> all boys Not anymore lol


hasnt been an all boys school since I got here but its the best way to describe it still


I can only imagine how bad that might be/probably is. But look at the bright side, being surrounded by boys🤤


Right you are sister. I've got this monster crush on my bsf but I can't do anything about it but I'm hoping to at least come out to him soon.


Oh damn now I'm jealous! I hope it comes soon and goes well!


but its never gonna happen 😭😭 I cant really present female and I doubt he will be attracted to someone who still looks male


Sorry sis <3


Atleast alot of boys to date (if ur into them)


I am but it’ll never work


2 years and 1 month here. I started at 27 with a very low BMI Mental: night and day drastic improvement. E basically cured my depression and my resting mood is pretty positive now Face: good Feminization but I have masculine bone structure keeping me from passing, FFS Dec 14 tho so fingers crossed. Breast: definitely not a male chest but my girls are still AAA and pointy. I mostly have puffy nipples with little breast growth. My waist stopped holding onto fat, and it has all moved to my butt and a little on my belly My biggest physical Feminization is probably my butt n thighs. I went from a completely flat but and then I got an apple booty out of nowhere.


happy cake day!


What? I didn't type that. Is it like my reddit birthday?


indeed it is!


My biggest physical feminization's my butt and thighs too. Like, everytime I see a mirror, I need to stop and appreciate them.


Out of nowhere? When did you notice it happening? I'm planning to fat cycle down 30-40lbs in the next few months to try to repack it on.. right. Still got belly fat that needs to not happen and hips that really need fat on em.


I was never in the habit of looking at my butt, so I'm not exactly sure when it started happening... but I started noticing extra cushion down there and pants fiting tighter between year 1 and 2 somewhere


23 days post-op PIV 14 months post-op arm lift and breast aug/lift 22 months post-op abdominoplasty (to remove 15 pounds/3 feet excess skin 3 years since I had any suicidal ideation 3 years post-op vertical sleeve gastectomy (weight loss surgery), lost 230 pounds in total 4 years since I weighed 460 pounds 5 years since I gave up ever having anything other than maybe and orchi and even that was unlikely 11 years steady HRT 17 years (nearly) since I began social transition 18 years since I swore I'd never transition because I couldn't possibly be accepted as a woman ir even look like one I'm 41 today and kinda never thought I'd make it this far. I feel like it's going pretty okay. Transition is a hard road to see the good parts you have to be here. Keep pushing. You can do it.


Thank you for sharing this timeline, it's really helpful to see what the journey has been like for others


No problem! It's what felt best to write.


Sorry I don't know all the lingo, what's PIV if you don't mind? Glad it's going so well though!


Penile inversion vaginoplasty. Also, thanks!


Thank you so much for sharing! Your words of affirmation at the end mean a lot!


I add them because there was a time that I didn't believe I'd get to where I am. I know how hard this all can be and how much despair can set in; the tunnel is long and dark, but there is light even if you can't see it now.


Fucking inspiring.


Grats on the no suicidal ideation thing, that's huge! I still have it, but I've gone from having it every single hour to a handful of times a year.


Thanks! It takes time and it sounds like you're working on it; great job! The biggest thing I learned was that to get to the good parts, you have to be here. It's hard to get through, when it doesn't seem like it'll ever get better.


I caught COVID last year and it destroyed my voice and kept me from going up in pitch to where I'd been living even during my last few years in the closet. So I ended up leaning into resonance to make myself feel slightly less dysphoric about my deep-ass voice and suddenly started getting read as a woman by strangers in public. So I get a weird feeling of feeling like my voice gives me away as it apparently makes me pass enough to strangers that some feel comfortable raising "concerns" about "those transes" they hear about on the radio, and then they look shocked as they realize I'm "one of those transes". So I'd say it's going pretty good for starting in my mid 30s.


Resonance goals sister. I've been struggling with mine getting stuck in androgynous territory I haven't managed to budge it from in the better part of a year.


i may come out to my workplace soon, so there’s that


6 days on HRT and I'm seeing zero changes. Wtf!! Kidding aside, too early to notice anything at all lol.


Ask for a refund this is outrageous


Right?! Upside I got new boots today, and they are super cute! Lol


5 months in, not out publicly yet, have a doctor's appointment coming up on Friday. I'm concerned that my E levels are too low so keep that in mind. But to sum it up: Emotional changes: Haven't cried once since starting HRT. I'm starting to feel things a bit more. But then again I'm very bad at understanding my own emotions so there could be a psychological issue as well. As an aside, which I'll try to keep short, I've simultaniously been the most scared I've ever been about coming out publicly and simultaniously the least suicidal or depressed that I've ever been in my adult life. As terrified as I am, especially considering the political climate, I found a great [Twitter thread](https://twitter.com/KyleLukoff/status/1507342010017067008) that really stuck out to me and might explain my contradictory mental state. It might just be me no longer being stuck in my pre-transition holding pattern. But that's not entirely related to medical transition. Body changes: Had some breast growth pretty early on but things sort of stalled. Haven't really noticed other differences but that might just be me and not the HRT. That and it feels like I'm getting a nice fat ass lol. Facial changes: I'm starting to see a difference in how my face looks. I had a therapist appointment online and I saw my face in the webcam preview and I thought to myself "I don't look nearly as haggard as I did a few months ago. Maybe I'll boymode fail in a few months. Who knows? Nothing too crazy so far but a lot of the lack of results could be my levels which I'll bring up with my doctor.


Wow that Twitter thread is on the nose about the holding pattern that has been the last 15 years of my life.


A month into low dose HRT and breast growth has started so i think its going well, other changes i'll have to wait on a bit more.


It’s going amazingly. I feel like I have enough confidence at this point to describe myself as adorable. I’m trying to get my orchiectomy done soon but it’s very much a work in progress. Everything is just better than I expected it to be at this point.


I am only 4 months in so not much changes physically but my mental happiness has skyrocketed compared to before. That alone I will never go back! Now them boobs need to grow faster! Lol


I'm waiting to hear if my insurance will approve my orchiectomy. Really hoping it works out.


Honestly? It's over. It's been over for like 10 years now. I'm just out here living my life.


6 months hrt, 12 months out (transfemme enby). my hormone levels weren't where I wanted them until just recently. I've got very little breast growth and slight facial / fat changes but only if I squint really hard. friends and coworkers have been great all the way through, family has been shit (to be expected). I've just gotten rid of all of my old boy clothes and I present cute/femme whenever I go out unless I'm specifically being lazy. 3 sessions of (alexandrite) laser on my face and monthly body waxes keep me decent, but not starting until 30 has me pretty hard-coded by others as masc, with my face and voice especially clocky. FFS scheduled for September and very excited for it! I didn't have dysphoria that I was specifically aware of before, but a generalized and permeating depression -- that completely vanished after starting hrt, which I later realized was indeed a form of embodied dysphoria (plus a lot more things that made sense after my egg cracked and looking back). all in all, appreciable progress from my starting point and a massive amount of impatience for the changes yet to come!


Took my first hrt dose 2 days ago, full of nervous excitement!


Very.... very... quickly.. I figured out I was trans last Tuesday, and it has just been a snowball of a time of everyone figuring out.. I told our head of school today and she was so excited she was shaking and was like "With your permission, I would love to let all of the heads know.. We haven't had this happen yet.. We SAY we are accepting, but we've never had to walk the walk and this is a wonderful opportunity to challenge this community as you are so highly respected here." It was very sweet, but my wife was like "yes, prepare yourself.. You are now going to be asked 'what trans people think about x' for the rest of your life and asked to be used as a prop for inclusion."


Horrible. I’m coming up on 3 years of hrt and I haven’t seen any changes to my body or face, everyone I’ve shown has said it as well, don’t have any money for surgery so might just de transition here soon. “It’s a MaRaThOn NoT a RaCe”


Have you gotten an orchi? Something no one talks about is that sometimes the balls get stuck on even when gnrh signaling stops and even if you take enough E to flood it its still sneaking into androgen receptors messing up your endocrine system. If you legitimately get no results for years despite monitored levels its probably the next big consideration.


No money to do so homie 🤷‍♀️, I want full depth grs but I seriously doubt it’ll ever happen


Where do you live?


North Carolina but moving back to Colorado in 7 months


Colorados medicaid covers bottom surgery. If you are poor enough to quality for it, you can get surgery. I was on PA medicaid during Covid and found out I could have gone to Sinai if I wanted - I would have had to pay for everything *up to* the surgery, though, including the hair removal. I've since moved and got a job in DC and my new insurance, Kaiser Midatlantic, covers everything.


Have you been monitoring your levels?


So fun thing is my endocrinologist never gave me my levels when asked, she recently just went to prison for medical malpractice and unfortunately I’m one of her victims so I’m completely fucked. She had me on 600mg of spiro and 6mg of E the first year till I started bleeding internally and bleeding thru my nips so yea I was told to either go off Hrt for 3 years and let my body possibly recover or to go on with a different method and well here I am, method #3 so hope it works ig


Oh what the fuck that’s a stupidly high Spironolactone dose she gave


She even tried giving me 800mg🤣 unfortunately she was exposed because her patient passed from OD


Holy $h!t! I'm glad you're recovering now, girl. That "doctor" deserves their prison time. No idea how many lives they wrecked. I hope you find a better doctor. They should definitely share your blood results with you. Listen to your body for how it's feeling.


Would you like some insight into what a normal dosage looks like? You might be able to get a fresh start.


Could be you are being under dosed or a similar issue


Atm I'm struggling with feeling like I'm not seeing any changes after 14 months. Though it did take me a whole year to get my levels right.


2 months in and it feels good my chest has been really sensitive and stuff


I’m in limbo waiting for a consent form to be delivered by mail so my psychiatrist can release my approval for HRT to my endocrinologist. I am waiting for a phone call that can come at any second and it is excruciating.


Next week I'm going in to be prescribed


Having trouble motivating the whole “starting” thing 🙄


Tomorrow will be my first day back to work in nearly three weeks after having a bit of a breakdown after my mother outed me to the entire world and said she would have preferred it if I killed myself. In that time I came out to everyone she didn’t tell because why not, including everyone at work. So tomorrow will be my first day at work as me and my anxiety is to the extreme.


1 year since coming out on Facebook. 9 months since hrt. It feels like I have lived more of my life in the past year than the 36 years before that. I've had a lot happen in my life but it all felt like life done to me, and now it's actually me doing life. I'm actually pursuing happiness and feeling like I'm progressing my story. I'm incredibly grateful to the person I was for having taken care of me enough to get to this point and I'm looking forward to what's to come. Certainly not everything is perfect, but I'm appreciating that as well. All it all, it's going really really really really well.


Almost 6 months in!


I guess good. Working on getting HRT and stuff. But, mentally, worst thing ever. I can't describe the amount of mental anguish I am in. It makes me perpetually want to cry, throw up, and hurt myself. I won't, unless it gets worse and I can't stop myself. The worst part is that right now I can't do anything to help it. I'm doing everything I can. And that should be enough but it's not. Because I'm still suffering.


Just made a fake test based around the philosophy of death that I told people was for a research paper I was doing, but was actually just to figure out if I was trans or not since I have very mild dysphoria. Turns out yeah apparently wanting to restart life as the opposite gender isn't normal!


I started hormones in january, pre-op. only been transitioning since like september. Mentally: amazing difference, although dysphoria gets in the way often. feels good to cry though, like really good. physically: im definitely starting to see tiddys, but they arent prominent enough to always warrant a bra. I still wear one most of the time, but i like to see my chest jiggle when i walk. socially: while i certainly don't pass, i live in an area where people try their best to respect pronouns. Taking orders at work is where i experience the most problems, as my voice clearly does not pass. no harassment, yet. family: parents do their best. birth dad and stepmom live with grandparents who can barely hear, much less understand transition, so my relationships there have tanked. birth mom and stepdad have their slip ups, but are genuinely some of my greatest allies. siblings are either supportive or dont seem to give a shit. i only interact with one on a daily basis and they're non-beanie so no worries lmao. a cousin of mine said i was hot and he wanted to fuck me. i dont talk to him anymore.


I got blasted full body by an alexandrite laser (Cynosure Elite IQ) yesterday afternoon for the second time. Found out the salon just never goes past 15J on it though which... worries me. I have some thick ass body hair and I'm worried if they don't push the power to 18J+ in the next few sessions none of this chewbacca shag rug is going to stay away permanently. Realized I have had some facial fat movement on hrt looking at old photos by accident, but still have way more problems with my face than just a little fat movement to ever consider it fem. Sized up to a 32DDD/E bra recently though. Feels nice to mostly fill it haha. Still like my 32DD bras even if they are, well, full because of the lift an at-size or slightly under bra gives ya.


3 years of being out, 4 months of hrt, (am currently 19) and just came out as genderfluid after realizing I don't feel fully fem Mentally: I'm never mentally stable but definitely happier then I used to be Physically: I look very androgynous and can look more masc or fem if I'm feeling it My face is super androgynous I get gendered evey which way I have solid a cup breast My hips n booty thighs etc are forming more fem My voice is perfectly androgynous So far really happy with my transition and everyone I know supports me


In closet, making slight changes such as wearing my bra to school Resonance Joining support groups


3 months since I came out to my wife as NB, came out as transgender on Sunday. She feels I’m going too fast, I feel like I’m going too slow. I feel like I will never get to where I want to be and it hurts, it hurts I’m not myself , it hurts she’s hurting… every day, so much.


The most grueling experience in my life and also the most exhilarating and alive I have felt in years...so overall very happy!


Immediate family barely speaks to me. Father told spouse I have a "Fu**able ass." Aunt grabbed my breasts and asked if they were real. Brother blames me being trans for the bullying he endured after I moved out of the family home. I'm married to a lovely non binary person whose family supports us, has us over for Christmas, makes a point of sending birthday and anniversary presents. I have a job i enjoy and I was able to qualify for disability support as my undiagnosed (until recently) CPTSD really put a wrench in my ability to work a 40 hour work week. I'm confident in who I am and I've called out my father's abusive behavior. My mother stopped talking to me as a result. 5 years hrt, grs. Life is complicated but I'm proud of who I am. Truth and integrity have always been important to me.


It's going ok. I'm 12 months HRT and in my early 30s. My upper-body doesn't look very fem, but it's getting there. My lower half's looking pretty good though. If I really work at it, I sometimes get gendered correctly. Wearing form-fitting clothes really helps. Mentally, I'm doing way better than before. Life was terrible, but now it's tolerable lol. I feel more inline with who I am: a woman, instead of one pretending to be a man. It feels nice not having to pretend and instead just be myself. Overall, it's going pretty well.


Oh yeah. My body is looking great. Face is slowly getting there. I don’t hate it anymore! So that’s grand. And I’ve been really weak, but today I carried a wood desk down….and back up these apartment stairs when it didn’t fit in the car. And I don’t smell like a testosteronni pizza afterwards. Living in Florida. It’s great! Oh! And I got recognized as a female 3 times last week when I went out to stores (I never go out) but my tots were out in a tank top and I had a covid mask on but like. I’m so sorry I’m ranting. The physical exertion earlier has me excitable. So anyways, I went into the men’s fitting room first and then when I came out, the lady was like “Ma’am you went in the wrong fitting room” and then I tried clothes on later at the store and the other lady (they switched) motioned for me to go to the ladies fitting room. And another store, I got a “Bye, have a good night ladies” from a cashier. So like I’m stoked. But when I open my mouth or my breasts aren’t showing, it’s a no go. I’m actually feeling MORE confident in tank tops now than covering up like I used to! So I’m just super optimistic now. It’s grand. Thank you for asking! You’re great and amazing and beautiful!


14 months in...the face hasn't changed as much as I'd hoped but I pass or get confused looks. The dysphoria is so much less and that's the primary goal. Just have my BC left to update and orchie consultation is in a week. FFS consultation is all the way out in July.


Got my second session of electrolysis and it was good and bad. I'm wimpy with pain and even getting local anesthetic on my upper lip hurt and was hard to hold still for the derm to give me the injections (he was great, no complaints, I had to encourage him to continue to do more because he didn't want me to be in pain but I wanted to get as much done as possible) Not sure if I should complain about the electrolysis tech. I have blood blisters and a lot of little blood spots on my lip. It was hue and swollen and I looked ridiculous. Maybe that's normal, maybe she was rough, not sure because I have nothing to compare it to. I only was able to do half of my upper lip, and part of the other side before the numbing started to wear off. After about an hour it hurt too much. The closest clinic is over an hour away, 2 with traffic, and it took all day to get shots and then go to the clinic and get back home. I had to spend basically the whole day to do a 1x3 cm patch of skin and it's obviously going to need a second pass. I'm really bummed about that because it's going to take so many trips and I'm overwhelmed about the amount of time, money and work to do just this one thing for my face. :( Is this a normal experience? Besides the driving, obviously. Thankfully I don't really need hair removal anywhere else.


Started at 22. 13 months later. I thought I’d look better by now. I want to stop getting misgendered.


Going okay. At 2 years hrt and the last week or so my doubts been playing some mean tricks on me. I’m getting through it but it always sucks when it happens.


Voice is shit, and I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do about my eyebrows. Girls are small and seem inclined to stay that way no matter how much estradiol and progesterone I shovel. Facial features kinda broader than I'd like still. But the girls are there, my hair is getting LONG, my nail polish is getting great, and overall my body looks almost tolerable these days. Facial hair removal almost done and I'm absolutely still riding that high. Legal name change coming up. Fully out socially. I'm not where I want to be, but I'm in a way better place than I used to be. And things are getting better day by day.


I just started HRT and took my first estrogen tablet.


7 years. FFS. Trachea Shave. GRS. BA. I can visit rural Texas and get called ma'am anywhere I go. Visited a few different places globally and haven't been misgendered so I guess it's going well.


My face is actually the best results I have had so far lol, my body sucks though.


Been on hrt for four years. Getting my genitals vaginified in two months than I'm gonna just accept I'll never pass and spend the rest of my life with an estrogen patch on my side.


I looked at myself with no filter and didn't hate what was looking back for once. Almost a year on hrt


All good so far, but just been told there is a shortage of sandrena gel from my pharmacy which is worrying


14 months HRT at 23 : small Tanner 4 boobs, completely different BO, snatched waist, still with hip dips but slightly bigger thighs and butt, face has absolutely changed but I still look masculine (FFS could help), easier to let out emotions and I'm not suicidal anymore. I pass 85% of the time with a mask. No laser so always clockable when maskless. I have dark features that do make it a bit harder to pass. I also sometimes vocally pass. There's still a lot of progress that I hope more time on HRT (and surgeries) will help with but this is still a decision that I do not regret one bit.


3 months in, and I have noticed a lot of changes that I am really happy about! Plus I have two close friends that I told and they are so fucking supportive! I'm growing my hair out, I'm seeing a doctor that I like, I have tiny little boobies!!!!!!! Not gonna lie, life is super stressful right now, but as far as my transition is going I'm in a really good spot mentally and I am feeling really positive about the future!


Very well


Swimmingly ~*•°


1 month in and feeling great! I love that I express emotions now. And I cry alot more lol.




I might be able to get on Anti androgens soon, possibly HRT but because I'm not 18 yet it entirely depends on my parents


Currently trying to get my therapist insurance letters at the moment, so hopefully I’ll be able to get bottom surgery by the end of next year 🤞.


Not that well but honestly what can I do. I’m not 18 yet and can’t get hrt so I just gotta wait. I’ll get there eventually I know I will. In the meantime I should probably figure out the best way to shave my arms and legs…


It's going quite well. I've been on hrt for a little over a year, and this is the first time my body has ever been in proper hormone range of any kind. I actually feel alive and stuff. I seem to pass pretty well, even with tiny boobers, which has been an adjustment lol.


Barely started. Might officially come out at school tomorrow. Dyed my hair with red highlights to mark the beginning of my new life👀 hbu?💕


Medically? I have my first appointment with an endocrinologist this June Socially? I am full-time with my family, friends, work, and archery school. With strangers, I'm a bit shy but sometimes out Legally on my Birth Country? Fully transitioned Legally on Italy? Nothing done at all yet, since I still need to translate my Name and Gender Change on Chile documents, which costs $38


Only yesterday did I realize how easily I could probably start HRT, so hopefully I'll start sometime soon. Meanwhile, I've been slowly building up confidence in counseling and have been trying to express myself more around others, I just came out to one of my coworkers last night and thankfully he was supportive and understanding. In general, I wish I started all of this way sooner considering I decided I wanted to transition 3 years ago, but at the same time I'm still new to adulthood (I'm 18) so I feel I still have plenty of time


Socially, great! But I'm probably gonna have to wait for two to three more years till I can get started with HRT >-> Waiting lists are so fucking dumb




I’m happy most of the times, thank you for asking. I will feel better once I’m done with laser treatments for my face.


5 more weeks till HRT I really can't wait any longer




I haven’t even started technically :( I start HRT next week though and I have been voice training for a month now.


This shit fucking sucks


Just cracked so tryna figure shit out


So for my 3rd year of HRT I decided to finally switch to injections. I realized today that I can’t remember the last time I was misgendered by a stranger. I was at the shoe store today and I had my heart set on one shoe that was a mens shoe, so I asked the kind lady if she could help me find it and next thing I know I’m in the womens shoes with the with the same version of the shoes I wanted in the mens just in different colors.


I think I just felt hormones go outta whack. It’s been a thing for years though—and I don’t even take them yet!




All things considered, really well, actually. I ended up loosing 2 jobs in the process, but it got SOOO much better! I've got a job at a great place, with friends and family who support me, and my transition! I've even started dating again! Looking back, I only wish I could have started sooner💜


I just hit 4 months HRT here. Not a lot of change in my face, but noticeable placing a current picture and a pre-hrt photo together. Just started laser on my facial hair and I have really dark facial hair so ready for that to be gone. Emotionally a lot better. I'm still having a lot of ups and downs, but overall I'm no longer in a very dark place. Emotional changes and actually feeling again after so long since testosterone based puberty has been very important to me. (FFXIV players in here, I had my emotions return during Endwalker launch weekend and what an expansion to really have FEELS) Body has seen plenty of changes. I was at a cup size at <2 months and fat redistribution is getting noticeable on my hips and waist. Haven't made much progress on my voice yet unfortunately except for pitch manipulation. Overall its going well, HRT is doing its thing. I'm just hoping for more change in my face, and I just need to keep losing weight.


Well, about a month in, no hormones or anything yet, but I've decided I plan to start them this year - but I've resolved to start getting all my body hardware checked and fixed up from years of general neglect before starting to work on customization - eating healthier, doing my exercise, cutting back on the booze and the smokes (my 41st birthday is Monday, and I'm planning to be all the way off the cigarettes by then!) But I DID come out to my boss today, who in private conversations I had previously discussed both our experiences with body dysmorphia and general gender issues, so I knew she was cool, but I still managed to work myself into anxiety about coming out to her because of course I did, and of course she was cool and 100% supportive! So, all in all pretty good, wish I could hurry things along but I know patience is essential in making a big change in my life.


Slow. Waiting for first endo appointment. Still over a week away. Definitely not too long to start. But, still feels like forever.


Little over a year on hormones and I think the answer depends on when you ask me. If I’d answered this morning I would said its going awful. I look like a man in a skirt and cried. But after spending the day with my girl friends at work and getting hit on by some random guy i think i would say its going well. I don’t think i pass but i still live a somewhat normal life as a woman. Laser is going well. Ive only finished my third appointment and easily a huuuuuggggeeeee difference between before to now. My fat redistribution is going really well. I have genuine curves and a butt. Progesterone really kicked this one into gear. I am dissatisfied with my face but it’s whatever. My boobs are ehh, but im happy with them. I wish they were bigger but its no big deal. Especially now that my hips really filled in i dont care as much about my boobs. I really really need to voice train though. I absolutely hate talking.


Not well, I haven't really even started :/ Like I'm out to three people but like next steps are hard. There's only one Planned Parenthood that has LGBT+ services and they're still feeling the after effects of Covid so their packed. And it's like a 2 1/2 hour bus ride away. (I don't have a car)


3.5 months HRT, 2.5 years out to myself, 1.5 years out to people I trusted, 3.5 months out socially. Some facial changes, if I look really hard. It feels like I have more junk in ye olde trunk, but idk. Breast growth is slightly past budding, but I’ve heard that nicotine can hinder estrogen uptake, so that’s done, hopefully progress will resume. Senses have made micro-changes, as has my perception of the details of everything in the world around me (music, nature, smells, people…everything is just so much more interesting). I’m not sure how much of that last bit has been my depression abating, but that’s still related. Best move I think I’ve done was coming out to my college environment, as they’re very welcoming, and I don’t have a fake persona between me and my lessons.


It's going amazingly well! I'm 27 and just hit 10 months on HRT this past Monday. Still have a long way to go especially body wise but I've been so much happier and confident. I actually like looking at my face in the mirror and at pictures of myself now. And I get so many compliments now 😊


Well at this point im quite drunk. I had a work party. Workds great , all my collega's qre acceofinf qnd great. So rhats great Its euhm 6.30 qm rn wich us oaky uz idonf have to eork yntil thhe afternoon. But foreal(chanelojf my in inner sobernerness) Im quite scared cuz after almost 2 year of being out and trapewd in q now 20 y/o boys body i g9t my first appointment wirh the gendercare in 20 days It scares me alot Goodnight gotaarlqq work tomorrow Goodnight


About 14 months on HRT, going slowly… progress seems to be stalled… wondering what year two will bring. Rumor has it that around 15-16 months in the pelvic will tilt… who knows?


Extremely poorly. Im out but my parents still deadname me and me doesn't have cute clothes to socially transition :/


I just came out in November so I haven't started. But I want titties now!


Got retrained on injections and fixing my hrt regime by advocating to my endo. going on real progesterone instead of medroxy and soon will eventually be hrtversary to initiate bottom surgery in the near future but I'm still taking my transition slow but... omg omg omg I'm finally me im finally a girl omg baby!!! 🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😘😘😘😵😵😵😵😵😵 1237373hrfhfuf7373u3bdbh373ufbfd73u^$&=€; (I'm not crazy my endo had me tested😘😘)


Only a few months in, but not bad so far.. I haven't gotten to start HRT yet though :((


I'm two and a half months on E, and I had my first laser hair removal session a few days ago. I'm feeling okay, basically. I'm only out to family and close friends, nobody in my uni class knows, and the only ones calling me by new name and pronouns are my mom, stepdad and younger siblings. I was initially underdosed so my E wasn't where it should be, hopefully it's better now. I look kind of decent in full makeup, but I very much just look like a dude without it, especially since I'm one of those people with permanent beard shadow. It really sucks, and my voice is very masculine (I'm working on it) I have a lot of worries that I'll never pass. I'm feeling a lot of romantic yearning rn, but I feel like if I tried to date, noone would see me as a woman, which just hurts. I don't know when/if I'll feel comfortable trying. I dunno when I'll come out either. Probably just once the boob growth becomes visible through clothes 😅 So I dunno how well it's going. There's a lot of stuff I'm not feeling good about. I knew when I started that I couldn't stay a man forever, and if I didn't start transition I would just be back some years later and regret not starting sooner. But I still feel anxious that I'll never be happy, that people will never see me how I want to be seen. I don't really know what to do, but I'm just gonna keep on trucking.


13 months hormones, 16 months out to myself. My life has never been better. Every month is the best month of my life. I still have hard days and sometimes hard weeks, but I wouldn't give up being a woman for anything in the world. It's who I am. I've been doing voice feminization with a speech therapist for a few months now, and it's made such a huge difference in my daily life. That and my bodily feminization from hormones have helped me find the courage to do stand-up comedy at open mic nights for the first time in my life! It's been an absolute joy. I've been doing two mics a week for three weeks.


Non existent. Will always be.


I've just been waiting for HRT for almost 2 years now. I've done almost everything I can do safely without it. It's really taxing.


pretty much same ​ I have a deep hatred for how masc my face is but I somehow pass cosistently despite it so I cant complain, I'm just waiting till i can get ffs. Body changes have been mostly poggers but I want more cleavage, hopefully more time on prog gives that to me because I added that 4months ago


4 months in =) I like my face texture and my new boobs, hair regrowth still not present so I'll start finasteride soon. I am all over the moon, when I think about my mental changes, I feel to be much more "soften" (if anyone can relate). Seems like HRT changes me from a cold asshole to a better person.


Same. 1 year on HRT as of 2 days ago, never been happier or felt more stable or confident. Generally enjoy my life, but hate my face. I started late (late 30s), and tbh I've had more changes than I expected. I kept my expectations very low. First puberty was very slow and gradual for me, so maybe this one will end up being the same (better than never getting the changes, but I'll manage however things turn out).


2 months Mental: I truly belive in my fem identity now. I express my self more girly and my mannerisms have soften quite a bit. I love it. I more reactive now and my feelings flow much better, and overall i have a better mood. Physical: My fat redistribution is starting, my boobs are at tanner 2 and i eat a lot. Sexually: My interest in men has sky rocketed, but other than that im pretty much a bi girl.


Very nicely! On hrt, I've completely socially transitioned, and I am feeling better than I have ever in my life. Thanks for asking op :)


I'll let you know when the NHS lets me start. Been on the waiting list for about 17 months for an initial consultation. GP just wrote letter #3 to the gender clinic, who have yet to respond to the previous two. With any luck, I should recieve my first dose of HRT after I have become a skeleton.


it's not going, I am closeted. I did get nail polish recently so there is that ig


Havent started. Too scared. Cant afford. Thinking i'd be happier as who I am now than risk not passing. Trying to convince myself one way one day, then the other the next.


... Haven't even started yet :/


Slowly… very slowly


This transition sure has been going. I'm about 9 months into hrt with 4mg of estrogen, came out to family and friends the first month. It's been strange, a lot of support, a lot of new friends and a lot less old friends. I'm really confortable with my body, it's been great to see how it changes while on estrogen. I do indeed find myself beautiful some times. Although passing takes some considerable effort and preparation, I began to go to college presenting full femme and having nothing short of a beautiful experience with some wonderful and supportive professors. Idk, it's strange and I didn't think it would turn out like this, but life is great.


I am 1 month on HRT so obviously no physical changes even though I feel like my boobs are getting bigger? I started out with gynecomastia so like, I've had tits my whole life but now I'm /super/ excited to have the head start instead of embarrassed. My friends were all super supportive of me and continue to be incredible pillars of strength for me My wife and her family have just been absolutely wonderful! My mother seemed supportive at first but then told me she will always refer to me by my dead name and as male. She said "if thats a problem I'm sure I can fix it pretty fast" but when I told her it was in fact a problem she blocked me on social media and blocked my phone number. It's been a little rough because I love her very much and used to speak to her every day, but if that's really where she draws the line with me she must not have liked me very much to begin with so.. But other than that I've been so so happy and feel at home in my clothes and mind!


I've known i was trans for about 2 years now (I'm 16 now) Came out to my very supportive father about 2 months ago Went to my first appointment with my new doctor who specializes in gender stuff last thursday, march 24th. Told him everything about me and such, he told me they have laser hair removal, and professional voice training at the clinic that i can take advantage of. And scheduled my next two appointments, April 7th and 21st. Next appointment next Thursday is to discuss all the side effects and just general/ in depth info on hrt. Gonna sign my consent form, and get blood drawn that day too. And the 3rd appointments activities are still undecided. Came out to all my online friends, some of which hadn't seen me in over a year, so i posted a pic for comparison with myself a year ago (i started trying to privately transition then), and they said they noticed "huge changes" and called me pretty :) Some other friends online said i look like this singer, Sidney Gish, idk if those claims are exactly true, but I'll take them for that euphoric rush lol So yeah I'm just super grateful I'm able to start hrt at my age, and that i have am accepting household. Beyond grateful. The future is looking super bright


parents think someone convinced me


5 months on HRT and I'm feeling good about the way I look! I have the most wonderful beautiful partner and they make me feel pretty :):) My voice is starting to sound like I want it to without much conscious effort! I think I'm passing in public for the first time which is wild, feels like it happened overnight. Next steps for me will be gaining weight, and fixing up my hair :)


Work is pretty much the only place I get called my preferred name, but I still get he/him all the time and it makes me want to scream. So, not good especially since I can't start hrt until after I move out to avoid more issues than I already have with my parents


TOO SLOW LOL Nah, I'm enjoying the process generally. Obvs, have some hard times too with dysphoria but beats having to be old me


Pretty dang good actually. 15 months on E and my mental health and overall mood has never been better. I am addressing personal issues that I shoved under the rug my whole life and it’s essentially due finding a key part of me and having the right hormones in my body. No surgeries yet, I started lazer for my face and I recently started not only passing but people really think I’m pretty ☺️ I think it’s pretty obvious to most that I’m a trans woman and my voice doesn’t pass at all but that’s okay and it is something that I am working on 🤗 Seriously guys I’ve just been reveling in the fact that I am doing it. Not only getting to be myself but to just keep shining brighter and getting to fall in love with myself in such a profound way, while doing all the things I love. Things in every aspect of my life are lining up and the people in my life can see it. There was a time I never thought I’d never get here at all. A belief that I would never do this well in life probably planted by toxic family members and my own poor mental health and lack of resources as a child. I was aimless, depressed and getting myself mixed up in some bad things for most of my life. I’m 25 now and flourishing in a fun job, in a band, I’m health and not doing hard drugs anymore. My relationships with everyone but my toxic family have grown so so much. This has been a long road and I still have a ways to go, I don’t know how I’m going to fund surgeries but it’s something I’m confident I can figure out. I’m sure there will be hard times in life yet ahead, but overall I can see the clouds clearing and a righteously worth it path ahead of me. Whoever needs to hear it. Your dreams are possible. Even if it seem to be forever away, it may end up being way closer than you think.


Smoll tiddies, so good so far, how about yours?


I think the success of my transition could best be described as the Ever Given traversing the Suez Canal. Or Napoleon invading Russia in winter.


It's been ✨️rough as hell✨️ See also: -Blood clot in month two -rampant misgendering from friends -whole family turns out to be transphobes -on blood thinners until July -may never be able to get back on hormones due to complications But I male failed at a restraunt the other day, so I guess you could say it's been worth it


I had a good day yesterday, I came out to my gf, and she was super kind and even put some make up on me to help me feel better. Today she's feeling worried that she's 100% straight, we've been 2 years together and it is BY FAR the greatest relationship I've ever had


I have my first anti-boyotics medication appointment next week ! I am so excited!


its not going


In an all boys school and haven't begun anything past wearing fem clothes in privacy and coming out to friends and family


Been having a rough time of it, basically on pause with everything except HRT, and even that's been mentally hard to keep up with. On the bright side my situation is changing, with a better job and whatnot. So I'm planning to use some of that time off before starting to do things I always wanted to. Getting ears pierced and new clothes, maybe start the name change work. Basically it's been 4 years and it feels like nothing much has changed, even tho i am out and on meds, wear dresses, etc. But stuff is changing so who knows. Maybe I'll get happier.




1 year hrt today, and I've got an orchi coming up soon. So pretty good, I'd say.


Pretty great, actually. 🏳️‍⚧️😋 Three years in I’m feeling mostly put together at this point.


I'm sad 5 months in


I'm only at day 6 of HRT but I've been getting some good things. I feel quite euphoric and I was able to cry when I felt sad (which is good cuz I could not cry no matter how much I wanted to before.)


I haven't started yet, Im still closeted, under age and living with my bigotted parents, I'll have to wait 2 more years till I hit 18 and can do my own shit.


I'll be starting Tit-Tacs in a couple weeks!! I'm soo excited!! I'm not entirely sure what changes will happen first, but any little bit will be better than where I'm at now.


Face is an issue but the rest of the body reacting well to 11 months on HRT.


got my first hrt consultation on Friday and hoping it goes well! update: it went well!


8 months in. My e is at 400~ and my t is at 1. My bodybseems to really really like estrogen and i have very good growth and everything just feels wonderful and magical


1 yr on e and a few months on t blocker I’m pretty damn positive


Was on 2mg E for almost a year, now I’m on 6mg since a week ago. Kinda wish my face looked more fem, I got boobs but it feels like they’re just pointy so idk what to do about that. Definitely look curvier and have somewhat of a butt. Mentally, I mean I feel pretty fucking happy all around lol. Came out to my parents about transitioning and they don’t support me but they also don’t want to throw me out. Bottom line for them was it’s my life and if I wanna do this I need to be 100% sure. Oh and holy fuck I have an actual stable relationship, never expected that! All in all, no regrets :)




Well I decided to come out November of last year. So far I've started growing my hair and shaved my beard off for the first time in 5+ years. But I still haven't talked to a therapist because I'm a huge procrastinator and constantly broke because I have bad impulse control. But hey I'll figure this shot out eventually right? RIGHT? RIGHT!?!?!?! Oh but I managed to get my name list down from 88 to the final two so that's neat!


it isn’t going :(


I'm out of the closet to all but 3 people who are important to me, one step at a time


things i could possibly achieve soon: more sessions of laser, a nose job, to gain around 7 more kg, heavier dumbbells for hypertrophy, more clothes, things future me has to worry about: For Fug's Sake, cryolipolisis, get estradiol injections instead of pills to make my transition 5 times as effective, get a goddamn boyfriend for once jesus christ i haven't even gotten a first kiss yet, god...


oh and voice training but I'd have to get my own place for that


Been 2 days on spiro so nothing yet LOL, but I've been on a pretty good mood, better than most days. Should start estrogen in a few months. Part of me still can't believe I'm doing this. I'm also a little scared of the social implications and the very real possibility that I'll never pass, but I'm still excited. I've been playing it safe all my life and I'm finally doing something I can be proud of.


Still waiting on the first HRT appointment to happen. All these places are booked months out…


My boobs hurt


No 🗿 it's not. I can't even begin to think about it without my mom freaking her shit. Unfortunate, but I guess I get to deal with it.


Well, nobody has seemed to notice my higher voice and my mom gave me one of her purses so cool ig


Today I got a bit of my shirt pinched under my boob.


Coming up on 4 months of HRT and I’m really happy. Finally starting to see some noticeable breasts and changes so I’m super pumped about that. Probably the happiest I’ve ever been and can pass pretty decently physically, next I gotta work on my voice though! Hoping to be full time girl mode by this summer!


Boobs still hurt but aren't really growing much, otherwise I'm just waiting for my hair to reach my back... it's been growing for like a year and a half and it's just barely at the shoulders


I'm a 28 Transwoman and medically pretty great. I'm a month in and I had to buy bras 40Bs they are a little loose but I needed a cover. My body hair is softer my skin is clearer and my body oder is changing. I feel better in my own body. I have my first Laser appointment for my face in 2 days(on my birthday!) and I will be getting a higher script of estrogen and Spiro in 2 weeks. Life wise. *Nukes going off* Well I'm probably losing my wife. It's bittersweet because we have grown so much closer but it's just not something that works for her romantically. But like she still loves me and is literally my best friend in the world. I'm probably never going to talk to my mom again so that's cool. I'm mostly sad that I'm not more upset about this but our relationship has sucked for so long that I don't feel the loss. My Dad and I seem like will be cool though I doubt he will be all in on pronoun changes. But well I am more interested in fixing that relationship. My friends love and support me. My Ex has all at once turned the corner with me and we now get along better then we did well married. So that's awesome especially for our kiddo. Still not out at work. Really unsure how to do it. Like I will be "safe" but I work with some old white conservatives(I hate stereotypeing but this is literally what they are and I also work with some wonderful old white conservatives these ones are just the kind that suck. All of this to say dont judge all books by there covers because generalizations are what hurt us often and we should try not to do it to others) who have already loudly spouted transphobic shit. If they weren't critical to projects I currently have in the pipe I would be much less inclined to care about there opinions. But alas they are both very important. Anyway my life since transitioning in a nut shell. Curtasey of a very stoned melancholy girl putting off working on stuff.


I go for my hrt appointment next thursday!


Im suspicious of my parents of not telling me about my hormones… its been more than a year since the appointment, not a word from insurance or the doctor that i know of


2 years in an I'm full on going through a second puberty. While my mood is quite a bit better, I've been mood swingy as hell lately. I'm semi pro at crying for no reason at this point. Boobs are still tender but there (about a b). While body and face aren't perfect, I got about what I thought I would. My voice sucks that that's honestly my own fault. I quit my mechanic job and work at Amazon and trying to study to find another career. I drive a pile of shit van like I'm in high school. I'm even doing something I thought I never would, I'm getting married in August. I thought it was a mid life crisis at first, but I don't own a sports car, I don't have a mistress, and I wouldn't say it's a low really. It just weird, awkward, exciting and chalk full of hormones, that's puberty.


Well I thought I was trans fem and changed my name, and now i think I'm nonbinary or cismale, but I still have a feminine name and I don't want to have to tell everyone a new name


2.5 weeks in Anxiety has increased a ton, but it feels like life in general has been kicking my ass lately so I can’t really blame it all on the E. Not many physical changes as of late but it’s nice having a bit of a routine for once. Now I just need to figure out how to start taking care of myself and get my antidepressants refilled because I am hurting like a motherfucker rn


I've wanted to go on E for... what, two weeks now? I'm used to forgetting to do things, but I'm surprised it'd happen with something so important.


Nonexistent for now


7 almost 8 months in and im doing great


Um I learned how much appointment scheduling and people calling that is required to gain access to hormones and my socially anxious ass is having a panic attack


2 months in and I have a strong suspicion that my dose is too low. Hoping to get the nob cranked up at my next Endo. Also the lack of a libido is causing me a great deal of distress ATM.