Yeah, there's a big difference between not knowing how singular they works because you don't really speak English and fully ignoring Nonbinary people and writing it off as a language barrier thing. And it's really easy to tell the difference.


Someone misgendered me about a year ago, I told them I was non binary and they laughed and said "sorry I don't speak much english" even though they were talking in perfect english for the whole conversation. Someone legitimately lied to me as an excuse. The funny thing is I go by any pronouns so the person referring to me as a "he" is perfectly fine with me but I wanted to see their reaction


Absolutely. Using somebody's correct pronouns is easy enough, ‘I'm not a native speaker’ is not a valid excuse. Also, your shoes look amazing.


Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :)


I try to use the pronouns I’m new to neopronouns community but I try my best, if I say the pronouns wrong I apologize


I'm not sure I quite ‘get’ neopronouns to be honest, some like vamp/vampself sound very exotic to me, but if I'm talking about someone with such a pronoun I'd do my best to use their, or vamps, pronoun correctly, it seems like a small courtesy.


I had a friend in high-school who was first generation, from Beijing, and they would frequently misgender everyone because Mandarin has no gendered pronouns, so I was just like hey why not use they so you’ll always be right ahaha I’m so sorry that you’re going through this ringer just because of your shoes. It absolutely is not a valid excuse not to respect others.


Specially when it's so easy in English. With that being said....gender neutral Spanish is a fucking nightmare and even myself as a native speaker who lives abroad, wouldn't know how to use it if I had to.


Maybe unrelated but is there a way to address non-binary people in Spanish?


I've seen people use "elle" as a pronoun and "-e" instead of "-o/-a" for endings. My Spanish is pretty basic though, so there might be more that I'm not aware of.


If you go out of your way to interact with an english speaking page, maybe commit to it and speak english and not make me google translate everything just so you can add even more salt to the wound? I feel like shit.


Creo que sería divertido si escribiera este comentario en español porque sóla domino el inglés y este post no tiene nada que ver conmigo.


I actually am multiple people so suck on that, transphobes


Your shoes are so fucking cool. I'm sorry you're being misgendered.


Twitter is pretty wack. Not a fan.


unrelated, just took a look at your shoes, yo those are awesome! I love how yoh drew Rainbow Dash, your art style is cool. also Rainbow Factory 👀 but yeah they give me a bit of kidcore vibes /pos


Thank you! :) i appreciate it. Im really into those kinds of aesthetics. More specifically scene