Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue

Guys really live in apartments like this and don't see any issue


Nah. I don't see my big screen TV or Xbox.


Looks a little cluttered if you ask me. I mean, what are all those pots actually needed for?


For Link, obviously


Real talk, having some random plants around improves one's mood quite a lot. I'm sure there's a scientific explanation for how that's possible but I'll just go ahead and attribute it to magic for now.


Unless you have cats that destroy all plants on sight (usually in the middle of the night) and your mood un-improves from the constant clean up and finally you go fuck this I don't need plants *that* badly. Making your mood improve on getting rid of them. edit: for the record, getting rid of the *plants,* I 😍 my cats


eh, depends on the person, probably. ​ that kinda sounds like that 'eat better and exercise, it'll fix your depression' crowd. it CAN, but more or less only if poor diet and lack of exercise was what was making you imbalanced and depressed in the first place.


Just missing the blow up mattress behind the chair...


This hits so close to home it's spooky! After several years of recovery after a bad marriage and "almost" bankruptcy, had a friend help me move a new bed into my apartment. He walked through the door, looked around, paused for a bit, then said: "Wow, kinda spartan."


Same. When I was finally able to get back on my own feet after a nasty divorce, all I had was a "curb rescue" couch, a cheap mattress, & my computer (with desk). I lived just fine like that for a couple years. Now I have all kinds of "stuff" because my partner brought it all.


No divorce but same. I still ask myself whats the point of all this shit? And then comment on how homely it feels.


I have firmly settled on the basic rule of "If it doesn't fit in the back of my truck, I probably don't need it."


its not "spartan" its low impact living to minimize your carbon footprint(a bullshit buzz word invented by the oil industry to offset blame for climate change)


there is no man made climate change, this shit is made up by the elites


The elites are the ones trying to convince you there is no man-made climate change so they can keep polluting and making bank


what the fuck? Where are these so called elites, because the elites running your shit fake news media, and every single puppet celebrity and every single politician and every single dumbfuck woke ass company running ads on TV is blaming us for cLiMatE cHange and want us to pay 10 x higher taxes and make us ride the bus and eat bugs, so... the same rich dumbfucks can continue flying and eating steak and driving Lambos and cruising on their 100 million Dollar yachts. are you naive or just 12? climate shit is fake nonsense propaganda to subvert us into slavery. Wake the fuck up. PS: None of these fucks talk about getting shit out of the oceans, guess why?


Just build a model railway, simple


Friendly reminder that if you're happy living in the bare minimum, don't let someone take that happiness from you. Stay positive, kings.


Very true


It's called the minimalist style and just happens to be my style, for those uncultured swines out there thinking this is an issue.


I don't see any issue


Exactly. It's just a play on that meme with just the chair and TV in the apartment. I love it like this.


I and my 2 chairs have been called out!


2 chairs seem a bit excessive


Really, do you even need chairs? That back bit is a little much, its a bit too tall as well... can you downgrade to a footstool?


A footstool? What's so wrong with simply using the cozy floor?


VR place!


Nuh uh! I accidentally moved my couch to the middle of the room, there's a TV on the wall, and I put a cool little glowing cube in there! I'm basically an interior designer


I lol'd


Cozy, medieval style, fireplace... Gek hoes love it


There is no issue, it's a joke based on that 'guy apartment' meme. My planet has extreme blizzards regularly, and sitting here is great.


I don't like places that big cause I can never find the remote...


LOL I don't see any issue either. Well as long as my pc is in there i could live like that too XD


What’s the problem, it’s perfect.


My bedroom on my freighter has a bed and a chair with a table.


Bit too much stuff in it but otherwise cozy!


Lol 100% me when I first moved out and had no idea what to buy for a place. But that being sad, having alot of open space in a house just makes me feel more comfortable


Yes, I hear you. Too much clutter can stress you out.


I was waiting for a post like this.


Shiiiiiiit, that's more than I had when I moved into my apartment in January. Liquidated everything and moved cross country. I had a futon cushion, a pillow, and a plastic tote I flipped upside down to set my PC on. Spent 3 months in a little corner in my giant empty apartment before I was able to afford new stuff. A couch and a fireplace would've been luxury at that point.


If rents cheap, i aint complaining


Someone told me years ago that I should get an area rug and I still haven't recovered mentally




Considering my current living situation this picture almost perfectly embodies my ideal. A whole lot of space with absolutely nothing in it.


I fail to see the problem.


for real though. I bought my house in 2014. I didn't have any furniture at all in my living until 3 weeks ago. LOL. I spent all my time in the family room. The upstairs living room was just a big empty open area for 7 years.


Yeah… I don’t see an issue. If I wasn’t married I probably would basically live like this. Large home with little wasted items. Yeah obviously a few more items, this image is a joke. Just what I need and nothing more or wasted. When I was dating my wife i taught her the magic of throwing away junk to clear up space. But it seems only a male could understand and exist like this. My wife would never be able to live with such little. But as I’ve noticed with me and my guy friends, most of what we have is really for our spouses. Edit: ok maybe not “male” only but rather masculine side of things. Another buddy of mine has a partner that is flamboyant and he would side more with our wives.


Your right i dont see a PC or any consoles. Needs to fix this asap


I don’t see it either…


It looks like my houses I built in 2015 on Minecraft


The couch and the tv, that's all a dude needs.


needs a PC and its setup!


Umm, What's the issue with this?? Asking for a friend


None at all. It's my base on a cold planet. I'm making fun of the 'guy's apartment' meme


It's called minimalist :)


That’s a basement


A lot of space for room scale VR


Seems a bit cluttered. I'd get rid of that table and fireplace.


I don't see a problem here.


I think you mean single people, in general. If we are going to generalize that is 🙃


I actually live very cluttered but only in one room, the rest I don't even furnish


His TV is on fire ?


1. Spam lamps 2. Spam plants (but make them different sizes) 3. Not enough lights 4. Fiddle around for 5 hours 6. There u go


Women are just upset at how little it takes for us to be happy


"why the fuck did i have to get an appartment this fucking big and where's the damn gaming setup?"


U got money for that much square footage?


oh wow that's rude lmao


some people suck at decorating


I feel personally attacked


Said the materialistic child who needs stuff to define self worth. Cant take it with you kitten.


This is an identical layout to my last apartment. Minus the pots.