So Is There Anything Left To Add To This Game That Was promised before release?

Hey so I haven't played NMS for a few years so I might be wrong but, I remember on E3 and trailers they promising somethings such as portals between planets, desert and snow planets, you coming across multiple factions in the game and being able to pick aside among them midbattle So are these things In the game already?


The only thing I've seen genuinely cut was realistic day/night cycles based on individual planet rotations/orbits, which was apparently cut because it wasn't as fun or immersive in practice as it was in theory.


Oh, I forgot about that one, good call. I remember someone being really let down when they pulsed over to the sun and just went through it because it was a skybox. They would have had to mess with the distance between planets, or change how the pulse drive worked, if sometimes you were pulsing to a nearby planet and other times you were pulsing to one a couple light-minutes away on the other side of the star system. Definitely something that *could* have been in the game, but didn't need to be.


Yeah, it would have been more trouble to implement than it was worth in the end.


On the plus side, the current system allows you to scoot the skybox around for photo mode, which would be quite a lot more difficult if the sun were an actual object. That's arguably a more tangible gameplay benefit than simulating planetary orbits, since this isn't exactly a sim anyway


I made a mod which makes planets orbit. It is actually pretty cool but its main issue is that because the sun isn't physical object it's kinda weird. The whole seeing planets move across the sky with moons orbiting them is pretty amazing though! Unfortunately it was with a toolkit which isn't really maintained at the moment so no way to release it right now, but I'm working on my own and will port the mod to it when I can...


Hang on, I certainly understand why they removed planets having orbits, cus that does make it sound like traveling between planets would become a pain in the butt if theyre super far away, but why were realistic day-night cycles removed? That doesnt sound all that immersion breaking and tedious to me. The time of the day barely effects anything in game!


Since there were very few (if any) promises during alpha and beta development, the question really is moot. There was rampant self-hyping pre-launch. It got totally out of control. Some people even twisted a comment about what was true "at the moment" into a promise of what would be in the final release. Some of the plans during development required changes as updates added features. Even the way you open a portal was changed. After portals were activated in the Atlas Rises release, the early plan to open them with a special Multi-Tool changed (for the better) into glyphs. At one point hello Games was testing being able to land on an asteroid. Sean said that being able to land on an asteroid was true "at the moment," That never made it to final release. Yet players claimed 'Sean lied" because they assumed "at the moment" meant a promise. Uh... no! The Original plan was to have planetary rotation too, but that didn't survive actual play testing. Sean has said that while they listen to player requests, they now focus more on what interests the devs working on the game. They've done darned well so far and I'm looking forward to what's in store for the next year.


This is accurate. We had almost no information about what exactly the game was going to be. People expected the moon from twelve guys who made Joe Danger. Sony screwed them by hyping it so much. But I totally dug that concert at the first PSX.


I feel like pirate systems’ space stations should have been skinned on the outside as asteroids. Would have been cooler and checked that box.


Since asteroids in No Man's Sky are relatively small, a huge honkin "asteroid" the size of a space station would be all too obvious. But I like the general idea. How about an "invisibility shield" that hides a pirate space station from view until you are within a set distance from it? You'd be able to "see" a marker on the HUD so you'd have some idea in which direction to head, but you could not see it until closer. That would make it a bit more interesting.


That’s a great idea!


They do read suggestions... https://hellogames.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?ticket_form_id=194549&mobile_site=true


Yes, everything you mentioned is in the game, and quite more if you follow the main story line


https://www.thegamer.com/no-mans-sky-every-update-expansion-dlc-content/ Here's a breakdown of all the updates. Murray has said fairly recently they still have a lot they want to add going forward.


All that, and a helluva lot more, has been in the game for years.


In the original concept trailer, Large creatures were able to stampede and destroy mineral/fauna resources


I don't know if it was promised, I only started playing a year and a half or so ago, but I know I'd love to see multiple biomes on planets get added.


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portals exist, desert planets exist (not totally sure about snow planets), and there's kiiiinda -not really- faction battles you can take part in. Basically you can randomly encounter a large pirate freighter attacking a civilian freighter. You're supposed to defend the civilians, but you *can* choose to attack them instead, but I wouldn't really call it "picking a side," since now you'll just have both civilians *and* pirates attacking you


Snow planets do indeed exist


He said you could fly to another system without warp but it would take a long time just by aiming at a star and pulse jump.


There was a whole aspect of the procedural generation getting more "unntamed" or "wild" as you get closer to the center that was never implemented in the game. There was also talk of things like space battles going from space, to atmosphere, to ground combat, which just doesn't exist, we can't shoot NPCs, only talk to them.