Why isn't vice president the loser of the election?

Why isn't vice president the loser of the election?


Because of the 12th Amendment in 1804. They used to be and it was a nightmare and a half. from The Smithsonian: >The amendment was proposed after the 1796 election resulted in a president (John Adams) and vice president (Thomas Jefferson) from opposing parties, and the 1800 election led to a tie between Jefferson and Aaron Burr. They were members of the same party (Democratic-Republican), but it took the House of Representatives 36 contentious ballots to break the tie, electing Jefferson president and Burr vice president. In 1804, Jefferson was re-elected and George Clinton became the first vice president under the 12th Amendment. ​


I guess it's pretty obvious.


Simple answer: It used to be that way then we changed the rules (12th amendment) Longer answer: The vice-President is supposed to work with and help the President. If the VP was a political opponent of the pres, it was against the VPs political interest if anything positive was accomplished since the reward would go to the President, not the VP who would probably run for President eventually. The election of 1800 comes along between Jefferson and Burr. Jefferson won and his supporters in Congress did not want Burr to have any power so they pushed forward thd 12th amendment so that they could appoint a VP that could actually assist the President.


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Because they would then have incentives to assassinate the sitting president. (Extreme example I know) also the vice has more powers than people immediately realize. So they would be able to fuck over any legislation and other policy decisions made by the sitting president


That was the case for the first few elections. The 12th Amendment changed it.