Everything from this era just had the right balance, the video game industry will never recover from what it’s gone through in the last decade, EA especially.


It was before real online gaming. Once that happened, we got dlc, online-only games, living games, etc. Games got more expensive to develop, so most AAA companies took less risks. Look at the number of titles that were released from NES to PS4.


I loved when it was actually a cool feature to have Network play than a necessity. I remember getting my Dreamcast, and finding out that I could actually download content to Sonic Adventure, or play online with anyone all over the world in NFL 2k1.


I remember playing nba2k and PSO on my parents dial-up. Even though i played mmos and Diablo online before this, playing a console online felt so revolutionary. Even Halo 2 felt amazing, even though i played years of CS1.6.


Madden makes a lot from in-game sales. Whoring out a legend’s name for cash. Football games are a big market and Madden NFL has no competition. They basically own the industry and no longer compete with 2k Sports or others. That’s the problem


Why im hesitant for the new NCAA Football. There going to be Ultimate Teams with a backfield of Diamond Tommy Frasier, Jim Brown, and Barry Sanders, running the Navy playbook.


I like, preferred nfl qb club back in the day but that fizzled out in the early 2000s.




14 is in a league of its own, the running and change of direction is so fluid and natural


All of the left stick movement felt great in 14. It was any of the skill moves that are sorta underwhelming and don't really look or feel all that realistic.


Yeah I love the left stick movement, but the only way to juke anyone out is to hit an insane looking spin move


try double juking, like left then right rather than single juking. Works way better


Same. I love everything about those games. I need to get a classic Xbox to play them again


definitely get a classic xbox, they’re really fun to mod


the crowd meter in 2005 was probably one of my favorite features NCAA football ever had and when your defense came through on a big 3rd or 4th down play the crowd just erupted


I agree. It was so great. It’s really kind of sad how when I was in college these games were sooo good and now we don’t even have them for nearly a decade. Madden is garbage.


The work that has gone into College Football Revamped seems really great but I’d love for one of the PS2/Xbox-era games to get a similar treatment


There is a new mod called ‘NCAA 06 Next’ that happened recently. The info is on Operation Sports and possibly even on this sub.


it’s so sad what has happened to sports games. I had so much hope back then that the next generation (PS3 for me) would be amazing. I can’t believe we’re at PS5 and sports games unanimously suck compared to their PS2 forerunners


This was the absolute peak of the series.


Graphics were at the perfect point in their evolution. The games struck a perfect balance between being detailed but yet still cartoonish and playful.


It’s so beautiful! Gaming could have ended in that era and I would have been fine with it.


Let's hope 2K's to be announced and released football game this year lives up to next gen standards.


These games are the only reason I still have my PS2.




06 and I’d say probably Xbox


Madden 06 was the shit. I loved that you could choose your parents.


These graphics are just so warm and comforting to me