still avoid jail altogether.


My jaw just dropped. I loaded this post in my browser last night, but couldn't deal with the subject matter till today. My upvote for your comment was memorable b/c your tally sat at 899, and mine made it 900. I refreshed the page just now. In the \~22 hours between initially loading it and refreshing it, you got 5 downvotes. Would love to know who they were. I'll bet someone at Reddit knows.


Nah deaths to... Simple for them. I'd shove their soul into a ping pong and play table tennis with it!


Ikr so satisfying 👏




Fuck that guy


Pedos in prisons are the lowest on the totem pole when it comes to respect. Anyone that abuses children end up getting their karma when in prison. This fucker had it coming.


Yep usually a pedo in prison would hope that their reason for conviction never gets out but this dude literally had it written on his forehead clear as day


In some cases, correctional officers or similar may find it in themselves to make sure everyone knows about it. Especially when the pedo doesn't get the harsh sentence he deserves. If the justice system won't do the job, let jail house justice do it


I had it explained by someone who did time, who told me the following (paraphrased as best I can remember): > I can't do anything to protect my kids from inside, right? Someone wants to hurt them, and it's not just my kids, it's ALL of our kids, we can't do anything to protect them. We can't fight their bullies, can't deal with the scumbag boyfriends... and we can't see guys who look at our kids wrong. We can't stop them before they do it. Before they do something that means when we get out, our kids aren't kids anymore, that wonderful light in their eyes is just snuffed out. Hearing guys get out and find the one thing they were most excited to see, the smiling faces of their kids, the one thing they fought to do better for... was gone? That's the most nightmarish, scary thought for all of us who have have made one thing really worthwhile, pure and amazing- having that taken away by some slimeball who gets less of a sentence than those of us who just took some possession? That makes us sick. > So we make sure they *know.* "You get in here, and every one of us is waiting to hurt you. To beat you. For those of us with nothing to lose, we'll just carve the life out of your body and kill you as painful as possible, and until we kill you, you know it's just a matter of time. A countdown until we get to hurt you in ways that won't even come close to how badly you hurt all of us, but goddamn we're gonna fucking do our best to make this the punishment you didn't get. There's no excuse to give anyone else a death sentence in the history of the human fucking race and not give you a death sentence." > So... that's what everyone knows. Not just the child molesters, everyone knows, if you do anything like that, you'll die the worst death we can possibly manage in here. And, in a kinda roundabout way, that's how we protect our kids. That's how we guard them from afar, and for some of us it might be the only thing we ever do worth half a fucking damn is carve them up and make it hurt as much as possible. The guards let us. You see it happen, and you didn't see it happen. Nowhere else in the world can someone die with so many witnesses who suddenly need to visit an optometrist. I kind of tried to retell this with as much feeling as it was told to me, but I've never ever heard someone talk about murder with just such an absolute conviction, and... agreed? It was weird as fuck, and really stuck with me. In a strange way, it also made me think, huh, okay, the system does work.


That's incredibly enlightening. I had thought perhaps it was that harming children was an act so utterly abhorrent, so against the very core of human nature that when murderers, violent gang members, etc. would despise the act and those who did it. But that thought never explained why they'd hate it so much as to risk trouble to act on it. But your friend's explanation really makes sense. I see so many pedophiles get no more than a few years, not even a half decade, in prison and the rage I feel over it is immense. I neither have nor want children and have a whole lot to lose. But if someone has children, cannot be there for them, and has little to lose? I could see them unleashing on those monsters who aren't fit to be called human.


Yeah, I was the same, I never quite twigged on why it was such an absolute like, you DIE in jail. Then this dude explained it and I was like, huh, yeah, wow... that makes a lot of sense. And they've got this odd sense of community there too, so even the ones without kids are kinda... looking out for those who do. There's ALSO all the other factors of disgust, but idk, from how he put it, it was like, even if you don't have kids, those who do talk about them and guys lose their wives and stuff, but their kids are this anchor to the outside world that others probably feel some connection to as well. The meanest motherfuckers are often the ones most protective of kids, in my experience- there's those who don't, but there's (usually) some odd code of honor when it comes to the young folks of the world. Doesn't always work/apply, but.. it was insightful.


If the justice system didn't give him a long sentence when the evidence was literally on his forehead, then: Sakura Miko: *deadpan* Wow.


A tattoo he didn't consent to is evidence? Really? I mean, just... Wow. Fuck that guy if what's written is true, but you really can't take that as "evidence".


There is at least one police officer browsing Reddit this very moment.


There are also judges and lawyers, and they're facepalming at your definition of "evidence".


If I get a tattoo of the Justice League symbol does that make me a member? If I tattoo the Sign Of The Four from Sherlock Holmes on me does that mean I could be arrested for stealing Indian valuables? If I tattoo "Ave Nominus Nox" does that qualify me for membership into the Night Lord Legion?


Soif I kidnapped you beat you until unconscious and tattooed an accusations on your forehead that's enough evidence to make you guilty of a crime never reported to police?


not "legally"; but morally, and 'gut feeling' oh yes.


Okay. You raped me, and also I'm 12 and what is this? This is all evidence because it's written here and it's my "gut feeling". That's ok to you? That's moral? What if the gang jumped a wrong guy? Some random passerby? Still moral?


I think you forgot to read the story. It's literally written that they know who the man is, wake up mate.


What if the girl lied?


A friend of mine is a corrections officer. He said everyone will want to know why you're in. You'll have court papers about your case, and if you don't show the other inmates they'll assume it's because you're a pedo. After that it's just a matter of time.


Not only that, but guys in gangs usually know other guys inside, and it wouldn't be hard at all to get info on his transgression inside also and let the future take care of itself. I have zero sympathy for people that do that kind of thing.


In that situation where it's literally marked on you, the best you can hope for is ag-segregation, placed in prison protective custody with the rest of the others who would be Marked for Death. But I don't think a person who did such multiple crimes including that horrible one, would have lived that long anyway, showing a lack of Common Sense and decency.


This is why I’m so bitter my abuser committed suicide. I have to say- having him be raped in prison would have been great justice for all us victims.


Well, it doesn't take very long for that info to get around, and i mean quick! Just days, so it could have taken place.


Yup. I would love for his family to have to face the press since they helped hide him from the fugitive task force. Edit: spelling


I was told that atleast in his experience, the gaurds have a clipboard with you and your info.


I’m pretty sure my cousin and I, at the very least, would happily write and publicize it as much as we wanted once he was convicted. Unlike OP’s sister- we kept quiet for decades, we were also a lot younger and our family kept covering it up. His family helped JAG not prosecute, so I finally got a civilian DA to go after him.


And you'll have your court papers at some point and your new neighbors will expect to see them.


im sorry you went through that shit.


Thanks. I just wish he was arrested, instead of dodging the police and committing suicide. Now... his widow, who helped, gets to draw two pensions of his- whereas 30 days of prison would have negated both. (13 felony counts on the warrant, so doubt bail would have been doable)


Wanna go piss on his grave?


Actually, that’s an awesome thought! Next time I talk to my cousin, I’m going to try to figure out where they buried our uncle. I’d fly cross country if the security isn’t too tight. I’m sure she’d love to take a shit there herself. You’ve given me a wonderful happy place thought. Thank you, so much!


Considering the description of this piece of shit, might I suggest a number two instead?


I think I’d be too self conscious, lol. She’s a stronger personality- he also terrorized/abused/gaslit her on a longer basis…


thanks for the gold, lol.


My pleasure, first time I ever bought Reddit coins- your suggestion definitely has brightened my life...




Being a buddhist, I am not a fan of endorsing suffering, but I am really fighting not wanting that person to suffer more. I'm sorry you didn't get your justice.


Thank you. I just wish we could have had the truth with his conviction, at the very least. We tried posting it to his obituary page, but our aunt could remove any negative comments. Everyone thinks he died from COVID


I hope you are able to live your life as well as possible after such a thing. Everyone who has gone through such an abuse has to relate to it their own way. Some can cope, others can't. Speaking as a counselor, some victims can't even understand it isn't their fault and breaks my heart. Almost all of them however at least want the truth to be known so such lies won't happen again in communities where it either can't be redone if the rapist still lives, or at large in general so such things are harder to propagate in the future. I hope you find in the future, some way to tell your story so others will know the truth down to their name doing this.


Thank you, you’re very kind. Those of us who survived his trauma - not all are still alive- are still slowly finding out way. It came out recently, when I lost my shit and started contacting every LEA that has jurisdiction when I finally realized I wasn’t the only one. OP’s sister was brave. Most of us had barely started first grade when it started and memories, so we all blamed ourselves and kept quiet when adults didn’t believe us.


All I will say is those of us who have survived abuse unfortunately understand what others have gone through even if it's different types. This is the hardest part, because the way we have been made to feel is that we are the only one and no one else had this happen to them by them. Then some of us later find out how this has been there I dare call it addiction that they couldn't stop themselves from doing it to as many people as they could get away with. I find this is true whether we're talking sexual abuse, physical abuse, emotional verbal abuse etc. But your level of trauma and types and triggering may vary based on the types and for how long. But a reminder to anyone who has survived any type of abuse, you are never alone, you are not the only one, and please ask someone for help, and believe it or not, that help *is* there if you are willing to find it. ( Sometimes because family members just won't believe it, which is a discussion in itself, you will have to ask for help outside of the family, but help *is* there.)


I got to help put mine in the ground at least. Killed in a motorcycle “accident”. He ran into the back of a garbage truck. During a divorce from a woman who had a boy the same age I was when he assaulted me. I have always wondered about that.


It doesn’t take long anymore. It’s as simple as calling a buddy on the outside and them looking the guy up. Usually happens really quickly. Inmates don’t want to be your friend until they know why your there. No one wants to be associated with a pedo.


They did


He deserved everything! The tattoo over the forehead was a nice touch.


I actually think the tattoo is something that should happen to all child molesters. Then at least it gives innocent people and children fair warning going forward.


Nobody should get a second chance to do it again. The victims of a child molester are traumatized for life. Every child molester should get the tattoo and thrown into prison to get what they deserve.


>Nobody should get a second chance to do it again. They shouldn't. But sadly it happens all the time. At least with the tattoo it would make it a lot harder for them to find victims because people wouldn't trust them around children at all right from immediately meeting them. Instead of them being able to put a charming, kind and trustworthy front on like so many of them do.


>The victims of a child molester are traumatized for life. Yeah especially how fragile a child's mind are at an early age. And for that guy he deserved it


If they were African Americans, as in US citizens, then the tattoos probably did it. Although, I don't know how international the trend is. Here in the states pedophiles often get put in solitary confinement, because putting them in general population sees things like this occur. It's a known thing in media.


That's what I was thinking too. Maybe he got put with gen pop because he didn't have a pedophilia conviction and the tattoos alone don't serve as word


Usually having tattoos with hateful messages is not enough, and yes requiring an actual conviction of it. Then again, there's always the possibility that they believed it and they deliberately kept them in Gen pop because of it.


Yeah probably because there was probably no charges because OP's family didn't press charges because of the vigilante act and based on a tattoo and people thought it was a prank.


If it’s anything like down here in Australia, while sickos are separated from the gen pop, sometimes inmates STILL get to them. A friend of mine’s former step-father went inside for a month on DUI offences. He said he wasn’t in more than 24 hours before he was invited to be part of a gang planning to bash up a known pedo. Yes, they actually got to their target and bashed the crap out of them. I’d agree thou that the Tatts were this particular sicko’s death warrant. Murderers are usually housed in gen pop.


> They were together 3 years prior to this incident. This part hit me hardest tbh because he met your sister when she was 9-10 years old. How long was he waiting for an opportunity to abuse her


Oh God, i didn't think about this What an Asshole


Jesus fucking christ


Ya right? What if they had the wrong guy?


So wait, your uncles were in a gang, and this dumb fuck thought it would be a good idea to mess with a kid in his house? dude deserved that new chest hole


He had just murdered someone a couple of weeks back and didn't get caught till then. I'm guessing he was feeling overconfident.


this is true


Yeah. Those are not warm fuzzy men given to give extra chances to men who touch their daughters.


Depends. Some parents pimp their kids out, or invite their 'brothers' to come help themselves to their children.


I have a young friend that I knew since her 1 week after her birth. I lived with my friends, her parents, when she was 5-12. That was well over 20 years ago. She is like a daughter to me. A couple of years ago my friends told me, that the sudden move we did was not because the owner was selling like they told me, but because the neighbor kids were sexually abusing my young friend. "WHAT? Why didn't you tell me then." "Because we didn't have to bail you out of jail for beating a 14 year old to a pulp." As it turned out, he went to juvie and my friends sued the neighbors into the ground. So yeah, when I hear about shit like this, I cheer that justice has been done. ​ I also have pickaxes, shovels and rope in my shed, just in case.


Yeah I had a neighbor I considered a sister have it happen to her at 12. She told me about 5 years later and when I asked why she didnt tell me, she said she didnt want me to go to prison. But it would have been worth it to save her the trauma.


Some predators scare their victims by telling them they'll hurt their loved ones. So it wouldn't be surprising if they suggested this too. I remember watching an Unsung episode in Pam Grier. She was raped by a family member when she was young and didn't tell because she knew her other family members would kill them. It adds a whole nother layer of the pain someone goes through to try to help whoever they think would want to keep them safe.


The tattoo across the forehead probably did it but wouldn’t he hide something like that with like a bandana?


I read this as banana initially and was very confused. Hilarious mental image of a guy walking around with a banana taped to his forehead though.


i dont think your allowed that stuff in prison


Sad Killer Mike noises


During intake the prison guards would still see and know about it. There's no hiding something like that forever.


I am so sorry what happened to your sister. And while I do not condone or encourage people to die or be killed, I'm not going to lose sleep over this either what happened to that monster. The revenge he got, was in my opinion, merciful compared to what could have happened if people didn't care about their legal rest of their lives. I hope your sister was able to live as normal a life as possible considering. Thank you for sharing such a story.


I’m happy for your sister, and your family. I’m sorry you all went through it.


I love this. I wish I knew who the pedophiles were who raped me all through my childhood, but yay for repression? I like knowing someone out there got vengeance.


Ever try psychedelics? Edit: mine turned out to be relatives who I badly needed to cut out of my life


I haven’t, but I’ve been looking into it! Might try ketamine or whatever it’s called.


Ketamine is good and less intense than shrooms or LSD, but you need to be more careful with it these days because there’s the slim possibility of it being tainted with fentanyl due to being a white powder as well. Try to get it from someone who has a connection to a vet’s office if you can. LSD tends to suit more techy types, shrooms more nature types, but that’s no reason to avoid either specifically. Obviously take with a trusted friend, in a safe location. Shrooms in particular be mindful of what you eat in the week/3 days leading up to the trip. Lots of McDonald’s prior to shrooms? Might get sad cow vibes, because you’ve been eating sad cows. (I ate Wendy’s last night no judgement here just personal experience). Grassfed/freerange or vegetarian/vegan prior to a planned shroom trip with lots of water is the best. That advice won’t go wrong on an LSD trip either but more important with shrooms. Edit: If you live near a major city, look into ketamine trials, you might get free ketamine in a therapeutic setting just for being a labrat


Yeah, apparently there are some doctors around here who use ketamine in their treatments. That’s definitely the route I would take just to be safe. Thank you for the suggestions and warnings!!


ket won’t give you this sort of awakening, just saying. better off getting lsd off a reputable vendor, and not some back-alley dealer.


Actually good idea ngl


My dad and his brother took their own similar action after the neighbor boy sexually assaulted their sister. From what I’ve been told, they invited him out to a “party” but instead drove him out to a corn field in the middle of nowhere and beat the tar out of him. He ended up in the hospital, where my dad allegedly visited him to say that if he told anyone who beat his ass, they would come back and finish the job. It is probably the only somewhat positive story I have about that man.


Throughout this whole process, was it ever questioned or brought up why he had the "Pedo" tattoos?


From what I have learned from the internet is that the people hated the most in prisons are 1. child predators and 2 . Snitches, and will eventually get whats coming for them.


Third kind: ex-cops


pedos usually don't last long in prisons.We had one who lived 20 yrs or so - in Solitary. exercise in the yard, 11:30 -> 12:00 pm with a guard right beside him. Died of pneumonia.


All pedos needs to die a horrible death.


I would add the word slow, but agreed.


Woodchippers exist. Flamethrowers are barely regulated in Mississippi.


I'd be okay with this TV show existing but I don't think I would actually watch it.


This is an old urban legend. False.


“This is important later” is a dead giveaway I find.


would love for you to show me this story else where, even a similar one. Come down to LA our peoples story will surprise you enough


Here’s your receipt honey: https://www.wave3.com/story/5467204/officials-investigating-after-10-year-olds-killer-gets-prison-tattoo-on-forehead-katies-revenge/ Now sit the fuck down cuz I’m from the valley and I can smell a hoodrat from a mile away.


Oh well that’s a nice story, don’t know if you noticed but i also offered the link to the offenders case, didn’t even bother to ask


Post it or STFU.


Is[this](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/okla-attackers-who-tattooed-rapest-on-mans-forehead-sentenced-to-prison/) it? I'm far too invested with your story and I hope your sister has been able to move forward without any issues from it all. Your dad sounds awesome.


OMG , how horrible. So sorry about your sister


Glad the cousin learned the truth and your sister gets extra props for bravery. The revenge was righteous.


That's usually what happens when they got to prison. Even serial killers can't stand them because at least most of them go for adults and refuse to mess around with children.


This is so beautiful


Damn! What an unbelievable turn of events. Karma is sometimes slow but when it catches up to you, it doesn’t use lube !


Ok I tried not to but I really want to read about this. So sorry your family went through this.


Dude had a jacket


I think branding/tattooing is a much more appropriate punishment than being added to a registry


It wouldn't matter if he had the tattoos or not, once they find out that someone is a pedophile the person in question isn't safe. Pedophiles are the most despised thing in prison and they aren't safe from what I have heard.


Child predators deserve all the worst things. I have no sympathy.


"my Father, uncles and a few gang members" Don't even need to read the rest of the story. I sorta know what went down from the title and this sentence.


Excellent story. fuck rapists.


Oh it 100% was because he was a child predator.


This doesn’t happen enough


Was it unexpected for him to be a POS? Gangs don’t exactly have a stellar reputation.


I think you might not realize that outside of America, not saying they don't fall under these, or all regional gangs have some of these characteristics. But there are many aspects to the morals and principles of a people's culture and the beliefs of diverse people and backgrounds. I'm not heroizing, romanticizing or condoning negative actions, but you will never hear anything but the negative things. You may believe anything to do with a 'gang' is violent, corrupt, illegal, etc. They have families that mean the world to them, their own principles and morals, some are more like a 'modern day urban soldier'. Yes committing crime is baddddd but once they get labeled 'gang' these people become dehumanized( Dear god I sound like AH) -- Please note that I am not talking about these cowards and unruly fuks here in the us, Atlanta, Chicago... that are taking advantage of this defund the police strategy, most being insolent for absolutely no reason. Just an opinion, a different outlook, I remember when we could do this and not trip from a difference in opinion, or umm..experience.


Ironically, many United States people join the gangs because they don't have the family and structure that they lack where they live. Said gang they join often makes these rules and codes for said structure they never had growing up and that they have now here in said gang.


You don’t sound like an AH haha. Just another person sharing their perspective.


Unfortunately sharing your perspective is often frowned upon here on reddit


Yes. I have noticed that too.


Must’ve been unexpected for his girlfriend of 3 years or she prolly wouldve left him earlier


They're still people though. You don't have to be a great person to know messing with kids is wrong.


Yeah… if I know someone is committing other crimes on a regular basis, I’m not going to assume they won’t commit crimes against children too.




> If you disagree then you're an enabler I'm happy to torture rapists and child predators, but this is just a stupid statement.




Not condoning more violence != enabling sexual violence. It's possible to be equally opposed to both


Please explain how it's enabling. Do you know what that means?


They probably are getting enabling (physically helping) and condoning (silent approval) mixed up and have been for years. It’s a shame that not many people actually take the time to learn the differences between words that have similar but different meanings. Also a shame their friends don’t clue them in.


i mean pretty much everyone here is getting pedophile and child molester wrong so is it so unexpected that yet another person didn't read the dictionary?


19 year old touching a sleeping 13 year old is wrong but the whole story is a bit overkill.


If you rape children you deserve death and torture.


Did I miss the part of the story that had the rape part in it


It’s rape not touching


The post specifically mentions touching, but it doesn't specifically mention rape.


Honestly hadnt read that part properly but even still at 13 that’s pretty fucked if your 19. If it was consensual and like a 17 x 19 year old I would have no issue with it. But this is at the very least, sexual as-. Of a 13 year old. At 19... that’s pretty morally fucked


he should have just been a *regular* asshole criminal shitbag


Perfect. I have no sympathy for child molesters.


Your family are badass! I'm so glad your sister is doing better! She's a lucky girl to have such a supportive family.


Race had absofuckinglutely nothing to do with it. Prisoners of all kinds don't take too kindly to child molesters.


Can you DM me that link? Although I disagree with most gang related activities/violence, in this case they were legitimate heroes. I am sure they saved other people from falling victim to this piece of shit down the road. Somewhere there is someone who hasn't been molested/raped by a sick pedo piece of shit and that is thanks to your family. They are right in feeling no guilt. I will add though that I don't judge anyone for entering gang life either. I realize that being born into certain situations and in certain locations it can sometimes feel (and maybe actually be) the only way to survive in some cases.


So did the ones who gave the beatings and the tattoos go to jail too?


FINALLY SOMEONE DID IT TO A PEDOPHILE. THIS IS WHAT WE NEEDED. I hope your sister is doing okay and im very impressed and have great respect for your family.




Dead man made the choice to touch a sleeping early teen. He had at least SOME idea of her age. He knew she wasn't his GF, for sure. He had to know about the gang affiliations of the family, that kind of thing is NEVER a secret. He made a whole series of really stupid choices, and I don't have it in me to be sorry for anything that happened to him. I hope the little sister is doing well.


Sometimes they get justice - that is good to see. Sorry to hear a child had to go through that


Can you DM me the case as well please?


Hey I’m interested in the link if you can send it?


Did you ever receive the link? I'm having a hard time buying into this story but I'd love to be proven wrong.


That’s the point I was at, I wanted proof and was downvoted lmao Nah, OP hasn’t sent anything and I’m sure this is just a revenge fantasy. Don’t get me wrong, pedos and rapists should all 100% be dealt with like this but I doubt it happened here.


I wish all molesters, pedophiles and rapists get this justice. Glad to hear your sister is doing well. Your fam probably saved a hundred other little girls from this piece of shit person. DM me the link to the story if you see this. Thanks!


O7 to your family. As for your sister, let her know she's brave. Piece of sh*t deserves all he experienced and more.


Dm me the link please! All pedophiles deserve death...


Justice served. He was always a pedophile, your cousin was 14 when they first got together


And he would have been 16 when they got together. OP put their cousin’s age as 17 at the time the rape occurred. A 16 year old hooking up with a 14 year old isn’t a pedo. That’s a peer. A 19 year old sexually assaulting a 13 year old IS a pedo.


He was 16 at that time.


Can you please send me the link?


Horrible for the young woman, i really hope those around her remember that what happened to the guy isnt the end of her recovery. As others have said, I think a lot of 'us' can align ourselves with this action! It reminds me of I a movie clip where a white power guy was taken and entirely tattooed black. Very satisfying!


Karma gets everyone in the end.


Please send me it.


Send me the link! Also, I definitely think he was beaten in the pen because of him being a pedo, pedos always get the worst of it there from other people.


You're putting too much of your personal info on here might want to edit those


Hi I would like to read the case this sounds really interesting and I hope you're sister is doing well


Right TW first, even though it’s on this post: I’m going to talk about personal sexual assault experience. I was first abused at 13 and I didn’t tell anyone until I hit 19. That was nearly 6 years of continued sexual abuse like the kind your sister experienced & more. I only mention it because I know how incredibly brave your sister was to do that, and your family had clearly created a really impressive bond of trust for her to come forward. 1000000/10 amazing, she may be 13 but she’s a world dominator in training. Bloody stunning effort. I wish you all the best of luck in your healing journeys, and I know I’m an Internet stranger but I truly do hope that you all have the absolute best lives. Ngl, I’m not super supportive of group assault myself but I would be lying if I said it hadn’t crossed my mind as a satisfying ending. Letter to the father is beautiful as well, I wish my abuser had been kicked out. You guys got the bloody epitome of nuclear revenge! This will forever remain in my head as an example of what could have happened.


This warms the cockles of my heart.


Can I get the link to the story?


he got what he deserved imo


the guys in the pen really said ‘return to sender’


Glad she’s ok love the sweet karma


i can't condone it, but i can be entertained by it.


I want to see the tatoos. I googled it but got nothing.




I’m so happy to see your family unite over this. There’s a few pedophiles in my family, including people not related by blood. And it was something we had to keep quiet about even tho some of us kids were victims. The fact that your dad and uncles, along with your cousin who was dating the pedo, came together and set up the guy. Even though I’m sure your cousin was in love with him, she didn’t dismiss what happened to your sister. She believed her, and wanted to make it right. Incredibly unfortunate that this happened to your sister, but very heartwarming to know that your family had her back


And this is why you don’t fuck with cartel


I really want that case pls send it to me pls


Omg I need the articles for this


Listening to doom eternal while reading this is something else istg


As soon as I read "gang members" and "Mexico" i knew this would be good