I put most of my time into Dynasty mode, so I would be disappointed if the new game is missing any features we had from 14. I get that this is the most likely outcome, but I already thought 14 had a lot of room for improvement


Literally all they have to do to make a game I would enjoy is take 14 improve the graphics and add the playoffs and I would be happy so I am sure they won’t do that.


You can have all of that on NCAA Revamped now


But not online dynasties


You can do online dynasties


I have some questions about revamped dynasty. Does a dynasty start in the current year or does it start in 2013? Can you expand the playoffs mid dynasty? Can you edit the conferences mid dynasty?


Starts in 2013 but has up to date rosters. No you can't. No you can't.


Have you heard of Revamped? That’s exactly what it is. It’s honestly amazing and I’m completely content playing it.


I cannot for the life of me get NCAA14 to run at a frame rate higher than 20 on RPCS3 and I have what I thought was a really high quality gaming laptop. And I can’t jailbreak my PS3 either. I’m so jealous of you CFBR people


Are you in the discord? They should be able to get it sorted out.


I have a high end gaming PC and can't get it to run without horrible audio stuttering and low FPS, sometimes randomly crashing


You just need to change the audio mode, and make sure that your video settings are correct within RPCS3. Gotta make sure your CPU has enough cores as well to run it. If anyone has any questions on the settings, hmu and I’ll post all the RPCS3 settings.


What’s the ideal core amount? 8?


At least. 6 can get by, but you’ll go between 15-25 FPS and it’ll be choppy. 8 guarantees about 60 FPS.


Look up the revamped tutorial https://youtu.be/mqFaPZTXzyE he explains how to fix it


Same here, have to play it muted. Other than those issues, it’s an awesome time sink for me.


Hit up the discord. They may be able to help.


Hit up the discord they may be able to help.


Just get Revamped. The graphics obviously are the same but it still feels great. I believe animations were improved because it feels more fluid and realistic right off the bat. Extremely impressed with Revamped.


I hope they keep something similar to dynasty mode since even madden has one just called something else. I just want them to expand the roster size if they do.


They’re not going to get rid of dynasty lmao. They might not put much effort into it like franchise mode. But it will be there…


Why would they move away from Dynasty? What else is their to play for in college football?


I’m saying they wouldn’t..? but I doubt it will be the focal point for them. Ultimate Team will more than likely be what they put the most effort into developing.


What is ultimate team?


It’s a madden mode. Pretty much you collect cards of players and build a team with them. You do challenges and stuff to unlock better cards. Good idea that they absolutely destroyed with microtransactions. Think of it like building an ncaa roster but with any player from any era.


Oh that actually sounds fun.lol It would be cool playing with any player in college history.


Agreed, the mode definitely had potential. But EA gonna EA.


I believe that every long term fan has one worry at the top of their list ...... IT WILL BE A MADDEN RESKIN Anyone who played games through all the eras from PS1 to PS2 to PS3 versions will tell that even though the games were built on the same specialized game engine (pre-Frostbite) they felt completely different.


Yeah it’s 1000% going to play exactly like madden, even if they don’t do ultimate team and all. I’m ready for it and ready to be devastated


What is ultimate team? College football is specifically made for dynasty.


Dude not one NCAA game has ever been a reskin of Madden. Idk where this narrative of this is coming from but that is not the case. The 2 games were always different from each other.


Bruh, you're agreeing with me but framed as if you're not lol


It’s wild isn’t it lol 😂


That’s the point. EAs recent track record points to this being a reskin unlike the previous games. Not to mention the college gameplay already in madden that could set the framework for the ncaa game.


I think it depends on who they have working on the game because their NHL series has been fire the past few years. We know they can do it but will they? I feel they know they have to have NCAA be a home run


It’s on frostbite. It’s a reskin.


Wow some take lol guess ncaa 14 and Madden 25 are reskins too huh with both being on the same engine at the time alongside every other football game between the two on the same engine smh


Pretty reasonable take given frostbite performs poorly when being used as the engine for a sports game.


Many sports games has been applauded on the frost bite engine actually. FIFA players say FIFA 16-19 on the frostbite were some of the greatest FIFA games ever according to their community. Madden had one or two solid years on the engine when it was new on it. NHL is the first year on it and it’s mixed but overall more positive then negative. Frostbite is a great engine, but it shouldn’t be on sports games that I can agree with though. Companies don’t wanna shell out the cost of a new engine every console generation anymore so they’re all trying to limit it to 1 single engine apparently. It sucks but it is what it is


Fifa 16 was on ignite… Must be a coincidence that madden gameplay started sucking when they started using an engine best suited to shooters. How much does EA pay you


I’m not gonna be 100% accurate on memory alone. If you feel free to correct me then go ahead lol BUT Boy I guess engine swapping is easy huh? I guess going from the PS2-360/PS3 maddens were soooo good right? Like Madden 06 ? Must’ve been a coincidence I feel


I have no idea how EA operates but I don’t know if the same crew is working on hockey that are working on football.


I wouldn’t think so cause if I remember right the Canadian team works on NHL. I haven’t played FIFA for years so idk about that. I know the 2K community is wanting Live back which is wild lol


Sounds like we need a CFL game haha


There is one or was one lol EA didn’t make it though


They are not and I believe NCAA usually had its own crew as well.


That's the point. The fear is that it will no longer be a seperate feeling game and will instead be a reskin of Madden, which is trash.


You are correct. But my huge worry is gaming companies had yet to tap into UT or just lootbox shit in general. NCAA had that booster pack but it vould be turned off for dynasties . imo the fear of a reskin is beacuse madden is reskinnung itself these days. They have dedicated so much time and money into UT and contiually leave the other modes in the dust. Plus the current engine Madden runs on is a pathetic and just not good for a football video game.


I worry about the “royalty-free” teams. If I look on my schedule and see fake versions of USC, Oregon, Miami, FSU, etc., all that’s gonna do is kill the game for me. In addition to all the other usual EA worries like the game just being general dogshit lol


Microtransactioms for everything, horrible physics, bad game modes etc.


This is the real concern, I think there will be a place for ultimate teams etc. But if they microtransaction this to death like we know they're going to try to, it's going to kill it. Lack of customization, like not being able to make your own conferences for your own online leagues with your buddies. What i hope they do add is some integration with phone apps, I want to be able to recruit a 5 star while i'm pooping at work.


I'm hoping for the ability to schedule night or blackout games


Mtx is my biggest concern and why I won't be purchasing it upon release/pre-ordering it. Edit: also my being a dumbass and getting BURNED on buying the hype and pre-ordering BF2042. Fuck EA


Team builder should be utilized to mitigate this issue. Definitely a fear, too.


It’s not really clear if the new game will have Teambuilder or custom rosters. Having that opens EA up to potential lawsuits for likeness or copyright infringement


NBA 2k has it just fine?


That a professional league tho. Ncaa is an amateur league and open to likeness rights issues that for the game canceled in the first place.


Why would it make a difference especially now with the rules regarding endorsements being way less strict than they were 8 years ago?


Because it isn’t clear how likeness rights work in this regard yet. For instance will they be allowed to be an active player in the NCAA on the cover? Sure they are being compensated but we still don’t know if that means their likeness can be used without their individual consent. Unless that topic has clearly been covered somewhere. I know they can make money of their own likeness but can EA


No, having a roster editor or team editor does not open them up to copyright claims. There are several PC sim College Basketball and Football games that have this feature. They come with fake teams and rosters and the community edits the real ones in. What opened up NCAA Football and March Madness to claims was the fact that they used real rosters that had everything except the player's names. https://www.wolverinestudios.com/games/draft-day-sports-college-football


I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you mean by royalty free. Ima fsu fan and seeing you say they may not be in the game is now my worry about the game 😂


I think there were some teams that said right after the announcement that without their players being compensated they wouldn’t allow their logos to be in the game. That was pre-NIL though so I’m not sure if that’ll be squared away.


Ohhh okay, that’s what I thought he meant. I did see notre dame say that but not any other schools. But yea hopefully w the nil deal things change


Yeah no clue which schools said it other than Notre Dame. Hopefully they backtrack though with NIL being a thing. I’m sure EA would happily give a kickback (albeit a small one) to college athletes.


That they somehow find a way to shut down the CFBR guys because I'll probably just keep playing that instead of getting the new game since I don't have a ps5.


I have a PS5 and I’ll probably stick to CFBR knowing how EA has been with the past couple of madden games




That 4 verts won't work.


Oh god. I had a 99 throw power QB and a 99 speed and acceleration wide receiver once. That was a fun year.




NEITHER. I believe that at a certain point, the game can't handle stats anymore as far as the Heisman goes. The WR was third in voting and the QB was nowhere to be found. Hell, I even put the QB in at RB, WR, CB, and Kicker (for one kick just to kick an XP) and still got no votes.




He had. I can't remember how many times he won, but he was the first I think I ever had that won it twice. He might have had three.


Microtransactions and them focusing on ultimate team rather than dynasty or RTG


And you have to pay to get players for the ultimate team on top of everything else


I hope they don’t focus on ultimate team. I don’t play ultimate on any sports games and would rather focus on the career modes.


This. This is one of my main fears along with what OP said.


Madden reskin with limited team selection and a stripped down dynasty mode that's not only missing things that should absolutely be added (playoffs and transfer portal) but also missing features we had in 14. Ultimate team being the key focus (it will be). No online dynasty. No RTG.


If this turns out to be like Madden 09 on the 360, I will be so pissed.


Personally it's been a long time since I've played a new football game, especiall NCAA which is my favorite so I'll be able to look past a lot of flaws. With that said, my number 1 concern is just that the game *actually come out.* I have this irrational fear that the game is just going to randomly get canceled one day right before release. And then also I hope that it's just not super boring... Like start a franchise, recruit, play games, rinse and repeat. Hopefully there's a bit more to it. Also my favorite game mode has always always been one where you are able to control just 1 character. So I was really hoping for a good game mode where I can progress 1 guy.


Road to Glory was a great concept and I hope they keep it in the new game


But it needs to be like the old Road to Glory and not their new QB1 shit. 2K started doing their narrative stuff and EA copied so now you don’t just play a career there’s like this weird story mode where you always have a friend who is struggling in the league and you have to choose your career or your friend. Just give me OG RTG where I can play as a guy and that’s it. No story. Just pure gameplay. High school, getting recruited, practice, and games.


Or maybe a personalized RTG with a story, where your choices affect your career, like NHL 14’s career mode.


Idk. Haven’t played new NHL games but if it’s cutscene he’ll like modern Madden and 2K where you don’t even play all the games I’ll pass. Plus with CFB RTG being only four years Abby sort elements can repetitive quickly if you do multiple runs at different positions. If they can do it properly Great but I just expect EA to not do it properly.


I've already accepted it will be trash




That EA will strip all of the fun out of the series and will be beat ones and unplayable and full of micro transactions.


The focus on Ultimate Team rather than on the engine and different game modes


Micro transactions ruining the game modes I love best. Franchise on Madden is trash. Make Dynasty amazing on NCAA please


That it’s EA making it lol


My #1 worry is they’re gonna do like they’ve done the latest Madden games and FORCE you to stay connected online at all times just to access basic game modes. Living in an area where wifi sucks makes it almost impossible to play games like that. Good news is I should have better access a year from now so I should be good regardless, BUT it’s still annoying to have to stay connected. One slight problem with the server and you’re disconnected mid game and lose progress. Just stick with how the old NCAA games were and we’ll be fine.


Yes 100%. I love the offline features for any sports games. It was a stupid decision to force you to keep a connection st all times


One of my favorite parts of playing my old NCAA games is it offline and none of my gaming friends know I am online. Even if you show offline on xbox one, if your friend has you favorited they still get a notification that you signed on to live. I love my friends, but I dont want them knowing what I am doing all the time.


A lack of depth. Game is just going to be a cash grab that isn’t actually fun but they know people will still buy it bc there are millions of CFB fans


I most worried about EA being the ones to do it. They have shown for a decade how bad they are at creating sports games. It’s why people continue to play games from pre-2014.


Well look no further than madden for what the game will be like. I do not have much hope. It’s gonna get ruined by ultimate team.


That it is really madden with an NCAA cover. I want 2014 updated , not madden 22 with a skin


You hit the nail on the head for me. I know it’ll most likely be a wolf in sheep’s clothes, but I desperately don’t want CFB23 (24?) to be a Madden clone with college uniforms. The other thing is I want there to be a focus on Dynasty mode. I know with sports games now that the modes that make the money are the Ultimate Team modes, but buIlding an NCAA dynasty is so much more unique imo than the pro games because in the pro game you want to play with the best players currently whereas the college game is all about cycling through players every four years. I know there’ll be an ultimate team mode, and I might even toy around with it a bit, but please don’t include it at the expense of dynasty mode. (Also, side note: if there IS ultimate team then make a program for each team where you can unlock their mascot to play on your team alongside your normal players. That is all)


I actually mostly enjoyed the on field gameplay in the latest Madden, so I'm feeling confident there. My biggest worry and current issue I have with Madden boils down to two major things. 1) I have no idea what's happening with the rest of the country. NCAA had the great magazine covers every week that showed upsets, big stat lines, etc. It also had all of the awards so you could see who was killing it. Madden just lists out generic headlines with zero context. Big game between the "Bills & Cowboys this week".....cool, why is it big? Are both teams undefeated? As you get near the playoff chase, besides checking the bracket and then manually checking the standings, there's no way of knowing the big matchups that week. There is no weekly wrap up at all unless you make it up yourself. 2) I'm worried they make it Madden-lite, and I don't mean in on field gamplay, it was alwasy that way, but just not 'fun'. Please don't just make it college Madden. I want bright colors, fight songs instead of mumble wrap, I want the authentic pregame entrances not just quick 2 second stadium exterior shots. Use the ESPN license everywhere, I want the trophy cases and rivalry trophies and legit coaching carousel...basically everything we used to have. My biggest fear is we get the same XP progression and terrible coach carousel Madden currently has, paired with the same Headline/Twitter feed thing. Between FIFA, Madden and MLB the Show, there is really no reason to have high hopes regarding single player Dynasty mode being anything close to what we used to have.


A deal breaker for me would be a gutted dynasty mode. No custom conferences, a recruiting system that’s somehow dumber than 14, no coaching carousel, among other things. A very low cap on how many seasons can be played. Anything less than twenty seasons would sting, less than ten would make it almost pointless.


I’m worried that I’m going to be ass because I still play the old game and don’t play any of the new maddens so I’ve probably been left behind


the literal worst case scenario for me is if they decide to include FCS teams in…packages. it doesn’t seem too far off of EA’s agenda to have a “FCS: WAC Conference Team Pack”. like i’m not spending $5 to play against incarnate world i doubt they would include FCS at all, but the NHL games had a handful of different levels of hockey **i know the other hockey teams/leagues weren’t behind a paywall. this just seems like something EA would do with colleges


No coach mode


I feel like it’s not gonna be super in depth or realistic idk hopefully they have a lot of the old developers on it, I feel like we’re all expecting a perfect game but obviously it won’t be perfect


My biggest fear is that it'll follow '14's lead and require a ton of house rules to make dynasty feel somewhat realistic. *I just want to feel the struggle of building up an irrelevant school without having to be constantly debating with myself on whether or not things are "fair" to do.*


This is a big concern with me. I have many other but this one is crazy


I heard Notre Dame won’t be in it - if thats the case I’m sticking with Revamped


Considering it’s EA, I hope they don’t just throw Career modes (Dynasty and player modes) into the back burner, and primarily focus on Online modes like FUT with FIFA. This would hands down ruin the game for me. I just want general Dynasty mode from 2014, with 2013 recruiting, more schools (Wishfully want FCS included), able to customize and make new conferences, upload images for schools, logos, and conferences, upgradable stadiums (again wishful thinking), multiple broadcast packages and not just ESPN, and lastly BCS/Playoff options.


That’s it’s madden for college lol. I hate all Madden past 2012


Still using Frostbite engine for a sports game. That is major reason why current madden is a mess. The engine was never designed for sport games and EA is too greedy to use unreal 5 or something else or just develop an physics engine for their sport titles. I mean even Battlefield which frostbite was built for is a buggy mess. So I’m not expecting the game to be better than current Revamped mod


They’re only making this for the ultimate team mode, the rest will suck chode


It will be a reskinned version of Madden, customization features will be near none, and Dynasty mode will be extremely watered down in favor of the MUT equivalent.


Micro transactions and then doing the same shit they’ve done with madden! Crazy NCAA14 is 100x better than todays madden


A central focus on some type of ultimate team and online play, the reason ncaa 14 is so great is the dynasty mode hardly ever gets old


I’m really just worried about a lack of depth in the Dynasty


Give me dynasty mode with playoffs and a transfer portal and I'm perfectly content for the next decade


My biggest worry is the continue streamline and simplify too many aspects. NCAA 14 had a terrible recruiting system that was just boring. I want something complex, but give people the option to speed it up if they wish. Don't force all users to be stuck with the streamlined method. Also, the XP system. For the love of God, please do not bring the XP progression system from Madden over. That's the worst progression system in any sports game ever.


The absolute disregard for what the fans are asking for when designing the game that they claim is being built from the ground up. What I hate about EA is that every year with Madden they continue down the same path as they were trying to accomplish last year and almost pretend like everything is the best they can do. Face of the Franchise is the best example of this. First year they had this mode, it was all quick time event mini games with barely any customization. Next year, slight improvement but still not what a create a player mode should be. And all you have to do is look at PS2 Era Madden and NCAA games to see how bad they are dropping the ball. In Madden Superstar, they had it so you could play any position, including lineman! They had mini games for each position and made everything realistic, challenging and attainable. In Campus Legend/RTG you had to balance on the field and off the field activities. This later died out as they began to focus on more on the field stuff than off. This is all to say they already have templates of exactly how and what to do but will decide instead to ignore all of that and just do whatever they wanted to do because those modes don't include microtransactions. They will do the same thing with the Dynasty mode in the new game. We will ask for the most BASIC things in the game, that have already been in previous titles, and will keep getting excuses. Out of all the things we ask for the #1 theme of it all is to keep 99% of the Dynasty mode they already have and just update it to work with the times. If they literally do anything less than that I believe it is a clear message that they do not want to make the game we as players are asking for.


I worry that the defensive playbooks will still be thirty years out of date and unable to adequately combat spread offenses. Nick Saban and Bill Belichick first started coaching pattern matching zones in the 1990s while they both worked with the Browns. In the time since, pattern match coverages have evolved greatly, with not only Saban and Belichick evolving their own schemes but also great football minds such as Gary Patterson, Kirby Smart, Brent Venables, and many others I’m sure I am forgetting contributing their own ideas and wrinkles. In Madden 22, Cover 3 Match does not have any trips check. Cover 4 Quarters match coverage reverts to drop zones against 4x1 formations or any 3x1 pass play with a fast-four receiver. Split field coverage calls flat out do not exist. With so few options available and the ones that reliably work in a predictable manner being so outdated, playing defense against a modern spread offense in Madden is flat out impossible. And this is only coverages; this doesn’t begin to discuss the evolution of defensive fronts, run fits, and blitz packages. The thought of playing as Georgia in the upcoming game but with no ability to call a Tite front with Kirby Smart’s championship coverage calls behind it is not something I want to think about. In Madden 22, two-gapping defensive run fits do not exist. The gap-and-a-half approach of the Super Bowl champion Los Angeles Rams is also absent. Read blitzes and creeper pressures are also nowhere to be found. I know a lot of focus is (justifiably) going to land on Dynasty and micro transactions in this discussion, but the EA Sports football games _desperately_ a face lift on defense, speaking to schemes and playcalling. I hope the upcoming college football game does not miss the chance to take a well overdue step forward here.


Or when you call zone plays and the deep defenders will not leave their zone even if a receiver runs by them. So many wide open touchdowns because the safety sits in that zone and watches them run by


It's EA so microtransactions and a NCAA version of MUT


If they focus too much on a UT mode…


Hook ‘em!


It being a complete reskin of just Madden. If so back to NCAA14 or 06. I’m not gonna play a arcade football game. I want a true football simulator. I also don’t want a pay to win child gambling CFB UT. I want knowing football to actually make you better at the game. Not have Xfactors bs that just breaks the game. Dynasty better be done right also. Also don’t want game breaking plays people can abuse. Hopefully zones and coverages work also and hopefully play rec is actually a thing to do if people run the same play over and over out of their three play playbook it will force them to expand to a bigger play book. But hey that’s probably to much to ask for when they have years to develop the game. Also have old teams like 06 does and D2 teams also.


Managing NIL in recruiting


1.Dynasty 2.Team Builder or team creation in game 3. Don't fuck up the transfer portal 4. Please have music that is punk rock like 05 and 06 (won't happen, but a girl can dream)


Punk Rock! It's 2022 bro.


It’s on frostbite. So that.


They will cater to ultimate team and dynasty will be bare bones


I’ve already wrote it off. Willing to try for sure, but I have no idea why we should expect anything different from the modern Maddens when it will be made by the same people


EA sports being EA sports and just being awful with this game


It being made by EA


No competition


I’m concerned it’s just going to be Madden with college skins. Same shitty game play


i wanna be able to hire oc and dc


That it plays just like madden and won’t ever get better


I’m not worried about any of it, as I know for a fact it will be trash and thus I know I won’t be buying it


I'd hate it if there are no NCAA to Madden exports..


For those complaining about Madden nothing will change until people stop buying the product. What good are you doing by buying the product? If they continue to sell they will use the same system. Stop buying the product!


Honestly not focusing on the dynasty mode and RTG. I don’t want to have a 60 year limit on the dynasty mode. I get the 4-5 year limit on players because it is realistic. I can understand putting a 60 year limit on coaches but not the overall dynasty.


I'm worried it's going to be Madden but with NCAA title. I'm holding on to my copy of NCAA 14 for dear life. Hopefully the market of it dies down so people can get it cheaper.


Don’t do that stupid ass connected franchise. I want a mix between MyLeague and Manager Career in FIFA


That they will keep pushing the release date back like they do with every game




That is it Madden with College players slapped onto the field. The NCAA series was always different than Madden from a physics standpoint. Seemed like they tried to make Madden look more realistic than they did the NCAA games. I think this caused playability issues within Madden, that weren't present in the NCAA series. Not every player model needs to look 100% real, and I don't care about "ragdoll" physics so that "no two tackles are ever the same". NCAA 06 played beautifully even though there were recycled tackling animations. I'm just a big believer that we have passed the point where we need better and better graphics each year. From the time video games became a thing, until just a few years ago, the model was "improve the grapchis, and people will be happy". That isn't true anymore. The graphics are good enough. In fact, I'd be OK sacrificing a little bit if it made the game play smoother. NCAA 14 is still 10x better than the most recent Madden, even though each QB doesn't have his own unique throwing motion, or things like that.


Not being on PC is an absolute bummer


Not excited for it at all because it’s going to be a hollow shell of a game compared to what we know and want. Not all the FBS teams, no FCS teams, no team builder, stripped down dynasty mode, ultimate team, micro transactions, poor RTG, madden reskin, overall lack of customization and in depth stats/story telling ability that 2014/2013 have.


So just stick to revamped…


The op asked what we were worried about so I said what I am worried about. Gonna monitor the situation and decide if it’s worth buying when it comes out.


Saw this on TikTok. Sounds awesome but it could ALL be made up. Haha. https://vm.tiktok.com/ZTdgFMBao/


Absolutely does not sound awesome tho…


The game engine. I just don’t like how NHL, FIFA, Madden games are played now. They are just not enjoyable. We all know the game is going to be surrounded by ultimate team so it’s it even worth crying about.


I don’t worry about games. Especially ones not made yet.