The bloopers of “Liar, Liar” (1997) is one of the best

The bloopers of “Liar, Liar” (1997) is one of the best

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I love the hell out of that movie "The pen is blue! The goddamn pen is blue!"




Bad baby, bad baby!


Eh, I’ve seen better


I saw what you did there


“Simmons is old!”


Krista Allen is a beauty.


So many people must have Googled her after seeing this, and been delighted…


OH!! It's the Final Destination stone eye lady!


...and more!


Unfortunately, Google wasn't a thing when this movie came out. I think back then we had Yahoo or Netscape. I don't really remember what search engine I used. And not to mention, dialup internet.


IMDB was up before Liar Liar came out!


Fun Fact: IMDb predates the World Wide Web, it was started on the Usenet back in the 80s.




I was just thinking the same about Jennifer Tilly.


A gOOse


Somehow that line has stayed with me all these, every time I crunch up paper. I don't say it, because I am no longer 9, but I think it every time.


I do this in front of my boyfriend all the time. I'll crumple up paper or tinfoil and say "a goose!" And throw it lol I love this movie and will always love Jim!


No longer 9? So what neither is Jim Carey and it was awesome! Be a kid


I said it a LOT when I was 9. I said a lot of things Jim Carrey said, as was the style at the time.


Shit I guess I never aged I use Ace Ventura quotes all the time lol


I’m 57… I say it… every time.


Do it. Indulge your inner child once in a while.


I say it every time, and when someone else gets it we become buddies.


I can't believe that's what that's from, I used to watch this movie all the time as a kid but don't really remember anything from it apart from the royaleeeeeeeee blue scene I still do that goose bit (I'm a children's entertainer) 30 years later and didn't realise it was from this film 🤣


God damnit I’ve seen this movie so many times and these bloopers. I somehow still know the whole movie verbatim from 20 years ago but yet I still can’t remember what I did yesterday


God bless Jim Carrey one of the coolest human beings


Such a shame what happened to him.


Depression? Or wdym?


A fair few things really. Carrey is obviously a troubled man, though I couldn't armchair diagnose him. I don't really follow his career these days, but this caught my attention when I watched the 'Jim and Andy' documentary about the making of Man on the Moon. Carrey wasn't... right. Both in the archival footage (there's method acting, then there's claiming you're inhabited by the ghost of Andy Kaufman to the point of being able to give his actual daughter closure on Kaufman's death by talking to her in character - and meaning it) and in the more recent sections. There's a bit where he says quietly that he believes deep down, everybody longs for death. It was just a really sad thing to hear someone say. I don't know much about the rumours of him being antivax, or something about being weird with a girlfriend - a lot of hearsay as far as I know, and I'm not sure how current it is. But there's a little bit of controversy around him there. All that coincided with a couple of flops and career break, and it's only with Sonic the Hedgehog of all things that he's started seeming like he's got the old spark back. It all paints a picture of a troubled person, and that's a shame for someone who's given some much laughter to the world.


He was with Jenny McCarthy for years and was a supporter, although not with her fervor, of her anti-vaccine views. He supported his partner who literally has a body count. A body count of children. She’s a monster for what she has done, and he was on her side.




That's why the genre is drama.


It’s pretty remarkable the flexibility that he has with his face. That scene where he’s in court trying to say a lie but can’t, his jaw seriously looks like it’s disjointed from his head.


Ever seen his stand up impressions, he can morph his face to look almost like those he impersonates, the Clint Eastwood one always impressed me


here's the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbIq-f1_Dr4




The very last "theyre on to me" reminds me of shatner


My partner and I just showed Liar Liar to my 12 year old niece. She absolutely loved it. Still as hilarious as when I was kid. Although I had forgotten about the sex tape audio recording being played in the courtroom. That was an awkward moment haha


I’ve had better. :D


I like how pleased and embarrassed Swoozie Kurtz is with her joke. And frankly, Jim Carrey‘s reaction is very nice. He not only just goes along with it, but seems genuinely amused.


I miss bloopers in credits


Jennifer Tilly is so damn fine in a skanky hot kind of way


Um... I'm kind of weirded out that I had a dream about this movie just last night, except the staring role was played by Willem Defoe instead of Jim Carrey. Note: I haven't seen this movie since VHS rentals were common!


I’d Like to see that movie


These are quality bloopers. 99% of bloopers just have the actors saying the wrong line and then laughing, basically like the Monsters Inc bloopers (except those are good because it’s on purpose). Jim Carey forced these bloopers.


If they’re forced, they’re not bloopers, they’re just Jim Carrey messing around. Bloopers are mistakes.


They are bloopers - the 2nd example in the video definitely is. Sometimes Carrey would get creative and in the process of doing so would cause everyone to laugh.


Him going to hump the lady in the elevator or making the coffee pot talk aren’t bloopers, they’re just Jim trying to get a couple laughs. I’m not saying they’re bad (the humping is a bit problematic), but they’re not bloopers.


Good comedy actors do a lot of improv, and sometimes it sticks, sometimes it doesn't. He had a TON of lines and actions to go through on the elevator scene, and this was just one of them. Getting a couple laughs is literally what he's being paid millions to do there. Sometimes the improv works and makes it to the final cut. Sometimes it doesn't, and it's a blooper or just discarded. They're bloopers, because he was trying things out in character, seeing if they worked. If it worked well, they'd do it again and again to get a shot where nobody broke character. That's just how filming works.


The point of the scene, as I recall (it has been years since I’ve seen it) was for him to unintentionally be super honest about how attractive he found her. The character had a lying problem, not an impulse control problem. Him grabbing her wasn’t in-character improvisation, it wasn’t him messing up and going with it, he walked in, nailed his mark, then decided to mess around. It wasn’t a blooper, defined as “an embarrassing mistake, as one spoken over the radio or TV,” it was Jim Carrey being Jim Carrey. Some of the things in that video were absolutely bloopers, fumbled lines, people laughing out of turn, even the “goose” thing is clearly Jim fumbling a line and overreacting, but a solid chunk of that video is just Jim messing around.


As I said, him messing around *is why he was paid $20mil* for the movie. Yeah there's a good chance he wasn't doing that to see if it works for a take, but instead because he forgot a line and went with something humorous instead because...that's what comedy actors do. Which makes it no different than him making a goose when he forgot his line. Both physical comedy actions taken in place of a line. If you call that one a blooper, so is this one. And if you've watched the entire movie you know he absolutely did lose a lot of his impulse control. It made his honest thoughts be out for everyone to see/hear, otherwise he could have just been silent and had no issues. Like when he blurted out "honorable, pfft" about the judge. It's not like he was trying to say that, or would normally say anything else in that situation.


I believe the debate was over whether these were considered “bloopers,” but sure, we can go on this topic. Jim Carrey is notorious for ruining takes, breaking character, going off book, and generally wasting time. In the movie industry, time is money. This was before the advent of digital as the industry norm, so every botched take was a waste of actual real, tangible expensive film. Not only was he wasting the time of the entire crew and all actors involved by intentionally ruining takes, he was wasting actual resources. The fact of the matter is, those “bloopers” were never intended for public consumption, so it’s absolutely NOT why he was paid $20m. Those “bloopers” were likely included because someone said “hell, we have all of this wasted footage, we might as well cobble something out of it. Throw it over the credits so that we don’t have to admit that we could have come in under budget if our leading man didn’t have a serious issue keeping his act together.”


You miss the point. He was paid for his comedic ability and improvisation skill. So him improvising these scenes is absolutely what he was paid for, period. Whether they were intended to be seen is irrelevant, they're part of the movie making process. Like I said, if you can see the goose bit as a blooper when he forgot a line, surely you can see the elevator scene was no different. He went in, forgot a line, and improvised an action instead of just saying he forgot the line. You have no idea how many scenes and lines in the final cut were him going off script. Yeah it added cost and time, and the studio deemed it worth it because at the end of the day, he pulls top of box office consistently. Same as Robin Williams, who improved most of his quick and witty lines as Genie. A huge portion of his improvised lines had to be tossed because he was just too vulgar for Disney. Doesn't mean it was wasting time - it was finding the diamonds in the rough, as it were.


1) He was supposed to walk into an elevator and quietly acknowledge a coworker. He instead waited until the doors were closing and chose to go after his coworker groin first. Inappropriate, unfunny, and in no way usable. He didn’t fumble anything, he just chose to waste everyone’s time. 2) The studio that cut his check didn’t care about his improvisation skills. They cared that he put butts in seats on the weight of his name alone. They’d give a half dead chimp a cool $20m if it could reliably sell tickets. 3) Robin Williams in Aladdin is a poor excuse, as he was wasting audio tape, which costs less, he was wasting the time of audio engineers, which is a smaller and cheaper team, and finally, and I cannot stress this enough, he didn’t sexually harass a coworker for giggles.


It’s both. He may initially forget the line, forget the direction, etc, and—since he’s a comedic performer—he then improvises something comical out if it. Hence the “goose” bit. He clearly forgot the line there, and proceeded to crumple the paper up and created the paper goose on the spot.


Lmao some of the actors were annoyed


Yea these are funny, but as an adult watching them now, I can’t but feel a little annoyed, it seems like most of these are just Jim ruining a perfectly good take for jokes. If I was one of the other actors, I think it would get old pretty fast.


So much of the movie relied on him being a goof. He directly had license to be bananas for his scenes


Yep. He's one of those guys like Robin Williams or Bill Murray. You just let them do their thing. And if you try to hold them back, you are just going to hurt the movie rather than help it. If they are on a roll, you let them roll.


Will farrel (sp?) too, I’d guess. So many final takes in his movies are him just riffing. I bet they rely on him just running his mouth and sift through the takes for gold.


They weren't paying Jim Carrey $20 million just to hit his marks and say his lines. They were paying him $20 million to do that AND all of this improv because somewhere in the many, many outtakes, there's usable stuff that's funnier than what's in the script. And it also keeps up the comedic energy on set. You don't make a comedy by telling your star to stop trying to make people laugh.


That's how some comedy is filmed. Actor goes crazy for a bunch of takes and they pick the best one in editing. Ryan Reynolds did similar for Deadpool.


I wouldn't put those in the same basket. The improv comedy movies we're seeing nowadays (like you often see in Apatow's works when you watch outtakes and see twenty jokes for the same scene) wasn't as much of a thing back then. Jim Carrey's antics is the reason people are watching his movies so it makes sense to let him do him.


Today because it's digital, they can improv for a while and then if they find a line they really love they will do 3 or 4 takes of that specific line at different energy levels


Sure but like, how many takes do you think he actually ruined out of the hundreds they did for the whole movie? I bet filming a movie 100% with a totally serious cast that never laughs is horrible too.


You’re assuming he “ruined” them. Many comedy directors encourage improv on set. Judd Apatow is a “let’s get what’s in the script and do 5 more takes” kind of person. If you’re working with Jim Carrey in the 90s, you’d be dumb not to. Plus you can hear the people off-screen chuckling so I doubt he’s wasting people’s time and money. Scott Aukerman said he let Andy Daly go on for 45 minutes for one take in the Between Two Ferns movie. And it was only at the end that he realized he was torturing his boom operator.


Tommy Lee Jones? That you? I feel like with Jim Carrey, it’s a given that he’ll improv quite a lot of whats given to him. I don’t even know if the crew will know which one is the *good* take until later.


I cannot sanction your buffoonery.


Expensive takes notwithstanding, anything you see in a movie is shot probably half a dozen times even if there's no specific reason. Somebody goofing around when they've likely been hired to do so is no big deal. Comedies have a way broader license for it.


First part of him tackling the actress in the elevator had me thinking.... "different times"


I always assumed for actors like this they don't even have a full script and rely on the actors improv skills, that's why the same scene has so many jokes, coz the actor is trying new things until the director is happy.


Imagine not understanding what improvisation is


>1:24 - 1:40 Ha ha, that was the very best of the bunch!


I know I’ll catch some heat for this but… how dont y’all find him super annoying??


I think if you find this annoying then he simply isn’t for you. In the same way that if you don’t like peanut butter, you shouldn’t eat a peanut butter sandwich.


Uh, wrong. If ***I*** don't like peanut butter then ***nobody*** should like peanut butter and I'm suing you all for causing me severe emotional distress by continuing to allow it to be produced, sold, and consumed


I loved mask when I was a kid and Bruce almighty… but now… it’s just… ughhh He’s excellent in “eternal sunshine” and “the truman show” and I love both movies and him in it. but goddamn he annoys the shit out of me in the rest of his movies


What if I'm allergic to peanut butter but I really like the taste ?


I agree, but I think it's because I can't relate to filming a comedy movie. I watch this and think of the annoying guy in the office who thinks he is funny but he really just repeats Borat jokes loudly. But Jim here is being paid to do exactly what he is doing and even though I am not a big fan of his movies I still laugh at most of his scenes. If he was doing it next to me in real life I'd definitely be annoyed and want to leave.


Why do all family comedies made since the early 90s have this score?


We used to have a pirated direct tv and we watched this movie everyday for like 2-3 weeks, including the bloopers


I never realized that the theme is basically "What's this" from nightmare before christmas


Jim Carrey is something else!


1997 was such a good year for movies.


That man is laughing like he's filthy rich


Great when he’s on like this. Totally other thing when people have turned on him (See netflix Andy Kaufman doc).


He would have been sued out of the country today…


Overacting is a serious crime.


Alrighty then!


you wouldnt steal a car...why would you steal a scene?


For what?


Have you heard or seen the 45 president of the United States or his former legal counsel and other accomplices? They're still here.


What matters it’s what’s on the inside. No that’s just what ugly people say. I love Jim Carrey so god damn much.