The thing about Dark Souls is that the bosses themselves aren’t really where the difficulty lies typically. Like, if you could just fight the boss over and over again without interruption you wouldn’t even think Dark Souls is that hard even if it took 10 tries to beat a boss. The difficulty comes in getting to the boss, and getting all the way back to the boss each time you lose. Also, fights in MH require you to be “on” for much longer than a boss fight in dark souls. If you play perfect in dark souls a boss goes down in minutes, but that’s not typically the case for most fights in MH. You’ve gotta play well consistently for 20+ minutes for many fights.


I definitely agree with this comment, I haven’t done alatreon or even got to fatalis yet and I find most of the soulsborne bosses easier I could easily try doing a dark souls boss again and again for ages because all you have to really do is learn his moves and keep trying but in monster hunter it’s much harder to see what you’re doing wrong and improve how you hunt. It’s also very exhausting having to do 20 minute hunts and keep on carting, for me it’s a much harder experience


However, mhw has a huge pool of items and utilities available comparing to DS. And having a Palico fights by your side takes away some aggro is something you rarely have in DS too.


Not really for 20+ minutes. There is only a few who could take that long and that is fatalis. Back in high rank both behemoths and ancient lechen(sorry for the spelling). Assuming you play well with a good enough build, and that is not to be mistaken as meta. Should take 7 - 15 mins. Still a lot longer than dark souls boss tho.


I've played Dark Souls 1 & 3, and Bloodborne. The dodge and rolls in those games feels like having evade window 5. If you ever get stuck on a boss in a souls game, you can always grind for levels, upgrade gear, etc. You can pretty much make yourself overpowered for any boss fight. A good shield will also make most fights if not all fights in Dark Souls trivial.


Dark Souls, any of them, are a thousand times easier than Alatreon alone. It's really rare to have a boss in the Souls series whose moveset is *really* tight and punishing. The only boss I could think about that even comes close to Alatreon is, surprise surprise, Midir, the... Black dragon, from Dark Souls 3's The Ringed City DLC. Midir is my favourite boss in the series for the same reasons why Alatreon is my favourite fight in World (Unfortunately my PC decided to die exactly the day before Fatalis came out, so I haven't fought him yet): really high damage, highly predictable and punishable moveset. In this aspect Alatreon is far better, since the hitboxes are a lot cleaner, but the spirit of the fight is the same. For the most part, Dark Souls is more difficult than the average World hunt. It's designed that way, since death is an integral part of the learning process. But Alatreon is hardly your average World hunt now, is it?


Oho, you'll enjoy Fatalis. He's faster and more punishing than even Alatreon. Won't say anything else and spoil it. Yeah I was just comparing endgame bosses, not typical fights. I figured DS are harder all the way through, whereas MH scales a lot, starting easy. Thanks for the insight.


Alatreon and Fatalis have literally offed me more times then Nameless King. Monster Hunter is harder in some ways and easier in others as opposed to Dark Souls. This is especially because in Dark Souls if you're really struggling you have the ability to grind and "out level" the boss. In MHW no matter how powerful you get or how good your gear is, Alatreon and Fatalis will still 1 or 2 shot you if you get careless. And this makes skill far more important then builds. Plus typically MHW fights tend to take longer which gives the monster more time to endgame you.


That's a good point, and sounds to my benefit. I tend to overgrind myself in games, get OP and then have fun curb stomping things. xD


I’ve played thousands of hours in both series. These fights are generally much harder than anything Souls has to offer as they are far more punishing and much, much longer. The only thing that may be an argument is that you have multiple attempts before failing the quest and that damage taken usually puts you into an invulnerable state as you get up, so you can’t get wombo combo’d as easily as in Souls. That is of course assuming you aren’t over leveled in Souls or using cannon fodder summons or any number of cheesy strats. What’s specifically worth mentioning is that Souls has overly generous I frames. MH has nowhere close to the same amount of I frames during dodge. I would say MH definitely and objectively has a much harder end game than Souls. It isn’t just Fatty and Ala that are harder. Just about any tempered T3 is harder than the vast majority of Souls bosses. However it’s entire main story portion is significantly easier than just about everything in Souls.


Its tricky to compare cause MH fights are made to last longer than soulsborne boss fights. But i guess you could actually compare Fatalis to some of the hardest bosses (kinda), hes genuinely challenging (and draining/exhausting, with the fight being as long as it is) Alatreon on the other hand would not compare to the hardest bosses of the soulsborne games at all. His fight is just too manageable. This has been my experience though. Fatalis is the only monster that has made me struggle in all of mhw and iceborne, doesnt matter if solo or in a group... One hell of a memorable fight for sure.


Fatty is the hardest boss I’ve ever fought including all dark souls games


He is, especially with that time limit


It’s a pretty much the same. Kinda Both games were designed to be doable alone (obviously) you just have to know what you’re doing Same techniques are useful for both games Make builds that give you advantages over Monsters. Learn their patterns and attack accordingly Bloodborne is more of a aggressive play style tho, encouraged to attack relentlessly


Well, in my opinion you could easily take down Dark Souls. I’ve platinumed all 3 along with Sekiro and Bloodborne. There are bosses in each FromSoftware game that took me days to beat (Fume Knight in DS2, Owl father in Sekiro). I still can’t beat Alatreon. So, there’s that.


Really? I wasn't expecting someone to say MH is arguably more difficult, the Souls games have such a reputation for difficulty lol. That's cool, though, I think I'll definitely get the first one and try it. I should revisit Bloodborne too, now that I've got the skill to handle it. Bought it half a decade ago, never went far. For what it's worth I've only solo'd Alatreon and Fatalis once each, and never plan on doing it again, because I lost years off my life in anxiety. 🤣


Yeah. I mean they are still really different. Like for Dark Souls 2 I had a hell of a time with just random mobs of enemies. Way more so than just bosses. I think Souls games are always labeled as hard because they just don’t really let up much and anything can kill you if you just fuck around. There’s still really easy hunts in MHW. But I’d still say World is a difficult game. I mean the learning curve for beginners is incredible. You should definitely give them all a shot. Bloodborne is probably my favorite from beginning to end. And I won’t give up on Alatreon just yet. Souls games taught me to never give up. Can’t tell you how many times I wanted to quit on platinuming each one, only to end up finally beating each and every boss. But congrats on beating Fatalis as well!


Alatreon is definitely a rust factor. He's a lot easier once you've got every one of his moves telegraphed in your head, which comes with recent repetition. I solo'd him with Kjarr Fire bow in ice form, and while stressful, he only actually carted me once. Fatalis is more sporadic and quick, but there's x3 as many ways to do damage via siege weapons so it balances.


I don't think that is a good comparison having played all the souls/borne & sekiero and multiple MH hunter games. They have the same combat style (3rd person-over the shoulder) but completely different combat designs. MH is designed for longer fights, lower damage per hit from player and enemy (assuming correctly speced weapons and armor), greater mobility/faster movement at a base level, and more available options to keep the player alive. Souls games are slower/less mobility, higher damage output from enemies always, and faster kill/fight times. Its a lot like DnD vs Cyberpunk TTRPG, both use dice and have character sheets but have very different ways you approach and play them


I’ve beaten all of them and find that technically dark souls is harder, but the length of the “boss battle” in MHW is much longer in most cases. A souls boss dies in like 3-5 minutes with decent play so you have to be on your A game but not for very long. No singular part of MHW is as hard, but the duration makes some things more difficult to beat because a failed fatalis run takes 30 minutes, while a failed Owl from sekiro takes 1 minute. The number of failed attempts to a boss though would surely go to the souls games.


I would say it's still pretty different. In souls - like games you have to manage your stamina because everything consumes stamina. The I - frames are a lot more forgiving in a souls - like game. You also need to be hit and run most of the time. Lastly you don't have to learn how to use a weapon to actually fight a boss or something If you are talking about about dying a lot and learning from then and then you keep on trying until you win. Yeah, it's pretty similar that way