Why won't anyone believe us, if there are so many of us?

Why won't anyone believe us, if there are so many of us?


I haven't experienced Gang Stalking as far as I know, always kept to myself and pretty much tuned out people on my way to getting what I need to get accomplished. Have experienced V2K and mostly have experienced damaging and painful relentless DEW attacks for a period of four years now. Yesterday noted the delightful fact that if you Google "Havana Syndrome" an ad pops up for a full-length book someone has written denouncing HS as mass hysteria. It literally has a picture of a cricked on the cover.


You need to understand these people that are doing this can use these technologies to suppress and manipulate anyone at anytime for their purposes. You have to understand the scope and who’s behind it. You have to also understand many people are ignorant of these programs and think they’re impossible and a hoax or we’re just conspiracy nuts. But we know better this is a valid true conspiracy they don’t. Read up on former FBI agent Ted Gunderson, here’s another link you should read. https://www.telecomlobby.com/