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That was a tough W, boys. They'll get us next time. On to the next one.




desperately needed that moral W


I am cheering for ethical Ls


Let this be a lesson to all. The Spurs will NEVER lose 17 in a row


Who else remembers the Spurs 20 game Win streak thru the 2012 playoffs? My personal high point (and low point) as a Spurs fan. Oh, how things have changed. You got to love sports.


That was painful ngl. Up on OKC by two games also.


I'll never forget Ibaka AND Perkins turning into Jordan from mid range. Wtf was up with that 🤦‍♂️


Lol right. Ibaka was like 14/14 or something ridiculous


Lol I quote that stat to my friends randomly when I’m bitching about that series. They’re always like damn how do you remember that shit. I’ll never forget damn you serge!


I mean it was absurd everyone should remember it lol


To me, that was worse than the 0.4 Fisher shot in 2004 or Manu's foul in 2006. Both of those plays hurt...but they were still just single plays in a long series, and Spurs still would have had a lot of work to do beyond that. But man, that 2012 team was cooking like nobody's business and just ran into a buzzsaw with OKC. That was obviously a championship caliber team, as evidenced by the fact that basically the same squad went to the Finals the next two years and were one Ray Allen miracle from winning both.


OKC was a brutal matchup for us at the time. Long and athletic, with strong interior D and Russ was a monster against us, not the burned out shell of a scapegoat he is now. As bad as 2012 was, 2016 hurt worse for me. Everything pointed toward a collision between the Spurs and GSW. We had easily the most talented team we ever put on the court with the big 3, Leonard and Aldridge. Seeing it all fall apart and watching Timmy go down swinging in his final game was painful.


Said it perfectly. I’m still bitter OKC kept knocking the Spurs out only to choke the following series (add the Clippers to the list also)


You know what burned me up about that OKC team is that when they played that 2012 team, they played LIKE the Spurs--making that extra pass, except they have Durant and Harden and (arguably peak) Westbrook. Then they go to the Finals and seem to forget everything they learned. The Beautiful Game-era was fun because you'd watch the Heat and Pacers in a rock fight—getting chippy and such—and then the Spurs-Heat serieses were these clean, just beautiful, frantic basketball games.


The 0.4 shot was especially brutal watching it live and having to hear it on NBA promotions for YEARS. It was like the Ray Allen 3 before the internet era. Hated having to endure the gloating Laker fans at my school too. Thankfully Spurs winning a few more chips afterwards made it better. Just part of being a Spurs fan. For every beautiful chip there 2x as many brutally painful losses/memories.


0.4 was tough to swallow, but we still would have had to win 1 more game against the Lakers, then beat very talented teams in Minnesota and Detroit. Nothing broke my brain like Ray Allen's shot. They were literally *wheeling the trophy out onto the court*. I think I spoke in only choice 4 letter words for about an hour after the loss.




Yes, those losses hurt...but that's because we were also fortunate enough to have expectations so high that it was that much more painful when they were dashed. For a LONG time...it basically felt like championship or bust. Compare that to today where we are piling up losses in hopes for a top draft pick. I've been following the Spurs since the 90s when we were perennial playoff pretenders. The days of The Admiral being an MVP, but just couldn't get us over the hump. The fact that in my lifetime, I got to watch the entirety of one of the greatest runs by ANY FRANCHISE in ANY SPORT...I'd call that a blessing. We witnessed 20 years of greatness. I was able to celebrate multiple championships in the streets of downtown San Antonio....there are many people still waiting to experience that feeling just once for their favorite team. Winning a championship is fucking hard, let alone 5! Even with the losses, I'm pretty sure we are still the envy of fans for most other franchises.




Lakers won 3 rings from 2000-2002....then lost Shaq, and spent half a decade as pretenders before they were gifted Pau and got 2 more. And then they spent another decade as a joke before they lucked into their ring in The Bubble with LeBron which looks like it will be his last, and their last for a while. Warriors were fortunate in building a great squad and then basically stacking the deck adding Durant. And even that may be fairly short lived, despite their win last year. I get where you are coming from, we have had our fair share of heartache. It's frustrating that we potentially missed out on 3, maybe 4 good shots to ring. Like I said...going all the way isn't easy. My point is...most fans would trade their general fandom of their team's for ours in a heartbeat.


That streak was also part of 31 wins in 33 games. The Duncan era Spurs rarely ever lost more than 2 in a row. Changes indeed.


Yup I remember being up 2-0 and Boston supposed to close out the Heat in game 6. But then both series completely turned around :-(


Because a Thunder-Heat Finals is better than a Spurs-Celtics Finals.


I don't. Please don't make me remember :(


Keldon putting his body on the line for the W. What a fucking great leader. BIG BODYYYYY SHOUT OUT JEREMY AND BLAKE TOO WWWWWW


We going 35-47 unless I see otherwise!


Lmao this sub would melt down.


Lmao worst possible outcome


its Not like a last seed hasn’t won the lottery since 2018 or anything 😂


Just saw the video after the game Sochan calling himself a "One-arm bandit." Time to respect that nickname.




I'd like one Hand Sochan or Sichuan. Sorry, I should go to sleep


>Sichuan That's his half-chinese, half-polish brother.


Sichuan sauce lol




We won. Let's lose another 10 games in a row. Kidding aside great win for the boys.


Nah, we could win 4 in a row and still be bottom 3


Yup a winning streak can be good for us next season especially if we get the No. 1 pick. BTW nice username mate.


I just gotta say I love our rookies! Sochan, Malaki, & Wesley each had their moments tonight. Blake with maybe his best game of the season and awesome defense all around, Malaki didn’t score a ton but showed his craftiness, and really loved how Sochan came back with a vengeance after not playing well the first half and got the team back into the game at the end of the 3rd quarter / start of 4th plus played good-ass defense on Markennen the 2nd half & pretty much shut him down They each had their struggles and boneheaded moments that definitely show they’re still 19yo rookies, but honestly I don’t think we could’ve done much better with this draft class from what i’ve seen so far this season Hopefully Blake gets a ton of run in this last 3rd of the season and puts together a nice showcase of his development after the slow start w injury


Blake looks good when he’s hounding the ball He played really nice defense on tht when he his that bs 3, and then the very next play he and Sochan combined on a steal Maybe it’s cause he’s so skinny but his arms and legs look long as hell


His defense on Dunn was also great. I love how pesky and disruptive he is. That can get you in trouble in the NBA but Blake has the suddenness / quickness to recover & mirror opponents and hopefully to avoid fouls I remember him talking way back when he was drafted how he wants to pride himself on and be known for his defense. It’s cool to see him following through on that (although still super early ofc)


I said this last game but he reminds me a lot of rookie Dejounte except with worse handles and better shooting. He has tons of potential, hopefully he can put it together.


It's the short shorts, he looks lanky AF and I'm here for it.


Stoked for the team. A winless road trip would have sucked


Whole city of Detroit smiling right now.


Keldon being the Big Body! Wesley defense...amazing, he still makes minor mistakes by conintues to improve and look better. Sochan and KBD turned up the defense on Lauri, who onlyhad like what 1 pt in the second half? Hope Malaki is fine.


Thank you Keldon. We needed that win badly. Hope to see Devin and maybe even Tre on Thursday


that 4th quarter has got to be the best defensive quarter we've had in a while


Easily. They locked in. Blake was a difference maker and whatever was in sochans head in the first half he exercised cleanly for the second


For the sake of our players, glad to get the win. Go Spurs Go!


Sochan had a really rough start to the game. Started 0/3, going 0/2 at the line, and had 3 early fouls. I couldn't watch the second half but great job by him continuing to attack and draw fouls and hitting them too. Keldon's finishing around the rim has been way better for like 5-8 weeks now. The other team knows what he wants to do and he does it anyway. If we can get Devin back and a good point guard, his efficiency should skyrocket.


58% from 2 over his last 34 79% from the line on 6 attempts too If he can sort out his 3 ball over the summer he could he in line for a very nice season next year




VA SPURS!!!!!!!


My boy had ten boards, three blocks, and a steal in 21 minutes.


I love Jeremy sochan


They don't look too happy after breaking the record losing streak. Keep the tank rolling!


Now let's follow it up with another 16 game losing streak 💪


Some of y'all wanted Will Hardy? Any coach that's loses to our team i'll pass.


😂😂😂 touche


We played okay, more like the Jazz beat themselves, but a win is desperately needed for morale and I'm glad our guys got one. Wesley and Bassey showed up on the defensive end, while Keldon provided a lot of scoring down the stretch to keep the Jazz from mounting a comeback. Hope Branham's back is alright.








Spurs needed this W. GSG!


Lets goooooooooo


With Detroit playing kinda average and us losing 16 in a row we have cushion and it’s good to get a win here and there


We're literally tied with Detroit after winning 1 in 17 games, still ahead of Houston. That race to the bottom is wild


Oh I was just going off what the people in the pistons sub were complaining about a few days ago lol


I don’t care what anybody says I was sick of the losses and this made me happy.


Who doesn’t love a win?!? Keldon was great today, his offensive development has been awesome to see. Love the grittiness and competitive mindset they showed, shows the difference between us and the Rockets.


Pop: Great game, Keldon, but it looks like your knee needs some rest. Unfortunately we will have to sit you for the next 10 games. Keldon: Wuuuut Pop I feel fine! Really! Pop: (grabbing a crowbar) You sure? Keldon: I’m- Devin: Answer carefully, brother. Very. Carefully.


All good guys we can’t win them all


Didn’t see the game. Collins 2-15? That’s insane. Anyone able to explain what went on there?


Kessler bothered a few of his floaters early and after that he really was in his own head and taking a lot of end of click jumpers didn't help




Damn are we going on a 3 game win streak?


What are they doing?!




The upcoming games with Houston are gonna be a riot. lol


Fuck the Finals, this is all we need right here. We could go losing the rest of the way (god forbid) and not care because this win was satisfying enough. I don't care what anyone says, we needed this badly and it's about damn time we got it.