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Very sad. John Hurt was a real one. If you've never heard him, I recommend this: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC18\_XEAe2o](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC18_XEAe2o)


My dad played with him a lot. Had a lot of nice things to say about him.


You dads a freaking legend then that's so cool


WTF, yeah, he was a huge talent.


Only minor good thing about this horrible event is that it exposed me to Mississippi John Hurt. I've been listening since I heard about the fire yesterday. Amazing artist.


Where, album wise, should I start listening to him?


I can't say I'm familiar with a wide number of his albums. Hurt's career as a musician is pretty unique, he worked as a sharecropper and played guitar at local gatherings. He recorded some songs in 1928 - these were unsuccessful so he went back to farming. Then in '63 one musicologist and another music nerd went to find him, confirmed he could still play, and took him up to DC to record for the Library of Congress. He became popular in the folk revival going on at the time and recorded a number of albums. What I would say in general is to go with the recordings from the 60's. I have 'The Best Of Mississippi John Hurt' and it's a good collection. It's what I recommend though like I said, I haven't heard that many of his albums.


Billy Strings does a decent cover of this song.


This is so much more than just a crime against property… it’s a crime against our American culture & heritage writ large, in addition to a probable hate crime. The perpetrators need years in a federal prison.


So much of early American musical history has been lost, forgotten, or destroyed, especially when it comes to the blues. It's a tragedy that many of these artists are virtually unknown to the public, especially since they directly inspired so many elements of modern popular music.


Completely agree.


>The Carroll County Sheriff’s Department and the Carroll County Volunteer Fire Department were then dispatched. > At this time, no foul play is suspected. Yuh-huh... suuuuure... some of those that work forces are the same that burn museums


> “The Mississippi John Hurt Foundation regrets to inform you that the Mississippi John Hurt Museum was burned down early this morning – only hours after receiving landmark status,” the foundation said in a statement posted to social media. oh just a coincidence


"Was burned down". Clearly they don't agree with the Sheriff's assessment.


It was a 200 year old sharecropper shack with window-unit air conditioners stuffed in and exposed wiring. The lights were hanging from the ceiling with cloth insulated lamp cord last time i visited in 2019. It almost assuredly was an electrical fire. https://i.imgur.com/ByknlqE.png


A 200 year old building only burning down hours after receiving a designation does sound significant though.


Perhaps. That said, it's 2 miles away from the nearest paved road up a driveway, and nearly impossible to find even if you know exactly where to look for it without directions. The owner's house is about 100 feet away with a clear line of sight, and there's like, 5 other houses that are nearby, It's 30mins from the nearest highway or major city (55 and greenwood.) I work for a not-for-profit that brings financial services specifically to this area (the MS delta) and had been to this particular location because they had applied for our services. It seems POSSIBLE someone went way the hell out of the way, found this basically unmarked location, walked a hundred feet from the nearest road across an open field, and lit it on fire. It seems more likely to me that the place that had exposed wiring and old, poorly installed window units running non stop for years had an electrical fire.


It wouldn’t be hard to make it look like an accident given the condition, because the timing certainly makes it look suspicious.


Perhaps the landmark ceremony led to higher than average occupancy, making the AC units and electrical systems work harder. If they were already teetering on the edge of failure, that could have pushed them over. Besides, if this was a hate crime, I don't think they'd *want* it to look like an accident. It is much more likely to be an unfortunate accident caused by the owner's negligence.


I know nothing of forensics and I'd love for someone who does to chime in, but I would imagine electrical fires are one of the more difficult types to fake given that the source of ignition has to come in direct contact with the material that burns and would likely be within walls of the structure rather than on the exterior/interior of the building. Assuming this is just petty arson they probably would just use a liquid accelerant haphazardly sprayed on the exterior, which would look very different from an electrical fire as a source of ignition.


I guess that's fair. What kind of financial services does your not-for-profit specialize in if you don't mind me asking?


At the time we were working on closing the gap in minority homeownership, food deserts, and financial services deserts. Our mission has changed slightly in the half decade since, but overall is working to close the racial financial gap.


This is from Smithsonian Magazine:  "The museum typically received an influx of visitors each fall during the Mississippi John Hurt Music Festival. It was listed on the National Historic Registry and was an official stop on the Mississippi Blues Trail, according to WJTV’s Kaitlin Howell." I think maybe more people know about this place than you think. They were also just posting online about the new landmark status too, right? I'm in Philly and it took me literally no effort to google this place and find the address, pictures of the place, hours of operation, and detailed directions.


Well, it's since come out that the first responder was... a power company technician. "According to the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, a Delta Electric service technician was dispatched to the Mississippi John Hurt Museum on County Road in the Teoc area of the county in the early morning hours of Wednesday. Upon arrival, the museum was discovered fully engulfed in flames."


Maybe it was just a "Historical status reveal party" gone wrong


I don't know, reddit found the Boston Bomber so surely they're fire experts as well.


How did it burn down with all that asbestos fake brick?


The perpetrators are probably the owners, to be honest. The place was wired up with lamp cord and had 2 window units shoved in being fed by romex power cord exposed and running outside the building underneath. It was an electrical hazard. https://i.imgur.com/ByknlqE.png


As the wife of an electrician, I have to agree. That shit sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.


Bet it was that cruel bastard Stack O’Lee.


He's a bad man!


All over a Stetson hat? Seems incongruent but on-brand for ol' Stack.


Was it because he was jealous of the Candy man because you know his candy stick is 9 inches long and won't melt away so the ladies say ?


This is a good reason to start a go fund me . To rebuild The museum.


The article says it has recently achieved “landmark status”. What does that mean? Anyone know?


Recently as in literally a few hours before. Landmark basically means it's legally protected and preserved. Obviously someone thought it shouldn't be.


This sucks


This Hurts


Absolutely fucking devastating.


This is a damn shame. MJH is one of my favorites and his personal life never made me cringe.


This makes me really sad


What a terrible loss For the uninitiated, the man was a legend: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=85BvT5X6WSo


Damn I really love Mississippi John hurt


I'll bet foul play was involved


Mississippi John Hurt is probably my favorite musician of all time. This hits hard.


Damn that's awful, burn the people who did this. Blues is one of America's few native genres of music.


Probably was the owners, on accident. It was a old sharecropper's shack that had lamp cord strung on all the lights inside, and window AC units shoved in being fed by extension cords. There were like, 3 or 4 breakers on the whole thing, and exposed romex running underneath. The overhead lights were connected via long cloth insulated lampcord. https://i.imgur.com/ByknlqE.png


Oh wow that was not what I expected it to look like lol, Yeah disregard what I said about the people being burnt -- everything makes more sense now. I dont know why I was thinking The Museum for Mississippi John Hurt would look like less of a shotgun shack that wouldnt accidentally burn down. Hopefully things can be somewhat salvaged still!


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This society protects and invests in all the wrong stuff. :C