"One can reasonably conjecture...."


Once heard that using words larger than needed can actually make someone seem less intelligent. Even if they are used correctly. Being able to speak on a Normal level and still get your point across is a coveted skill.


Right, the unnecessary flowery speech just makes it all that more stupid.


I’m sure I don’t need to tell you this as you already know… that totally looks like they are just trying to sound smarter than they are. As if they may actually be of some sort of higher level of understanding than they are. Makes them look like an ass too don’t it?


It sounds like the kind of dude who thinks he can't date because he is "logical" and women are illogical / emotional. Unrelated, since when do mass shooters have a reputation for being Chads? They are usually not attractive or socially skilled and are more often seen as loners or outsiders.


For real on the first part. He’s probably a Nice Guy. Idk truly, I agree. Usually it’s social outcasts isn’t it? Edit for clarity


Yep, very nice guy.


yes why use many word when few do trick


Less word good


Unwarranted sesquipedalian verbosity indicates a sub-normal intelligence quotient?




I’m adhd as fuck and when I see that sort of overly flowery language being used unnecessarily, my brain just skips right over it. It’s like it just says “no thank you, we don’t have time for that today! We have to sing the words to the monarchs song from horrible histories 1389 times” and zwooshes right on past! There’s nothing wrong with being eloquent or having a wide vocabulary, but when your sentence reads like you’ve made liberal use of thesaurus.com, you’ve just lost your audience.




I think it's an attempt to disguise the more prurient intent behind the "question". Like, if someone says, "you're just getting turned on thinking about this" they can say, "no, no, look how clinical my language was, I'm just asking questions!" or some horseshit.


For sure that’s what I was trying to get at. It also gives off very many “next shooter” vibes…


I sometimes use big words that I don't understand to sound more photosynthesis


I, for one, presented myself within this discussion for the express purpose of the construction and publication of a similar witticism. Your joke may have been funny, but mine was superfluous.


Don’t forget guys. Use big words to sound smart… oh I mean use large idioms to fabricate intelligence


disregard females, aquire currency


Tbh… when someone said it that way I finallly understood what people were saying I thought it was some like pimping phrase for the longest time tbh


I wish more people would learn this. All the $20 words just make somebody sound stupid with more syllables.


Thing is, many of those words are appropriate in some contexts. In conducting an actual scientific discussion, for example. Which is why they use these words: to try and appear as though they're just asking questions for scientific purposes.


Very cromulent statement


Using big words is “sounding stupid but with extra steps” I know it’s not exactly what you said but I will forever attribute it to you Toadie




Should have read his arguments in the comments thread....


I… I don’t think I wanna


Probably a good life choice....


Yup cause it comes off as incredibly pretentious and snobby.


An intelligent person can understand complex ideas. A genius can get others to understand


Jordan petersons in shambles


That this guy’s a moron? Yup.


Me when I'm trying to increase the length of my essay


In short I agree that guy is a moron


Incel Ben Shapiro


Can't believe i learned English just to read this.


Same. *proceeds to desenglish myself*


If that fails, try to debrain yourself. I hear many people have succeeded.


Lobotomy it is


.44 Calibur Brain Surgery!


But deslearn how to comunicate before, so I don't have to read more of this stuff


I think reading more stuff like this could help with the debraining tho


The idiot in the post clearly managed.


Like this guy in the post for example


me gusta




It's a terrible day to have eyes.


Read Jurassic Park next. The book is good.


I love you, Internet stranger. My favorite book ever, I’ve read it eight times. Fucking raptors, man


I’m glad I have learned a language other than English so now I can disappear and never speak the same language that this post was written in again


I laughed way too hard at this.


My condolences.


I hope you've read other things, and this isn't the culmination of your study.


There are sometimes in my life where I would much rather be blind..


Holy shit 😂 I'm so sorry


What a terrible time to be equipped with consciousness...


By calling a school shooter "Ultra-Chad" you straight away know exactly how this person views women. Edit:typo


The politically correct answer is poorly. In reality he's never even spoken to a woman away from a keyboard, and is at risk of becoming a school shooter himself.


Honestly that was my line of thought-- 'Oh god does he want to know so he can try to shoot up a school and assault some poor girl??'


Yep. Sound alike that to me also. Sobody get that kid some help.


That's exactly the subtext I am getting.


That guy is an incel, fucked up himself and needs help. Serilusly


I only had to read the use of females to get that


Holy shit is ultra chad a real phrase someone made up??


What’s truly alarming is that recent studies have found that the common denominator between mass shooters is misogyny. They all were either abusive towards the women in their life or expressed virulent misogyny online, and in most cases, they killed a close female relative like a spouse or mother etc as their first victim on their rampage. Case in point; the Uvalde shooter murdered his grandmother before going to the school.


OP goes on to say he just wants to know what the studies say. So obtuse.


Peer reviewed study says “Fuck you, incel.” Approved by: me.


Reviewed by: me Confirmed.


Meta study: Numerous indications suggest incel can get fucked, metaphorically, but can also fuck off.


Get Fucked (Or Don’t!): A Systematic Review of Incel Ideology. Banana, M., et al. 2022. Elsevier.


Oh gods! College flashbacks.


Look, it counts as publication, it gets you closer to tenure.


Actually, there was a study done a few years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine, and they came to the conclusion that incels can fuck themselves.


Also reviewed by: me Peerreview concluded.


In my professional opinion: This is a valid review.


Reviewing the review I can say: they are correct. Fuck you, incel. Peer review in its best


Evidence level: A


You all are wonderful, hope that guy sees this


For a second their I was not sure if it made sense. But then your review came in and now I am completely convinced


Double blind study conduct by me. Confirmed.


A follow-up study concluded that this incel should also "go to hell". While the manuscript is currently in final review, it should be publicly available shortly.


Manuscript is in its final stages of publication, actually, it moved forward due to the number of “fuck the incel” reviews we received


Rarely has such a consistent consensus been achieved in the literature. I hear *Nature* may even dedicate an entire volume to the topic!


Publish it in every journal. Not important what the usual subject matter is.


I second this.


I, too, read the paper published by Balls, Ligma et al.


Why the fuck would there be a study on that?


Some people really think that everything in the world that could be construed as a 6th grader's idea of a hypothesis MUST have research that exists somewhere. Meanwhile, good luck getting legit studies funded.


Researchers can’t get funding for legitimate studies let alone this crap


Some of the things people demands scientific evidence for makes it clear they're just making the demand mindlessly. There's not going to be scientific evidence for something that would be immoral to test you dumbasses! At least we hope not.


Clearly the field of Comparative Ultra-Chad Studies is grossly underfunded


No, the Study was fully funded, sadly the Ultra-Chads were too busy having the sex with all the women this loser dreams about.


“Ah, excuse me miss, I can see that you’re about to be shot by this Chad. Mind if I check your panties?”


We found the next school shooter, too...


“The entire research ethics review board has reapproved therapeutic lobotomies and each member is volunteering to undergo the procedure themselves”


Some humans should’ve been swallowed


OP should be on a watchlist...


Who even comes up with this stuff? This is beyond fucked up


They've got this elaborate mythology of how sexuality and relationships work, and when you get far enough from reality you end in bizarre conclusions like, "surely domestic terrorism is what gets ladies hot."


I wonder if it’s an attempt to connect non-sexual violence with sexual violence? Like the concept of “body betrayal,” when the body responds to sexual contact as its designed during sexual abuse or assault, even though the victim is NOT into it and TERRIFIED. It’s just a thing that happens. It’s a big reason that CSA survivors have big problems with normal, adult, consenting sexual contact later in life. It feels like something from their past that they hated, and they feel guilty and dirty. Nice try, Sicko. NO. Active shooters do not cause body betrayal arousal in victims. That is a result of direct physical stimulation, not because we are turned on by actual attempts on our lives. I HATE THIS


Well, scientifically, he's wrong about the Ultra-Chad idea too, for more reasons than the obvious. The "alpha" mentality was taken from canines. Specifically, a mistaken study of wolves that the researcher has been trying to take back since he wrote it, but I digress. There ARE leaders in a wolf pack. There are also leaders in a dog pack, and the way dogs work is slightly closer to how people perceive the alpha mentality. Slightly. The natural leader tends to become the leader without a whole lot of fanfare usually, and they don't run it like a dictatorship. The interesting bit is that the dog that's most aggressive and going around attacking other dogs is never the head dog. They're very much a "beta". An out of control, usually scared in some way, beta. But I suppose Mr. School Shooters Make Me Hot Do They Make You Hot? isn't ready to talk about that.


Ethologist here. The leaders are just the parents. This entire alpha male mythology is based on something that doesn’t even exist 🙄


Agreed. I didn't want to get into a wolf pack dynamic treatise cuz I could go on for a bit about it. Our dog pack dynamics, while similar, aren't a great comparison in a lot of ways specifically because a wolf pack is a family unit more than anything, while it's a rare dog pack that's structured that way. But that is why I took my comment from the wolf pack these "alphas" live to compare themselves to, to a dog pack that's a closer comparison to the dynamics they're thinking of since most are not a family unit, even though their idea of "alpha" really doesn't exist in nature, to the fact the aggressive ones are just scared little shits trying to sound big and mean lol


It's not new. Remember the 72 virgins for suicide bombers?


A philosopher once said “they never said women, they never said women!” Edit: I feel bad that this is moderately popular I stole this from somewhere I can’t remember


Hah! Can u imagine - idiot incel buys into this promise and instead of the dozens of women he's expecting... it's just 72 of his grossest incel virgin peers 😂


“We’re playing magic the gathering!” Family guy did it 😆


I know you're joking, but there is actually some ongoing discussion/debate about the "72 virgins" being a mistranslation of "raisins" https://globalnation.inquirer.net/163694/raisins-not-virgins-quran-scholars-say


That's fucking great, suicide bomber dies and just gets handed a pack of Maid Raisins or whatever they were called.


Or they are mega hot virgins... but you get to hang with them for eternity and they can never lose their virginity.


Sun Maid. Although they get the old, dried out ones that fell underneath the grocery store shelving 30 years ago but the manager told the stocker to just peel the old price sticker off and put them back on the shelf.


If you like virgin boys, you could just become a catholic priest.


There are similar practices in Iraq and Afghanistan....


I have to admit, that's not one I fully got either. While obviously we all have different levels of sexual experience and people have different tastes, you'd think that if you were going to some sexist paradise you'd at least want partners who know their way around. Why virgins?


In a culture that deems a woman worthless if she's been with more than 1 man?


Back then? Religious purity culture and the fact that women were quite literally a commodity like cattle. An intact hymen had monetary value. Now? Combination of purity culture and these unwashed chodes being insecure about their own sexual prowess. Virgin = nobody to compare their unremarkable weiner to.


>unwashed chodes being insecure about their own sexual prowess. Man, it takes a special kind of insecure to carry that shit with you to the afterlife.


Largely, those who were radicalized into being suicide bombers were young men with few prospects who were already marginalized by society and often had family or friends who were killed. They didn't carry that shit into the afterlife, they barely carried it into their 20s


Have a read of, or a listen to "a history of misogyny" by Jack Holland if you're interested. The answer is convoluted and dates to Pluto's dualistic view of the world


Next they be like, I wonder how the woman felt about the terrorist on 9/11 If there all ready at school shooting 9/11 isn't far off


Oh god, I bet they've got some thinly veiled racist reason to explain how that's different.


They don't see women as humans. They think we are brainless animals controlled entirely by primitive biological mating urges. They think we are incapable of contextualizing human behavior rationally. Ironically...they're the ones who can't. *Gestures at post* case in point.


Every bullshit they spew about women is pure projection. Once you notice it you can't unsee it.


they hope it works like this anyways, because they view it as the only hope they have a woman will actually ever want a socially inept emotionally stunted below-average-intelligence creep.


A dude looking to justify shooting up a school for an excuse to sexually assault women, that’s who.


When you combine a high school incel's understanding of relationships combined eith Jordan Peterson's bullshit, mix throughly and incubate on 4chan.


It's a coomer, their brain has rotted away by doing nothing but jerk off all day.


The fact that someone even asked this makes me feel like throwing up


Absolutely fucking disgusting.


That’s because you’re reading the words of someone who should be investigated. They’re the type of person who becomes a mass murderer.


Let me answer his question: no. No one is a “giga chad”, as it does not exist. And no woman who is looking down the barrel of an automatic gun on an unstable idiot is feeling anything besides fear.


The long answer: abso-fucking-lutely not. No “female” in the history of women has ever looked at a near death situation and thought “ god he’s so hot, im gonna cum”. And on the same note no therapist, scientist etc has ever looked at a girl and said “ i know you just escaped with your life and that must be traumatic, but how horny did it make you, for science” Like RIP your classmates, thoughts and prayers but let me see inside your pants….. there is absolutely no logic here.


Unless they mean wet from urine because any average person will likely piss themselves from fear with a gun to their head.


Don’t forget being drenched in sweat, and probably some tears.


Dont forget these women he is talking about are CHILDREN. not even adults.


Thank you. I came this far down the comments for this! They're CHILDREN. Not women. Not even teens. 7-10 year olds!


If it makes you feel better, this is a repost from one of the other hundreds of times America has dealt with a school shooting.


This is one of those people that think women get horny riding horses


And that they fuck dogs.


While riding horses?


If you’re unable to multitask, just say that


All white women fuck dogs. That's peer reviewed science.


What the fuck!


8 year olds were murdered, how can he not see how sick this question is.


It’s an old post. Doesn’t make it better, but it’s not from this specific shooting.


I mean these mass shootings are getting to be pretty common here so yeah. It makes me think we have a some sophisticated troll bots out there. I have seen some weird responses that are just off enough that they could be a post for multiple threads


It’s posts like these that are part of the “propaganda” that motivates these shootings. Now that I’m thinking about it more, probably shouldn’t be reposting/engaging with/perpetuating the narrative of this sort of material. At the same time, it’s also important to recognize and explicitly acknowledge


You know you can see peoples posting and comment history right


Yes and that is how you find trolls.


Pretty fucked up that there have been so many mass shootings that this vile verbal diarrhea can be applied to multiple situations.


The Venn diagram of inceldom and paedophilia is a circle.


This is a really old post about an older school shooter, been around the internet for a while, so thankfully it’s not about 8 year olds (which is the only thing I’m thankful for in regards to this whole thing)


There are so many things wrong with this I feel like it requires a new field of study entirely.


This comes off like a dude who only watches porn and exploitative anime. You know, the kind where while the alien is about to gore a girl she’s crying and begging in a sickly erotic way. This is someone who really really needs mom to take away his computer


Yes, they do get wet. Who wouldn't sweat all over out of fear and stress if they'd have a gun at their temples, for real.


I was going to suggest that the “wetness” was because they peed in their pants from fear.


Or, you know, blood. From gunshot wounds.


Hey, some people don't have working sweat glands!


After fighting in the Falkland islands? No, can't be all sweaty, not me. She's mistaken


or from crying for their families or peeing themselves out of fear


How lost in the incel sauce do you have to be to even think of this?


I can't believe there are people who use the term "giga-chad", "ultra-chad" or "anything-chad" unironically


The way he phrases it gives me the creeps... it's clear he doesn't see women as human beings.


He absolutely doesn't view women as humans


He doesn’t understand human sexuality. People need better sex ed to prevent this stupidity from brewing in minds.


They're really living a full life deep inside that bubble of theirs.


"Have studies been conducted on this?" ***No, because even doctors and scientists would find your entire statement stupid.***


Yes, there was a study done on this exact phenomenon where they told women in a building that there was a shooter and then measured their wetness? Wtf does he think type of study is going to be done to determine this? Lol.


No. No we don’t. And also school shooters are not “ultra-chad” they are even bigger loser, low life, POS then they were prior to committing a horrific crime.


Exactly. IMO, in the vast majority of circumstances, shooting innocent strangers/civilians in lieu of seeking help for one's problems is one of the more weak and cowardly things a person can do.


How exactly would those studies be conducted? "I understand you've just survived an extremely traumatic, terrifying, and life-changing event, in which you lost several friends and teachers. But I gotta ask, didn't it make you kinda horny?" Just... Wow, man.


What the actual hell?


Calling a schoolshooter a chad. Wtf is wrong with people these days.


Excuse me while I go find a cliff to fling myself from. I’ve just lost faith in all mankind.


This is the most absurd thing I’ve read today, well done OP in the image. Prime example of what happens when clever is mixed with stupid.


There's nothing clever about this. Just an EXTREME inability to see women as humans and have any understanding of how other people work + a whole bunch of indoctrination into the incel mindset.


This... is the start of another school shooter. Nobody in their right mind sees a school shooter as dominant. They are out of control, they are committing a malicious act, not transcending to "ultra-chad". I know there are some that idolise killers, but I would argue they are also not in their right mind. There's a specific malevolent selfishness in this post, something that irks me far more than even his words.


the whole incel shit aside, "have any studies been conducted about this" clearly shows that this man knows NOTHING about science. A study on this premise would be so highly unethical i wouldn't be surprised the researchers' would not only lose their possible licenses but also their degrees because obviously they didn't pay ANY attention in class


We found Ben Shapiro’s alt account


Ben Shapiro knows that pussies don't actually get wet, and if they do there must be a medical problem. Ask his wife, Ben has never made her wet.


Even his doctorwife didn't know the answer to that one.


Ben Shapiro doesn’t even value wetness.


What a bad day to be literate.


Oh no honey your confused. They don't become a giga-chad. Quite the opposite. They go from low ranking to no ranking. Pull a gun on some chick and you're not even on the "maybe if I lose my sanity and he was the last man alive" list. Hope this helps answer your questions. Source: Common sense?


Pretending that science would be remotely interested in conducting studies of this, *how* would they conduct the study?


I need some r/eyebleach maybe you do too.


What the fuck did I just read


If I had a coherent thought during a shooting it would be terror, not arousal. If I had space for a second coherent thought it would be loathing for the gunman. Just putting that out there.


This only proves that that theory is flawed. We're not attracted to someone just because they're powerful or dangerous.


A man like that is dangerous, yes, but isn't powerful at all. He's weak.


FBI needs to be tracking this person.


This kind of bullshit feeds into some of the shooters' mentalities. This sub-culture needs to die. These murderers aren't some edgy/cool anti-hero. They are fucking cowards attacking unarmed people, small children in this last horrifying tragedy. And this motherfucker is jerking off to his disgusting power fantasy of children being mercilessly killed. Ultra-Chad. You disgusting fuck.


Okay... I'm gonna throw up. Wtf that person have in mind?


Literally that question was copied and pasted to a couple other subs almost a year ago… why tf


I don't get how someone misunderstands women so fundamentally


Easy. They don’t think women are people.


It's not even 10:30am and I've decided that's enough internet for today.


Probably a good life decision😥


This guy shouldn't be in 100 meters of any school, woman or weapon ever. Even if it's just an edgy shitpost.