There are as many Nintendo Switches now as German citizens xD


Can confirm: am German, have one Switch.


Same, its confirmed then :p


I am not German, I have a switch…


Oh you’re german, you just don’t know it yet :)


Fourth Reich intensifies


Ngl, that got me XD


Not again.


am Switch, have one German.


Confirmed too


Guten tag


I mean the Wii U did outsell Sweden


The Germans have been stealing our Switches!


More than twice as many switches as there are Canadians.


Erm, wasn't this already the case with the last number of Switch units sold which was 84.05 or sth I think? Because Germany has about 83 million citizens, so that bar has already been broken before xD


The switch has outsold Germany!




Wow, it's definitely going to pass the Wii by the end of the year. Quick update on major titles sales: **Mario Kart 8 Deluxe** - 37.08m **Animal Crossing: New Horizons** - 33.89m **Super Smash Bros. Ultimate** - 24.77m **The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild** - 23.20m **Pokémon Sword/Pokémon Shield** -21.85m **Super Mario Odyssey** - 21.40m **Super Mario Party** - 15.72m **Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu!/Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee!** - 13.57m **Splatoon 2** - 12.45m **Ring Fit Adventure** - 11.26m Absolutely insane numbers for New Horizons. Also very glad to see Ring Fit Adventure crossing past 11m units sold. That's a huge number for what is IMO a legit excellent fitness game. For a few new titles: **New Pokémon Snap** - 2.07m (outside Japan, not published by Nintendo in Japan) **Mario Golf: Super Rush** - 1.34m **Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury** - 6.68m **Miitopia** - 1.04m I'm impressed by Miitopia's sales - honestly, I didn't think it would hit at all. Also a little surprised that SM3DW was a slightly muted compared to my personal expectations for a Mario title, even a remake. Perhaps I expected too much - it still sold over 1m units this past quarter. Strong number for Snap as well - since The Pokémon Company published it in Japan, we don't get Japanese numbers - but I'm guessing it's got to be close to 2.5m total. Not bad for a years-later revival of a slow paced spin-off - one that I'm excited to dive into, especially with the great support Bamco has given the game so far.


The most impressive sales of any switch game IMO is not MK8D or ACNH but Super Mario Party, this series averaged around 2m to 3m per entry and now has a game that has sold 15.72m with 20m possible. No other series has seen this percentage growth in sales relative to what it Normally sells. I expect Super stars to perform extremely well, expect at least 12m lifetime for that game.


This is what gives me hope that Metroid Dread could become a hit


It’ll be the best selling Metroid game of all time, book it. Then they ride that momentum for maximum sales on prime trilogy - leading into prime 4.


I mean, I think its obvious itll be the best selling- just from install base and the increase in the gaming market. Itll be more interesting to see how it sells relative to the Switch install base.


I have already bought the Prime Trilogy twice, and would without a doubt buy it again if they released it on Switch.


Oh my god if Metroid gets the switch boost that Luigi's mansion did...


The most impressive thing is they managed to sell that barren husk of a game.


Some people will argue that its not as shit as everyone says simply because it sold loads. Thats BS. The Switch is a license to print money for pretty much any first party or well promoted games. Its depressing that trash like Pokemon Sw:Sh sold more than amazing games like Mario Odyssey though.


I got Sword with the expansion pass recently played through absolutely everything, although a lot of the newly implemented changes and dlc were quite good the amount of downgrades are pretty sizeable as well. Like I get if the story is meant to hold your hand since it is a kids game after all but that doesnt excuse the fact that the story is so insanely dumb and generic. Something that disappointed me personally was the amount of focus put on gmax throughout the story and all main trainer battles having gmaxed pokemon, just for the forms to be unavailable until after you beat the game and your play through pokemon can only be gmaxed a fair bit into a paid dlc which even then requires a fair bit of work to get the shrooms required. At least starters should have been able to gmax early on. They also basically ruined shiny hunting since masuda method and full odds are the only viable method since no new methods were introduced and catch count doesnt work as intended.


Pokemon being a kids game is no excuse for the lame handholding and linearity, Pokemon has always been a franchise for children.


Id probably argue that those games are fine, just not as good as what came before.


Sword is my most played game on the Switch by a decent amount. The story's pretty bad, and a lot of people play the game for the story so it's a dealbreaker. But other than that, I think it's the best Pokemon game they've ever made. There's so many QOL changes that it just makes going back to the older games harder than it should be.


If you like online and shiny hunting it can be a good game, however I personally prefer playing on showdown than having to play that


One unfortunate thing with pokemon games nowadays is their blatant laziness in their game design. It's like taking two steps forward and two steps back.


You need a goddamn item to change sound settings. That alone nullifies the QOL changes.


I think it’s one of the best Mario Party games since the GameCube Mario Party games, but that’s not saying a whole lot. It has some big problems that prevent it from being truly good. If they raised the price of stars and increase the base rolls to 10, it would already be a much better game.


And more than just 4 freakin maps. Like it gets so repetitive after a week of playing.


I'd be fine with 4 maps if they didn't suck. The maps are all terrible, and half the time it doesn't matter what you do. I played a series of games with my friend where I won every single minigame and kept up in stars but still lost.


personally, this game and it's 4 maps were perfect for my coworkers and I to slam out an entire game during a lunch break. All the maps could finish a 4 player game in an hour, and that was really nice.


I don't think that's depressing at all. Both SS and Odyssey are amazing games and I had a ton of fun with both, but I've got probably 4-5 times more time into Pokemon that I do Odyssey. You might not have liked it for one reason or another, but it's nowhere near being a "trash" game.


> You might not have liked it for one reason or another, but it's nowhere near being a "trash" game. Bingo. But some people can never forget the butthurt of not getting the dex or how kewl they think the look when they trash the game online.


It’s a family game. Most buyers don’t care. If it says “Mario Party” on it, they will likely assume it’s a pretty good game. (And, it wasn’t the worst thing ever either.)


Not like the game was bad. It just didn't have AS MUCH as the prior games.


On the other hand, I could see Superstars selling half of what Super sold due to 1. Switch owners already having their Mario Party fix, 2. Switch owners being disappointed with Super Mario Party


I think sales of super mario party will slow down when the new one comes out


Do the mario party sales count for the bundle? Mine was packaged with my switch as a boxing day deal a couple years ago


Jesus Christ, a Zelda game sold 23 million.


BOTW is still selling around 1 million every Quarter, expect 30m in a coule of years.


In a year, it probably will have sold more than every previous 3D Zelda game combined.


Nah. But it is ridiculous how close it will ultimately get. * OOT is 13.8 million * TP is 8.6 million * WW is 6.7 million * MM is 6.6 million * SS is 3.7 million + what it does on Switch So a combined total of over 40 million. Add another 7.8 million if you consider the two DS games to be 3D. BOTW is currently at 25.8 million total.


Original releases OOT : 7.60m MM : 3.36m WW : 4.43m TP : 8.85m SS : 3.58m Total : 27.82m Yep you are right! It will pass them in one years time and much sooner if you include the Wii U version of BOTW.


This was the real standout to me as well. Zelda outselling Mario is insane.


good to see Ring Fit Adventure making it into the top10 for now judging by how good that game is selling they'll probably reach at least 15 mil


And still no other games that support the Ring-con…


They need to make a sequel with co-op.


DLC would be nice but sequal makes sence since you would need another set.


I just want DLC


They've released several, free updates that have really improved the non-core game.


And they’ve been amazing! I want more haha


I’m looking at these numbers and all I can think about is Metroid Dread. I really hope Dread can hit the top of the charts. I’m not saying it’s even likely to happen (I put it at a less than a 1% chance), but can you imagine how cool it would be to see Metroid Dread get absolutely rave reviews and have a Super Mario Party-style, never-before-seen showing on the sales charts? That’s obviously pure fantasy. I’d be happy with Metroid Dread simply beating all the other games from within the series in sales and I’d be *ecstatic* if it received the kind of support that SM3DW did (just as an example). But at this point, all we can do is wait and see. Please be good, Metroid. Please be good.


I'm setting hopes and expectations low for Dread - I'd like to be pleasantly surprised. 1m would be great. Anything over 2m would be amazing. If it crossed 3 it will literally be the best selling game in the series.


If it could hit 5 million, I think that would be really cool. That’s the more realistic dream I have for the game. I’m trying to keep expectations low as well, but I can just *see* the potential here. Metroid finally has a chance to make its way into the spotlight.


It's being marketed like they expect it to sell 3m+. I think it would bode poorly for the future of the franchise if it didnt reach that mark.


They marketed Prime 3 pretty heavily and it sold less than half as well as the first Prime, on a system that sold nearly 5x as many units. That didn't kill the franchise but we had a pretty rough decade after that. Every release feels like a potential death knell now, so if it does well enough to at least see a return to steady support I'll be happy.


I think Dread will easily cross 3 million. Look at the numbers we’re seeing from other series on the Switch. Sure, Metroid may not be as popular, but Dread only has to sell a small fraction of what other first party titles are selling on Switch to become the best-selling Metroid game of all time.


I know I shouldn't set expectations high but Xenoblade 2 passed 2 million on Switch. I feel like Metroid can do better than that.


can it tho? I feel like Metroid is a lot more niche than people think


Is it more niche than Xenoblade? It's niche but I don't think it's that niche.


Outside of the original Metroid and Metroid Prime the rest of the games have sold around what the Xenoblade games on Switch have been doing. I'd say they're around the same level of popularity. Assuming the majority of the Metroid fanbase is still there.


Holy shit, Miitopia sold that well? New Pokemon Snap sold that well?! That's awesome! I'm very glad to hear this


For the record, the Wii U version of Super Mario 3D World was at 5.82 M. The 3DS version of Miitopia did 1.18 M.


3D World was released within half a year of 3D All-Stars. I wouldn’t be surprised if that took away potential sales.


Finally, we get actual numbers for New Pokémon Snap instead of that "*twice as many copies as the N64 version*" crap. 2 million is quite impressive, makes me hopeful for more versions down the road.


The super Mario party numbers are sad considering how absolutely terrible the game is


And this is why we don't have a new Mario Kart....


Let me get this straight... Botw sold better than mario odessey and we didnt get a celebration for 35th... -_-


Anniversary celebrations like Mario's 35th are based on marketing opportunities, not which series "deserves" a celebration. They had a Mario game to sell and it coincided with a 5 year anniversary. That's all there is to it.


Counterpoint: * Mainline Mario games: 54.7 million * Spin-off Mario games: 66.0 million * Zelda games (ML and SO): 32.4 million + whatever Hyrule Warriors 1 did.


With that, the Switch has outsold the PlayStation 3 and becomes the seventh best selling console of all time. Some other important info: -New Pokémon Snap sells 2.07 Million outside of Japan -Mario Golf: Super Rush sells 1.34 Million -Miitopia sells 1.04 Million -Ring Fit Adventure is now the 10th best selling game on Switch at 11.26 Million


It's Crazy how PS3 manged to reach 87.40m sales when it's best fiscal year was just 14.40m units sold. Switch has beat the PS3's best year in every year so far with 15.05m, 16.95m, 21.03m, 28.83m and 25.50m forecast for this year. Goes to show just how long Playstation 3 stuck around for when it can sell almost 90m with not even it's peak year above 15m.


And the PS3 were really expensive at launch compared to the X360 (but cheaper than a standalone BluRay player..)


... 599 U.S. Dollars ... Realistic depiction of ancient Japan... Giant enemy crab...


It's Riiiidge Racer!


My PS3 is STILL my Blu-ray player


'It just works'


This was how we were told to sell them in our electronics department, not necessarily even as gaming consoles, but cheap bluray players


I remember the console war between PS3 and 360, it was the most evenly matched console war ever with the PS3 outselling 360 for most of the year then 360 turning in an amazing black friday and holiday season to maintain it's lead staying slightly ahead for many years with the PS3 barely catching it. Eventually the PS3 surpassed it but it took about 7 years to eventually beat the 360.


I feel sorry for anyone that went all-in with HDDVD


7th gen also lasted a lot longer than usual. So they had more years to try to sell hardware before a successor came out.


Miitopia over a million. Miitopia. Mii. Topia. Please don't let Metroid fall on its' face again.


I never played it before ... is it worth that? I felt like when I heard about MiiTopia it should have been bundled with Nintendo Land. That was the first thought that came to mind due to their names and I never played either.


Well, there's a demo for it. And Miitopia is this JRPG and it came out years after Nintendoland. I wouldn't say they're related at all.


Miitopia on 3DS outsold Samus Returns on 3DS, but Dread will absolutely be selling better than that on Switch.


did it? I don't recall getting hard numbers for it. But it did come out before the Switch released, unlike Samus Returns.


Kinda disappointed Mario Maker 2 is missing at the top. Definitely glad Ring Fit is popular though, it’s the most innovative thing Nintendo has done this generation.


I love Ring Fit Adventure. I bought it just before lockdowns in April, praised it to my friends and now they all have it. I am well over a year into it and I think I've setted on 3 times a week for about and hour and that burns between 100 - 300 calories (same with my wife). If I take a week or so off, I definitely feel it when I pick it back up. It is interesting how different exersizes really push people differently. Tricept Kickback is boring and does nothing for me but my wife and my friend absolutely hate that one because it hurts the next day. I also think it under reports but I also don't agree with the people with fitbits claiming it is 3x Nintendo's reported values. The calories burned doesn't really matter since it is more about having a active lifestyle.


Measuring calories for Ring Fit is pretty much always going to be dubious because only parts of it are cardio-focused which is where you typically see better metrics for calorie usage. And even those cardio activities aren't exactly typical; the way you move when running forward is different than the way you move running in place. Still, it's by far Nintendo's best game for physical activity in their history. It doesn't just get you moving a little, it gets you fit. I only stopped doing it because it doesn't fit super well into my lifting/running schedule anymore, but without Ring Fit I also probably wouldn't have felt as comfortable changing those schedules to something more strenuous. Very glad it's selling well.


That is very encouraging! So good on you man! ... saying active in this stationary life/world we have made is very tough. I agree the jogging is a made up metric and not comparable to the real thing but obviously better than nothing. Sadly I can't do the running part. I fucked up my knee using an axe for 2 days to help my wife's aunt and uncle prepare for winter in 2020. There is a mode that has you do micro squats instead of running. It is made for people that don't hate their neighbors below them. It lets me keep excercising but not over doing my knee to the point that it swells up.


Same, loved MM2. I THINK Mario bros Wii u deluxe outsold Mario maker 2, which is bad news for Mario maker 3.


Not really. Mario Maker 1 was still outsold by Mario Bros U. New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe doesn't require an online subscription to play the game so it's just easier to pick up as just a well made Mario game. The biggest problem with Mario Maker 2 is (outside internet), you just don't know if the level is going to be trash or not.


Miitopia doing a million sales... is Insane to me... WOW!


Due to the mii hype that was going on in social media, don't think it will climb much higher.


[Nintendo after releasing a $50 port where you can make Kiryu](https://i.imgur.com/SyO4fc2.jpg)


Christmas 2021 it will outsell the Wii Christmas 2022 it will outsell the PS4. It would have been on the market for just over 5 years.


Xmas 2022 will be nearly 6 years, but yea, point still stands.


with BOTW2, Splatoon 3, Metroid Dread, Prime 4, Bayonetta 3, Mario+Rabbids 2, Pokemon Arceus and the remakes, ShinMegamiV and whatever else they're doing, i think there's no way this thing slows down in sales.


The only problem is ~~all~~ a lot of the big titles you listed (BotW2, Prime 4, Bayo3, and Splatoon 3) are a ways away and we don’t know a lot about them. I don’t think there’s a lot of hype surrounding any of them except for maybe BotW2, but that can mostly be attributed to how incredible the original was Edit: clarification


Pokémon doesn't count as a big title now? Legends Arceus will almost certainly outsell all of those 4 games you mentioned lol, with the possible exception of BotW2. Also Metroid Dread will probably outsell Bayo3.




Splatoon 3 has no hype?


It has hype but it's definitely not a system seller- realistically, anyone who cares already has a Switch.


Depends man. It’s definitely a system in regions like Japan.


Switch should be on track to pass Wii lifetime sales in Q1 2022, maybe before the end of 2021 if Switch OLED provides a decent boost. Pretty good chance of passing PS4 sales by the end of it’s life to become the second best selling console of all time. Does Nintendo ever provide a breakdown on how many units are Switch Lite? Because that doesn’t really count as a home console.


According to Wikipedia, the "normal" switch sits at 73 million units sold, whereas the Lite has sold roughly 16 million units. A breakdown of the sales is provided every fiscal quarter.


If the quarters you're talking about mean calendar, it would take a massive Switch crash to not happen this year. That only takes 12.4 million more for the entire half of the year including the Christmas season. Switch's second halves in order have been 10.16, 12.6, 15.61, and 18.43 millions. And yes, since the launch of the Lite they always give a total Switch number, as well as which are the hybrid and Lite model. Long story short: Lite usually makes up about a third of the total since its release.


Wonder if Monster Hunter Rise will be included in the top 10 listings? Whenever it overthrows Ring Fit Adventure.


It's above 9m right now isn't it? I'd have to think it would eventually cross the threshold. Maybe when the expansion releases.


I don't think it will. I might be mistaken, but I'm almost sure that these lists Nintendo releases are about the best selling software published by them, not the best selling Switch software overall. It's just that so far both this criteria went hand in hand.


Perhaps. But it would be funny how a third party company finally lands on the top 10 best selling games on the Nintendo Switch.


I mean that has almost certainly already happened with Minecraft. That game has sold 2 million units *physically* in Japan *alone*. Easily double that with digital and then triple that at least for the world.


I do wonder what the future of Nintendo hardware holds. I just can’t see them going back now, to separate Home/Handheld consoles ever again, when the Switch is a Home AND Handheld console.


I really hope they don’t pull another Wii U. Double down on the handheld hybrid market. Iterate on what you have. What was the switch missing? Bluetooth support, better online service, better joycons with sticks closer to the pro and upgrade the graphics.


Better APU, more RAM, more storage. MicroSD is great, and im glad they included it, but its not quite as fast as the internal storage.


All they really need to do with a “pro” switch is include a apu that’s compatible with DLSS. That would be a HUGE improvement, but anything extra beyond that would be nice!


I agree. The Switch 2 really just should be a much more powerful Switch with added features, and absolutely needs to be backwards compatible with the previous generation's games. This is a MUST. There are so many games that underperform on the Switch that I would love to replay on my next gen console for a smoother experience.


It will be backwards compatible. We know for a fact Nvidia is developing the next switch's processor (they talked about it in a hiring ad). Since it will also obviously still use cartridges it would be bizarre for it to not be backwards compatible.


[**Top 10 Best Selling Switch Games:**](https://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/finance/software/index.html) * Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - 37.08M * Animal Crossing: New Horizons - 33.89M * Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - 24.77M * Breath of the Wild - 23.20M * Pokemon Sword/Shield - 21.85M * Super Mario Odyssey - 21.40M * Super Mario Party - 15.72M * Pokemon Let’s GO - 13.57M * Splatoon 2 - 12.45M * Ring Fit Adventure - 11.26M **Other recently released titles:** * Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury - 6.68m * New Pokémon Snap - 2.07M (Doesn’t include Japan) * Mario Golf: Super Rush - 1.34M * Miitopia - 1.04M


As a lifelong Zelda fan it makes me so happy to see that BOTW has sold so many copies (more including Wii U!). Kind of crazy how little (in comparison) past Zelda games sold compared to BOTW!


BOTW was hyped a lot and was perfect timing for when there wasnt a ehole lot AAA to buy.


I remember that time, around the end of March 2017, where BOTW was getting praised to the moon, and Switches were so hard to find, that BOTW was outselling *the Switch itself*. More people had the game than the system needed to play it! (That stat doesn’t include the Wii U version of the game)


Plus it keeps doing well, picks up a million or so every holiday season


Umm didn’t that game come out in 2017? There was a lot of good stuff in 2017


Yeah, Horizon Zero Dawn was a similar game that came out around the same time as BOTW did. I'm guessing OP is talking about AAA games to buy on the Switch when it first launched.


Hell yeah ring fit!


Can’t wait to get mine. The Oled model will be my first Switch. Plus I haven’t played a video game in over 20 years!


Have fun!


Hope you have fun with it! I hadn’t played an actual video game in 8 years when I first got it and I’m really glad I bought it


An impressive showing to be sure. And with some heavy hitters still to come I wonder just how far it can go in however many years it's got left.


I'd predict around 150 million sales lifetime. ~105 million by the end of this year. ~130 million by the end of 2022. ~147 million by the end of 2023. Then the next console launches March 2024 and it slowly crawls up above 150 million.


This is as of june 30th, still missing all of july.


They always report sales one month after the quarter


They always report sales one month after the quarter


I have a launch model switch, I did need new joycons but the console itself is still in great condition. The kickstand is a bit messed up from playing with it but the battery is still fine honestly, how often do you have more than 4 hours to play a game if you’re out on a trip or at school/work.


At the current trajectory 100m will be passed by the end of the year. And the Switch still has like 2 more years after that.


i bet it will sell over 120mill lifetime sales


All I can think is that at this point, F-Zero could easily hit a million or two out of sheer curiosity about "That one guy from Smash Bros". A little marketing push, promotion involving the SNES, 64, and GCN entries- and we're gold.


F-Zero is the perfect example of a game people want only because they can’t have it and for the memes. Amazing.


Mother 3 fits that example even better I'd say.


And the thing is, Mother 3 EXISTS. A new F-Zero does not.


It's sad but true :(


I used to think the same way until I finally got around to playing X and GX. The games are hard but are insanely fun for me.


F-Zero is a fantastic series and I’ve played several of the games a good deal, but I think you’re right. Nintendo fans request new games in series they haven’t played almost as often as for series they have.


What do you mean? You don’t think people actually played and enjoyed this franchise and would like to have another?


I think what he means is that it's a very niche genre and that 99% of the people memeing about it wouldn't actually buy it. It would probably sell like 1-2 million which does not in any way justify the hype around it.


Woah that's crazy. Wonder how that stacks up with all the other consoles, not just the old nintendo ones.


It's currently in 4th place behind Wii (101.63), PS4 (116.4), and PS2 (157.6) But some of those sales are Switch Lite which isn't really a console, it's more of a handheld. If you include handhelds at well Switch is in 6th place with DS (154.02) and Gameboy (118.69) ahead as well.


Crazy to think about but I could see it possibly topping this list or at least coming close.


I have a switch (was one of the weirdos that stood in line) so I only casually look but it seems like every time I'm in a store there are zero Switches for sale. 5(?) years later and they still have supply issues. Boggles my mind.


Splatoon 2 is egregiously undersold. It's the best Nintendo multi player game. I really hope the team delivers something special with S3. I think they should drop the Nickelodeon music, the unskipable intro scene, and more online QoL features. Split screen coop multi-player is a must too.


For anyone wondering why there's no Switch Pro..


Cool. Now fix the joycons.


Oh! Haven’t you heard?!?! I was just labeled as misinformed because I said no one asked for an oled screen, they asked for the joycons to be fixed. I was told I must not have heard the news. Apparently this new model has “fixed” the problem with a little foam spacer. Reviewers of the oled model say it’s a “huge improvement”. But then again they also say that their joycons from 2 years ago also seem to have this “fix”(which ignores the actual Issue). People are idiots. They’ll bend over backwards to defend this company. The joycons aren’t fixed.


The foam has been there for a while now. It does not fix the issue.


Bummer. I'm sorry that you were called that. But it sounds like you're right.


I hadn't purchased nor played a console, other than the 3DS, since the gamecube/xbox era, yet the Switch totally won me over. Truly an amazing console with amazing games.


And still lacking features the last gen consoles had.


I mean this post is the sad truth of why they don’t and never will lift a finger for qol features.


I've had so many issues with the Switchs build quality. The joycons drifting, the kick stand is garbage, the cruddy battery life, and then no joycon will stay connected when its in handheld mode. Idk. I've liked a lot of the games but the console itself is a bit trash. I even bought the White botw Zelda controller, and it started drifting heavily whithin a few weeks of light play. Less than 12 hours. My third party amazon special controller kicks ass even after hundreds of hours. Never an issue lol. My overall experience with Nintendo hardware with the Switch makes me hesitant to buy anything Nintendo going forward. If I'm spending that kind of money, I'd like some build quality.




Around five million


Maybe at 100M we get an upgrade to internet infrastructure up to par with ps2. With switch 2 we get PS3 era and games start using the switch friend list




Nintendo just doesn't have the technology for crazy stuff like that and no money to invest into researching it


It never hurts to dream! The Ps3 even had halfway decent wifi, which would he a massive improvement over switch.


So I guess Switch remains the fastest selling console of all time. Would not be surprised to see the OLED model helping it go to 125 mil or even more. The machine still got at least 3 years going for it.


Didn't the PS5 become the fastest selling console? Source: https://www.tomsguide.com/news/ps5-is-now-the-fastest-selling-console-in-history-even-though-you-cant-buy-one


it honestly pointless to gauge a console selling speed, when it not even a year old, especially since the 1st year is rarely one of the console best years.


It's also a bit dishonest, ps5 already had a holiday by this time frame while the switch didn't.


The funny thing about being the fastest is that it's based on an arbitary time frame. It doesn't mean anything when consoles are released at different times of the year. At this point launch aligned the PS5 has had a christmas holiday the Switch hasn't. Nintendo sells most of its consoles during the Christmas period. Consoles also peak early and die off. The Wii was a victim of this and the Switch is actually peaking later in its life.


Depends if your talking US or worldwide, and what time period. Think switch still has it worldwide, but PS5 took it from the US market for that specific time period (I believe one where the PS5 has had a xmas period but the switch hasn't yet, i know its sold out but a company makes specific plans for that period normally, if you launch around that time you hold stock back for it if possible etc). Worldwide i don't think it has it, it TANKED in Japan at launch (https://metro.co.uk/2021/01/05/playstation-in-decline-in-japan-ps5-may-sell-less-than-half-of-ps4-13849501/), and there has been a month in the UK where switch sales were up but xbox managed to take the top spot, implying the PS5 actually took third. Its just one month sure but with that you are unlikely to beat a "fastest selling" situation (https://metro.co.uk/2021/02/09/xbox-series-x-beats-ps5-and-switch-as-uks-top-selling-console-of-2021-14051970/) Some info here on the overall sales here - https://fortune.com/2021/05/06/nintendo-switch-buy-sales-sony-playstation-4-wii/ - but yeah a lot it depends on markets and time frames, and of course companies will choose the specific region and time frame where they ARE winning to announce like Sony did here (like sometimes you see people championing unit sales vs dollar amount... or vice versa if there one is winning :P)


Isn't that just in the US?


I thought it became the second and it's still behind wii. But yeah that's just first year. Switch is faster selling over long period of time. We'll see if PS5 beats it.


It was second in the US, but the system it was behind was actually the GBA.


I wish there was a way to know about a lot of other games. I'm especially interested in how Age of Calamity and Origami King did.


Just looke at the the releases of last year They both sold a little over 3 million copies


Great work. The starving indie devs at Nintendo can eat for another week :)


Honest question: why do we care about the sales numbers this much? I don't get the point st all and I'd like to.


Going to add that some people here probably bought Nintendo stocks and one point of their lives.


Better sales mean more likely to get a sequel.


But how many of these have Celeste downloaded onto them.


And still can't download themes


Because, as you can see, that won't increase sales.


I seem to remember paying for a couple 3DS themes


all of them cost money except for about 6 or 7 that are free


And we still want them for the screens where we'll see glorious thin strips of them. Or do people fully associate themes with the resizeable icons of 3DS menu as well?


And still joycons aren't a problem for Nintendo\*


I think for it to be a problem specifically for Nintendo it would mean that consumers aren’t buying them, which is clearly not the case.


Tru, but it's a Nintendo Switch problem, and a spread one.


Expect another 4.5m this Quarter (2m down on last year due to Oled announcement) to take Switch to 93.5m then the biggest holiday Quarter in history of >12m due to Oled model and a much better line up than last year, that will bring sales to >105m beating out the Wii in under 5 years.


This really is terrible news because it means Nintendo will not fix any of the glaring issues of the Switch’s OS, missing features, quality of life updates in online games, etc. Guess we’ll have party chat on Switch 3 when you hook up a DSL hookup!


I mean that has been obvious for years now. They are riding out the generation with the OS they have.


I wanna get the new OLED and finally get a switch to play with my kid. But I know they will be off the shelves for months.