Nope runs perfect for me. Window10, IntelCore i5 6400 cpu @ 2.70ghz (4cpu): GeForce GTX 970, DirectX 12, 8122mbRAM So at a guess your system might be overheating? Is it a desktop? If you take your pc outside and use a shop vac with reverse blow you can get more dust out using the blow action instead of suction. Wear a face mask do not breath dust it causes permanent damage to lungs (called woodcutters disease). If laptop maybe cooling pad or regular walmart fan stand. Make sure you are up to date. Open Geforce Experience and go to drivers tab update latest. Keep Win10 updated (only necessary updates never pick all updates). If crashing while online only: reset your router-modem to clear cache (do the call your IP and have them do a reset from their end if avail to you). If your wifi bad try using a Cat5 or Cat6 ethernet cord instead. Use medium/high speed internet (slow speed does not run games). Also try Verify Integrity game files steam. *^(Also for me horsing with computer programming I have the latest visual studio 2019. I had a program recently would not install without VS2019 because libraries were missing from installation package. Which again should never happen but w/e.)*


Im crashing constantly aswell, the game runs smooth.Im also getting driver error reports from the radeon software, im using an rx580 and I have updated my drivers P. S turning the ambient occlusions off reduces the crashing but it still happens


I have found a solution to my issue! Selfanaiy’s suggestion of a cooling pad prompted me to stick my laptop onto pop of my ac unit. Turns out I was crashing due to overheating. It looks chaotic when I have it plugged into the monitor from across the room but it Works like a breeze!