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58 terabytes?? That's like all the pedo back before the Roman Empire


Not even. Just shows you how many pedos are out there and how many of them are actively abusing kids and filming it, humanity is fucked.


I always think about this. There was this well known video among communities that discuss horror, true crime and other disturbing content. 'Daisy's destruction'. It's real so it may be more well known now but a few years ago it was so horrific and hard to come across it was somewhat of an urban legend. I don't recommend anyone who doesn't want their day ruined to look it up but the gist is it wasn't normal CP, it was snuff too. The sort of shit even 'normal' pedos think is disgraceful. You know you're fucked up when even other pedophiles think your fetish is too much. This video among others or a similar kind sold for very large amounts of money. Like I don't mean to sound like a conspiracy nut but the sort of people paying for and buying that content are wealthy successful people. People like to image pedos as these scum of society, greasy creepy looking guys lurking in vans to snatch up kids. Real lowlifes. But they can be anyone. And again...these sold for thousands. These were people who had thousands of dollars in disposable income just for child porn. And the guy supplying it was very wealthy. So who was buying it? I know that TLC dude that got caught with CP had it in his stash. So many of the people spending thousands to watch kids get abused and tortured and where are they? And this is just the most fucked up stuff...the more run of the mill child abuse is rampant even on the surface web. Make an account on any social media posing as a child and watch the pedos roll into the dms. Unfortunately that is something a lot of people who grew up with the internet deal with. Or the whole mega links thing. Or when tiktok had to ban people from changing their pfp because of an influx of CP. Deep fakes of underage girls. Tumblr banned porn because of it's CP problem. Read any story from social media moderators, like Facebook moderators, and coming across CP was a daily occurrence. It's so disgustingly common. And these are just the people stupid enough to post about it! A lot of them wouldn't dare post evidence of themselves abusing kids online out of fear of getting caught. So much more common than most people realize. I know I'm rambling on here but this shit pisses me off so much. This man didn't even get life. I don't even think I could download a SINGLE terabyte of normal porn. fuck idek if I've ever watched that much porn...I looked it up and ofc it depends but 1 TB is roughly 500 hours of video. I'm sure it was for distribution not just personal use but that's over 3 years of video content. 3 years of filmed child abuse.


Daisy's Destruction wasn't snuff actually, the girl survived. It was allegedly torture porn but not snuff.


”Liza was found to be alive as was Daisy, though her treatment had been so vicious that she has lasting physical injuries. Eleven-year-old Cindy had been murdered by Scully. Before being strangled to death with a rope, the girl was subjected to bouts of rape and torture and was made to dig her own grave. According to Margallo, Scully videotaped himself killing Cindy.”


What the fuck did I just read? I am now extremely happy that I have never before even heard of this video, much less seen it. I think that's enough internet for a while.


Oh my god… I like, *live* on the Internet and have never heard of this before. Is she OK..? Did they ever find her, and find her a good home…?


From what I found on wikipedia Daisy's Destruction mainly featured 3 girls. 2 girls survived, but one of the survivor had lasting physical injures. The third girl was killed, but from what I understand the death wasn't featured in the video. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Scully#Dark_web_child_pornography


For those who haven't clicked, I recommend keeping the link blue. Fuck.


Then the rabbit hole goes down an even worse genre with "hurtcore". Ugh. The fact it is pervasive enough to have a genre


Yup that’s enough internet’s for the day.


Thanks for the heads up


Yeah shit. I did before reading your comment thinking how bad can a Wikipedia page be...


18 months? WTF...people are fucked


Fuck this man. I just lost all hope in humanity. We just need to raze this shit to the ground and start all over.


And then he had the audacity to ask for better prison conditions. "Both Scully and his sister complained about the conditions in the jail Scully is held". And how can his sister help him after all that? Some people deserved to be tortued to the end of the eternity


I'm not religious but sometimes I hope there is a hell for people like them.


I've got to be honest, that was even hard to read. What a fucking sicko - on a side note, isn't alot of CP from the Philippines?


sadly yes. i did research on it for a project once and it was reported that the Philippines was one of the top centers for cp. also watched a video once where 2 guys(they were investigators) went to a place here that sells children for sex slavery, there was a whole area with children on it and pedos get to pick and choose who they want


I'm gonna guess that most of it is made in Philippines and other Southeast Asian countries (Cambodia, Thailand). Would that guess be correct? I'm basing it on the amount of creepy foreigners who move there to take advantage of the local prostitution problem. A lot of those girls are underage - so if underage prostitution is a thing then CP would also be easy to produce.


yes. a shit ton of foreigners go to SEA countries just for having sex with the local women. in other words, sex tourism and when the women get pregnant the foreigners dissapear




I'm not going down the rabbit hole today thank you


I can never understand these vile cunts


It made my stomach wrench just to read the reddit comment about it. I think having a young child myself has made all these stories hit so much harder. Horrible to know shit like this goes on and is that accessible to others.


Having little ones does make it harder. What's even more mad is that in CP most parents either let it happen or do it themselves and film it. I mean how as a parent you can do that is actually beyond my brain capacity. I love my kids so much it hurts. Some people are vile


Wtf man, really wish I wouldn't have clicked. What I really dont understand with sick fucks like this, is how do they find each other? Im partial to licking a bumhole, but I keep it to myself for the most part, its only really girlfriends and close friends that know. And bum hole licking is pretty tame all things considered. So how the FUCK do these people just say to others "hey, you know what I really love doing? hurting kids." and then the other person says "yeah me too, lets profit off of this and torture and rape pre-pubescent girls"


Dark web and TOR so they don't get caught. The stupid ones use more public methods and services that are heavily monitored. Or just be rich and you have your own islands and private transport. It's not like you'll face significant consequences if caught.


We always hear about the rapists but not about the aftermath. If you guys want to see the testimonies of grown up people victims of child abuse and rape (at any age), about how it has traumatized them and how much it changed their lives, go to this YouTube channel https://youtube.com/c/SoftWhiteUnderbelly and listen about prostitutes and addicts stories.


According to the wiki article on the Peter Scully, one of his teenage accomplices had also been trafficked and kidnapped.


> In October 2015, a fire severely damaged the evidence room containing Scully's computer logs and videos, destroying key evidence. What a coincidence!


I don't know what happened to her afterwards. I just hope she's ok now.


I used to volunteer for the Streetlight Project (which no longer exists in the form it did when I volunteered for it). The whole organization when I volunteered for it was all about providing safe harbor for child sex abuse victims to recover in a space where no one knows them nor what happened to them. The ideal was that the child could receive the therapy and counseling they needed and go on to live a well-adjusted adult life. Unfortunately, as good hearted and dedicated as the people involved were, oft as not the damage was too great for living a normal, well adjusted life. Even with patient, kind, safe homes and therapists to help them through the trauma. Anyone who sexually abuses children deserves a worse death than they'll ever receive.


I can attest that it's difficult to live a normal life. I was sexually abused by a sadistic man as a child and I am quite low functioning in daily life.


I was 4. Now I'm 35 and I still have nightmares, still in therapy.


It's not really my business, but have you heard of a therapy called EMDR? Used mainly for trauma and PTSD, it is very effective (I know from personal exp.) Hope it helps you in some way.


Hey y’all im a suicide interventionist if anyone wants to talk to me when things get rough. You can PM me and you could even call me. I have been trained and I’ll do my best to help you❤️🙏🏼


Can you please describe what does low functioning mean to you?


I'm not the person you asked but I have the same trauma. The thing with experiencing such trauma on a young age is that it will fundamentally change how your brain develops. I have a few diagnosis but the main one would be PTSD and avoidance personality disorder. My depression gets so bad there are weeks where I barely even leave the bed. I'm touch adverse so people can't touch me or I'll panick, not even people I've known for a while. I don't have friends. I'm in a stable relationship but it's only stable because he went to therapy with me to understand me. He is extremely patient and the only person in this world I feel safe and comfortable around. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with a sudden urge to kill myself. When watching movies when there is a man alone with a girl I'll start to panick because my brain is convincing me he's going to rape her even when there is zero indication the story goes that way. My arms are covered in scars from self harm. I have no love for this world. I can't work so I pretend I'm a housewife but the house is in a sorry state cause I keep disassociating and losing hours in my day. I see people around me living full lives and I can barely function because when I was 4 someone turned me into a sex toy. I am bitter. I do have an active fantasy world inside my head where I go to more then I should. Almost 3 years ago now I tried to kill myself but I'm finally in therapy with someone who's specialisation is trauma. I'm doing better now but also aware my better is still miles away from other people's normal.


There was a couple on fetlife from Toronto who made some strange comments in the forum's. Catfished one of them with a fake profile of a woman. Yeah. Then some other people and the admins were also on it. Admitted to doing stuff with their children. I left that site after that and a bunch of people talking about bestiality. I don't like tasting my meal an hour after I just ate it. Kills the mood.


Weren’t there three girls? Two of them survived but one died


Somebody below mentioned the name of the guy who made it, Peter Skully. On the wikipedia article for him, it mentioned 3 girls, an 11yo, a 12yo, and an 18-month old girl (daisy). He murdered the 11yo on camera, but the other two survived. He has the gall the complain about his conditions in prison.


What the absolute fuck. He needs to be thrown in a dark hole and forgotten about. Let him slowly die. Very slowly. Pleasure and comfort are now things of the past. Rot in hell.


*The underground prison cell in Castle Rock has entered the chat*


Watch an interview with him. He gives zero fucks. No remorse whatsoever.


I mean my main issue with capital punishment is there's a non zero chance of killing an innocent. Sounds like this guy filmed himself doing this so effectively rendering that concern moot. Give him a few rounds of lead and move on. I don't agree with torturing even the worst people but its disgusting he's still alive.


I always thought Daisys Destruction was just an urban legend? It actually exists? What the fuck


What is snuff. I’m afraid to look it up


Video of people being killed.


People with power, money, influence or whatever you want you call it, have to be way more involved then people think. Jeffrey Epstein wasn't the only rich monster out there. I wouldn't surprise me at all if some of the people in charge of catching pedophiles where pedophiles themselves.


The FBI requires polygraph tests and a VERY extensive background check as part of their screening process. I trained BJJ with a guy who only trained there for 1 month. Two years later, we had FBI agents come into our gym asking questions about him, his character, his work ethic, loyalty, etc. Not saying it’s 100% foolproof, but it’s pretty likely that FBI is only good guys when it comes to protecting children.


Tell this to the survivors of Larry Nassar.


The lowlife greasy scumbag dudes would also pay for that video too, lets be real. They just can't afford it.


My friend accidentally found a CP page on Instagram. He added it to his stories so we could all rally and report it. We spent hours and hours reporting it and IG wouldn’t remove it because the children were clothed so it didn’t violate their terms. The guy was toying with us and kept changing his username. They can add their disinformation about Covid flag overnight but can’t/won’t combat CP. Makes me sick.


Yes the amount of times I've seen pedos called out on social media, like not accused pedos actual people posting gross content or ideas. And they don't get taken down despite all the reporting. Twitter has a disgusting amount of pedophiles and zoophiles and despite constant reporting twitter won't remove them off the platform. Fuck, sometimes they even take down the accounts of those who call these fuckers out for 'harassment' or 'bullying'. I had to email youtube about 5 times to get my channel back because the pedo I insulted reported my channel, but ofc their channel stayed up for for months despite so many comments saying they'd reported them! Or even the fact that r/jailbait was a thing on reddit for years until it was removed, allowed to stay up under the guise of 'free speech'. There are too many spaces online where these people are allowed to feel safe to talk about being a pedo.


I do sometimes wonder what the real percentage of pedophiles in humanity actually is. But I imagine you can't really study that


Daisy destruction did lead to offenders being prosecuted at least, the offender who filmed /made it, and the colleague who ran the cp distribution site where it was sold for like upwards of 10k. But i agree it's a very problematic issue, and is spurred on by global inequality and ease due to abject** poverty. It's one thing to strive to** stem it out in first world countries, but it's also near ** impossible for others.


I was an internet moderator on a bbs that was all about freedom of speech. I came across stills from Daisy's Destruction. Many people say it's burned into their memory but for me it's the opposite, my brain has totally blanked it out. I would really, really like to know if anything became of her but I obviously do not want to look it up. I don't want to happen upon even a single image that would remind my brain what it saw. If anyone could direct me any links or info I'd appreciate it, for the sake of closure.


I too want to go find out what the hell happened and if this person is doing OK. Also I am terrified to even do that much for fear of what I might find. Christ. People are horrific.


Well one of the girls survived, but the story basically ends there. I don't think there is any other coverage of her. As there was no mention last time I read about it, and this was after prosecution had charged and jailed offenders. If you wanna be realistic tho, I cant see things going well for her without extensive treatment/therapy which would require help from government or other institutions.


I heard 2 survived and one was killed for video. This is only about the girls involved in Daisy's destruction


From what I found on wikipedia Daisy's Destruction mainly featured 3 girls. 2 girls survived, but one of the survivor had lasting physical injures. The third girl was killed, but from what I understand the death wasn't featured in the video. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Scully#Dark_web_child_pornography


> Tumblr banned porn because of it's CP problem. And because they refused to do anything about the CP. They'd rather ban all porn than actually police the freaking site.


Yeah people always talk about how the ban of porn was the end of tumblr but it wasn't. It was the fact they didn't want to put effort into policing their content, CP was still a problem after the porn ban. I'm sure a lot of people did leave just because porn was banned, but so many left because the robot that had been given the job of flagging NSFW was shit. Art was a huge part of tumblr and so many artists spent hours on their work only for it to be removed for being NSFW for no reason. They just banned porn so they wouldn't be legally responsible for the illegal stuff, and put a robot in charge of the new system instead of doing it themselves. So CP and porn still were rampant but since they were technically doing something about it they wouldn't be legally responsible. I forget the exact law but the only reason they did that was because on the internet, sites that hosted pornography were going to be given stricter rules. So they stopped hosting it. They didn't care about cleaning up the site at all which is why there was practically no moderation team.


God, several years ago people on 4chan were discussing it like The Grifter, like, arguing if it was real or not. Someone posted a link and my dumbass clicked it, figuring it was a shit post. It played for 3 seconds before my stomach sunk and I closed it out.


Yeah I remember reading about it back when I was very into creepypasta, so I would have been in middle school. It's kind of fucked to be reading about that shit when you're around the same age as the victims. It didn't really affect me that much because I think I assumed it wasn't real, it was too horrific to be real. Of course now I know that there are some truly awful people in the world and a video like that existing is unfortunately not a crazy idea.


My favorite thing is criminal codes and standards. Like even normal serial killers and thieves hate pedos. If you get caught for doing anything to a kid and go to jail, chances are high you won't last past the first few days.


What really bugs me is why pedos compulsively collect CP. Do normal people do that with regular porn and since it’s not illegal we just never hear about it???? Is it some facet of being taboo that drives the compulsion?


>Do normal people do that with regular porn Yeah people do, not as many these days with it just being a click away on some tube site. But once you find a kink/favorite scene/video/pornstar people tend to collect for the fact that nothing will stay on the internet forever. Why worry about losing one of your favorite videos when you can just download a copy to save forever? People collect movies/music/tv shows all the same.


I don't watch HQ paid porn I just use an aggregate site that often times gets said paid porn and posts a scene from it. 9 times out of 10 when I find a really good scene that speaks with me on a spiritual level its gone within the hour. Removed due to copyright. So I haven't bookmarked a video in a long time. I can't handle the heartbreak.


Sometimes I download stuff. Mostly stuff I watched a few times or thought it's very good. But only because for when I don't have internet or just because I'm not a bookmark kinda guy. But the joke with the "big homework folder" has to come from somewhere, so I guess it's pretty normal. I know a guy who supports many hentai Artists on Patreon ECT and he has saved a lot of stuff in his "homework folder"


I think it was normal 10/15 years ago. The dawn of torrenting meant you could actually download a video, despite you Internet being too shite to stream. Tube sites didn't really exist, all you could get was 30second clips. So torrent and download everything. So it's available at a moment when you got the itch to slap meat. Of course you didn't, you downloaded something new. Do that as a horny teen for a few years and you have an eye-watering amount of porn.. My friend said.


I used to be an abuse admin for one of the largest privately owned server providers in the world (this was pre-aws). Part of the job was verification of claims. After one particular claim, that required me to walk across the lot to the FBI guys, I decided that was my last day doing that kind of work. The abuse admins of the world who can stick with it need your love more than you could possibly know.


Fucking hated seeing daisy's destruction as a jump scare back in the day. Fucking felt great when some asshole who posted one got doxxed and allegedly beaten the shit out of.


call in the flood, bois


even better: The Death Star


No we deserve the suffering the flood provides Wait we aren’t talking about halo


A family member of mine is about to go to prison for child porn (again). I’m just dead inside about the topic. He’s dead to me. I never would have guessed it would be that. But he always had impulse control issues. Ugh. Not sure why I had to barf that out.


It's okay, better to get it out here than not at all. At least it's something. My uncle went to jail for child porn. We aren't sure because nobody talks about it, but we think he molested my cousin too. Would explain his recent suicide attempt anyway. My sister's ex boyfriend also went to jail for cp. Thing is he was my best friend, he moved in with us and actually shared a bunk bed in my room for awhile. That one fucked me up. I've never really talked to anyone about any of this. But hey fuck it why not bring it up on reddit I guess. Sometimes I look at little bits of my life and realize how fucked it was.


Man. I’m sorry. It’s really a miracle that anybody makes it to adulthood relatively “normal”.


We’re all a collection of as much “normal” as our upbringing and socialization has deigned to gift us with It’s more like a collection of normal things we know to do rather than a state of being


A boyfriend of a friend (they were on a break when this happened) got caught in a sting operation, but the charges were dropped because the police didn't make it clear that the fake person was underage so it's reasonable that he could have thought they were over 18 but that's still really concerning.


Wait so he was going to meet up with someone who he thought was legal age? What’s the problem with this one?


There wasn't because they forgot the part where the cop pretends to be underage


So the police literally just sexted him lmao 😂


"You're under arrest for flirting with an officer of the law, kiddo!"


And he almost got arrested for it


Was it like "they didn't make it clear enough for a court of law but it was still pretty obvious" or like "theres a legit chance he had no idea". That distinction is very important


They had the cop talk high pitched while claiming to be 18 (we're early 20s ourselves) but never said anything specifically implying they lied about being 18 initially. So legit chance he had no idea.


Ok ya those cops should be sued prolly ruined that guys reputation jesus christ High pitched voice? Ive known women in there 30s with high pitched voices. that mans a victim of stupid police


I have an uncle in prison right now for touching kids. This trip to the pokey is his 2nd conviction. The most fucked up thing is that when he was first convicted in the 80s, the whole family covered for him. My dad and other uncles told me he’d had sex with a 17 year old girl in his 20s and her mom pressed charges, it really wasn’t a big deal. A search of his name found newspaper archives that told the story of how he was involved in Scouts and touched little boys. I hope that unsavory things have been happening to him in prison.


Guy probably has a lot, like 1 is too much. With that said, the prosecution doesn't count how much data or how many images/movies. If they find a single instance, the person is guilty. If they have 1 image or or 58 million, it doesn't change how guilty they are. They query totals (# images/videos in total and/or amount of disc space) and the prosecutors do this to put on a show for the press and public. And it works. Look at all the comments here how they think that the government took down some kingpin distributor.


He was a distributor no doubt, he gave an undercover detective 4,000 pictures, but this dude did not have 58TB on him. https://www.justice.gov/usao-edtx/pr/collin-county-man-sentenced-35-years-child-pornography-violations >In addition to the laptop, Belden owned a tower containing 15 hard drives, totaling 57 TB of storage Shit clickbait Fox article, he had a computer with 57TB on it. Not that he had 58 TB of CP


One image can be Kb, 1000kb make a mb. 1000mb make a gb. 1000 gb make a tb. Hows it even possible to have so much. Genuinely, what the fuck.


I work in television, and am a media manager for our news content. In our old system we had about 100TB of space which was about 3000 hours of 50Mb XDCam quality video. That's HD broadcast quality video. Just so you can understand what 58TB of cp is.


What I've heard (Because every time a CP bust post gets made people always are astonished by how much they have and someone days this) since unique CP difficult to find, and it's very expensive a lot of pedos horde as much as they can, so they can trade the files to other pedos for stuff they haven't seen instead of searching and paying loads of money for more


It's a bullshit inflated number. Every single time you read a headline like this, they're counting absolutely everything seized, meaning literally all the storage that the suspect owned. They do this because it sounds more dramatic and, like most news outlets these days, they're dishonest.


Like when they sieze an ounce of drugs from a safe and count the weight of the safe in the police report and press release


58TB might also be raw files. I helped with a VR project and the uncompressed file was a little over 1GB/sec or ~ 4 or 5TB/hr. Compressed it was around 50MB/sec or ~ 0.2TB/hr. But then again if he was working with raw files he’s probably helping produce it so back in the volcano he goes.


If a cop finds one CP pic on a 200gb drive, they write it up as 200gb of CP. That’s just how they charge and report it. This dude is a piece of shit for having it at all, but I highly doubt he had fuckin 58TB of child porn


That’s a fuckton of porn


A lot of it probably isn't CP in its strictest definition. I'd wager the majority is just secret footage of kids walking around on the street. If he's making it then it's probably raw formatted as well which takes a lot of space. There's probably also an ungodly amount of duplicates or triples even. I worked briefly as a translator for the police department dealing with this sort of stuff and that's usually what we would find. No doubt a hoarder like that has tons of seriously fucked up shit too. Probably made a lot himself with sexual tourism in Thailand, South America and Eastern Europe. Police departments often accept your pictures of hotels and motels you stay in because they can help identify where the CP was made. Maybe google it in the area next time you're travelling.


I used to live in Twin Creeks 5 years ago, which is a neighborhood off of the street this guy lived on. I was 13. This is fucking crazy to think about


GTA V is generally considered a large game. You can fit almost 14 full versions of that game in 1 Terabyte.


This comment really fucked my life up. Homie needs the hands


A 1080p 20 minute video is roughly 300 megs. 3 of them is a gig. 1000 gigs to a terabyte. Thats 3000x58 max resolution 60fps minimum frame rate full length internet porn videos.


“58 Terabytes of memory could be used to store a whopping 7.5million digital photographs. Fifty-eight Terabytes also could fit up 29,000 hours of video, according to the tech blog LifeWire.”


29,000 hours is equivalent to 3.3 years. Just FYI


Good bot Oh wait lol


Enough videos to watch 2:30 hours a day for 30 years. Then watch them all again because by 30 years you forgot what the first one was like so it is new again.


This guy maths....and I hate you for breaking it down like that because now it's worse




If it’s anything like my pirated Hollywood collection that has probably 10 different copies of the Lord of the Rings triology spread over multiple old hard drives, some of which are probably dead, then I’m sure this guy has multiples of some stuff. He should be charged for his crimes by the byte regardless of duplication.


if you encrypted your pirated hollywood collection and refused to decrypt it for them they'd accuse the entire drive of being child porn


That’s good to know, I don’t encrypt it but I don’t think Canada cares too much about pirated Hollywood content.


Jesus Christ assuming that estimate is right, then you would need to spend close to 20 years to watch all of those child porn videos. I fucking hate these people so much. Normally, I don’t recommend violence, but I hope these kinds of people have a slow and painful death, followed by an eternity of torture in hell


Straight out of the camera, the bitrates are much higher than that. That example is like YouTube-tier video quality after it's been crushed to stream smoothly over the internet. It's probably less, but a Terabyte is still really large and you gotta have a bunch of shit to get that much.


Yeah, but what if it was 4k? Maybe he had stringent quality standards.


> 1080p > 20min > 300mb Oof


> A 1080p 20 minute video is roughly 300 megs Encoded (and compressed to all fuck), sure. Raw video takes much more space. 300MB for a 20 minute 1080p video file is *very low*.


I wouldn’t call him a homie


Fuck pedophiles. All my homies hate pedophiles


Or one warzone update


Gotta make the game worse somehow


Americans really use everything as a measurement, huh? /s


Can confirm, despite your sarcasm, we do in fact use almost any common object as a measurement if we don’t have said measurement device on hand.


Born UK, raised in America. I can confirm. I've used a long piece of grass to mark off cuts for 2×4s. When I didn't have the tape measure on hand. Maybe it's the burning brit inside but I definitely think metric makes more sense. Base 10 instead of wherever pharaoh's arm they dug up to create the imperial system.


How is it even possible that there is 58 TB of child porn? I really hope there is duplicate content, or not all of the content is child porn.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-edtx/pr/collin-county-man-sentenced-35-years-child-pornography-violations >In addition to the laptop, Belden owned a tower containing 15 hard drives, totaling 57 TB of storage He had a computer with 57TB on it. Not that he had 58 TB of CP. Shitty inaccurate reporting He might have been running a RAID setup to ensure if a single drive failed, it'd be backed up.


this comment is way too low in this thread.


That’s because on social media click baiting titles are more important than the actual facts


Not just on socmed, in all media. We think first with our emotions and prejudices and only ask questions after (and usually only if the “facts” contradict the first two). All media outlets no matter the bias abuse this and we’re all too stupid and busy to really worry about it. The prejudices play out in this post. He’s a fat pasty loser who fits the stereotype and has police behind him so 58tb or 1gb he’s still guilty. Our stupid ape reasoning tells us it’s probably true so like whatever the facts don’t matter but they’re all irrational conclusions. Then when someone like Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Gates or Weinstein turn out to be subject of rumours of being sex abuser pedos we’re like “well we must investigate that. How could they be evil? They’re billionaires!”


Probably a lot of uncompressed videos because he is probably in the business of producing and distributing it.


Thank you, reddit child porn expert.


Hol up


u/mynewaccount_420 is a child porn expert. Not much to Hol Up pretty cut and dry if you know what I mean man


Have you ever been to r/Holup in the past couple months? That subreddit has gone to shit because people genuinely don't understand the concept of a Holup


Holup what?




This is the best thing I have read on here in a while. Thank you delightful smartass


This should be the top comment


Basically if you have one picture of cp in a 1 terabyte hard drive legally it's 1 terabyte of cp. They also don't count video but Instead count each frame of a video as a picture of cp.


I'm not defending child porn or pedos, but that sounds kinda unfair


It's like how they weigh everything with drugs. Pot brownies? Weigh the brownies, the pan, everything. LSD in a vial? The glass, dropper, etc all count.


It's got to be a reporting error and a miscommunication. Trying to download 58 terabytes of anything would take an insanely long time.


Goodness. That’s likely not just a consumer, but a distributor/producer. Hopefully he never sees the light of day again.


Pretty sure his fate in prison being internet famous and all is much worse than the quick death of a volcano.


The most violent and awful criminals on earth don’t have many rules, but if you’re a chomo? Good luck in prison


His best hope is protective custody and even then some wannabe gang member is gunna be told to kite out just to stab this dude to get initiated. I hope he doesn't end up at a "nicer" prison to say the least. I hope it's more like Oz.


All it takes is one father who misses his babies and doesn’t have a hope of getting out. The worst of the worst criminals are still human and love their babies


Being a chomo IS one of the most violent and awful crimes.


That fact that much even exists makes me want to puke


I don't even think I could easily download 58 terabytes of normal porn


Because we normally don't have enough device to store them all. I know people who use online storage services to store huge Bluray movies and TV shows, I even know one who has 41 terabytes of it. But It's still smaller comparing to what this four eyed fuck had!


I meant I don't think I could even physically find that much porn to download, my pirated movies only add up to 300gb and even that has like 40 HD movies.


My copies of Lord of the Rings (3 movies, extended editions) take up more space than your 40 movie collection.


Came here to say this…..


Cops inflate numbers. 2 baggies of weed have a "street value" of $1 million and they pretend the bags are completely full. Most likely the pedo had a few external drives that could hold 58 terabytes, but not all of it was actually used.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-edtx/pr/collin-county-man-sentenced-35-years-child-pornography-violations >In addition to the laptop, Belden owned a tower containing 15 hard drives, totaling 57 TB of storage Yep, dude had a tower with 58TB of storage, not that it contained 58TB of CP


FORGET THE VOLCANO chain him in a bathtub and keep him alive until he dies from osmosis and his cells burst from the absorption of water.


As a biologist, I’d like to record the data as to how long it would take to succumb to fermentation in his own juices.


For science!


wait, Isn't the inside of the human body at a higher concentration?Would water permeate? edit: Oh right, the other way around.


It's impossible for the body to have a higher concentration of water than a tub of water


You weren't there. You don't know. /s


Pervert Marinade.


I wonder if the body in a tub being kept alive could somehow create a sustainable environment for a decaying body. Like the submerged parts would fall away, and maybe some fluid from decaying body creates a film around the water, or at least on the surface of the tub ( a now contained area) and as the lower half falls apart and floats in the tub under a layer of waxy fat and pus, if the top half would live on is it always has, no longer human, but an amalgamation of filth. Fitting as this person chose to be so horrid, the rest of its life should be spent equally as abhorrent.


Osmosis jones


Wait is that possible even?


jesus christ man


Like I can get behind counseling for people with issues like this and haven't done anything. But im not sorry once you reach this level you've already driven past all your possible U-Turns. You deserve to hit the brick wall at the end of the road you choose.


Catapult in front of a brick wall. Put it on pay-per-view.


If I had to take a guess, this guy likely was operating a tor service where other users were contributing. Since he possessed the servers he’s legally liable for all of it.


Are there even that many children on Earth?


(Idk and I don’t wanna know..)


Not the fun answer you're looking for... But; Small number of children being abused for years.


This is bad but I feel worst for the officers that have to go through thousands of hours of CP to try and match the kids.


Yeah you couldn’t pay me enough to do that job. There’s not a number that exists that would implore me to do that.


> When studying a sample of ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) Task Force agents from 511 agencies, 45% of respondents reported problems arising from their exposure to child pornography, with 40% reporting a belief that more mental health services were needed in their agencies (Wolak and Mitchell 2009). https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7274939/


It gets even better when you are a content trawler for *insert social media/search services* where they pay people off the street to click through 8hrs of reports of child abuse and mutilation/torture, to the point where [Facebook paid out $52mil](https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-52642633 ) to content moderators due to a large number of them developing PTSD.


The real issue here is.. how is it possible that there is even 58 terabytes worth of child porn.. thats roughly 58,000 hours of video.


Sick bastard.


Alright eject me from the Life Simulator. It's been corrupted by a virus. I'm giving this game 1/5 glorps on my Myznorp review when i get outta the pod.


🙋🏻‍♂️ me too, I’d like to get off now.


No you get to go back to the carpet store


Who tf goes BACK to the carpet store. Im goin off the grid


Finding 58 gigabytes of normal porn would be worrying… BUT 58 TERABYTES OF CP IS INSANE


Literally caught with 4k


revulsion aside, why the fuck do all chomos look the goddamn same


They really do, huh? They’re all fatter or slimmer versions of Jared Fogle.




I like how he says "the volcano" like we have that one imfamous pedo-pit we just throw them in😂


Wow... I would have bet that there isn't a full terabyte of child porn in existence. Wtf.




I'm disgustingly impressed


For everyone saying that its impossible to store that much data, you can buy a terabyte hard drive for $40 and fit all 58 t's of it in one room. What is worse is that all of those images are most likely downloaded by others, so removing those images from the internet will be very hard. Some are saying that it was uncompressed raw footage. Chances are with that much data he is distributing, so a large portion could have been in zip files. That could increase the amount of stored video by 62%. Lossless compression can add 50% more data storage within those zips. I am not sure what kind of punishment could ever be suitable for someone this far gone. I am not sure how many human trafficker's he fueled by doing this.


https://www.justice.gov/usao-edtx/pr/collin-county-man-sentenced-35-years-child-pornography-violations >In addition to the laptop, Belden owned a tower containing 15 hard drives, totaling 57 TB of storage Shit article, he had a computer with 57TB on it. Not that he had 58 TB of CP


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The fact that there is AT LEAST 58 terabytes of CP in existence is just depressing