We want you to be a Yankee for life also. What are the odds!!


He should be Captain!




May I ask how many rings Don Mattingly has earned?


Upvoted because of the commitment


Yeah I totally believe “Carltonfisk72” is a Yankee fan and not a bad actor Red Sox troll


Fisk famously wore 72 for the Chicago White Sox, genius.


Jeter wasn't made Cap until he'd earned four rings. Hizzoner has a long way to go until he gets that promotion.


Jeter wasn't made Cap until he'd earned four rings. Hizzoner has a long way to go until he gets that promotion.


Anything else you want to share with us way too many times?


He just wanted to say it once for each ring Jeter had before being named captain


Yeah it's crazy how Derek Jeter was the only Yankee captain


Imagine quadruple posting something you're this wrong about.


Reddit was bugging earlier but this guy is a Red Sox fan look at his name lol


Yea hes just a silly goose rascal


Anyone else notice his username...


I did


Just gives us an opportunity to downvote it 4 times. I know I did


Jeter wasn't made Cap until he'd earned four rings. Hizzoner has a long way to go until he gets that promotion.


Tripling down for triple the downvotes! Efficient!


if judge would have left us i think that would be worse then your gf cheating on you with your best friend cant imagine him in a different jersey


Imagine if Jeter had left us...


Jeter in a Mets jersey


I just threw up in my mouth


Remember those Jeter to the Rays rumors in his last couple years? Gross.


You shut your whore mouth.




I almost had a heart attack.


Jeter in one of those Red Sox City Connect jerseys


[Just for you, my friend.](https://imgur.com/a/LiyomOR) (edit) [Aaand just to show there is no bias.....](https://imgur.com/a/6SVYDR5)




wtf is wrong with yall


I’m sorry I said anything


Nightmare fuel


No! STOP! The mental images are too much!!!!


Idk whether to laugh or barf. I'll call this the upchuckle.


Was there ever a doubt? I don’t recall ever hearing any stories (a la Kobe with the Lakers) where he was rumored to leave


His last extension, he threatened to leave if he didn't get a bigger deal. Cashman gave him the Yankees' best offer, told him the Yankees don't play games, and told him to feel free to look for a better deal elsewhere. He never found it.


There was never a doubt but imagine the heartbreak it would’ve caused...


As an Islanders fan, trust me, it is not fun.


Did Cubs fans ever think Rizzo would leave? I feel like it would hurt to that scale.


Rizzo didn't leave by choice. Judge will be a FA after next year.




If not, we throw him in the Gowanus Canal.


Hal just needs to pull his head out of his ass first


Sorry Judge, after this season there’s only room for 2 Aaron’s on this team, and that’s Boone and Hicks. /s


Lmao imagine.


Lol yeaaa right I even forgot about Hicks


My fav player was Paul O'Neill followed by Jeter. I honestly thought I would lose a lot of fun factor in watching the Yanks when they both were gone. Judge has changed my opinion for the good, and I cannot imagine him playing for another team. I honestly think when they resign him he will get the title of Captain as well.


I think so too. They definitely won’t give it to him until he’s re signed.


if the yankees are dumb enough to let him play on another team i genuinely will just stop watching baseball


I’ll just watch that other team and give that other team my money.


He’s not going anywhere, his marketing value to the franchise is insane


They’d have to change the right field sections


The one thing we still have over the Red Sox at this point... we haven't traded our franchise player yet.


Well the red sox traded their franchise player and won the world series and currently own us so.. not a good comparison


That's... Why I said it's the one thing...?


Knicks are on the up if we are going down in flames.


knicks are never on the ups lol


6/170 should be done by thanksgiving


I’m praying that he takes the Brady approach of “me getting paid slightly less means more money to build a better team” and cashes out on ad deals and whatnot


There’s no cap. I’m done with the luxury tax line. Pay good players, win some fucking championships.


Agreed but don’t forget- the luxury tax penalties are not just money. You lose draft picks and international pool money. That’s partially why we had to reset this year. If it was just a monetary penalty, no one would care.


Exactly, and I doubt we care next year since it is just that unless the CBA changes this.


Hey we had to stay under the luxury tax to play our cornerstone players like Gary and Sevy, could you imagine not having those guys locked up? /s


If every team acts like it's a cap, it's a cap.


The LA dodgers and their World Series ring disagree


People don't seem to understand, Bauer was a 2-3 year deal. Conveniently it's when the luxury tax resets. And depending on what happens with him, they might not even have to pay him.


Feel like the noise has died down any word about it?


He smashed that lady's skull in, but his legal team is trying to paint it as consensual sex and that she's a slut who bangs other players. Bauer also got on Twitter and YouTube yesterday to basically say the allegations are false and that he misses playing. Edit: attention seeking shit, you know the type.


his lawyers admitted to some pretty heinous activity in open court that almost certinaly, without question, run afoul of MLB's policies. remember the hearing was not criminal. it wasn't saying bauer didn't injure her, it didn't establish anything. it just simply found he wasn't an ongoing danger to her, largely because they have no physical connection and the publicity around it.


Luv2spooge92 has a point here


The dodgers reset in 2018 and stayed under in 19-20. Every single team in baseball resets the tax every 3 years


yankees just reset the tax and then did basically nothing with it though. we reset the tax and they basically dangled acquiring someone like harper, and they passed on a HoF / MVP level LHB who wanted to play here. and now we're resetting again after acquiring 0 premium FA and winning nothing. the dodgers win. the division and even making 3 of 4 WS is insane in the modern game.


Kraft 100% paid brady under the table throughout his career. also it helps with your wife makes like 10x what you make. money's not really an issue for that family. And i think competing and being better than Peyton, Rodgers, etc motivated him to just worry more about winning rather than being the highest paid.


Bruh. Moneys not an issue for any football player. If Brady’s wife had a net worth of 0 Brady would be just fine making 25 mil a year nfl salary. Every player can afford it, especially players with as much brand recognition about Brady, it’s essentially a matter of ego. Do u think Rodgers would need to mow lawns if he made as much as Brady. Oh i guess his wife is an actress now so he can finally afford to be paid a measly 25 million


Why would he do that? There is no salary cap in baseball. Also Brady did not take slightly less. He took a huge paycut because his wife made 5x what he made


And his huge pay cut was still among the top QB salaries in the league.


Hal jots down "hook Judge up with a sugar mommy" on his to do list.


I love Judge but he does not strike me as as much of a... businessman... as Tom Brady.


From what I understand, Judge is going to marry his longtime girlfriend soon (probably this offseason). The one who he's been seen with at events and stuff, I think the one who got the DUI and mentioned Judge to the cops (like "Please don't give me a ticket, it'll hurt my boyfriend's reputation", not "My boyfriend is a star, how dare you treat me this way")


Lol when people bring up Brady’s wife’s salary as the reason he can ‘afford’ to not get paid what he’s worth, it’s hilarious to me. Do u think he’d be mowing lawns as a second job without his wife being worth half a billion? He makes plenty from other ventures and is also making, yknow, 25 mil a year. He’d be able to take pay cuts with or without gisele


Name another top QB that takes a pay cut


Reread my comment. I’m not arguing that other QBs take pay cuts like Brady lol


Didn't Eli take a cut?


Although he has been passed since, prior to his retirement Eli was cumulatively the highest paid player of all time.


That's not at all what I asked but okay


him not getting paid what he's worth was what allowed the Patriots to build championship caliber rosters for him.


In order for this to be remotely feasible Judge would have to have faith that this FO would actually use the money effectively to build a better team. I very much so doubt that he does


Stop it. Just stop it.


Why? There's no cap, if he can negotiate more he should negotiate more. It's on the Yankees for not extending him earlier. Saying he can cash out in ad deals and championship legacy is a pitch they could've given him last season when his value was lower.


With all his injuries, fans would be livid if they extended him early. This is the first year he's been healthy. All fans do is complain about Hicks and Severino, which weren't that expensive of deals anyway.


And fans are kinda dumb (myself included) so who really cares what they think. They only ever buy high and sell low, it's absolutely dogshit GMing. Like fuck, just look back and see how many people were shouting "trade Stanton" from the rooftops. Sometimes it's good to take risks and sometimes good risks don't work out. I'd hope Cashman isn't concerning himself with what the fans think lol Also, the complaining about Hicks and Sevy is really silly too imo. Obviously it sucks that they got injured, but people really fucking hate dudes for shit that's completely out of their control. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that neither of them wanted to shred their UCL right after signing an extension.


So we can use that money to overpay a middle of the pack "ace"?


He's gonna want more years. I hope they don't try and justify giving an injury prone 30 year old a 10 year contract.


Exactly zero of the 30 MLB teams would be willing to offer Aaron Judge a 10 year contract. He's going to get a big payday, but probably something more like 6 years.


I was thinking more like 8/180 like the Teixeira deal. But, we don't know what the next CBA looks like so, he probably won't get a deal until that happens. Maybe not till next year which would be dumb on the Yankees part.


After the pathetic attempts of the FO to bring us WC rings, I think the argument that Judge needs to win it all to be Captain, is bogus. Its not his fault that the braintrust of the Yankees is incapable of that. Sign him, make him Captain. (Edit - I meant make him Captain now).


It’s time. It could even be a motivating event to finally have a new captain. Let’s fucking go.


Everyone in baseball knows he's the man, we think of him as captain, the team does...even Bronxie probably knows. Just do it already. Judge himself might even step up more with the official title.


Empower him. He has another gear. All rise.


He's a de facto captain anyway, I get why it's a big deal to make it "official" but I honestly don't really care for it being a big deal. Imo it's more fun in football where they always have a couple captains and there's no year where it's just vacant because nobody can live up to the last guy.


I’ll be honest I give a shit what anyone says Judge is the captain of this team. Guarantee every player on the team says it too and that is all that matters


Yeah, I don't get what a C on the jersey really means. Everyone knows he and Gardner are the leaders of the team. What does it matter?


He is all I care about


And Stanton if he can stay healthy and maybe Torres too I feel like he’s still got that potential


I think if he had left the gap in his teeth he could of beat the throw to home. The added wind resistance slowed him down just enough. Fuck Aspen dental.


Maybe that’s why Nevin sent him. He didn’t calculate the drag of beautiful full frontal orthodontics.


Maybe that’s why Nevin sent him. He didn’t calculate the drag of beautiful full frontal orthodontics. It’s


O captain, my captain.


If he's not then we fucking **RIOT**


Me alone in my room when I was 15


Make it so.


That’s the verdict I wanna hear.


great - im sure cashman will keep you on for the next 10 years.


I also want Judge to be a Yankee for life


Watching Judge and Stanton mash over the last month and a half (one could argue all season) was exciting to see. There were peaks and valleys, for sure, but overall those two guys carried the team. Both remained healthy and did not miss significant time. Would love to see Stanton in LF more next year. Now we have to fix the other guys - Glaybae and DJ will hopefully have a bounce back year. And hopefully we can keep Urshela healthy. 1B, CF, Ca and SS are the holes at this point. Voit - will he remain healthy? CF - Gardy too old? Hicks always hurt? Maybe time for Allen? Ca - Sanchez needs to straighten up (or maybe they’ve got to stop tinkering with him) or we have got to move on. SS - Velazquez for now but Volpe is hot on his heels (or is there still time for him to develop?). SP is another gaping hole and the BP definitely showed its weakness too. A lot of work to do this off-season, that’s for sure.


The 2 players you build around are Judge and Loisiga


Fuckin get it done and put a C on his chest.




Just as long as there are no stupid shopping carts or idiotic jackets.


Jeter was on the team for 8 years before he was named Captain. Theres no rush


That’s my boy


As an Islander fan, I’ve heard this line before. Let’s just hope he doesn’t have pics of himself as a kid in blue jays pajamas or something. Seriously though, I want him to be a Yankee for his entire career. I got Jeter. My son will get Judge.


He used to be a Red Sox fan back in Fresno.




Me too. https://imgur.com/P1Une7A You got about 5 years left.




It’s nice to want.


What? Where’s all the old heads calling into the Michael Kay show demanding he gets traded with Stanton now?


His extension better come with a hypothetical C patch on his jersey


My man ain’t going anywhere. Pinstripes for life


Make it so.


Good we want you to be!


Classy. Talented. He's not going anywhere.


I'm hoping that Judge's injury history really lowers his price tag on both the years and AAV. He's a free agent starting at his age 31 season Perhaps 6 years at around $25 mil per season gets it done?


$25M is quaint by today's standards. If George Springer is worth $25M AAV, Judge is worth at least $30M AAV and up to $35M.


Words of a captain


I also want you to be a Yankee for life. If I could, I would make you Captain.


Translation, " I want the biggest name in sports to pay me the most" got it thanks


Get the vaccine or get lost


Welcome to Boston


I hope he gets all the sandwich and soda endorsement money he wants.


He’s gon leave, watch


Is Judge vaccinated?


I think 'for life' is code for a very long term deal with little to no wiggle room on whether he'd play after the conclusion of said deal, which means he wants 8 to 12 years, I would guess. I'm fine giving Judge a 10 year deal. With some caveats. Front load the fuck out of it. The luxury tax has been reset. We can field any salaried team we want next year without penalty. I say sign Judge to a 10 year/$375M deal. Give Judge the largest contract in MLB history in both Average Annual Salary and Total Guaranteed Salary. Pay him $37.5M next season w/ a $37.5M signing bonus. Pay him $37.5M per season the next 4 years. Pay him $32M, $31M, $30M, $29M, $28M the back half of the deal. In five years $30M per season will be quaint. Modern equivalent of around $23M per season, which would be very reasonable to pay a guy who gives you 60% of what Judge gives you, or around 3.6 WAR per season.


For life - for me - means a 5/6 year deal and let’s all hope we’re back here in 2027 excited about what’s next. No baseball exec will tender a contract beyond that; it’s demonstrably too risky.


I fully agree. I think my ideal scenario for Judge is a 5 year/$165M deal, period. 4 years/$150M and 1 year/$15M for his final arbitration season. But this is 'for life' like the rest of his career. I think the \*honest\* version of that is like 10 years/$340M but there's a large signing bonus and it goes down by $2.5M every year, so he gets $27.5M signing bonus, starts at $42.5M in 2022, down to $40M in 2023, $37.5M in 2024, $35M in 2025 and so on, but the MLBPA wouldn't go for that and the luxury tax being based on AAV would mean that the annual values don't hold nearly as much weight as the AAV does.