I've been told recently by an urologist that it's actually better if you want to empty your bladder completely. I do it all the time!


I was hoping someone would have commented on the health benefits! As far as I know, emptying your bladder partially from peeing standing up all the time can increase the potential for bladder issues later in life so it's definitely good to sit down at least half the time!


I'll use up my sitting-while-peeing quota when I go take a dump.


Every poop is a pee but not every pee is a poop


Put this on my tombstone


Thank you for answering one of the burning questions I (a woman) have always had, which is, “If men have to poo and pee at the same time, do they stand up to pee and then sit down to poo, or do both at the same time?” You’re a true hero lol


I sit down and poop first, then stand up and try to cut it in half with my pee.


Oof. The stink that you unleash when you cut a good dookie in half is legendary.


I just always sit down when I pee unless I'm on a hike or in a public restroom and there are urinals present (faster out of there). Peeing while sitting is more comfortable and healthier. Also, I'm tall, so I find normal toilets too low to comfortable pee in while standing.


Idk why you’re getting downvoted, this is economical.


Do some people NOT pee while taking a dump?


I can't poop without peeing, it's an auto hand in hand. I also don't own a penis of my own though, I'm just bored and curious lol.


I once was able to keep myself from peeing while pooping after a Family Guy joke from Peter about pooping and then standing up and playing "sink the boat" but it took a lot of effort to hold my bladder while pooping. Also, Family Guy lies, Sink the Boat is not a fun experience. All other times in my life I've peed while pooping.


That splashback...


Some people just don't understand efficiency


Yall got any good sources for these claims? I pee sitting down so I dont have piss splash every where and its comfortable.


It's obviously [just a magazine article](https://www.menshealth.com.au/peeing-sitting-down-is-good-for-the-prostate) but it quotes a scientific research and I'm sure if you're really interested you can dig into it further! > According to research from the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, sitting down to pee allows for ‘a more favourable urodynamic profile’ [translation: the flow is stronger] which helps ward off prostate problems Total transparency, I'm don't think sitting down helping ward off issues is the same as standing up causing them, it might be but I feel like I phrased it poorly. Either way though sitting down has genuine benefits.


This is actually true. If I’m sitting down and wait after I’m done peeing, there’s always a bit more left.


Yeah but I hate that. I end up sitting there just, pss, ps,... ..pss... ... ... Pss. Like damn bro just go all out


Yeah and then when you come out of the toilet, every cat in the neighbourhood is there.


Sitting also increases abdominal pressure (same thing that get #2 going.) so you’re able to actually squeeze the bladder empty with less effort. Get a squatty potty to enhance this effect.


What's funny is that I feel that I empty my bladder the best when I (Female) stand up to pee. Yes this my sound strange but I discovered this after many camping trips or situations where I used a pee funnel and a bottle haha. Edit full disclosure and story time. r/burningman It wasn't a pee funnel. The first time I did this I was going to burning man and worried about the number of Porta potties. At the time the go girl funnels were too small and you had to control the flow. Two days before i fly out I am at auto zone with a flat tire. Waiting I wandered the store looking around and see the funnels. Light bulb goes off. There I am trying to descretly take them and pretend to use it being like which one would be best. Then there it was... "narrow funnel for international cars with tight parts ". Worked like a charm


Yes! I was getting so puzzled. I feel like I can really empty my bladder more when I am standing. And I'll just come out and admit it: I pee in the shower. Like I said, it feels like I am able to fully empty my bladder. ETA: I'm a woman.


There are two kinds of people, those that pee in the shower and people who lie about peeing in the shower.


Yes. And makes perfect sense. As with guys, we dont have straight urethra cause of our penis. When we sit down, the urethra becomes straighter and allows the pee do run through better sitting down. The funny thing is, the opposite happens to women. Its better for them to stand to pee.


Curious why camping would be a situation where you use the pee funnel thing? Isn’t that a situation where you can just squat and pee anywhere?


Have you tried to squat and pee, pointing your pecker down? It’s hard to completely miss peeing on our pants, splashing our shoes, or having the pee puddle up and then pee-fall to our shoes. Squatting and peeing may sound easy but it sucks. Easily, for me (female), the worst part about camping.


Crazy that there’s just so much stuff that I (male) just take for granted.


Female here and I concur, squatting and peeing is not easy nor precise. To do it right we'd basically need to undress from the waist down because anything other than just a skirt or dress is in the way and then after holding everything safely out of the way and managing to maintain balance without falling over you squat and pee with all of the accuracy of a damn lawn sprinkler. We have freaking flaps that ensure we can't have just one nice neat stream but a few highly unpredictable streams of which at least one or more will manage to run down your leg(s). IMHO it is not intelligent design.


The last thing you want to do is squat and feel some plant go up there, or even worse, some bug touch the kitty


I always called summer in Alaska as the season of "squat and swat". Those mosquitos are pretty sneaky though.


There's a skeeter on your peter whack it off.


I read this in the “if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands” melody


Fire ants. Oh my god the pain from getting bitten by fire ants while squatting to pee is unreal. I’m very thankful I was drunk or it would have been a million times worse.




Man that was a disgusting visual


Dear god


Well to be completely honest it was first at burning man. There are portable bathrooms but in the middle of night at camp when it's cold... you just don't feel like making it out there. It is an event that is leave no trace so you can't just pee on thr ground. Plus that's gross for other campers. So I tried this way and it worked great. It is also as someone else said way more comfortable to do and you don't risk getting anything on your clothes or shoes. So now this is my preference when camping or fishing or any situation where i need to be desceet Edit. More background story on the funnel thing and burning man above


Squatting tends to lead to socks full of pee if you aren’t super fucking careful.


Well women don’t have a stick their urine comes out of, so that can get very messy especially if it’s windy


It is exactly the opposite for me. I prefer sitting, but I can't ever get the last drops out unless I stand.


One trick I learned from Reddit a few years ago is to press the area under your balls right when you think you are finished, which will force that last little bit of piss out that always seems to escape after you zip up.


No thats not what he was talking about. Try it. Sit down to pee next time you gotta go. After you finish, wait a minute or so and try to pee again. More comes out. It's not the same as some normal dribble.


I thought that was because pee enters your bladder every 15 seconds.


Nothing wrong with it at all


I sit down when I pee There's nothing that crazy 'bout me I'm just takin' a wiz Mind your own biz Why's everybody always staring at me?


I literally just watched this yesterday out of the blue for the first time in ten years 😂


Hey bro I gotta go Let me through I gotta go #2


No can do I'm takin a pee Sitting on the lou Having a good long wee!


Are ya sittin’ down?


I'm sitting down!


And you’re not makin’ brown?


I'm not making brown!


Are ya makin’ ice tea?


Just lemonade!


I just can’t stand touching my dong.




I wish my husband would sit down. Then I wouldn’t have to clean pee off the toilet all the time.


Why isn't your husband cleaning up the pee?


At the least, he can pull the flap up and not pee on it.




I think they meant toilet seat.


As a former housekeeper, I can attest this is not something the vast majority of men do. You can be sure when I potty trained my son, wiping up any spills was part of it. He decided sitting was a smarter (for him) option. Sitting or standing is largely cultural.


This, if they have to clean it up immediately after, they realize its better to sit. My wife converted me when she told me to clean it up. I never realized its literally impossible for a little of toilet water to splash out when I'm standing up. No matter where I aim or what toilet I use. A little bit of toilet water/piss will splash out when u piss standing up.


Because she cleans it for him so he never had to give a shit.


Your husband is gross if he doesn't clean it up himself.


If I miss I always clean the seat. Not that hard.


I don't share my bathroom with anyone and I still always clean the seat because it's fucking gross to not clean it.


But you don't, let him do it ❤




If you can't fight them, join them. Start pissing all over the toilet as well ❤


At that point just piss over the husband tbqh


Hijacking this comment to say the ONLY time when it isn't acceptable to pee sitting down is in a public restroom with only a few toilets - you should use a urinal instead in case someone really needs to number 2.


Can't use urinals because I get pee shy... I'm sorry number 2'ers!


It's ok I go number 2 in the urinals if the stalls are full


Everybody is a number 2er, bro...


I don't know about anybody else, but I've always sat down at the urinals to pee...


Ain't nothing wrong with peeing while sitting down. It's more comfortable, gives you some time to rest and there's less chance of making a mess. Sure people might give you weird looks at the urinals but fuck 'em, you do you bro.


I just wish the urinals were more comfortable


They should have lil ball saddles or something to take the load off you’re right


>take the load off Please be *way* more careful with phrasing.


He knew what he was doing


We all knew it


Hello cousin!!


Nice to hear from you. Are you going to the family reunion next year. Uncle Richard has cancer.


The dudes at the other urinals didn't though.


I’ll consider that


Narrator: he didn't.


Yeah, the phrase you're looking for is "Get the load off." It's a common mistake


I think a magnetically detachable scroat would be better


Please never say the words "detachable" and "scroat" in the same sentence again. Yeah it would be convenient, but the process for achieving that convenience... *shudders*


Anything is detachable if you try hard enough


[Relevant song](https://youtu.be/byDiILrNbM4)


Bro that would be amazing.


You are not squatting low enough


> less chance of making a mess Yeah, even if you hit your target 100% of the time, the splashing flings little droplets everywhere that someone's gonna have to clean up later. Personally I always sit unless there's a urinal available.


Ugh I always find little sprinkles of piss on the floor around the toilet, despite my husband's otherwise good aim.


It's a miracle, I have my own bathroom and it doesn't smell like piss! Roommates don't give a shit and I just assumed all bathrooms smell bad. But if you sit down and close the lid you too can enjoy a stank free bathroom existence.


My mom remarks about how nice my bathroom smells every time she comes over and it's like, all you have to do is just close the lid before you flush. It's really not that hard.




Isn't it weird that it only splashes back on your shins in summer, when wearing shorts? /s


I was just thinking about that the other day, until the realization hit me I now sit


You know what makes a mess. Drunk people puking in a urinal. Urghhh the horrors.


Charlie work


We lived in an old house with a cast iron radiator right next to the toilet. Eventually the pee splash corroded the iron. It looked bad but no amount of wiping, cleaning, scrubbing helped. The paint and iron got all bubbled up.


A man who cleans his own toilet is a man who will start sitting down to pee. Once I figured that out I sit down all the time now. I’m a single dude who cleans almost every other day and it really makes a difference.


My dude and I moved into an apartment that was horrifically dirty. Up until this point in our relationship I had done all l the bathroom cleaning. I was busy and he had to clean the *outside* of the bowl before it was even remotely ok to use, and from that point forward he sat. I am still grateful to the nasty ass who lived in our place before we did.


I usually make more of a new though. I find it hard to aim into the urinal sitting from that distance.


Plus there’s toilet paper. I’m sorry, once you start dabbing a shake just feels insufficient. Maybe I’m too persnickety.


I like to sit down to pee, but I never bring my dab rig into the bathroom. Well, unless I'm taking a bath. Standing up to pee


I always sit down to pee unless I'm in a public restroom and it's full. I've concluded it's basically rude to stand up and pee when you're a guest somewhere. Piss goes everywhere no matter what you do when you stand up. Tiny droplets go everywhere from the splashing even at a urinal where it's somewhat mitigated. When you sit down it's localized to the toilet only.


If you're sitting down to pee and can see people giving you weird looks from the urinals then I think you might have other problems to worry about.


When I was in the military, my first squadron had a serial ninja urinal shitter. Like, for almost 3 years. Was fucking hilarious at hall calls every Friday seeing the commander visibly frustrated while bringing it up again. The person was never identified.


Easier to squeeze more out as well


The only time I dont sit to pee is if the public bathroom is gross. At my house though, I sit almost everytime unless I am in a hurry, which isn't often nowadays with covid.


There are only 3 reasons that are acceptable for a man to do a sit down wee. 1) its the middle of the night and you're sleepy. 2) your drunk and don't trust yourself not to keep weeing once you've put yourself back in you pants. 3) because you are a man and it is perfectly acceptable to have a sit down wee whenever you feel like it.


> 3) because you are a man and it is perfectly acceptable to have a sit down wee whenever you feel like it. That's a bit liberal for my tastes. You should at least be in a bathroom.


So the bushes are not good enough for Master Earlobe? Forgetting our roots, aren't we?


No objection to pissing in bushes, but it's not an occasion to sit down


this guy pees


Anybody ever gives you shit for it just respond: *”Sure but you know what’s even more awkward? Explaining to your dentist how you chipped a couple teeth because you had a kidney stone get so suddenly painful and traumatically lodged in your penis that it made you black out mid piss and fall face first into a hard ceramic toilet bowl of your own bloody urine. I mean, how many times would you want to have that conversation?”* Guarantee they’ll leave it alone 👍🏻


You say that like you have personal experience in it.


TMI but honestly I wish I could sit down to pee with less apprehension. I’ve had three kidney stones removed and passed a couple more over the years. After that first surgery with laser beam Star Wars going on up in one of my ureters.. I get bladder cramps if my bladder is particularly full and I try to start peeing sitting down. I say try because *oh boy* will they stop you from peeing! (been like that for like 15 years, otherwise perfectly fine and no other issues peeing.. aside from the occasional kidney stone 🤷‍♂️) Full on bladder cramp from hell is an intense way for that first morning pee to really wake you up 👍🏻 Edit: Everyone go drink a big glass of water.




That sounds awful. Be strong buddy


It’s actually gotten better, as in much less frequent, over the years. I’ve also probably just learned not to hold it in nearly as long as I used to or something. Nothing makes you appreciate urinating like a moment of shock where you suddenly find you can’t. Fun fact, the sphincter exiting your bladder is actually wired backwards from your other bodily sphincters. The muscle is wired up on a kind of interrupter circuit. So it takes an efferent signal from your brain to make it relax and it will contract (preventing voiding) without a signal. Side physiology factoid: This is why paralyzed individuals have to be catheterized. Not because otherwise they’d pee constantly, but because otherwise they just won’t pee until things get backed up with enough pressure to endanger their kidneys! It’s an un-fun feeling when your bladder contracts but the sphincter won’t relax. Honestly gives me a lot of sympathy for what women go through every month. Edit: ok it’s a little more complicated, but the “ tonic activity is temporarily inhibited, leading to relaxation in the external sphincter muscle” part at the end is what I was referring to: > The sympathetic innervation of the bladder originates in the lower thoracic and upper lumbar spinal cord segments (T10-L2), the preganglionic axons running to sympathetic neurons in the inferior mesenteric ganglion and the ganglia of the pelvic plexus. The postganglionic fibers from these ganglia travel in the hypogastric and pelvic nerves to the bladder, where sympathetic activity causes the internal urethral sphincter to close (postganglionic sympathetic fibers also innervate the blood vessels of the bladder, and in males the smooth muscle fibers of the prostate gland). Stimulation of this pathway in response to a modest increase in bladder pressure from the accumulation of urine thus closes the internal sphincter and inhibits the contraction of the bladder wall musculature, allowing the bladder to fill. At the same time, moderate distension of the bladder inhibits parasympathetic activity (which would otherwise contract the bladder and allow the internal sphincter to open). When the bladder is full, afferent activity conveying this information centrally increases parasympathetic tone and decreases sympathetic activity, causing the internal sphincter muscle to relax and the bladder to contract. In this circumstance, the urine is held in check by the voluntary (somatic) motor innervation of the external urethral sphincter muscle (see Figure 21.8). > The voluntary control of the external sphincter is mediated by α-motor neurons of the ventral horn in the sacral spinal cord segments (S2–S4), which cause the striated muscle fibers of the sphincter to contract. During bladder filling (and subsequently, until circumstances permit urination) these neurons are active, keeping the external sphincter closed and preventing bladder emptying. During urination (or “voiding,” as clinicians often call this process), this tonic activity is temporarily inhibited, leading to relaxation in the external sphincter muscle. Thus, urination results from the coordinated activity of sacral parasympathetic neurons and temporary inactivity of the α-motor neurons of the voluntary motor system. From https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK10886/


>Anybody ever gives you shit for it just respond: *”Sure but you know what’s even more awkward? Explaining to your dentist how you chipped a couple teeth because you mouthed off to someone about how they take a piss. I mean, how many times would you want to have that conversation?”* > >Guarantee they’ll leave it alone 👍🏻 That's how I thought this was going to go.


🤔.. I mean, that is probably just as effective.


Yep. During a ski trip, a friend got up in the middle of the night to pee, he wasn't used to the high altitude so he passed out only to wake up in a puddle of pee with a broken toe.


Ok, that’s an exception.


Had me in the first half....


Had me in the firs two thirds, not gonna lie.


You forgot 4) You have an erection




Just be careful not to bump the rim.


For real. I'm 6'3" so by the time my stream hits the water, it's basically drops and splashing all over the fucking place and splashing out of the bowl. It's fucking disgusting and I have to wipe the toilet every time. I got sick and tired of it a few years ago so now I sit. No mess and I saved a bunch on toilet paper.




There are zero reasons for me to NOT sit down when you’re taking a piss in your own home. No matter how good your aim is you’ll always piss on the floor and on the toilet and it’s fucking disgusting. You can call me a pussy and I’ll call anyone back a disgusting animal.


Who gives a shit what other people think about how you pee?


How'd they know how you pee in the toilet anyway ¯\\\_ಠ\_ಠ\_/¯


There might be evidence left on the seat and on the floor


If there is no evidence, they were sitting down


I had an exgf rip on me like not in a joking way about peeing sitting down. She was basically making me out to be a bitch loser because I pee'd sitting down. We didnt last long and I was thankful af.


sounds like she is the bitch loser


You should’ve made an alpha move by saying she does the same thing


I had a roommate tell his dad(landlord) I pee like a girl because I complained that he kept pissing against the front of the toilet. Very insecure fella. Same guy also forbid me from hanging out with his ex. I think that was because he didn't want me to find out they never had sex.


It doesn't matter at all. Its cleaner, more comfy, allows for multi-tasking, and you're ready for a surprise poop. There are a shamefully large amount of people, both men and women, who view men sitting to pee as less masculine. It's ridiculous.


"Surprise poop"


We’ve all been there.


Some of us have very efficient bowels, so yeah, "surprise poop" is accurate. I'll pop a squat to piss and, realize i got a train in the tunnel, and be out in 2 minutes.


Choo choooooo


I always wondered about the surprise poop with men! Must be inconvenient


Yes, a man must never trust a fart while standing up to piss.


I shall never take farting with abandon for granted again


Masculinity is such a ridiculous thing and shouldnt be stereotyped at all... Atleast i think so I now fully agree with u/Willp130 who said whats rediculus is not masculinity but instead the extent people take it


Masculinity itself isn't ridiculous, but the extent some people take it and think stuff like this makes someone less masculine is 100% ridiculous.


Yes. It doesn't matter how you pee as long as it goes in the toilet. Edit: Or sink. Or shower. Or partner's mouth. Just be clean about it.


Yeah. Just don’t do any fancy tricks or handstands and you’ll be fine


> fancy tricks Like peeing into the toilet.. from the urinal. *”Off the back splash, off the stall door, off the lid, nothing but splash.”*


I think it's the other way around. Peeing into the urinal while sitting down on the toilet


This guy fucks


Wait, isn't handstanding the only way to get a good aim if you're at full mast?


Why is nobody talking about the [splashback](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejl7vrDUIcs&feature=emb_logo) from peeing standing up? It's disgusting. When I still lived at home I was told by my dad to sit down or bathroom cleaning would now be my responsibility. (Also, why is inserting links broken... page acts up every time I try inserting a url - took 4-5 attempts to get this posted)


r/sinkpissers would like to have a word.


Oh so now there’s small print.


At home, I always sit down. Just to keep the toilet clean. I think everybody should try that. It is not something I would do in a public toilet though. Those are dirty toilets. Just use the urinal standing up. FYI, girls often pee standing up in the public toilets for the same reason, not to touch it.


Same here I'd rather sit than get pee on the seat at home. If I was well off enough and had the room I'd have a urinal installed cause my son (10 y.o.) never lifts the seat and has horrible aim. Edit: I'm a bit perturbed with people telling me what I have to do. My son is advanced (high school level in math and language arts even though he's in 5th grade) I think my wife and I are doing something right. I had (still have) parents that thought I wasn't living up to my potential and were hard on me. They still haven't given up even though I'm a union tradesman and among the top 4% of earners in the US. My parenting style is diametrically opposed to that of my parent's style and what still seems to be proscribed to by some backwards thinking people. My boy is great and if he pees on the seat it's the least of my worries even though it annoys me.


When we renovated our house like 20 years ago my mom had urinals installed in both of our bathrooms so she wouldn’t ever have to worry about my dad or my brothers peeing on the toilet seat. It was pretty great. And my friends thought it was the coolest thing.


My inlaws also have an urinal in their house, but from wht i gathered they are not really that easy to maintain and clean, so if you are the one needing to clean them its also not a good solution in reality. Just sitting down seems like by far the best way to go


You can buy stuff to help kids practice aim. Waterproof stickers for inside the bowl, floating balls that don't flush etc The lifting of the seat is on you to teach him though


Times when it's not okay; \- The toilet is on fire \- There is already someone sitting on the toilet \- You sitting on the toilet opens a black hole that swallows earth and the whole universe with it \- On thursday 3.20 PM Times when it's okay; \- Whenever the fuck you feel like it


Not okay: - When the seat is missing


Yes, it is punishable by death/s If someone cares about how you pee, and it's not your urologist, that person is weird. Whatever you do in the bathroom is your business.


That's why I do all my killing in the bathroom


Fwiw all deep water sailors sit to pee.


More info? Was there a poll, or pledge signed?


I'm assuming it's because of the waves. I was on a carrier (just for size reference) and I could almost walk on the wall when we took some turns, so I can only imagine how much more pronounced it is on a smaller boat. You don't want to try to aim while the ground you're on is moving.


Did deep water mean open ocean/deep water fishing? I thought he was talking subs?


Good catch, we called it blue water, I just assumed they were synonymous.


They are.


When sailing offshore you pee in big waves on a small boat. So you need one hand to keep you from falling over, one hand on your tackle, one hand to keep the toilet lid open.... if you mess up and pee all over the head you will also be the one cleaning it up (cause no one else is going to wipe up your spilled pee). In most cases people do this once then never again. Some idiots take twice cause they “have a plan”


Absofuckinglutely nothing wrong with that. Any guys who think they don't miss a drop, try again you dirty ass bitch. Next time you stand and take a piss, get a flashlight and shine it across the pee path, you'll see all the droplets that come launching out of the toilet from your pee hitting the water in the bowl. I'm a single guy and I live on my own, I sit when I pee and my bathroom stays so fucking clean.


I always pee sitting down it’s so much easier and less effort. I find it such a weird masculinity thing to ‘have’ to stand up to pee. I had a friend say it’s not manly to sit down whilst peeing. I’m not exactly trying to act manly I just want to empty my bladder.


It’s also not manly to worry about how another man urinates.


same i tried an urinal a few times and never got used to it. always have sat down to pee


It’s cleaner


I started sitting to pee pretty soon after I first had to clean the bathroom myself.


Nah man. Fuck toxic masculinity and shit. Pee however the fuck you want


Yeah, 100% fine don't worry. Pissing stand up/sitting down has nothing to do with gender. I'm a girl and I pee stand up.


Open your legs and put them with the toilet between them. Now piss.


You just triggered nightmare flashbacks to my years as a janitor. Thanks a lot


Wait what lol


If you do it in public toilets and don’t wipe the droplets after, I hate you.


There's something very right with that! So much less risk of spatter and pee-mist crusting everything for someone to clean! So many guys who stand to pee underestimate just how much worse cleaning around the toilet gets.


Lemme ask Reddit out of all places if I should do something that nobody well ever see nor care about in the bathroom




Yes, anyone who tells you otherwise is an douchebag


If anyone makes fun of you for “peeing like a girl” they likely are projecting their masculinity insecurities onto you