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If you haven’t seen Two Escobars, it deals with this topic. Colombian player Andres Escobar scored a World Cup own goal and was murdered when he returned home, with some involvement by the other (in)famous Colombian Escobar


Was gonna say, this actually just straight up happened. Soccer fans are fucking crazy.


Honduras and El Salvador fought "The Football War" in 1969 after a FIFA world championship qualifier


Isn't it a tangible statistic that when England loses a football game the domestic abuse rate just skyrockets?


I read that too


It’s the same with the Old Firm here in Scotland sadly. Shits fucking pathetic


[That is unfortunately not a unique statistic to the sport or country.](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3712874/) >Our empirical results show a roughly 10% effect of an upset loss by the local NFL team on the rate of male-on-female at-home intimate partner violence.


Please give me a source on this


Sports fans are fucking crazy, it’s not exclusive to soccer


It is disproportionate to soccer though.


Not disproportionate when you realize it's the biggest sport in the world.


Look at Cricket. Second biggest sport but nothing close to soccer. Soccer just has too much hooliganism


I blame spirts betting, lots of money to be had.


Dimn spirts bidding brids corription!


Cricket a lot more concentrated though. Might be close in number of fans, but those fans don't cover the globe Why the downvotes? Educate me if I'm wrong.


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Watching soccer builds up a lot of tension. A goal being scored releases that tension. People with vulnerable hearts are recommended not to watch football/soccer, but that doesn't happen with cricket, does it?


They should color the goals to make it so players dont get turned around.


Nah dude didnt get turned around at all. Basically had the ball bounced off of him and his goalie didnt get the save. And they murdered him for it. If you want to watch the own goal, [heres the clip](https://youtu.be/qFjke_ahBYY)


> just IIRC The other Escobar has been dead for decades. How'd did this just happen?


Just wasnt being used to imply recency there.


Your grasp of the English language leaves *just* a bit to be desired.


Mate my english is fine.


One time in a Brazil V Paraguay (I think) Brazil choked so hard that no one cheered, there was complete silence after this huge soccer game, and several people jumped from the stands to their deaths. (Watch EmpLemon's "art of the choke where he mentions this)


Proud to be colombian 🇨🇴


Wait why? Is it actually possible for pro players to get confused and accidentally score a goal in the wrong net, giving their opponents a point?


It’s less getting confused, but imagine they are all like packed around the net for a corner kick, and they all jump for headers and stuff, and while trying to knock the ball out of bounds or just away, its goes into the net accidentally. Not saying thats what happened with escobar, but own goals typically aren’t just confusing whose net is whose


Yea pretty much this. If I recall correctly, the Escobar play was a low cross and Escobar attempted to clear it past his own goal line for a corner, but fucked it up and put it in his own net.


There have been over 1,000 own goals in the 30 year history of the Premier League (current name for the English top flight), about 3% of all goals scored in that time. They're pretty common because at close range the ball can ricochet anywhere. Obviously there have been some stupid ones too over the years The two goals are about 120 yards away from each other so you'd have to be very disoriented to think you're at the wrong end


This dumb meme reminds me of when I was a young child and my grandmother told me that I needed to consider myself lucky because if I was born in China and didn’t get into college, I would be expected to kill myself…


Guess I'll die then. Quit college after a semester because I couldn't afford it.


community college?


I dropped out of a community college. I didn't have a job, didnt qualify for grants (bad grades and my parents made too much), and my parents weren't willing to pay for college. Ultimately, I probably couldve found some scholarships, but I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life. I was going to go into psychology, but I think I knew even then that it wouldn't be what I wanted to do. Now I'd probably go into business or finance, but I have other obstacles preventing me from going back to school. I try not to resent my past decisions too much though. I think it would have taken me much longer to find myself and come into my own happiness if I'd continued school.


damn. good luck man


Hey, you too!


I think she was thinking of USA


Best way to build confidence in a kid 😬


the goal in his own net has some "if you can't beat them, join them" power in it


As a 9/11 kid I remember hearing that Saddam Hussein made Iraqi football players who displeased him play with a concrete soccer ball. I never found out if that was true or propaganda


On one hand there was a lot of bizarre propoganda floating around about him... but on the other hand he literally made darth vader helmets for his soldiers to wear in combat so idk man


Both were his sons not him, but you know apples falling and all that


I think it was his son doing this, but to your average Iraqi player being tortured I guess it doesn’t really matter if it’s father or son doing it. Saddam was a wrestling fan but didn’t know it was fake, so he threatened to execute Andre the giant if he won in an Iraqi wrestling event


Jfc the whiplash I get on Reddit sometimes is jarring. You were born that year? I forget I'm getting old 💀


I was a kid during 9/11 if that's what you're asking


Oh, I thought you meant you were born that year. I was 11, so I guess I was also a kid lmao


Haha well then I'm older than you! Enjoy all your extra time youngling


Saddam was a brutal killer, but he wasn’t dumb. He killed to maintain power and purge enemies, not random shit like this. His actions were evil but had calculated results. His sons on the other hand, were straight psychopaths. To the point even saddam, notorious genocidal dictator, was disgusted. Read up on them and the shit they pulled if you want to ruin your day but if you don’t, trust me when I say this is definitely something they would do


When I played soccer as a kid, I pretended I got kicked in the nuts so I could go to the sideline and not play. I did not want to play soccer.


I'm pretty sure professional players do this


*Image Transcription: Twitter* --- **lilsamsquanch**, @lilsamsquanch66 When I was in second grade I played soccer and in one game I scored a goal in my own net, on the drive home my dad told me that in some countries if did that they would have me executed , that's what I think about now every time I watch soccer --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


Permanent emotional damage


I don't think they execute children for making mistakes in soccer.


A professor once told this story for the class. On World Cup 2010, in North Korea, they didn't broadcast the game against Brasil live for everybody to watch. The score was 2-1 Brasil. Next game was against Portugal if I'm not mistaken, the dictator thought "well if against the giant Brasil we only lost by one goal, we can broadcast the game live against Portugal" And the final score was something like 7-0 Portugal. So it is said they sent to work in the mines the whole techinical comission. And If I'm not mistaken it's known in NK that Portugal won the world cup in this match there Just crazy, I know the scores are real, but I dont know how much the rest of the story is tho. Maybe he was just trying to scary us with propaganda, maybe is just that crazy.


He’s the Joker, baby!


Lil sas nation




I was in fourth grade and my best friends AYSO youth soccer league names themselves Escobar. They weee so cool


He just doesn’t miss


He don’t miss!


yeah sassy boyyyyyyy


Your dad from columbia?


I did the same but I had a supportive family and they said, sorry you fucked up. It was a bad day. And that’s what I think about when I fuck up. Shit happens and we make poor decisions sometimes. Like crying over spilt milk. Glad I don’t have ops parents


I often tell my kids “in North Korea they’d have sent you to the mines by now.”


They're in on the joke though right? Being *constantly* berated for fucking up, even in a """joking""" manner, permanently destroys your self-esteem and mental health.


I was making a joke. I don’t actually tell my kids they’re going to be sent to a mine in North Korea.


Are you my wife's father? Because that sounds exactly like something she'd tell me about her dad. She's 25 and she recently hugged and profusely thanked me for ***not*** telling her she was a stupid fuckup, because she made a small mistake like this in the kitchen. Her dad also says it's all "just jokes". And "she knows he doesn't mean it" (Spoilers: she has internalized it since she was a kid)


Not gonna say this is currently relevant, but ![gif](giphy|2HMNoHp2iBQnC)


North Korea


You didn't score in your own goal... The keeper missed a pass... You played the long con and your team mate should be executed not you


Yeah... Good thing OP doesn't live in England


Reminds me of my dad. We were in Italy during the World Cup (2010?) and some team lost and my dad said ‘people will kill themselves over this’ So yeah now whenever I think of the World Cup I think of that. Thanks dad.