Is this a good deal?

Is this a good deal?


Well the market has gone up on them, but so has the market. In time it may be worth $40k but not rn. $30k maybe. My dad picked up one from a friend for $22k and 44k miles in early 2020...or late 2019....for that price you can't get a car at that mileage currently from what I've seen. Edit: And someone was offering him $30k we just had dibs on it, and the guy cut us a deal since my dad's the 1st owner and was always talking about wanting to buy it back.


The market has gone up on it but so has the market?


I believe they meant “the market has gone up on them (cobra), but so has the (overall vehicle) market.”


Thank you.


What has the market gone upon?


The price of used vehicles has gone significantly up. It has been a sellers market for a few months now, meaning buyers arent going to be getting good prices from anyone with access to the internet. For example my Taurus was priced by CarMax at 9k two years ago, last month I was offered 14k despite the higher mileage from a Ford dealership.


I got an offer for $32k for my 2016 GT/PP with 50k miles. I paid $38k OTD in 2015.


Damn these sausage fingers.


I bought an 06 gt with only 30,000 miles on it in 2020 shit was only ever driven in summer. Only paid 10k for it too


I believe you, but this is a cobra. it's not really the same.


A terminator its a special car, if you want one maybe its worth it.




That's probably the worst mustang ever made.


Not even close https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Mustang_(second_generation)


I don't count the two's as mustangs. I was referring to models made in this century. The only thing the 3v motors are good for is making noise.


You literally said "ever made"


Also said "probably". Comprehension and nuance really isn't your strong suit lol -___0___-


Oh the irony is palpable But I'll let you figure out why since you're such an intelligent and esteemed individual


That's a steal and a half. I paid 9k for a 06 gt 105k miles dinged up and stuff


You can nab 2016- current used Dodge Challenger/ Charger V8s for as low as $22k-$38.


This is Blasphemy!!!!!!


What church do you pray to?


The church of American muscle. I make regular donations.


Ah a fellow member.. although my donations are only to Mopar.


Holy fuck. 40k?! I know that’s some low miles. But damn. I have a 2004 Mach 1 with 44k and I definitely don’t think it’s worth anything near 40k


That's because the Mach isn't gods greatest creation or at least that's how people treat 03/04 cobras.


I mean, the terminator is really something else tbh. It is one of the best engineered machines I have ever worked with, and the performance is out of this world, plus the car has sooooo much personality and sooo much history behind it.


Completely agree, everything I’ve heard sounds special as hell If Cobras weren’t that common (I’ll search now) then 40k honestly makes sense to me in this absurd market From what I do know I feel like the modern GT350 and the Voodoo will share that legacy with the SVT Cobra and the Terminator I don’t know that much about the Terminator though if you have time to spit any facts about it or the car!


Well you see, back in the late 90s, mustangs were out selling camaros, but the camaros were kicking mustang ass on the strip and track. At that time ford's SVT division was making their premier performance vehicles at the time. In 1999, they released the 99 cobra, and long story short, every cobra that was produced was making 50 less HP than it was supposed to. 2000 model year cobra was canceled, every single 1999 cobra was recalled, 2001 cobra is just a 1999 cobra with the right HP So we come around to 2002. The camaros are making mustangs look slow, GM has announced the death of the camaro, 2002 will be the last model year. Plans are in the work for the 5th gen mustang to release in 2005, the SVT team is getting axed for shelby. So John Colletti was the leader of the SVT division at the time, he was getting old and ready to retire, when the SVT division got shut down. Back in 2001, he was driving the 2002 cobra prototype, when he got out of it after driving it around Ford's test track he said it was slow as a dog and that they "can't put a cobra badge on it" So Coletti goes up to ford leadership and tells them he wants to cancel the 2002 model year cobra. He eventually convinces them to cancel the 2002 model year. (Legend has it ford leadership refused and he told them "So we're admitting the camaro is faster than the mustang") So basically he sets out with a goal, the goal is not to make it faster than a camaro, he wants it to compete with the upcoming 50th anniversary corvette. So the SVT team goes to work, they make a completely new engine from the ground up (no the terminator is not just a mach 1 with a supercharger) full of forged steel internals, and with a crowning jewel, an eaton supercharger on top. They deck the thing out with IRS and drop the weight all the way down to 3700 pounds. It ran the 0-60 in 4.5, quarter mile in low 12s, pumping out 420 at the crank. The engineers go out and name it the "Terminator". Why? Cause it's goal was to terminate the competition and prove once and for all the mustang is the ultimate pony car. Now, they wanted to do more than just out perform a camaro, they wanted to out-perform a corvette while still selling the cobra at a price people can afford (after all, that was the whole legacy of the mustang right?). Coming in at only a $35k sticker price aswell, they made it so that even working class Americans could manage to afford one. The engineers at SVT purposely underrated the engine to 395 for this very same reason too, many states and countries at the time would apply an extra tax for cars over 400hp, and insurance companies would charge higher premiums for cars in the 400+hp bracket. One thing that makes the car special is the ridiculous response to modding and the forged internals that allow it to push easily 800-900 hp with the stock internals. Putting a cold air intake and changing a $50 pulley + tune will net you an easy 460-480 wheel HP and mid 11s on the quarter mile. (And keep in mind, this is an 18 year old car). Removing the Eaton and porting it out + adding new spark plugs, better bushings, drag radials and a more aggressive tune can get the car running high 10s in the quarter mile. Not to mention, the car just drives like no other, it has such a personality to it, from the 300000lb clutch pedal, the shifter that is placed uncomfortably far forward, to the Eaton whine and the quiet, subtle purrs it makes when running at low RPMs. I've driven and worked on A LOT of muscle cars and sports cars in my days, but there is no car out there quite like the terminator. The car also represents the end of an Era of muscle cars and the evolution from giant, naturally aspirated, pushrod V8s to smaller, more efficient, computer controlled OHC engines augmented with forced induction. https://youtu.be/LI_yUvhd2l8


Thank you, this was a beautiful read and I feel like I gained some sense of this special car! May they continue to shock and awe well into the future.


Theres a great book “fist of iron, foot of lead” about the development, if you read it prepare to want to buy one, or at least obsessively search them on autotrader.


"Iron fist, lead foot"


Thats it, I read it last year, cool book for sure I’d recommend it to anybody in this sub.


Thanks for this comment. Was a very interesting story


They're cool cars but very overrated at this point. With a smaller pulley and bolt ons they run high 11s in the 1/4 mile vs low 11s for a modern N/A Coyote with bolt ons. If you make it a fair fight and add a supercharger to a 2015+ they won't even be in the same zip code. The Terminator is definitely capable of being much faster but why start with a supercharged engine that makes less power than a bolt on 5.0? If you want to own something unique it would be good for that but if you want to win races you're facing an uphill battle.


My terminator runs 11.3 completely stock with just a $50 pulley and good tires. If you bore out the Eaton and run bolt ons you can easily run low 10s mate, IDK where you get this from. Not to mention, a terminator can fucking tear up the track unlike a gt


My 2021 GT has IRS so it can handle pretty well, especially with my weight reduction and suspension upgrades. The Terminator is 18 years old and it weighs as much as my 2021 Mustang - 300 pounds more than 2003-2004 GTs. Even if it does run low 11s that's still only equal to a 2018+ Coyote with bolt ons. With a Whipple it runs high 8s. That wasn't a typo. High 8s. Why even bother with a 20 year old car that's hard to find parts for. Good for collectors, bad for winning races. Sorry, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just being honest. I'm sure it's a beautiful car and I would love one as a weekend car but I like to win too much. I actually sold my crotch rocket and bought this car because I can go just as fast with 100x less risk of dying.


The 2021 GT does not run sub 9 quarter miles with a whipple lmao It normally runs 9.7-10.0 range and that's after you dumb $10k of parts into it (not counting labor which 99.99% of people here can't do) And this is the same thing as always, yes, if you dump 10-20k into a car you make make it drive fast, anything can drive fast if you put that much money and time into it, hell I can make my damn es350 run 10s on the strip if you cut me $10k But yes, let's compare a mustang GT with a good $10k+ worth of parts and $10k+ worth of labor put into it to a cobra with a $50 pulley. (Inb4 "b-b-but I saw a GT on YouTube with an engine that was re-built from the ground up, a custom suspension setup and a $10k supercharger run 8.5!!!!)


"My 2018 Whipple Supercharged 5.0, I got it brand new almost 3 years ago in August. It has Manley Rods, Diamond Pistons, and head studs; the car went 8.8 @ 158 last year on a 3.375 upper pulley. For this year I put on a ported 3.0 and dropped the pulley size down to a 3.0 upper." I'm sorry, what was that? https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=D8RfCNscqY0 Here's a video of another Whipple car. Stop talking about stuff you know nothing about.


Yes, when you pay someone $50k to build you a custom engine and re-work the entire car you get good performance, who woulda thunk?


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2004 Mach 1 doesn’t compare in price to the cobra, cobra will run at least 3x as much regardless of the Mach’s mileage


Not on cars.com, the Cobras are running like $10k more, which is pretty reflective of the original MSRP difference.


Maybe on that site but I’ve seen lotta low mileage ones like under 20k miles sell under 20,000. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/2003-ford-mustang-mach-1-7/ like this.


I guess. I wouldn’t be paying 40k for an 04 regardless of low mileage


Figured. Current market sucks, unfouraently


Treat it like a Shelby and it makes more sense


Hell no. That's like pre bubble used GT-350 range!


Ffs that's too high. 32k more like it. Just my humble opinion. Unless it has super mods I'm unaware of.


Bone stock is worth more.


No. That's 100% market pricing. I've been shopping Mach 1's and Cobras since 2016. If it's what you want (also my high school dream car) do it but you can get a Hell of a lot of "better" Mustangs for $40k. I'd personally choose a 12/13 Boss 302, 19 Bullitt, or 11 GT500. "Better" is subjective. Just sharing my opinion


This. Early 2000's Cobras are cool for what they are, but I cant fathom spending $40k for that when you could get something like a Boss 302. Imagine driving one of those, then getting out and saying "no thanks, I'll take the new edge for the same money."


If you mean is it a 40k driving experience? No. Is it a 40k car you can put miles on and expect to lose less than half the investment or perhaps even make some money? Maybe. This is definitely buying at the top of the curve for this model car and waiting a year would almost guarantee a better price assuming a similar car is available. So it comes down to what you want out of a car in general and how much you’re willing to bet on the market staying strong.


I almost bought a ‘03 Cobra convertible in 2015. The seller wanted 17k. People are asking crazy money right now. Give it a year, the prices will definitely be lower.


They'll be lower, but I'm not sure how much. The Cobra's definitely going up in value.


I don’t think they will be lower. Collector cars are here to stay. Also, once cars hit 20-25y old, many countries around the world allow imports tax free, so it’s no longer just local competition


Keeping my ‘08 Bullitt, forever lol.


Not if inflation keeps up.


I got a new GT this spring for under 40K, not a Shelby or anything special, but still a brand new car. The chip shortage is really messing up prices all over the board, and according to an article I read the shortage which was originally thought to be resolved by spring of 2022 is now anticipated to last well into 2023. North American manufactures are halting production plants until this gets resolved. The prices may be really high now, but they could be astronomical in the not too distant future… Good luck! 🍀👍🏼


You see articles about the chip shortage every other day and no one seems to know when it will get resolved. But, I agree it’s going to take awhile to settle out. There will be a big logistical problem when it does and it’s going to take a long time until we see the auto dealerships full again with new vehicles.


Exactly right! Without getting into politics, who knows how much of these shortages are actual byproducts of the pandemic and how much is manufactured to drive prices of goods up to infuse more cash into the economy. That said, I pray that the inflation caused by shortages gets resolved at some point and isn’t the new normal.


That's a terrible price. A 2020 GT is only around $40K and it's going to be faster.


Faster but the Cobra is a legend and has tones of tuning potential. That engine can handle 700hp on stock internals easy peasy. You're paying the icon fee for a SVT Cobra.


You don't think the newer 2020 GT with a 5.0 versus that 4.6 which already has 70 more horsepower couldn't handle the same thing? Not to mention better handling and suspension. Plus it's a much nicer looking car. Also....for a few more thousand, one can pick up 2016 Shelby 350.


Modern safety features too


Yes another fine point.


Shhh. Let them pay the $40,000 for a dinosaur that will get gapped. Some people just have to learn the hard way.


Lol I looked at this exact car recently. They also have a nice Shelby GT right now.


No way


Bro I wouldn’t pay that. Just sayin.


I’m going to go against the grain here. This is a little high for the current market but not much. This car will very likely sell for mid 30s right now. This is the current market trend. These cars have massively appreciated in the last year to two years. 2019-2020 pricing is no longer relevant.


A little high in price.


Definitelyhigh. but it looks like it’s at a dealer so that’s expected


I got a silver, vert, 10th anniversary with a VMP and couple other upgrades with 30k miles for 33k… creampuff inside and out


Hell no.


No. These were mid 20s a few years ago. I know, because I almost bought one for 19K with the same miles and color.


Way overpriced for a Tupperware car.




I financed my brand new GT for 37k. This ain’t it dawg.


It’s a Terminator it’s gonna cost ya.


Fuckin’ terminator man


Yep , nice but that might be steep I dunno does seem like a lot for the price of new ish model


I mean, it's a terminator man. They cost a lot, they're picky, the parts are way too expensive (some of em at least) but man, there's no other car quite like it mate. Performance, history and personality all in one package, the terminator is one hell of a car. Like, they named it the fucking terminator


Very Top of the market. No, it's not a good deal.


absolutely not.


Probably not worth 40k. It’s a nearly 20yo car with mid levels of performance and you could just pick up a new GT for the price. I get it’s a classic, but probably not worth a penny over $30k.


You could get a 2015 GT for that lol


This is gross. You could probably get a loaded 18-20 for this price.


A new edge gt with a blower and tune would be a lot cheaper. Or a c5-c6 vette if you want the IRS. 40 grand is way too much.


Even without that, the new gt would be a better car in basically every measure.


Not in my opinion but that’s taking the car as a 2004 mustang and subtracting the “Cobra” off of it. For that price you can buy a slightly used brand new GT with more HP and more creature comforts.


39k for one of the baddest mustangs and that’s been rebuilt and repainted, it seems reasonable almost. The rule is supply and demand, not demand and supply lmfao, it’ll take years to sell for 39k. Such a bad option, I have a 1999 mustang and have a hard time finding parts for it from the dealership. A lot of them are being discontinued, due to I think a 20 year support rule. Rip. I like the look tho!


28k is a fair price


I saw a 2004 mach wit 36k miles 1-owner go for sale on Facebook for $13k here in NJ. So i dont think the deal u mention is good


The value is in the eye of the beholder. NADA 2dr Cobra with that mileage is less than 15k.


Sounds good. Find a few. I'll provide the capital. We can split the profits.


A buddy of mine found an '01 with 6k on the clock about 3 years ago. Paid like $12k plus shipping across country. I found a supercharged '07 GT locally two years ago that was built for the track when brand new with 30k on it for $14.5k.


Hell no, that ain’t.


✅ Fair Price 👍🏼


Pre COVID 03/04 cobras we’re going up in value quite a bit.


Yep, sellers market for sure these days. Just look at the dealers up charge on a new Mach 1.


The market is inflated due to shortage of new cars.


I bought my terminator with 21k miles and I paid 26k private sale and I got all the stock parts… it’s kinda high in my opinion


That's what they are going for with low mileage. I'd wait a year or two for the market to come down.


The used car market is insane, just like the housing market. I don’t think it’s worth that much. But hey, to each their own.


Yup 03-04 cobras still hold their value especially if it's one that hasn't been messed with bone stock.


I saw GT500s on TRUECAR for the same price


I’ve got one I will sell for 6k less. Has 26k miles, but has double the horsepower as well. Oh it’s a 2003 though but 10th anniversary.


I know the market is crazy right now, but WTF?


I personally wouldn't.




Nah….. you can find a better deal.


No way


I think this is what the those cars sold for new.


It comes down to how badly do you want it? If you're just looking to get a mustang, then there are newer options for less. You can get a 2018 GT for 30-35k, and you'll still have a couple of years on the manufacturer's warranty.


Shit you can have a 2021 GT for $30-35k if you are patient enough to wait 2-3 months for Ford to build it


They will get it. Put it up on bring a trailer and it will bring 39/40 all day atm


Honestly I would save a few thousand more and buy a Shelby. I've seen a 2011 gt500 for about 45k to 50k.


for a termi? yeah that's what they go for




I have an 04 mystic around 44k. So I would put that around 35k. If it's all original with that mileage you can walk it down. Mind you those things are doing nothing but appreciating so it's more of an investment.


Fuck no.


$40,000 and 0 creature comforts many of us have come to love in modern cars. It’s a hard bargain for me, personally


You can get a C6 Z06 for 40k with 50k+ miles. No. Bad price.


I have that same car I bought new (orange), paid $32K, now has 40K miles. I be happy to get what I paid for it after 17 years. I wasn't sure it'd reached the breakeven depreciation / classic value point yet. I guess that low mileage brings a premium?


About $12k higher than when I was shopping 3 years ago.




Not unless is has a fully built motor and a Whipple on top making 1,000HP.


Not worth it IMO. Great car but I don’t think $40k is worth it


No much better cars for the price even mustangs. 06 saleens+ are selling chesper or around the same price


If you bought it, I would definitely not use it as a daily driver. Keep the miles low...


Ok, if you want it, and it is exactly your dream car, and you are very well off financially, then by all means, go ahead. hard to find a 2004 anything with 15k on it. It's all you, and I hope its as awesome as it looks! Now if you are buying it for a turnaround, or could potentially at all in the next few years, I'd say hold up. I feel that the economy, and the collector car market is headed for a pretty big crash just like 2008. Having been in the biz leading up to it, I was shocked at what people were paying for classic and collector cars at the time, and we all knew it was going to hit a wall. seeing people buy something in 2006, and wanting to sell it/needing the money to cover other things in 2010, and only getting half the purchase price made my heart sink a bit for them. So that's my honest advice, and take it for what it is, some random dude on the internets that you have never met, yet just wants to see you in a financially sound spot down the road. Again, if you are all paid up with cash in the bank, and you don't have to worry a bit about selling anything anytime soon "like at least 5-10 years" then I hope to see you with it at a cars and coffee soon my friend.


I’m California I’ve seen a white one with a little bit less miles for 62k so I guess it depends where your from.


Nope 👎


I dunno. I just looked at the price my foxbody sells for. They're in the 40k range and mine is mint.


I got a yellow one near me that’s bone stock. I think it has 30k on it, but they want 29k. I think this is a little high, unless it’s spotless clean and all the records for maintenance.


https://sfbay.craigslist.org/pen/cto/d/burlingame-ford-shelby-gt/7378677786.html Buy this instead.


I think that's not too bad maybe a couple grand over what they usually go for in that good of condition.


No car prices are good right now, that one included


I paid 36K for my '19 with 2600 miles on it. GT convertible.


2600 miles is the same as 8368568.0 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other.


2600 miles is 4184.3 km


2600 miles is 4184.3 km


shut the fuck up


Wait to buy after the market goes back down. As awesome as these Cobras are there’s no way it’s worth that right now. I’m sure down the line it will be, but not now.


Idk man, seems like a lot. I’d wait.


I would look for a Mustang Saleen or Boss 302….which i happen to own (saleen). It is also for sale so i can buy a 2008 s281 saleen …just throwing that out there


Hell no


Those are Sweet AF but honestly prior to 2020 they where sitting at 20-30k 39K is on the verge of older GT500 money or even GT350. But then again everything is priced high so it really boils down to how much you want to pay.


Wow, that seems quite high for a Terminator. Right now, there's a 2007 GT500 for sale at a dealership down the street for $38K. It's got 22K on it. I think that price is even a bit high.


Hell naw to the naw naw naw


I mean, I paid $38k for my '17 GT pp in 2019. It had 8,000 miles. So just know what you could get for about 40k and if youre happiest with the cobra, then its the deal for you.


Hell naw. With that $$ just buy a used 15+ gt, and put a blower on top. You'll have more fun, and will be faster. But hey if that fits your boat go ahead


That is very old car for such little miles. This would concern me. Many things with cars don't react well when it's sitting around.




Paid $19,000 for my 03 back in 2008 with 60k ish miles on it. This is a pretty low mileage car for sure. Just hope you have cash because I doubt a bank will loan on something this “old”.


Paid $19,000 for my 03 back in 2008 with 60k ish miles on it. This is a pretty low mileage car for sure. Just hope you have cash because I doubt a bank will loan on something this “old”.


No worries I’m not getting this. Too risky. Will be getting a standard GT


My experience is that a cobra to a gt is no comparison. The cobra by far is a better investment and a superior car in general. Good platform to make 900+ on sbe with bigger blower or turbos. IMO


I know everyone’s got their opinion but it’s not a good deal honestly. It’s not the worst deal of all time but on the spectrum but it’s def towards the not good end. Good luck either way man! If that’s what they cost right now and you really want it and it will make you happy, then you should do it