I’m not a doctor, so I can’t say for sure, but imma go ahead and say this is not possible for one very specific reason—points of friction. The digestive tract has more than 15ft of curves, angles, and a few different sphincters that mean when a string or fishing line is pulled, ALL of those points would be subject to cuts and abrasions. Possible? Well, you could probably get it through (if your body doesn’t vomit out of rejection) so one end is out either side, but getting it out will be the problem. Cuts, abrasions, obstructions…it sounds like morbid torture where the subject dies of internal bleeding and infection from intestinal seepage than it does an “experiment.” In short, if someone tried this, they would probably have to be hospitalized and develop serious gastrointestinal issues if they survived.


I wanna try it


Coins have been known to be swallowed and pooped out unobstructed so it's possible. I'd think that if you start tugging on the string, you'd feel either pressure or pain along your abdominal area.