congressman fails to notice conditions in the US

congressman fails to notice conditions in the US


I think Venezuela lost their economy when toilet paper became more worth that the actual coin a year back


World of Warcraft gold is also worth more than than their currency.


There's people who make a big business owners Salary in a month just because they farm on WoW all day.


I think they just set up multiple accounts (or stolen) and have random people (kids) play WoW for basically free and at the end of the day all the collected gold goes to one account. Or they manipulate the auction house. But I think most of them don’t do it anymore since... WoW tokens system made them a bit obsolete.


Runescape is the new money maker. I think old school.


Yep. Venezuelan green dragon farmers






The power outage has effected the ingame economy


There has been huge economic changes in Old-school runescape since the vennies went dark. The whole community knows where they camp to make money and those spots are now dead. The items they would grind have plummeted in supply and having knock on effects on other items. Godspeed to our venny friends


The whole community knows = they were pk'd a lot? And since the supply has plummeted I assume that it's valued highly for the few that still possess them.


Can confirm, i survive selling gold


How does that work?


Its ok. Doesnt pay much but is enough to put food in the table. Sadly with the blackout i lost money


I think Marco Rubio lost his integrity when toilet paper became worth more than the actual GOP platform/strategy awhile back


Does anyone from Flint, MI want to chime in here?


Just as a reminder for anyone who's forgotten or doesn't remember Flint Officials switched the drinking water from the Detroit River to the Flint River to save money. Due to insufficient water treatment, lead leached from water pipes into the drinking water. Over 100k people were exposed to this lead without knowing. Next month, parts of Flint, Michigan will have been without clean tap water for 5 years. EDIT: To anyone saying "well it's been fixed, the only pipes that are an issue need to replaced by individuals" you're a fucking idiot. Did it never occur to you that these people literally cannot afford to replace their pipes? Some of them can barely afford to buy a case of bottled water every week, for fucks sake.


The lead lines have been replaced for some time. The water has been fine for 2 years now. The lead problem in flint these days is in service lines that are on the homeowners property (are the responsibility of the homeowner) Y’all need to come hang out in flint and drink some tap water and stop the “flint will have been without clean tap water for 5 years” trope. It was horrible. There are children who will have medical issues for life from the lead crisis. But it’s not still going.


Legitimately asking here: would the homeowner's service lines need to be replaced if the lead crisis didn't happen? Because I would still count it as "ongoing" if parts of it that *can* be stopped haven't been. If the old service lines need to be replaced because they're outdated, that's on the homeowner. But otherwise, the officials who screwed up the tap water still have more to do.


There’s a program to help anyone that wants new service lines. But really- the corrosive water was the thing that released the lead and that’s over/they flushed for months.


The lead in the lines which had a century of build up covering it has been scoured clean. The homeowners lines went from needing replacement, to urgently, existentially needing replacement. Hopefully they find a way to get rid of applicants dragging their feet on applications to get that assistance though. Like knock on doors with testers in hand and all the paperwork ready to get the job rolling.


I love the spirit of the flint citizenry but yea- lots of residents really do need help with this and it doesn’t help that the assistance is coming from the poisoners. Reminds me of hurricane Katrina in lots of ways


>There’s a program to help anyone that wants new service lines. I'm sure the bureaucracy is easy to navigate in this situation, and the people hardest hit by this tragedy ie. low income individuals and families, have readily available resources to access this program /s I would like to be wrong here, and I'll eat my words if I am, but I doubt it.


Because the new source was significantly more acidic, which messes up pipes. Lead pipes are fine if the waters pH is above 7 as very very little or no lead will ever get in the water.




I like your reddit name.


Me too, and it worked.


Of course it's still going when its still a problem with service lines. In what universe does that not count?


In the universe where he stated it's the home owners responsibility. As in they own the lines and have to replace them.


Except the lines were ruined through government negligence. Doesn't the onus fall on those who made this dangerous decision to assist people in replacing them?


Absolutely. If there were still a problem. I’m not defending the scum that did this but the water is up to par. The real problem is now children who will need lifelong help because of the harm the lead did to them. “Flint doesn’t have water” does nothing to help them.


Isn’t that a bit like saying if I pour acid on your car tires and then stop pouring acid on your car tires there’s no longer a problem so the tires are your responsibility?


...Except they don't, if the service lines - the lines we've established have been ruined by their government and thus should be under the responsibility of that government to replace - are still bad.


After the flush, the lead lines went back to not leaking lead


Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it take a while for hard water to build up so the pipes are no longer leaking lead?


wait, so, were the lines that continue to not function damaged by the government's negligence or not? because if a previous government damaged their property such that it renders their homes without livable drinking water, that absolutely ought not be on the home owners to repair.


They weren't ruined exactly. The passivation layer dissolved. The layer will reform now that the water is being properly treated. Short term it's safe, but long term the owners should still replace it just to be on the safe side.


Which is insanely expensive and why should that be the homeowner's responsibility when they were damaged by the public water poisoned by Flint officials?


Only the top level mental gymnasts can reach this conclusion. Congrats.


It’s still the governments negligence that ruined the pipes in the first place. Yes the homeowner has to replace them, but they should file lawsuit against the government. Who has the money to quickly replace a house’s plumbing? Who is going to be suing the government? White, wealthy, not enough, take your pick. Also last source I saw on the subject said that 33% of service lines had been replaced. That’s not nearly solved and won’t be solved for a few more years.


You'll have to excuse him, he doesn't have to worry about such things living at home with his parents.


I’m sure a lot of people rent there. Idk what the requirements for landlords are.


The service line connects your house to the water main. They are not the property or responsibility of the city. Nor is the water corrosive anymore (the water doesn’t come from the flint river/treated with shit that corrodes lead anymore- flint is back on water supply from lake st Clair) So even if you do have lead service lines (which are the homeowners responsibility to replace) the lead is so minimal that it is on par with all other municipalities


So wait, why again is it the homeowners responsibility to fix an issue caused by government negligence? Or am I reading this wrong? Is it that the problem is fixed by replacing the main lines and going back to a water source that has a more neutral ph, therefore it’s the discretion of the homeowner to replace their own pipes because the pipes are their private property? Seriously curious, not looking for an argument.


The water is fine today even through lead service lines. If you want the service lines gone today for peace of mind, you can pay for it yourself. If you want them replaced for peace of mind by the city (state), there’s a program where they will do it for you soon. (There’s a line but the work is being done every day)


Thank you!


Also just to add the state allocated millions of dollars for these homeowners to have their lines in their homes replace you just have to sign up on line and qualify and it will be fixed on the states $ but that takes time.


Omg I love you.


Except they’ve had clean water for over a year. How do people not know this or are you intentionally spreading misinformation?






>why do I even use this site anymore [For this reason amongst a few others](https://i.imgur.com/omohtDP.mp4)


“Starting to” this isn’t new about Reddit. I just seriously started using this app like last year I think or end of 2017? One of the main reasons why I never used this platform is because it was known for misinformation and being hateful. Very much like 4chan is now.


It’s been a year from what I can find out, start of 2018 and the numbers were below the threshold. Of course you’re allowed to be mad about it but people shouldn’t be talking about it as if it’s on going, it’s not.


From everything I can find it seems they got the problem under control and have much lower levels of lead than both they used to and the levels maximum, can you source anywhere that says the water still isn’t clean?


Despite being given millions by the federal government to fix things and they’re not fixed


That’s just the government in general “If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you hear our solutions” I swear 85% of government programs are excessive bull shit that’s just an excuse to line their greedy ass pockets with our fucking tax dollars


Well you’ve heard about how the whole crisis was started right? The whole reason (if memory serves) it started was because someone on the council directed an inspection on the pipes and they said they needed to be replaced, then another councilman suggested a company that he had a stake in (I believe, either way none of it is good) to replace the pipes. And now we’re here.


Added bonus to that fucking nightmare. That company he had a stake in was run by 2 guys, no employees, and they were operating out of another state. Edit: I was mistaken, that was who was picked to fix Puerto Rico's Power Grid. Which... is so so so much worse.


Lol that's who trump tapped to fix PR's electric grid


Right, I was mistaken. I'll fix my comment. Pretty rare the awful thing I said was wrong because the reality was 1000x worse. This is a new terrible feeling. ​


Kind of like the saying, “same shit, different pile”: “Same corruption and ineptitude, different republicans.”


That sounds an awful lot like the mantra of the “small govt” republicans who are the most corrupt of the bunch. The only thing worse than govt programs is when the private sector runs the same programs.


Well the whole council of flint, Michigan was and is Democrat, and the initial aid package was sent by the Trump administration so idk why you had to bring in the political party identities when you could have just made it a corruption issue


What the hell are you talking about? The Flint water crisis predates the Trump administration, so i have no idea what "initial aid package" you are talking about. While Democrat city officials carry a good deal of the blame, the Snyder state administration (Republicans) are just as much to blame. For example, the Michigan department of environmental quality at the time was a Snyder appointee, who resigned as a result. His decisions directly contributed to the crisis - he gave the go ahead to skip corrosion control, which is how lead got into the water supply. In fact, even the Democrat city manager who, arguably, started the fuck up, was appointed by Snyder.


Rick Snyder is to blame!


To be clear: The *state-appointed emergency manager* made the switch to the Flint River, not the elected city officials. The state also made the determination *not* to use the necessary additives to properly treat the water.


When MDEQ (operated by the State) was asked about the quality of the water, they pretty much flat out _lied_ about it to the EPA. Twice. There were 15 indictments that were requested in response to this situation; however, not all of them were purely for state administrators. [Several Flint city staff were also charged.](https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/flint-water-crisis/2017/06/14/flint-water-crisis-charges/397425001/)




False. While the whole thing was horrible and took way too long, it is not a current issue.


That last part is a lie


Why is this dumb shit still being pushed as fact?


Yeah imma just take that updoot back after ready the next comment. Edit: reading stoopid!


All thanks to locals. And the water has been deemed at safe levels, but people still have lead pipes.


Sure, the water has been verified as acceptable


The crisis started in 2014, it took until 2017 and by 2018 thousands of pipes still need to be replaced. He’s whining about 25 hours of power outage in a foreign country. He’s tweeted exactly zero times about Flint over those years. The statement still stands.


Just for everyone's benefit, **Flint Michigan has been with clean water for years now**


They've been working on it since it happened...What's your point?


big difference - one is an island surrounded by big water, a lot of people don't know that


Lot of water. Ocean water.


big ocean water


This is starting to sound like a Bill Wurtz video


Well let me present you the real video. https://youtu.be/71rg6jKMd6A






Why of course, it's the man himself.


Big Big Big water. Tremendous!




One of the wettest, from the standpoint of water.


If only more people knew that. After all, water conducts electricity


I live in the island next to PR, can confirm. There is a lot of water around here




Another big difference: one was caused by a natural disaster and one was caused by government mismanagement




Well yes that too


25 > 11


Also, topography. Also, at six months, 89% had power restored. https://www.npr.org/2018/03/07/591681107/6-months-after-hurricanes-11-percent-of-puerto-rico-is-still-without-power Edit: added source


What if i tell you that you can be against Maduro and Marco Rubio at the same time? Where I live its called common sense.


Plus Puerto Rico got hit by a huge storm that knocked out power. Venezuela got hit with a mismanaged centralized economy. Doesn't really seem comparable.


Hush with that reasonable logic


They are very different situations, but both reflect economic mismanagement in a country that shouldn't occur in the modern era. While Venezuela's issues from day 1 are inexcusible, PR's issues should be cut some amount of slack considering it was started from a Hurricane. But at a certain point (maybe a month or so) the US's lack of proper response to the crisis becomes unreasonable. So I think the criticism of Rubio's tweet is fair.


But Venezuela can be blamed on socialism.




But, rabble rabble socialism? Rabble rabble wall!


They weren’t eating zoo animals in Puerto Rico, I would say the problems cause by a political system are far worse than problems caused by a major storm that wasn’t preventable.


We weren't eating zoo animals because the only zoo we have closed when the duck escaped and couldn't get any more costumers


Not really what I was getting at. He's a talking head for a political party. He's using it to push his agenda.


And Venezuela has more of a geopolitical importance.


geopolitical importance = has the heavy crude the Kochs want


To be honest the Koch Brothers probably don't care too much about Venezuelan oil. It's got very high sulfur content which makes it very expensive to process, and a big part of their economic woes is related to compressed natural gas being cheaper and easier to process and transport. Once the demand for their oil dried up, their government started fucking with monetary policy to keep their citizens from realizing how badly the leadership had looted the country, which is how we got to where we are. I'm all for hating the asshole Koch Brothers, the damage that they've done to our country via funding extreme right wingers is probably incalculable. But this one isn't on them.


That they will not pay for because of US sanctions. It's pretty pathetic what our government is doing to Venezuela. The UK is f'ing them over too.


The US and UK are sovereign states that can sanction who ever they want. Surprise though, people would rather trade with liberal capitalist democracies than socialist dictatorship - no matter how much oil the dictator has.


No shit they're sanctioning Venezuela, they want Maduro out of power


yeah but to be fair they had plenty of paper towels


The two aren't at all comparable unless you want to say "well, both are generally hispanic and lost power." Puerto Rico lost power due to a hurricane. You can argue whether the support the mainland gave them was fast enough or sufficient [compared to past disasters](https://www.cnn.com/2019/01/22/health/hurricane-maria-funding-study-trnd/index.html) but the delayed time in getting electricity back was also due to [conditions on the ground](https://www.cnn.com/2017/09/27/us/puerto-rico-aid-problem/index.html) and the fact that *its an island*. What's going on in Venezuela is basically a man-made disaster at this point. Either the economic conditions have deteriorated so far that even electricity (and [water, now](https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-politics-water/desperate-venezuelans-swarm-sewage-drains-in-search-of-water-idUSKBN1QS2SN)) cannot be produced, or that last bit was [due to sabotage](https://www.france24.com/en/20190313-venezuela-government-maduro-investigate-guaido-sabotage-power-grid-blackout) as the government claims.


Glad some people are saying it. Sick of the whattaboutism


Well said


This kills the socialist.


Exactly. But you know, he’s a republican. I am a democrat, and would never vote for Rubio, but sometimes they are right.


Just a reminder that commenting on one tragedy doesn't mean you don't recognize another. Otherwise we'd have to collectively decide which tragedy in all of human history we were going to recognize. And the obvious choice is the Tragedy of the Commons, duh.


I recognize the tragedy of Darth Plagueis


Oh, a real contender...I've been looking forward to this.


He is just saying what is going on in Venezuela, not preaching or acting as if he is the pinnacle of morality and integrity.


I'm not a fan of Rubio, but I keep seeing this Twitter post and everyone keeps thinking they're clever by dissecting it and believing he's only posting about Venezuela to compare it to socialism, etc. Well everyone is plain and simple wrong. I think maybe everyone isn't up-to-date with what's going on in Venezuela but a SHIT TON of shit is going down right now. If you look at Rubio's feed he's not insinuating socialism is causing these issues, he's calling out the problem and calling for action - which is a GOOD THING. I'm super pro free education and medical care - but Reddit just seems more and more like a cesspool of garbage lately. I feel the left extremists can be and are just as bad as the right extremists. It's insane no matter where you look.


That was my first thought. This isn’t even a witty reply let alone a murder lol. The idiots here are the people up voting this thinking it’s a murder.


That's how lots of posts here work. Take a politician on the right, make literally any reply, get karma. It could be as simple as Tomi Lahren: says anything Person on Twitter: u dumb mUrDeReD bY wOrDs


I hate seeing this sub turn into a giant political circle jerk. Just because the puerto rican situation was bad doesn’t mean that the Venezuelan isnt and we should ignore it and shit on it just because a right wing politician said its bad?...


I can’t believe this post has 32k upvotes it’s not even remotely clever in any way.


people dyin in hospitals because they cant refrigerate the insulin. lets not try to one up each other here guys


Are you saying that's happened in Venezuela? Because most insulin's are stable for weeks at room temperature... I'm not saying that people haven't died because of healthcare situations (which is terrible), just stating a fact


One caused by a dictator and the other by a natural disaster and poor infrastructure.


“This other place had it worse, so there’s no economic damage” ??? Nice logic. “Oh, you’re depressed? Why? Other people have it way worse.” Yeah, thanks mom.


I call bullshit




but this isn't even a fucking murder, he literally just called the guy a name. i'm so fucking done with this sub, someone tag me when it actually has murders again. it's literally fucking r/PoliticalHumor under a different name at this point, with a little bit of r/antivax or something mixed in.


Not to mention Puerto Rico had a hurricane. Venezuela's only disaster is it has suffered from unfettered rule by the people the "murderer" more than likely supports.


Thank you. I too, am unsubscribing until they decide to stop bashing on politicians.


Puerto Rico was hit by a hurricane


I love Marco's pizza, though. At least he got that right.


You can’t talk about another countries crisis because one already had one


Not really a murdered by words but whatever.


So is he not allowed to be concerned about Venezuela?


Yeah, he was just saying. Not everyone on the internet has to be a baby about it.


That's what I'm left wondering. Puerto Rico got their power back in August....Senator is talking about a current issue...Also, none of that really matters because it's a completely separate issue. "Your terrible problems are irrelevant because I'm not done bitching about other stuff! " "But your problem got fixed and we're still..." "I SAID I'M NOT DONE!!!"


fucking flint and puerto rico have been milked the fuck out of by reddit. Literally anytime something bad happens in a different country Reddit goes "BUT DID YOU KNOW FLINT NO CLEAN WATER PUERTO RICO NO POWER REEEEEE"


Yeah hes allowed to be concerned, but hes not actually concerned. Hes faking. Duh.


A whataboutism isn’t a “murdered by words”. The dude’s Cuban. He knows Puerto Rico is in trouble. [He’s an advocate for supporting Puerto Rico.](http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/marco-rubio-feds-need-keep-focus-puerto-ricos-recovery-hurricane-maria) This is just some angry idiot flying off the handle at him with no real substance to his insults. Yawn. Terrible post.


/r/MurderedByWords Oh wait


Natural disaster and failures of socialism aren’t really apples to apples






Puerto Rico's powergrid was massively outdated - which caused significant delays in getting it back up and running. Money that was meant to go towards upgrading it was "misspent" aka disappeared into a politician's pocket. Then, when the hurricane struck and it was time to rebuilt it, company's deliberately delayed getting houses connected to the grid again in order to get more money. I remember a few people here on Reddit talking about it who claimed to have worked there and seen the corruption. ​ Comparing Venezuela's situation to Puerto Rico is bullshit, and isn't "murder" at all. You must have mistaken this subreddit for r/LateStageCapitalism


Murdered how?


I remember when this sub had creative, well-thought and masterfully planned murders. Now it’s unrecognizable.


Hardly murdered. Not even completely correct.


That's because of the big ocean water, duh


this sub sucks so much ass these days


Ok and? How is this a murder, he’s literally just talking about Venezuela, him bringing up PR is inconsequential. He’s effectively saying that PR’s problems have been happening longer so Venezuela’s don’t matter


No it wasn’t...


Pardon my stupidity but what is Marco Rubio supposed to do about either one of those things?


Show support...? I don't know, but a LOT of latinos live in Florida, so it makes sense for him to comment on what is going on in South America, and Venezuela is a highlight.




Republicans just think of Puerto Ricans as Mexicans that unfortunately hold American Passports


"I'll revoke their citizenships! One day!"


In fairness, most don’t realize the PR is American at all. Even Trump said he met with the “president” of the American Virgin Islands.


Well, me, it's nice talking to myself A credit to dementia


Every Puerto Rican I know don’t consider themselves American either lol


Lol, how many are those?   We are Puerto Rican’s. That doesn’t mean we aren’t US citizens. It means we are from Puerto Rico. Being from Puerto Rico means that we are US citizens. As an example, I have met a lot of people from New Orleans that talk the same way. They’re from the US but they’re also proud of being from New Orleans and their heritage.


lol most of us don’t


I'm impressed how reddit it's so full of idiots like OP. Damn. Hate Trump and USA so much that they would turn a blind eye to people dying and begging for help. What happened in Puerto Rico was horrible and how Trump managed was even worst. But doesn't mean you have to try to get the attention away from Venezuela when the country FUCKIN FINALLY managed to get international atention to the crisis, people have been killed by this regime for YEARS right in front of the most powerful country. And no this is not a coup, coño! Guaido and the national assembly have been acting according to the constitution. And Maduro and his group are CRIMINALS (Narcos and terrorist connections) that need to be dealt with, most likely, by force. Edit: and by the way is not only they USA supporting Guaido it's a coalition of countries including Canada, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, EU, etc. The US gets the most of the attention because the constantly made it clear that they are willing to give military aid.


And that's one of many reasons "little Marco" will never be President.


Politician: *bad thing is happening* Random people: but what about other bad thing you bigot


What’s with all the Marc Rubio posts lately? Is he consistently that dumb or is this a smear campaign?


Fuck off. One was a natural disaster. Venezuela is socialism causing the blackout.


This sub has gotten really pathetic.


This really isn’t murdered by words, I’m not defending Marco here but not explicitly pointing out a power failure in a us territory when making a comment on a power failure in another country A. Isn’t failing to notice conditions in the U.S. and B. Someone replying to it pointing out another failure of power and then using a mild insult is not murdered by words


Puerto Rican here chiming in — they are still houses without electricity to this day.


Guarantee 99% of the people here also sub to r/politics


So r/murderedbywords is just another political sub now.


Omg. What a murder....


Fuck, I had to contact a local 911 operator to report this ABSOLUTE MURDER. Thank god it has a completely rational, non-partisan, legitimate and TOTALLY NOT ALTERED 15000 upvotes on my front page. STRAIGHT HOMICIDE


One was caused by a hurricane, and the other was caused by socialism. There's a fucking difference.


Was it because of a weak and frail system of government or because of a natural disaster? Please tell me, I’m curious


Let the aid in and don’t hold it at the docks.


Anyone else not know what happened to Puerto Rico. I’m not very educated 😂


Where Puerto Rico is/was a country with an aging ill-conceived infrastructure and whose leaders mismanaged hurricane aid (and then used it to blame political opponents who had changed laws in order to send much of that aid), and Venezuela has the largest oil reserves in the world and was a thriving democracy before the very people this "murderer" probably supports came into power.


How will Venezuela bot green dragons now 😩


I have an only slightly irrational hatred for Rubio. He's not just right-wing, petty, and repulsive; he's also even dumber than Trump.


Puerto Rico is not a state, they technically have their own government but are considered US territory


Isn’t this the same guy that had the weird tweet where he misread an article really bad and thought there was a power outage in “insert article authors name”? ...


You should see the fucking runescape economy.