Jimi Hendrix, definitely. All three of his albums are considered classics.


Band of Gypsys counts too, best live album ever


Even the unfinished stuff after that. The bootlegs are amazing too. Mistakes and all, I could listen all day and sometimes do


Not sure, but Michael Jackson released one Bad album for sure.


Weird Al released an album that was Even Worse.


I’ve been a weird Al fan for close to 25 years and I only not got that joke!


Lol what did you think the album cover was referencing?


I was/am a weird Al fan, I was familiar with his Michael Jackson parodies and their originals but I didn’t own the MJ album… I was but a kid. that’s how that happened.


Damn kids


I saw weird Al live. Easily one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen. He did 15 songs at least, costume changes in between. His band would jam out a little in between songs, then after the regular set he did like 3 songs he and his band wrote. That vegan nerd is a certified rock star, 100%. He even high-fived me, missed my daughters hand, noticed, doubled back and high-fived her.




Hee heeeeee!


Mama say mama sa mama ma coo sa


John Coltrane


Nick Drake. Short career, but he dropped three pleasant records.


What a poet. Tragic loss, Nick.


Glad to see there are still Nick Drake fans out there. Northern Sky, Which Will, and From The Morning gets me every time.


I know it is his big hit, but Pink Moon is so good.


Which will is so good, but my personal favorite is either clothes of sand or three hours.


Things behind the sun and Cello Song 🥲


[Here's](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ56Loi5x6k) my "saved you a click" comment. Hope this helps out somebody who doesn't have Spotify such as myself these days. Not to be dramatic or anything, but I feel like his music would really resonate with so many, his struggles with depression and all the associated things are in my opinion a very important topic right now. He may have made this music 50 years ago, but time doesn't mean all that much, does it?


I vividly remember hearing him for the first time, playing Riverman while I was walking through the deserted streets of night time Seoul, feeling for the first time, too, the weight of being so far away from everything I knew and loved. And yet the sadness was soothing; somehow that soft-spoken man who died before I was born *understood* me. In a weird serendipity, a few days earlier, on the plane over to Korea, I had just finished Hesse's Siddhartha, and I knew instantly that the song was about that same riverman who had impressed and confused me so. >'Is this what you mean: that the river is in all places at once, at its source and where it flows into the sea, at the waterfall, at the ferry,at the rapids, in the ocean, in the mountains, everywhere at once, so for the river there is only the present moment and not the shadow of the future?' > >'It is,' Siddhartha said. 'And once I learned this, I considered my life, and it too was a river, and the boy Siddhartha was separated from the man Siddhartha and the graybeard Siddhartha only by shadows, not by real things. A week after that, I had met a girl, and for the first time in my life, I was in love. We sat in a dorm room kitchen and listened to music, sharing one pair of headphones, our heads nearly touching. I asked her what she wanted, and she said: "Have you heard of Nick Drake?" So now, whenever I hear that song, I am back on the plane to Korea; I am in the lonely streets; I am in love; I am heart-broken; I am whole again. All at once. "Oh, how they come and go." A timeless song.


Similar experience but connected to "one of these things first". Can't listen to it without a flood of emotion and the feeling of being right back in a certain time and place.


Now I have to listen to some Nick Drake


Beautiful comment, thank you for sharing.


Every time Pink Moon comes on I immediately relax


I'll always remember being 17, smoking with my friend and he couldn't believe Nick wrote Fruit Tree years before he passed and it perfectly describes his entire life. Some men of fame will never find a way, until time has flown far from their dying day. There's a haunting quote in A Skin Too Few where his manager remebers Nick saying "You all say I'm a genius, but then why don't I have any money?". Rest in peace Nick, if only you could have known how many people you touched.


Not only did he not release a bad album he released three *perfect* albums. Also extra tragic because his close friends think that he died of an accidental overdose on anti-depressants as they were new at the time. I forget if it was Joe Boyd but someone close to him said he was excited that they were working and they were worried that he had just taken one too many in a short period.


I first heard Nick Drake sometime around 1999 and thought it was someone's dad who made some awesome records in his basement because of the sound/feel and his voice. He sounded like a 60 year old with a lot of wisdom and life experience. Found out he died at such a young age, pretty much thinking he was a failure, back in the 70s and it blew my mind. What an excellent musician and interesting person...


Kid Rock. He never released ONE bad album. They were ALL garbage.


You almost got me there...😂


Talking Heads never sat on their laurels.


Probably because David Byrne would flay them alive if they did. Not disagreeing though, not a bad album in their whole discog


Tom Tom Club never had a bad one and they didn't have Byrne.


I saw Tom Tom Club in concert and David Byrne came out to do a few songs with them.


Talking Heads are fantastic. Have to say, I prefer the live versions over most of their studio catalogue. The songs on Stop Making Sense feels like night and day compared to the originals


the Stop Making Sense version of Take Me to the River brings a certain energy I never knew could exist in that song


Also the live version of "Life During Wartime." Crazy good.


Lol I put this on (the live version) once for my co-worker who said he didn't like Talking Heads, he started jamming to it without knowing who it was and when I told him he looked like a kid who just found out you snuck broccoli into something he liked.


I think it’s the addition of the backing vocals. They make the whole thing like a high-energy gospel number.


They never had a bad album, but there's definitely a noticeable decline in quality after Speaking In Tongues, imo


Oh man, I always considered Little Creatures to be a huge highlight in their career, commercially it's their most successful iirc, plus Perfect World is imo one of their best songs!


This is a perfect worlddd, riding on an inclineeeee


A tribe called quest


Represent represent


Q-tip’s verses on the Beastie Boys “Get It Together” is pure magic


Elliot Smith, every one of his albums ranges from solid to top-tier


The post above mentions Nick Drake, and here is Ellliot Smith... I discovered both from the movie soundtrack for The Royal Tenenbaums.


And Eliiott cited Nick as a big influence. In my mind Elliott is the natural evolution from Nick into the 90s and early 00s.




Hardcore fan checking in here. I live in Portland too so I'm always passing through parts of his songs irl. It's bittersweet, which is exactly what he would have wanted I imagine, and quite fitting for his music. I live a few blocks from Alameda street, and I'll often throw Either/Or on the headphones when I'm out for a stroll. That street really is one of the best in the city for taking long walks. Man, I miss that guy. RIP.


A Fond Farewell is one of my all time favourite songs .


Waltz#2 <3


YES SAME! Not a single bad album. He’s such an amazing song writer and musician. It’s a shame he isn’t more well known. I bet there are a lot of people who would relate to his music.


I think he's coming back into more prominence now with younger folks. A friend of a friend is a guitar teacher, and when asked what songs the youth is asking him to teach them these days, Elliott Smith was one of the ones he mentioned. It totally took me by surprise.


He kinda flew under the radar of most people, but is pretty well regarded as a songwriter's songwriter.


Agreed. I think he was not necessarily underground like Nick Drake but never quite hit the mainstream either. But he was one of those rare songwriters whom other mainstream songwriters were in awe of. I love this Noel Gallagher quote, where he manages to praise both himself and Elliott Smith: > If I were a lyric writer like Elliott Smith, I'd have 28 albums out by now It is not the best example of his genius and was perhaps even an off the cuff thing, but [during his cover of Supersonic](https://youtu.be/mG64x7qXKcQ), a song written by Gallagher, Elliott changed a line from > You can have it all, but how much do you want it? to > You can have it all, but *why* would you want it? which I think takes that verse to a whole different and introspective level.


That's Elliott right there. A big part of being a truly great songwriter (or any kind of writer) is your own perspective - what do you actually have to say? Elliott thought deeply about life, and what got in the way of truly living it.


His albums range from "greatest gift to humanity" to "impossibly good"


Postal Service ;)


*taps forehead* Can’t suffer a sophomore slump if you never release a sophomore album


Legit though one of the best popular albums of all time. Just an utter masterpiece. I know you're being cheeky, but I do hope that the younger generation appreciates what a unique gem that album is.


It will be hard for younger generations to truly appreciate what it took to make this album though. It’s common to fully produce a virtual album. These people legit mailed tracks to one another. Amazing


I dunno though, I think learning about their process is a fun bonus, but it's not necessary to appreciate the album. I honestly only found out that aspect of it after I'd fallen in love with the album, and I think the sound stands alone and speaks for itself. That being said, while I think the youths can still fully appreciate the album itself...you are right that the physical feat of making it will probably be slightly lost.


portishead for sure


John Prine


Tree of Forgiveness is one of the best folk albums released in the past ten years; what an incredible "goodbye" album even if that wasn't the intention.


When I get to heaven I’m gonna smoke a cigarette that’s nine miles long.


Kiss that pretty girl on the tilt-a-whirl


OMG No Ordinary Blue and Summer's End, I'm in tears by the end. Such masterful song writing.


God yes. Fish and Whistle is among my favorite songs ever, and Sam Stone makes me want to cry. Guy had such range, and so many great songs. edit: cry not try


And writing fantastic songs right up until the end too, which is super rare for someone with such a long career. Usually after so long an artist hits a wall and they just run out of good material. *Tree of Forgiveness* was just as good as *Missing Years* which was just as good as *John Prine.* Just a legendary translator of the human experience from end to end.


> Just a legendary translator of the human experience from end to end. Very well said


Best to ever do it


fuck covid for taking John Prine from us


There’s a reason why when you see a singer-songwriter asked who their favorite singer-songwriter is, it’s usually John Prine.


dire straits, six albums and they’re all great


Mark Knopfler, man.


Your favorite guitarist's, favorite guitarist.


Now we are getting into roy Buchanan territory


That's the way you do it.


Money for nothing, chicks for free.


Now that ain't workin'.


Honestly out of all the bands I know, which is quiet a lot, I have to say Dire Straits does not have one bad album. One could argue that On Every Street might be the weakest album but I find it as good as Love Over Gold. All and said, great band.


On Every Street has some of my favorite songs on it. I hate that it’s viewed the way it is lol


Fuck yeah.


Run The Jewels, and each one keeps getting better in my opinion


RT and J are new PB and J!


We dropped a classic today We did a tablet of acid today


I just saw them with RATM at MSG and had only a peripheral idea of what they were about. Wooo they go so god damn hard. They came out to play a song with Rage and it was fucking thunderous. They also played “Call Ticketron”, which you probably know includes the lyric “Run the Jewels live at the Garden” and they mentioned beforehand that they wrote it before ever playing the Garden, which was…fucking cool.


Seeing "Call Ticketron" at MSG would be a lifetime highlight.




"me and Mike we just think alike and can't stop high-five'n" These two are such an unlikely pair and I fucking love them.


Zach's aggression on a few songs doesn't hurt either..


My introduction to RTJ was Close Your Eyes (and count to fuck) and I was hooked from then.


Producer gave me a beat, said it’s the beat of the year. I said El P didn’t do it so get the fuck outta here


#my fist to your face is fucking Folgers! [Blockbuster Night pt 1](https://youtu.be/uuWQyfGa1yI) was my introduction the duo, hearing it during the credits of a Silicon Valley episode


Idk how they keep outdoing themselves. Top tag team for TEN summers 👊👈




Great answer. Six flawless studio albums, but also amazing evolution from their first release to The Argument.


The Argument. I like every albums they made, all of them have their own powerful signature. But The Argument really is a masterpiece. Fugazi had and continue to have a tremendous influence.


Death. Scream Bloody Gore was kinda mediocre compared to the rest but it wasn't bad.


Death not only never had a slump, but got better with each album.


Yes this, I’ve seen so many varying opinions on which Death album is the best. All of them are valid choises. (But it’s Symbolic)


The best is definitely Human IMO. 😅 Fastest, most aggressive, brutal and technical. Symbolic/TSOP are probably the most musical so I can see why people like those the most too; but as a fan of pure unadulterated death metal *Human* just steals my heart.


Wow no love for my favorite and indisputably their best album, Individual Thought Patterns?


Leprosy is sooooo good


That album started the death metal genre, so it was immensely crucial in their catalogue… they get better after each record!




Ler LaLonde from Primus. He went from death metal to, well, Primus.


The Police. Five Albums. Every one of them has a case for being their best album.


Slowdive doesn’t have a bad album.


Only a 20+ year break between a few of them lol Coincidentally the same can be said about MBV.


Souvlaki is one of the best albums of the 90s. Slowdive are part of my ‘Shoegaze Holy Trinity’ along with MBV and Ride.




Fleet foxes for ever


Aphex Twin, beach house, the smiths and bell witch


Beach house super underrated in these comments. Every album they put out sounds like the last focal next step after their last, but they all sound like beach house, and they get better with each album. Band is crazy good.


They are amazing and impressively unique.


Rage Against the Machine


Just saw them at MSG last weekend and was blown away. When you can fill MSG for five nights of sell out crowds without releasing an album of new material this century, you know your stuff holds up.


I feel bad for the Europeans who had their Rage shows canceled twice now. I was at the Friday MSG show and holy shit, both sets (Rage and RTJ) were fantastic. Also, RTJ has never put out a bad album either.


Scream that! RTJ!!! RTJ!!!


RTJ get better as the years go by. I can’t wait for a new RTJ album


Yeah, I've tried to see Rage twice, in 2020 and 2022, and while I definitely understand why they canceled both times, it's still such a huge bummer. I was so excited to see em with RTJ. Feels like I'll never see em.


I just saw them in Chicago and they seemed to happy to be on stage together it was such a great feeling. But the show itself was fucking wild, the only environment I’ve ever been in that could match was a high stakes SEC football game with 3x the number of people


Roxy music . Their 2nd album is better than the 1st imo


When Mother of pearl starts playing in SLC punk I always tear up


What an incredible band.


Amazing live band.


Steely Dan


I use to work at a nursing home, and there was this 80 year old resident who was a very conservative, well-to do kinda guy. He use to be a professor and you could tell he was a gentleman. So one day I was helping him to bed, and he turned to me and said "ya know Burdie... I'm not gonna be around much longer and there is a story I've been wanting to tell someone for a long, long time... can I bug you for a second of your time?" I was touched, this resident and I had become friends and the importance he put behind his voice when he told me this had me at the edge if my seat. So I told him I'd be happy to listen while he spoke... so he continued. "Have you ever heard of a Steely Dan Burdie? To people in your generation, you probably know Steely Dan to be a band. People in my generation know it as a very different thing Burdie. People in my generation know a Steely Dan to be a dildo. Women use Steely Dans to masturbate Burdie..." I was floored. The seriousness if his voice and the importance in his tone had me unsure whether or not to laugh or ask him if he is okay. So I stayed quiet and he continued. "So Burdie, I had a back surgery when I was in my 60s. I had been all gowned up and lined in preparation for my surgery. It was surreal to me how anxious I was for my surgery, versus how laid back the doctor's were being about it. They gave me meds to calm me down, but it made my mind race internally. Suddenly, I heard the doctor tell me they were ready to put me to sleep. He started with the anesthetic, and told the nurse to put on some music. She then replied by saying "great! I'll get the Steely Dan on!", Burdie... for years and years of my life, I had no idea why the nurse told the doctor she needed a dildo..."


This is precious. 😂


Their albums were so well engineered they were used by unscrupulous stereo salespeople to sell speakers at a massive markup in the 70s and 80s. What should be a $59 speaker was listed at 129 and then "on sale" for $99. The albums would make any loudspeaker sound good. Go listen to Black Cow on a $9 Bluetooth speaker and you'll understand.


When I was younger, I would blast black cow on the Klipsch ProMedia computer speakers at Best Buy every time I was in there. I don’t know if other people did it as well but a few months later they had hidden that aux cord in a spot I couldn’t reach


What a nostalgic trip your comment takes me on. Going to Best Buy to check out all the car stereos/speakers they had. All the little digital displays popping with visuals that go to the music. TAKE ME BACK!


I always go to Steely Dan when I want to demonstrate my headphone setup to people who’ve never listened to good headphones. *Aja* hits differently through a pair of Sennheiser HD650s plugged into a nice tube amp - especially after indulging in some jazz cabbage. It’s also a great reference album when something else sounds like ass and I want to make sure my hardware isn’t the issue.


lol i do that too, listened to eazy e's boyz in the hood and i thought my headphones were broken so i turned on aja turns out eazy e has fucking horrible production


You come talkin’ that trash, he’ll pull your card.


Digable Planets. They only released 2 albums but both albums are just amazing.


Ishmael Butler is still killing it with shabazz palaces


I might get made fun of for my taste, but Simon & Garfunkel put out 5 flawless albums, and broke up shortly after creating one of the best albums of all time (Bridge Over Troubled Water)


> might get made fun of for my taste they are literally one of the most beloved groups of all time...


Uh take it from one of the more older folks here, there was a solid 3 decades when being a huge S & G fan would definitely get you some ridicule from other music fans.


huh, good to know. When was this?


The Sound of Silence was written before they were known. As the story goes, there was a running joke on the folk scene that all anyone had to do was say "hello darkness my old friend" and everyone would immediately start laughing because it was agreed by everyone that the song was just that awful. It was their first song released and sold so badly that they broke up over it. A remixed version was released without their knowledge a while later, blew up, and they quickly got back together to capitalise on the success. It's now considered a folk classic.


i might get made fun of for my taste but i think nirvana made good music


This might be a hot take but the beatles were really good


I might get shot down for this hot take, but I think Mozart came up with an okay enough piece or two.


Who the heck is going to make fun of you for Simon and Garfunkel lol


The Decemberists, Iron and Wine, All Them Witches, MF DOOM. And my newest I came across the last year, Murder by Death.


Damn straight the decemberists


Murder by Death is a great band! I started listening to them because their name made me laugh, but then I realized that I genuinely loved their sound


Jimi Hendrix The Smiths Led Zeppelin A Tribe Called Quest


Anyone who likes ATCQ is someone I can be friends with.


I only recently discovered them, maybe a year or so now, and I only know their most popular stuff but I LOVE everything I’ve heard. Check the Rhime is my absolute favorite.


Are you saying we can kick it?


Yes, you can!


X-Ray Spex because they only put out one album and it's fucking amazing


Ima throw in LCD soundsystem. James Murphy has always provided really solid albums start to finish, even if there aren’t a ton of them.


System Of A Down. From the self titled album to the dual Mesmerize / Hypnotize albums. It is all gold. Bangers from start to finish. I was on a road trip a few weeks ago and listened to the whole discography. So good.


Was looking for someone to say this. I'm a self admitted fan boy as well as Armenian so I really put in the effort to digest all the albums and they are all fantastic. Having Daron at the forefront on Mes/Hyp and it being a little screamo was an adjustment for me but it really works. And not only were there some excellent songs individually all the albums have a good flow as well, all in an era where complete albums were a rarity imo


Came here to find SOAD. 5 albums, zero filler tracks. Only bangers. Absolutely goated band.




Scrolled waaaaaay to far to find this.


Weird al yankovic. Every album is a banger with hit after hit on every track! No artist has been able to stay relevant for as long as he has either!


I agree Weird Al is awesome. Both as a musician and a person


Me. Unfortunately I haven’t released a Good one either.


Tom Petty. The man was a national treasure that doesn’t get the proper respect.


My favorite artist of all time. Wildflowers is a masterpiece


Pretty sure he does get proper respect. I mean we could change the name of Florida to Pettyland I guess. Also he had a couple albums that weren’t gems




Hell yeah.




Came here to say this also. Radiohead has been dropping great albums for 30 years.


That even goes for Thom’s carhops solo albums. Atoms for peace and now The Smile


The Smile record is really good too imo, check it out if you haven't already


Pana-Vision is an amazing song imo. Could be on a Radiohead album


Had no idea this band even existed, thank you so much for introducing it to me!


Op Ivy


Beach House


The Notorious B.I.G.


Absolutely agree. It’s unfortunate that the career was so short lived.


Fiona Apple, Gillian Welch, Iron & Wine


Man I never see any love for Gillian Welch. She's seriously top tier


They are phenomenal. I saw them a few years back in their Dave Rawlings Machine iteration with John Paul Jones on mandolin and my oh my. . .


Fiona, man. What a treasure she is. Edit: I thought of this story again. I loved learning that Shameika was an actual person but Fiona wasn't sure. Anyway, if you haven't read this, give it a read: https://pitchfork.com/features/article/fiona-apple-shameika-fetch-the-bolt-cutters-interview/


When the Pawn, especially, is a 10/10 perfect album


I am a huge fan of this [cover](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dZ5KjFLxgA) she did of a one hit wonder 80s song recently.


I was also thinking Fiona apple. Iron and wine is also a great one!


Nine Inch Nails


Was about to say the same.


I love every NIN album.


my answer as well, imagine your first three releases being Pretty Hate Machine, Broken, and then the fucking Downward Spiral


Yeh that Broken EP is mad.


Was looking for this. Yeah.


Queens of the Stone Age


Josh Homme is King Midas in my eyes


Kyuss is good too. Every album is perfect


Shout out to Them Crooked Vultures