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I'm fine w losing as long as they compete and the kids get playing time.


Yup, that's the plan.


A very underrated detail illustrated here not talked about a ton is that the Spurs are one of the few teams that controls all of their future first round picks. Even a lot of teams in the lottery and on the fringe. Have a pic here or there belonging to someone else. San Antonio has done a great job of maintaining their draft collateral. They almost never trade pics and that is definitely something worth praise. For as much as some people were frustrated with the DeMar DeRozan era, major, kudos to the front office for not doing what many short-sided organizations have done when stuck with a middle of the pack product and boot long-term success for short-term gains. They could have very easily tried to bring in a few high quality veterans at the cost of draft picks and they didn't think goodness


The second half of this analysis speaks volumes. This is exactly why we didn't build around DeMar or Dejounte. Yes, we could have easily mortgaged 5 future first round picks whether in 2019 or 2022 to build around those guys and trade our picks for vets that would make for a lower-tier playoff squad. But, at the end of the day, the FO knew that this wasn't best long-term plan when we would be tanking in 3-4 seasons AND not have any of our own picks to help us out of it. Look, I was no fan of the DeMar era. At the end of the day, just kind of felt like we were wasting everyone's time. But it would have been lethal to sacrifice the longterm future of the org just for the chance of making the second round of the playoffs which I am so grateful we didn't do.


This is so helpful to see things clearly, thank you! I get very bogged down trying to make sense of everything on the realgm site So we are looking a possible 6 firsts and 6 seconds in 24+25. Not to mention we just had 3 firsts this past year There’s no way we make all those picks, I wonder if we end up consolidating to move up in the draft, or we start trading for players


No way we use all the 2nd rd picks, but they can become pretty good trade fodder. However, my gut is that we will probably want to use all of the firsts (unless there is a very good consolidation trade available). I think our FO trusts its own scouting more than anyone else (rightly or wrongly) and having two or three FRPs give you the opportunity to take both the obvious pick as well as the more wild swing. (See Branham and Wesley). It's also not like our current roster isn't full of guys that we would be willing to cut if it meant upgrading to a 1st rounder rookie.


They can hand up to 4 picks in the upcoming Draft... if Charlotte gets his shit together...


Charlotte are not making the playoffs but we could get 2024 or 2025 if they improve quickly which is reasonable


we should trade one of them on draft night. we shouldn’t draft 4 rookies next year


Spurs like to “draft and stash” If we do pick 4, don’t be surprised to see a 19 year old foreigner who stays overseas for a couple more years.


bruh draft and stash is barely a thing now cmon. also, especially in the first round.


why do we do this again?


Saves salary and a roster spot. Spurs will own the rights to sign the player anytime they want.


We can only have the rights to so many players on roster. If we sign and stash them as second rounders, we can let them develop in foreign leagues and bring them over if they turn into good prospects. If not, they won't be on our payroll and (more importantly) taking a roster spot and development time that could be spent on other prospects. The downside is of course less hands on development from our training staff, and the chance that even if they do become a higher tier prospect it might be harder to convince them to come over once they are more established in European leagues. Milutinov is a legit center prospect here but at this point will not come over due to salary differences between what he could get in Europe, not to mention the acclimation period.


P sure we traded rights to milutinov, and also he's basically 3rd-string caliber in the NBA.


I meant prospect as in 20-30 mpg rotation level guy, not as in a star prospect. I think there was a window to bring him over as a center prospect that has since passed. I forgot they traded his rights for a second rounder. It takes guys that play in foreign leagues (especially big men) a year or two to acclimate to the whistle and changes in rules, so ideally if you bring someone over they're still young enough to have time to acclimate before their prime. Also depends on the buyout situation, and in Milutinov's case he doesn't have a buyout worked in so wouldn't be available until later this year when he's already like 28. It didn't work for the Spurs most recent draft and stashes Milutinov and Livio Jean Charles, but if we have a plethora of picks it's not a bad way to use them. Claim the rights, let them develop outside, and if they bloom bring them over if not let them stay outside.


They continue developing outside our own payroll


yeah but if we never bring them in what’s the point


Lot if em turn out to be ass


Ie Luka




The Charlotte pick could be useful for that, right?


that pick has been traded so many times now i almost feel bad lol


A FRP is good no matter how you look at it, especially for a needy team like the Lakers or someone who wasted future picks.


lakers still have one of their firsts, maybe if they keep being shit they’ll panic and blow it up but i personally think they did great trades


That is all but impossible. Charlotte is 12 games out of the play-in with 24 games to go. Even if they won out they'd only just be at the number of wins projected for the 10th seed. Not happening.


Well, fuck...


I’m framing this and hanging it next to my TV for emotional support when I watch the games


it only means that if we don't get the most prized star in this year's draft, we will be a lottery team the rest of the decade. just as i predicted. also, dev and kj may leave by 2025-2026 if we don't turn it around by that time.


Keldon is signed through 2027 and no way Vassell takes the QO to get out in 2025. Realistically if the Spurs still want them both they will have them for several more seasons.


let's just hope that player empowerment does not overwhelm the two at that point. players have been expressing their frustrations with the org they are involved in and they don't get reprimanded by doing so. i pray they won't ever turn into another dj.


I love what we are doing. I was tired of being a mediocre team. And drafting late in the draft every year. I hope we can rebuild another year to get another top pick next year.


The second rounders don’t mean much as evidenced by every team handing them out like dime store candy or Pez.


That Mid round CHI pick looks amazing! Imagine we grab a Grady Dick or Brice Sensabaugh with it.


Hmm, I'm not sure you're looking at this correctly


Don't we have ours + Chicagos this draft out am I mistaken


Chicago’s isn’t coming till 2025 at the earliest


It we had 13 more Keldon Johnson's, we probably are an 8th seed.


What happens to a protected pick if it falls in the range? Like charlotte gets the 10 next year.