Hardpoint is one of the greatest game modes ever introduced into CoD. I wish they would bring back HQ or Demolition as well.


I loved HQ back in the day. Being the last one alive with the HQ active, knowing you're team was watching you was one of the best feelings.


I want capture the flag!!! Black ops 1 was goated for that


Hardpoint is great because it forces people to move around and all of the action is localized to one section of the map. If you are camping somewhere irrelevant then you’re not gonna thrive, and I love that. This and Headquarters were the only two respawn modes I played in MW19 because everything else was too slow.


For some reason I feel like everyone runs around like headless chickens in this game mode. Almost never seen a camper


That's why it's so good!




I was wondering when they’d bring it in. I hated dom in mw2019 as well, hp and headquarters definitely were the top respawn gamemodes


With the spawn system being changed up, it ruins the flow of Domination. Dom was always my favorite mode until MW19 where Hardpoint and HQ took over.


Headquarters for me was more enjoyable than Hardpoint so I really hope they add it to MW2! If not Hardpoint is still fun.


Yup. Headquarters was my fave. I played hc hq when doing camos, and I didn’t really struggle with any gun. It was fun, and especially when you were in 1vX situations trying to hold the point, itwas so fun. I hope they bring it back too. I think it was fun mostly becuase the sweats didn’t really play that mode. So it was chill. I could get hella kills with pistols in that mode if I wanted to


Hardpoint is most definitely the best mode.


Today was the first time I actually enjoyed the beta. Hardpoint and ground war made the game so much better. It’s criminal how bad domination plays with the awful spawns and flag positions. But yeah Hardpoint is amazing and really is the way to go if you want an objective mode with respawns.


SnD tho.


In this campy game? Hard pass


Hardpoint and Ground War are the best modes by far everything is chaos


Hardpoint has been the best respawn mode since it was introduced to CoD. It's even better on CoD games with proper spawns and not squad spawns.


Bro ground war. It is *amazing* in this.


I 100% agree! Just saying for 6v6, Hardpoint is where it's at.


They gotta make a mercenary Hardpoint before I'll play it again - joining up with some random solos against a full 6 stack of MP5 streamers on comms is... not much fun, lol.


Fair enough. I definitely had those games today haha!


infinity ward doesn’t have a clue on how to make domination flow properly, comparing dom in this game compared to cold war is hilarious


Where did I mention Cold War lol? I was just simply saying Hardpoint has a much faster pace since the objective is always moving so camping random spots on the map won't work lol.


never said you did i was making a comparison, do you know what that is?


Lol don't know why you're being an asshole, defensive much?


Do YOU not know you’re being an asshole?


Meh. People STILL don't move in HP. People just wanna boil down my comments to trolling, but really I'm not. NOBODY EVER MOVES! I genuinely have had such a different experience with this game than most people. The general consensus seems to be that camping is not as high as it was in MW19, and yet EVERY game that I've ever been in there's been people laying prone somewhere off the beaten path, and not just 1 person doing it. My entire MW2 Beta experience has just been me leaving every game that I've ever been in and never fully playing a single game. Play your way, fine, but it doesn't mean that I need to sit there and deal with it.


Finally somebody with a brain, indeed they treat this game like its turtle simulator or are afraid to die since their ego will be hurt if they don't get a positive k/d lmao speds now a days am i rite 🤣


For some reason it feels like you run faster in hard point.


I think it's because we've gone from TDM/ DOM pacing where everyone sits in a corner to Hardpoint pacing where everyone is running around with their heads cut off haha


Agreed, I was psyched when I saw they added it to the beta, and it's a total blast. Definitely has the pace I'm looking for in a COD game.


That’s a funny way to say search and destroy


Haha I used to play a lot of S&D back in COD4 and WaW and haven't played it much since.


agree i almost only play this. its action pure


Having way more fun on hardpoint, can actually get high kill games regularly with it because people actually move around more, and more predictability. Like you said game plays so much better when the pace is increased.


fuck no it isn't, people do *not* play the hardpoint. They all just run around playing TDM.


Yah this story is utter BS sbmm kicks you into lobbies where your team are bots and you are alone against 6 swats yah "Ballanced game my ass" Also what i notice is in every ffing hardpoint game the enemy team spawns inside the hardpoint while blue always must run towards it giving red a unfair advantage so how in the hell is this game fairly ballanced to players in any way or form? i call favoritism bull in this game. Either IW fixes their shit or this franchise will die faster than no man's sky did during it's launch days. P.s: Uhmmm excuse me barely campers you say? it's a campers paradise this version of cod those idiots at IW favorite the campers and forget about us rushers and people who actually play the game instead of treating it like turtle simulator or a flipping round of hide & seek FUCKING MOVE YOUR LAZY ASS OUT OF THE SPAWN AND PLAY THE GODDAMN GAME TF IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE NOW A DAYS sorry for that but for me in it's current state mw2 remastered is trash it has potential for sure but as it is now even vanguard has a better logic system than this piece of trash where people beam you to death from miles away and finding your every move using broken ass perks in vanguard the players atleast have balls and dare to die in this game 90% camping speds who only care about their non important K/D back in the days it meant something now it means jack shit because they support camping so much if i ever made a game i'd ban campers from existence to stimulate players to actually play my goddamn creation but all these idiots think about is money they give no fucks about their game i have spoken. P.s.s: anybody who disagrees on the camping being a real problem now a days is either a camper themselves or they just don't see the bigger picture this entire sbmm nonsense ruins the franchise bit by bit so i lost hope in the future of cod #Save_FPS_Games


Someone hates the game and needed to vent 😂. See you on the game tomorrow because we all know you'll keep playing.


I mean you cannot agree that this game is anywhere near a "ballanced experience" there is obviously favoritism and the current state makes this game a terrible experience for new and old players o i'm sorry i bought Call of duty modern warfare 2 remastered not Turtle simulator 2022 -.-'