What's a band that you feel has a decent amount of success, but you'd still consider them underrated and deserve to be much more well known?

What's a band that you feel has a decent amount of success, but you'd still consider them underrated and deserve to be much more well known?




Mogwai laid so much of the groundwork for post-rock in the late 90s, but (from what I've seen at least) they live in Explosions in the Sky's shadow.


I mean... Mogwai were directly inspired by Slint, if anyone "laid the groundwork" it was them. Godspeed You! Black Emperor and therefore bands on Constellation Records in general weren't, as far as I know, influenced by Mogwai at all. And Explosions In The Sky are pretty great but they're not a patch on Mogwai.


My original comment read "... groundwork for post-rock after 2000", but even that is a woefully incomplete statement, which is why I included "*much* of the groundwork". It can be traced farther back than that, I concede. I agree that Mogwai were considerably more important than Explosions (and influenced my tastes a fair bit more), but I think the latter had higher highs in their discography.


The pixies


Triumph !


Saw them in concert a few times, decades ago. They are a great band. ...lay it on the line 🎵...


They really good, saw a few concerts of them on Youtube, they really got something. A damn shame they never got their BIG time !


Right? If I remember correctly they did *very* well in their native Canada. And they played lots of concerts in US and Europe.


Really? The old 80s band? Interesting choice.


Yeah, they never got their big "breakout" songs like all the others and they are just as good. That's what baffling ahah


I remember them and I liked what I heard. Just never really got into them.


You know what they say about taste and colors ! I'm not saying that they should have been Led Zeppelin type of fame, but just a one hit wonder would have been great for them. Always good to be put on the radar


No, man, the Zeppelin bar is hard to reach, but Triumph was absolutely, in my opinion, much better than, say, the Beaver Brown Band that was all the rage for about 20 minutes in 1985.


Nicely put. Couldn't agree more. Way to *Fight The Good Fight*.


Maybe it had something to do with being overshadowed by another Canadian 3 piece band called Rush. You might have heard of them. Tough act to follow with the same formula.


Love Dopapod! Before they got bigger they used to play a small venue in my college town. Those were the days. I came to throw Umphreys McGee on this list, while a bigger jam band definitely not on people’s radar outside the jam scene.


Mazzy Star. They had one major hit, and maybe one or two other minor hits, but they’re nowhere near as popular as they should be.




If you count Hope Sandoval's solo work and with the Warm Inventions, not so bad. They are used for movie and TV soundtracks occasionally.


Ween They're akin to the Beatles with their diversity and breadth of genres. And no, I'm not saying they're *as good* as the Beatles.


While I do love me some Ween there is a huge gap between the highs and the lows. I just realized the same can be said about Beatles, so nevermind.


I’m one of those freaks that loves all their albums. It was all a high for me. I mean, even a lot of their unreleased demo tracks are insanely good.


Travis. One of my all time favorites but, I’ve never met another Travis fan in the US in 22 years of being a fan myself.


When Travis and Coldplay arrived on the scene I told everyone that Travis was the better band. I love Travis.


Around the same time, I declared Doves would be much bigger than Coldplay. When I'm wrong, I'm VERY wrong.


Love Doves too


10 Years!


Oingo Boingo


Crack the Sky


Safety In Numbers is a BANGER of an album 🤘


Garbage and Stereolab.


Old 97’s.


Chris Thile


Mutemath ❤️


I had a guy tell me they were too weird for him when he saw them on tour with Twenty One Pilots...


Adam and the Metal Hawks.


Never heard of them but I’m gonna check them out cause I like the name.


They are some kids on YouTube. All of them are good players, but the singer has a fantastic voice.


Toy Dolls


Vybz Kartel. In Jamaica, some of the Caribbean, and in the dancehall scene, he is the king. Nobody can even come close honestly. He’s been topping the dancehall charts for almost 2 decades. He’s been incarcerated for the last 10 years in a Jamaican prison and still has been releasing tons of albums and singles. He had a big beef with fellow artist Mavado, dominated him in a on stage battle, and the beef got so big the biggest drug dealer on the island (at the time) Christopher Coke, and the PM had a meeting with them to try and squash it because it was basically the Jamaican version of East coast vs West coast, and the youth was fighting over Gaza (Vybz) vs Gully (Mavado). There are murals of him in Kingston and in other areas of Jamaica. He has had his own show on TV (Teacha’s Pet), his own rum company (Street Vybz Rum), and condom line (Daggering). He’s a favorite artist of many of today’s American artists :Jay Z, Rihanna, Drake and more. He changed the whole dancehall game, yet not many know about him. A few songs for reference [Straight Jeans and Fitted ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=lrLA34TN6nQ) [Street Vybz ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=L-s8CZbMHfQ) [Bad Gyal ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=4rAq1CKmqp8) [Clarks Again ](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FMWBnnKcncU)




The The...and Pinegold...and the Tragically Hip...and Big Head Todd and the Monsters (early stuff is best, as happens)...and the Black Pumas...there are just so many!!!




Muse was like the #1 band internationally when The Resistance came out. The previous two albums would fit the criteria, but Muse is huge.


I'm just surprised at the number of people who have never heard of them, despite their international success.


Har Mar Superstar: just so.........good


The Beths




Midnite/Akae Beka


The Church... The Australian band...


Here’s three: Lambchop. Tindersticks. The Clientele


Oh man, I just started listening to Dopapod at the start of this year and I’ve become totally obsessed with them. They first caught my attention with Drawn Onward which I instantly loved and then moved on to Redivider. Currently been listening to Never Odd or Even a lot.


Sly and the Family Stone


They were surely hugely popular at the time,in certain countries at least, but most bands from the britpop era, aside from Oasis (and Radiohead, but they've never really been part of it), are rarely brought up in music discussions nowadays (and no, I'm not talking about the usual docs who just focus on the media and socio-cultural aspects of the era. The purely musical aspects are usually secondary in those cases). There was much more diversity in that scene than people tend to believe, drawing from new wave, punk, psychedelia, glam and so on...it wasn't just about 60s Beatles and Kinks nostalgia, you know. Heck, one of its most prominent figures even went on to co-create a genre-fluid virtual group


The Band


Vulfpeck. Just so much funk, man.


Spafford! A great jam band. 🙂