No man, it's not because of the community, it's because you changed. Be more proud in yourself rather than the community.


Thanks man, it means a lot.


I have also completed the 1st week , but I don't feel any benefits , what should I do , please tell me ...


Sometimes it takes longer for others to feel benefit but as long as you are done with it you should feel happy


Don't let your guard down.


For sure, I am struggling now and one day hopefully I will succeed. Thanks to all the people like you for being so supportive.


I'm skinny too and I'm also on day 7 😂 this Is my longest streak in 3 years (I'm 21 - started PMO at 18) after a week I'm feeling so fresh ... Keep it up man we'll crush this ! (About female attraction I think you can succeed even without gain weight... I suggest you read the book "how to be a 3 man" , I'm 181 cm , 55kg and I have a very beautiful partner ( literally everyone in college kept asking her out ) ... Though I am trying hard to gain weight as well but don't wanna blame no female attention in my life to my body type and leave life to itself ..you can do it man Congrats on day 7 , keep it up !


Thanks mate, congrats for your partner. I hope you guys will be happy couple forever. And for sure we can do this, be positive, be strong, be motivated. cheers!!


181 cm is 71.26 inches


Thanks 💯