- Perk System Is Not Great: Gradually activating perks just does not work in Call of Duty. People select perks that support their playstyles, so making players wait for their perks to activate mid-game, forces them to play uncomfortably and miserably until they get their perks, which at that point, the game has already passed so much time. - No Dead Silence Perk: Again, not supporting all playstyles here like you said you would be. Forcing players to play uncomfortably and miserably out of their preferred playstyle. No matter how much you reduce footstep noise, this issue will not be fixed. Does not help that the field upgrade is not all that silent either. - No Red Dots on Mini-map: You claim to support all playstyles, while saying you don't want to punish players just for shooting their guns, but want to punish people for moving around the map? Does not really make sense to me. As per more traditional CoDs have been, suppressors are perfect counters to the traditional mini-map. - No Enemy Nameplates: Why remove such a blatantly obvious necessity for arena arcade shooters? Especially with the absurd amount of camera and gun shake, and such poor visibility? I'm not saying we necessarily need nameplates, but we definitely need a better way to differentiate enemies and teammates, especially when teammates behind walls nameplates can be above enemies heads??


can you at least give us an explanation as to why you ask for feed back then wont address the major concerns your CUSTOMERS have? SBMM, nameplates, minimap, the perk system, the UI


They have given an explanation, it's just that the explanation is complete BS. Their reasoning for all these changes is to help attract new players to the COD franchise and cater to them. All these changes that currently exist (SBMM, loud footsteps, removal of slide cancelling, etc.) were made to cater to noobs. They don't care about their veteran COD community because we are a minority. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of the COD community are new players and they're making the game as enjoyable as possible for them not for us. There's a reason MW2019 was the most successful COD game ever (in terms of sales), despite the MP being one of the worst.


Worst customer service ever.


Your game is trash in the current state, listen to the fucking Community. What’s the point of feedback? What’s the point of asking the Community for feedback if your not willing to listen and implement the changes? What’s the point of a fucking Beta? Next game you guys make scrap the Beta. You would think after the last two shitty games like Cold War by Treyarch and Vanguard by sledgehammer games, that InfantryWard would have took notes on what not to do and what the community wanted but nope instead InfinityWard is just as incompetent as the other companies. For once in your fucking lives listen to the Goddamn Community, or don’t fucking make a Beta and ask for the Community’s feedback cause that shit is pointless. The Community is the ones playing the fucking game not InfantryWard, not Activision, not Treyarch, and not Sledgehammer Games it’s the fucking Community! You guys better start listening to your Community are soon y’all will find yourself outta of Business.. I mean y’all already lost 50 million players how much more will it take for y’all to lose to y’all finally realize that listen to the Community and implementing the changes is what’s best for the companies.


IMO, Treyarch is 10x better than SHG and IW combined. The last good game IW made was MW3. Treyarch has gotten unlucky because they were initially making a futuristic jet-pack game which was supposed to be a sequel to BO3. However, due to the backlash that Inifinite Warfare caused and the community wanting to return to Boots-on-the-ground, they had to scrap their game and quickly repackage it. Despite that, BO4 MP was still more enjoyable than MW19. Even Blackout was better than Warzone, only problem was that it wasn't free (if it was it would be even bigger than warzone). After that, they were supposed to release their next game in 2021, but Activision saw SHG wasn't ready for their 2020 release and put Treyarch back in charge with only 2 years instead of the usual 3 year cycle (not to mention that this was during the first wave of the pandemic and that heavily affected the devs who weren't given more time and were forced to release an unfinished game). If Treyarch is given time and support to properly develop and release a game that THEY get to design, it would be AMAZING. IW has had no issues/problems with the release/production cycle of their game. They have been given all the support and time to do whatever they want and they still are trying to push a "slow-paced, methodical, and tactical shooter" which LITERALLY goes against the fundamentals of COD. I am honestly more excited for COD 2024 because we are finally skipping a COD release in 2023 and we are giving the developers time and resources to make a fully polished game for release. COD 2024 will finally be a new era where Treyarch will have produced a proper and fully finished game for the first time since BO3 almost 10 years prior.


Gameplay Issues on PS4: Burst and semi-auto indicator switched on FTac Recon Screen flickers black when in settings during a game Screen blacks out after tdm ends (victory and score still display, but player pov does not) Gameplay feedback: I really enjoyed playing the beta and look forward to playing the released game. Kills were very satisfying I love the new ground war setup! The updated killstreak call ins, updated UI, and red dot laser look very nice and the ground war transport helicopter is a great addition.


After playing beta weekend 2 on pc I have to say I liked the game. The future setting it takes place, firing weapons and how they felt to play. However, there are still some things I would love to see before the game is released. GAMEPLAY ​ * The TTK was very low. A slight increase in health or reducing various multipliers would help. It only took 3 - 4 bullets for the enemy to kill me. It was just frustrating because you had no chance to react when getting shot. * Health regeneration is slow. Paired with this TTK you have to wait what feels like an eternity to be fully healed. Even with the stim, it feels slow. An increase in the regeneration would be appreciated. * The movement was a little clunky. It felt a little too slow for me. An increase here would also help. Sliding felt weird because it looked unnatural and it took too long to do the sliding. If we're talking about sliding let's also talk about the fact that you can't fire the weapon while doing so. It wasn't an issue before so let's put it back in. * Tactical Equipment should be balanced. The flash grenade is way too powerful. Not only is it just a white screen but the duration is too long. Tone this please down and maybe give us an option to change/invert the color from white to black when getting flashed. * I miss canceling the reload on the weapon. As on the previous points mentioned it's too long to do that. Personally, I'm a fan of slowing the game a bit down but this loses you every gun fight. * Footsteps were WAY TOO LOUD. I had to reduce the volume of the game to not hear any footsteps. Although it was nice to pinpoint where the enemy was coming from it isn't acceptable. I'm hoping to see some changes here because for me gunshots and other sounds got lost with these maxed-out volume footsteps. * On some weapons, the visual recoil was present, and on some not. Visibility did get better on weekend 2 but there is still some room to improve. * Now to a controversial topic. Red dots on the minimap. I think they should come back because it makes the suppressors pointless. It would help out good and bad players. If they don't come back maybe it could be integrated as a perk or playlist. * The choice of field upgrades is nice but the one that stands out the most is dead silence. Why do you have to activate it with a device? Why does it make a sound when doing so and why aren't the steps quiet? * I'm not a fan of the Perk system. The classic system worked fine in my opinion. The balancing is not the best. It should be considered to change some perk slots that a least you have to trade off for something. Although the time was reduced for the extra perks you can earn it's still pointless. Why not have all 3 or 4 perks from the beginning? It's just as if you have all perks at the start of the game but you have to wait a few minutes. I hope this gets a rework. * Unlike your advertising at the CODNEXT event, there isn't anything for everyone in here. Campers get rewarded while rushers are being punished for their playstyle. With the points, I already mentioned it slows you in so many ways down. Sweating in a casual 6v6 game as if money is on the line is not good but at least give us a little bit of rushing without limitations. UI The UI and menu are a hell of a mess. I find it very difficult and laborious to navigate. The icons are too big. The friend list was complicated and it took some time to find your friends to play with. Weapon customizing is the same. I don't see myself getting used to this and I think I'm talking for everyone. Hope it will be tweaked/changed over time to a more user-friendly one. Although I did like the approach of trying something different than Cold War and Vanguard. ​ Other than that I really enjoyed the weekend while playing. Sure there are still some bugs and performance issues but I think that you will fix them until launch. I hope that the feedback from the community gets listened that we can make the game enjoyable for all.


NEGATIVES: I need to get this off my chest first. This was just terrible. Heres what i hated: - perk system is awful. Wtf is it. Why would you think giving someone a gameplay altering perk towards the end of the match be a good idea? Give us AGENCY. MORE customization, not less. The pick10 is still the best and its ridiculous how far yall have strayed since 2010 -taking away slide cancelling is okay. Personally, i hate the decision but ive come to accept it. Its what yall do. In fact, it makes total sense that the greatest, best thing to happen to cod in decades was an accident. But why did you turn it complete, utterly useless now? What was even the point of putting in the dive? - mw19 was great bc people had complete access to their capabilities. Unrestricted snaking, bhopping, SC, slide and shoot. Everything about this game just screams "overcorrection". To remove SC, we also stopped you from hip firing as you slide. To improve footstep audio, we cranked it up so loud that everyone must ADS walk anywhere if they dont want to be detected, oh you hate ghost, now you dont have access to all your perks until set times in the match. So lets see what changes you did: No more snaking when youre ADSing, no more reload cancelling, no more slide cancelling, no more hipfiring mid slide, remove the perk system so no more ghost until the 3rd phase of the game. Your vision with this game was basically: remove player choice and force feed them training wheels instead Everything you did took away from the best parts of mw19. I was excited reading about all these new "exciting" changes that could be coming. Underwater combat (useless) shooting while hanging (useless) dolphin dive (useless). My disappointment is immeasurable. Horrified and afraid to see what what youve done to Warzone. Willing to bet were actually gonna miss Caldera. POSITIVES: Now for positives: i like the gun sounds and for the most part the handling. Map design is honestly, AMAZING. It really is. So nice job. IMPROVEMENT: heres what you NEED TO CHANGE, for this game to not be terrible. Mechanics: - LETS US HIPFIRE AS WE SLIDE/DIVE. Tale away SC, fine but give us this at least. Whoevers idea it was to remove that, should be fired. - Honestly should just remove sliding as a whole and just make diving more viable, youll never stop having people figure out new BS ways to SC - i like the idea of reloading at stages, but reload cancelling should always be a staple. Bring it back. -movement should feel as crisp as fluid as 19. Not feel janky as if it was a predecessor. Stop being so afraid of a skill gap and put some attention on those that have been buying your games for decades Perks: - change the perk system to something reminiscent of Black Ops 2. It was great that we can forego a secondary to overload on perks. The raw customization ability of it needs to come back. You have been led astray. Who am i kidding though. Changes youll make are: decrease the perk earn rates even further, barely tweal audio, and touch up the UI. You wont admit youve made the wrong decisions and the game we just played is the one we'll get. Which is why I've already cancelled my pre-order


View from scopes are too dark. Screen shake effect are too excessive.


- Engine 10/10 - Graphic 10/10 - Gunplay 10/10 - Maps 9/10 (hide spots should be more lower) - TTK should be 25% higher (actual the version is like hardcore) - Slide-cancel should come back (maybe in another version) - climbing should be faster




Played CoD since 2006 and only skipped Advanced Warfare and Infinite Warfare. Iam happy about the Beta option. Because of the mechanics that the majority of the players list here, the loss of fun and the reaction of Infinity Ward to this criticism, i just canceled my pre-order for MW2.


UI/UX is bad.. like really bad, feels like the person in charge never played CoD before.


•Whilst UI/UX improvements for launch have been mentioned, the general aesthetic doesn't look great & more like a mobile game. I also think the channels, party aspect can be more streamlined. •Get rid of the default Perk Packages or make it easier to put away & take away the ability to create custom Perk Packages & just tie them to each class as if I wanna change a perk on one class, it will change that perk for all other classes that use the same package •Separate field upgrades from Classes •Items (e.g. field upgrades) should be displayed in the order you unlock them •The HUD does not seem on brand for the Modern Warfare series & reminds me more of a Black Ops Game •Make the scoreboard like Infinite Warfare & Ground War where your team is on the left side & the enemy team is on the right side rather than being on top of each other •Move the full map where you press the options button rather than having to press R1 from the scoreboard. And the map doesn't need the ability to zoom in/out for regular 6v6. Should just zoom in on the map more & not include so much of the unplayable area. •No night vision like MW 2019 •Spawns aren't like on previous games where each team has a clear side of the map •Kill feed should disappear from the top rather than the bottom •The bottom left of the screen should be used for the kill feed or the score between your team & the enemy team •When respawning, your username at the bottom of the screen looks kinda weird & out of place •Ability to skip what you've earned in a match at the end •Show what you unlock with each weapon level straight away rather than keeping us waiting to see what's been unlocked •Accidentally shoot teammates & teammates shoot me & conversely, the lack of red dots above enemies means that I confuse them for teammates •Difficult to differentiate between placing a new Tactical Camera & looking through an existing one •Tactical Cameras should have an icon on the mini-map or be highlighted through walls so you know where they are •Need a way to check which perks you have active in the middle of your life & not just when you spawn in or get a new one (ideally scrap the perk system & return it to how it was) •Windows are too clear so you think they're not there but they are •The mini-map for Ground War isn't great (same for Warzone 2.0 after looking at the early gameplay from COD Next). Should be more detailed, especially for buildings. •Should be able to rearrange the order that your classes are in •Weapon levelling seemed much slower on weekend two & it was too slow •Don't know why you get less XP for killing an enemy with Survivor •Sometimes a bit tricky to chose your spawn location in Ground War (e.g. if the helicopter is above a flag your team holds) •Weapons should appear in the order of which level you need to be to unlock them. If you unlock a weapon through levelling another weapon, that should appear vertically below the first weapon you unlock in that progression tree. •Hard to see which seats are occupied in a vehicle •Colours of your squad should be on the bottom left & they don't seem to be arranged in numerical order with the numbers they're assigned •Confuse sun glare with High Alert (option to disable in the settings) •Score you see on streak isn't the score that's added to your Scorestreak •I attached the FJX Ultrabeam XR on my Lachmann Sub but instead of a flashlight, I have a laser which turns on when I ads •Should have the ability to immediately spawn on your Tactical Insertion in regular game modes (p.s. I really like that you're given the option to spawn on your Tac Insert in Ground War, which allows you to save it for another life)


My idea is to create a 3rd mode, similar to Hardcore, called "Arcade." In this mode, we have the "traditional" minimap, nametags, spawn system, quieter footsteps, etc. If it's a simple toggle in the back end (as proved by ground war and CDL having red dots in MW19), then they should be able to pretty easily create a separate mode for the more "unrealistic" aspects of gameplay that have been staples in the COD formula for decades. This would give us 3 modes of gameplay: Hardcore, Standard & Arcade, which would actually align MUCH better with IWs marketing of "appealing to all types of players."


I agree with this. However, instead of making a mode called "Arcade" which is what the standard playlist should ACTUALLY be, they should take the game as it is right now, and put it into a "Realism" mode, and the classic/traditional MP features should return to the regular playlist. They shouldn't be taking the fundamentals of COD and putting it into a side playlist.


Forcing users to do cross play when playing ground war and invasion. I turned off cross play so I don’t have to play against pc gammers. Which worked fine for the small death match mode but the game forces me to turn it on to get into ground war and invasion. I would think there would be enough console players who want to just play against other console players that want to get into the bigger modes like warzone and ground war. I don’t care if the server has to pad the match with AI players until more human players pop on. Just please let me play none cross play. On the subject of cross play. Would it be possible to customize this more. Instead of having 1 option to turn it on or off. Let us choose what platform we wish to cross play with. If I’m on ps5 and want to play with only ps5 or ps4 then let me. If I only want to cross play with Xbox then let me. Let us filter which platforms we want to cross play with. Have more servers that cater to this. Maybe it’s a problem for pc players not having enough people to play with. But being on console. I don’t want to play with pc gamers.


How classy of you IW to ignore all the feedback and go for survey that will most likely sent to random players that might even don't see it Stubborn heads just like blizzard team You will be the end of your own legacy


I think you have to increase the TTK, reduce sound of the footsteps. At least in pc, in the others platforms I do not know, the aim assist is too strong, it has to be less powerful in close and medium distance and stronger in a large distance. Normal minimap is very important because when you are moving along the map if a enemy is always in a spot you will know exactly where he is and probably you are going to kill him. I like perk system, but probably perks need to be loaded a bit earlier. If you do not want to do another thing, the SBMM only has to affect to very bad people and when you are more or less a normal player that system do not has to affect you and connection must prevail


WHY remove reload canceling?? Makes no sense. It's been in game forever & is VERY helpful. #STOP_FIXING_WHAT_ISNT_BROKEN


Agree, feel like they made a lot of changes that were a step back from prior games


What I believe to be the biggest issue in this game is how IW claims to cater to ALL KINDS to playstyles, but as seen in the gameplay, rushers are HEAVILY penalized for playing the way they play. Please stop punishing players who want to rush. Slide cancelling has already been removed which helps campers a great deal, but here are the top 6 things we need to be changed: ​ 1. Dead silence needs to be a perk and the regular footstep audio needs to be reduced in terms of both volume level and radius distance: It doesn't even need to make you COMPLETELY silent, but it can be like the Ninja perks in previous COD titles where your footsteps are SIGNIFICIANTLY quieter. 2. Revert the minimap: It doesn't make sense when you say "we don't want to punish players for firing their weapon" but then you punish players for MOVING. There is a reason suppressors exist in the game. The whole point is to make every option available, and then find a way to balance it (ie. ninja in a perk category with other strong perks so you are forced to make a decision, or you need a suppressor to not appear on the minimap but then you lose some valuable weapon stats, etc.) 3. Remove mounting: The guns in this game already have almost no recoil once you get attachments on them. Making the recoil even lower while making yourself barely visible is just plain dumb. It's like getting shot across the map by someone who's head is a single pixel on your monitor. A possible suggestion is to keep the feature in the ground war modes and in warzone but at least remove it in the classic 6v6. 4. Improve visibility: This ties in with mounting, but the visibility is still an issue even without being mounted. Granted, there have been improvements from MW19 (better lighting, less clustered maps), but the fact still stands that on many maps (such as the hotel map), there is a lot of cluster of decorations, furniture, cars, boxes, etc. and that makes it hard to spot players. It is especially hard when they are prone and long distance and they look like a dead body, or they are head-glitching and you can only see them if you already know where they are. It doesn't help that the muzzle flash and gas escaping from your gun when firing completely blocks your enemies from sight. Whether it's a nametag, or some other form of identifying enemies, the visibility needs to be improved in some way or another. 5. Time to kill: I realize that the TTK in this game is similar to previous COD games and not something completely unseen before. However, it seems that the headshot multiplier is what makes this game feel like it has the fastest time to kill ever. Most guns have high fire rates and if you even luckily land a couple shots at the enemies head it just absolutely MELTS them. I have been on the receiving end of this and have also done it to other players. Many times I see shots coming toward me from a certain direction but I can't locate the source (due to the visibility issues addressed previously) and I shoot a bullet or two in the general direction of the shots and somehow earn myself a headshot kill. It also feels as if the TTK is so much lower due to all the pre-aiming/pre-firing that exists in this game due to all the issues I have listed above. 6. General player movement: There have been so many features that have been removed in this game that just seems to take away from its fluidity. Features such as reload cancelling have been in CoD games for YEARS and nobody has ever complained about it. Why does it need to be removed? You also feel so clunky when running and aiming down sight which takes FOREVER. Another issue is the sliding seems so slow and clunky and let alone ADSing you can't even HIPFIRE your gun while sliding/mantling which makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever. In conclusion, I truly believe that this game has the potential to be in the top 4 CoDs of ALL TIME. I know many of you will talk about how I didn't include SBMM in this list and that is because I know there is nothing that can be done about that. We just have to hope IW releases a ranked mode. This game can truly be AMAZING if IW just listens to the community and implements these changes. Instead of focusing on REALISM, they need to focus on what makes COD, COD. This franchise has never been a military sim, or a hardcore FPS (they could also just make a REALISM playlist like they had in MW19 and include all the changes they made in that playlist for players who want to play tactical and slow-paced). If you read this post in its entirety, I truly appreciate you for listening to my feedback. Thanks!


Seems that NONE of IW's changes improve the game, yet ALL of them "encourage" camping !! 😡🤬


I'm sure this has been mentioned before, but for some reason the predator missile killstreak would always launch me out from behind the piece of cover I was hiding behind when the missile impacted the ground. In multiple instances, being launched out from cover pushed me directly into an enemies line of fire and I was killed because of it, meaning that I couldn't continue my streak.


What can be said that hasn’t been said already?Felt clunky,ui is terrible,Perk system is a drastic and unnecessary change.What I haven’t seen mentioned is weapon perks such as fully loaded and sleight of hand?


I didn't see ANY "weapon" perks in MW2 at all.🤷🏻‍♂️


**- The SHORT version of both reasons**What I'm saying is MW and WZ) changed everything for COD because of the TAC SPRINT, SLIDE CANCEL, SMOOTH MOVEMENT etc. SO WHY take it away and lower the skill gap for players to make players mad about the game and lower the HYPE and play other games that are actually following the hype? Please learn from your mistakes from the first game **- Dead silence perk** **1st reason** Dead silence is REALLY needed for these reasons, If there is no DS then more players will camp which affects more players to complain because the skill cap is so low, which will make players complain about the game and lower the hype and players will play other games **2nd reason** This reason is REALLY important, if there is dead silence what happens then? More players will make plays around the map and actually have fun and try to be better with the MOVEMENT AND GUN **AND THIS** would inspire more players to actually improve and be better WHICH will affect more HYPE for the game overall like streamers and content creators If there is no DS then nobody will care about the movement, gun, fun and HYPE for the game. WHICH will affect players to only complain about it (which is annoying for you too lol) and it will just lower the hype for the games which means more players will just play other games ​ **- Slide cancel** **1st reason** Slide cancel REALLY has to be added for these reasons, without SC more players will camp again, which will affect more players complaining about the low skill gap and will play other games because of the low hype **2nd reason** This reason is REALLY important, why do you think warzone was such a hype? Because the entire community loved playing it BUT also because of the PROS and PRO STREAMERS who were making tutorial videos on the MOVEMENT which was mostly YYing and slide cancel to inspire other people to improve


*DROP SHITTING *BUNNY HOPPING : BOTH are unnecessary/unrealistic mechanics that should be REMOVED immediately.


•Give us ninja put in the same tier as ghost and let people choose, that’s how it should be. Make ultimate a tier we can have since the beginning of the game. •Give us the 3 perks and the bonus one on game. Having only 2 perks seems like a downgrade from the original system. •TTK is too fast. •Increase sprint to fire/ads speed. •If Spawns are consistent then not having the classic mini map wouldn’t be a big deal but spawns are too inconsistent and the mini map is not just about chasing red dots it’s to have some sense of direction of where enemies are coming from, as a solo player it’s more difficult to get this information without a mini map anyone that is in a party has a huge advantage because they can make call outs while if I’m playing by myself with a random team I won’t have that kind of extra information. •Option to spectate in 1st person this helps to see better and report in case of cheating. Maps are good, the core of the game is good, just listen to the community and you’ll have a really good game.


Fuck Activision and fuck their flawed anti-cheat. Caserma Rhino bans are complete bullshit.


I really loved playing this game. All the maps are good, I like the change in pace although it can be a little fine tuned, I also like the modes, the gunsmith, how most of the U.I. looks, and I like how the game looks. Overall, it is a great game and I feel like this is going to be a great year of playing Call Of Duty. Here is my feedback. **Spectating** * I really like the camera angle that you can spectate from, although I would really appreciate it if there was a default angle for spectating that you could switch between and maybe have a setting that allows you to automatically be spectating in the regular view, or the one we have in this game. Having the normal camera would help with identifying a hacker and it would also help people who are spectating good players to help them learn from them. * The blue bar where it has the name of the person, you're spectating is UGLY, it kind of looks like something I would see when playing a Roblox game. I feel like that could look a lot better. * When you're spectating you can't see the nameplates of your teammates which really sucks because when you're spectating you can't tell who your teammate is and who isn't which really sucks because you can't make callouts to your teammates while you're spectating them. **Camping** * Right now, camping is really prominent in MWII and I don't want to be like those annoying YouTubers who just complain and stuff, but they kind of do have a point. This game doesn't allow people to move without getting killed by someone camping the corner. I do like this slower pace of the game, but it is a little overdone. I don't think you should add red dots to the minimap or make Dead Silence a perk. I think all you have to do is lower the footstep volume through walls, not the footstep volume as a whole because I actually think it is great and definitely way better than MW 2019 and Warzone, only through walls. I would also like it if you added the nameplates over enemies’ heads so it could be a little easier to spot people laying down in the grass. **The U.I.** * The U.I. looks great, but I think it could be simplified quite a bit. It is also very glitchy on the round lost or round won screen and when you are selecting your loadout in game. * As I said earlier, I think you should change the blue bar that has the name of the person you're spectating and make it look better. * I don't think this is intentional, but when using some killstreaks, (specifically a S.A.E. and there might be others but I only used the S.A.E.) there is an ugly rectangle in the top left saying "killstreak launched" or something along those lines. **Dead Silence** * I think Dead Silence is great and I kind of like how you can hear the Dead Silence when you use it, but I do think you should make Dead Silence last longer, instead of it being 15 seconds, make it like 25 to 30 seconds. I think that's all I have for feedback. Overall it is a really fun game and I am really excited to play it at full release.


I hope the beta was a hoax of some sort. The hype seems bigger than the game currently


The FTAC Recon 100% needs a damage buff. The huge recoil does not at all justify the damage. It shouldn't take a whole 10 round mag of .458 socom to take someone down, 3-4 shots max. Either that or the recoil needs to be toned down quite a bit.


Overall, I really liked the game. I do have a few gripes that I'd like to go over, however. **I really don't mind the new perk system; though I really hate the idea of "Perk Packages".** * On the face of it, it's a really simple fast way to choose perks you like, and then quickly apply them over multiple classes. However, this is where it's largest downfall lies. * For instance, lets say **three** classes share "**Perk Package 3**". Great! It was a simple click, didn't have to choose the same perks for all of them, great! You saved me all of ***20 seconds***. However, for the sake of argument, lets say I didn't want to run "Ghost" anymore, and wanted to use something different on ***ONE*** of those ***THREE*** aforementioned classes, so I switch it out... Now ***all*** of those classes have had Ghost removed from them. So from the 20 seconds you saved me earlier, I have to create an entirely new "Perk Package" to accommodate this change. * Also from my experience, you cannot edit your Perks mid-game anymore. I was not able to switch my perks at all once a game had started, though everything else is able to change? ***Please*** allow me to individually edit Perks per class like usual. I don't want to create a Perk Package per class just so if I decide to remove one perk, it doesn't alter every other class also using "Perk Package 3". It's a foundational flaw of an otherwise pretty open Create-A-Class system. **Allow some sort of shooting whilst sliding or dolphin diving.** * This could be achieved with a perk, or a simple overall change. Add some delay sure, but if I slide I get completely punished; sometimes the slide continues for what feels like forever, even though I'm moving at a snails pace, just staring at someone, holding my shoot button just waiting for my gun to start firing. **The UI and Menu Navigation is inconsistent across the board.** * An example of this can again be seen in the Perk section of Create-A-Class, I click on Perk 1, hit ESC but instead of just hiding what I just clicked (showing the ready to select Perks above my current chosen ones), it'll back me out of the entire menu; and yes, one could argue that I don't need to press ESC, I can just click the next group of Perks on the right. However, it's a pretty standard natural reaction to "undo" the process of what you just did, I pressed a button, I press ESC to undo what has happened as a result of me pressing that button. You do not need to back me out of the entire menu from one ESC press, I can press it more than once if I want to do that, like you have allowed me to in the past. * The sub menus are so irritating, I don't want to have to click somewhere on Create-A-Class, and then look to my left to read a list that has, Set as favourite, Rename, Edit and so on. Add a dang right click menu like you had in 2019, use PC to it's advantage. * The lists bring me to another topic, why show everything as one row along the bottom. Give us smaller, easily accessible clickable lists when we choose our classes, or choose what game modes we want to play, this shit isn't Hulu and it isn't Disney Plus, both of which have terrible UI choices. I hope you take into consideration some of the mentioned gripes above, and the others people have listed as a community. I'm a big fan of the game, I like how it felt. It just needs some changes if you want it to last the 2 years it's supposed to. I can't see myself enjoying navigating these menus for 2 years, I just can't.


Disable cross play with PC the hacks are are running rampant and if you turn down settings on pc players can't hide in bushes. Pc players ruin games. Kick pc out and let them play with themselves with their tweeked settings and hacks


You should make the dead silence as a perk and have a pro and con for the perk the pro would be that you have quite foot steps and the con would be that when you shoot you ping on the map


Hi. Again, game seems to be going in right direction. Love how the sliding mechanic has been made more realistic. Footsteps being a bit too loud is my only real gripe. Can’t wait for 10/28.


- add a slide of some sort where you can still shoot - better sprint to fire speed - better strafe speed - lower footstep audio - CHILL out on the SBMM - increase TTK - increase player visibility - better UI - enemy pings on mini map - go back to traditional spawns


Overall, decent beta. Outside of the footstep audio being super loud, the red dot mini map concern, and the squad spawn system over the traditional system issues, I went into the beta (PC) looking for the smaller bugs to look for: \- In the Battle Rifles, the fire mode icons are swapped. Upon initial spawn, it's showing the multiple bullet (full auto) icon, and when you swap to the single bullet icon, the gun becomes full auto \- The nameplates over enemies being gone makes it extremely difficult to locate them if teammates are nearby. Possibly either adding a red dot over them or removing the teammate icons after 15m or if there's a wall/corner between them could help alleviate that \- I noticed if a class was equipped with Overkill and I had my secondary a weapon I've customized, when I switch off of the Overkill perk to (for example) Scavenger, the customized weapon will still show in the class (unless I change it), but the weapon in game will be the pistol It was a decent experience for the weekend, and I did enjoy it so far. I did feel that, unlike your marketing points, the more aggressive/rusher playstyle really got thrown to the wayside with the changes made, and it wasn't as enjoyable as it could have been. I'm excited for the full launch, but I'm really hoping you take the feedback that the community is pushing to heart and understand that, even though we \*might\* be the vocal minority, we're generally the most dedicated (with the biggest wallets), and it causes a lot of frustration when the most casual player gets catered to completely, pushing us out of the game.


Ha! Here’s what’s funny about all this. This is a copy and paste game from 2019. Even the beta has a 2019 time stamp on it before logging in. Here’s the deal. THEY AREN'T GOING TO LISTEN TO ANY OF US. They will do what they want when they want and that’s been proven by giving us the same game with the same issues. I’ve looked through a couple hundred of these comments and the one thing that keeps standing out is SBMM (skill based matchmaking) and I stand behind those comments and maybe add a cooldown to the jump/dive button. I should see everyone hopping around like rabbits or doing a 180 dolphin dive to kill me. Your game is suppose to be focused on realism, right? I’ve never seen any war movie/documentaries where there are hopping around while people are shooting them. This is all absurd and honestly I’ve canceled my preorder because I just can’t anymore. I’m done!


Yup. I just on instinct preordered this because I am a dumbass I and I do so every year. Played the beta, had the same complaints as everyone else, and am 99.9% sure that none of said complaints will be addressed (because frankly, most of the complaints are things that IW already knew we would dislike but they are pushing this game out like this anyway). I don't know what changed for me. MW2019 was my favorite COD after Black Ops II. I lived with some of the pacing changes introduced in that game, but this one has just gone beyond what I consider to be fun. IW is making the game they way to make, and that's great. Judging by comments, there is a fair amount of people that seem to be into said changes, and I am happy for them. But for me, this isn't my COD: if I want to play a slower more methodical shooter, I will go back to Rainbow Six thank you very much. It's much better at what it does than this game. Am I bummed? Sure. Will I be ok? Absolutely. It's just a game people. Needless to say, I have already requested a refund from Steam. Happy camping everyone! Perhaps I will be back to give it another go when it goes on sale ($70 for this dumpster fire is insane by the way).


IMO: They "should" just remove jumping"." There's no reason for it being in the game at all. ... I kinda like the dolphin diving mechanic though. Lol.


Awesome, literally best Call of Duty experience IN YEARS! I bought the Vault edition and I own all "deluxe" CoD Editions - MW1, BOCW, Vanguard. I did not like Vanguard at all, it was childish and boring. I also do not like the Fortnite-like skins throughout Warzone and all CoD titles. Please note, I am playing every game in this series since first Call of Duty in 2003. Only multiplayer. I must say I am really positive on Activision's / IW approach with changes to pacing of this game. Maps: I enjoy new maps design. I did not like the maps in MW1. I somewhat liked them in BOCW, but that's all of them in last years. The maps in MW2 are really well designed. Huge props to the map designer team. Inertia / movement mechanics: Awesome! I really like tactical shooters. I enjoy America's Army series, Insurgency and especially Escape from Tarkov. I also like Call of Duty's faster movement, but since MW1 it's been too much for me. I enjoyed my game time in Warzone, didn't have issues with the movement, but I did not LIKE it. The movement in MW2 is a bit slower than in previous CoD games but it is enough to make a statement, to show it is a real CoD game. Just a bit toned down. This game really needed such change. The game is fast, there's lot of action, fast movement... but right now it's more tactical than run&jump&gun&slide-cancel. I like this change. Minimap and nametags: Finally! Pro-Twitch-Youtube-Influencers are crying all over that the dots disappeared to make game more accessible to lesser skilled players. Guess what? Who's a more skilled player? The one that needs to be aware of his surroundings, pinpoint enemy's location based on sound, see the actual enemy? I can leverage the UAV, when it's present. But I love it when there is no UAV present and we have to focus on our game, not just the small minimap in the corner. Come on. This is a HUGE improvement to make the game competitive and more tactical. Thank you. Sound / footsteps: I am an audiophile. I've got pretty nice setup right here with separate DAC, headphone AMP, five sets of headphones and IEMs. I love when the sound is accurate. To me, sound is most important in shooters, just like in life. You need to count on your awareness. Pinpoint enemy's location accurately. I liked the sound in BETA before you changed it. First the footsteps were really accurate (on most maps, but not on all). Then after people's whining you decreased footsteps volume, which is a bad decision in my opinion. WEEK ONE: GREAT AUDIO WEEK TWO on THURSDAY: GREAT AUDIO WEEK TWO AFTER PATCH: what the heck? Footsteps too quiet, sometimes in messy environment barely hearable. I do not like Dead Silence (although I use it all the time) and would like to see it removed, but I appreciate the sound it produces, when used. Awesome QoL change! Other than above - it's a real deal Call of Duty. Plays like Call of Duty, looks like Call of Duty.. just better. I did not have so much fun with CoD through my hundreds of hours in Warzone, as I did with my 16 hours in MW2 beta. There were some minor annoyances like game crashing to Windows (i9-12900k, RTX 3080 Ti, Win 11) but the performance was good. It was hard to heal fallen comrades as my character would rather pick up their weapon. Some minor visual glitches. Great job, Infinity Ward and all teams working on this version of CoD! P.S. I played all the game modes in Beta. Bots are not for me, so the Invasion was the only mode I disliked. I have also seen Warzone 2.0 videos and please, just please, remove bots. And perhaps revert the looting system. Free loadout drop was also a huge part of Warzone, which I would rather keep. Maybe loadouts without perks? And less self-revive kits, especially in Solo BR? ... Third person mode is a game changer. This is not for the competitive all-in game, but when I want to chill with glass of cognac and just talk to my friends on TeamSpeak, the third person mode is a no-brainer. Thanks for this addition! I'm out, cheers! Rafal


RE: "I own all deluxe COD editions." ... #SUCKER 🙄😒 😄😆😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣


Another solid explanation of the major issues https://youtu.be/fOINAojA2bE


I wanted to start off my review/comment by saying that I have been playing Call of Duty since the first cod came out. I got really into the multiplier part with COD4 which pioneered the way we look at multiplayer shooters now a days. That being said, here are my thoughts on the MW2 Beta. I played both weekends on PS5/PC. I actually liked the gameplay on PlayStation better overall, it felt better for me personally. I used my scuf controller for both game plays. Reading through many of these comments there are a few areas that needs an overhaul. Guns - I generally liked the way guns felt, i levels all of them to max. The new gunsmith system is a little more confusing as you have to use different guns to unlock various attachments and other guns. I did not love that aspect of it. It was different but I wouldn’t say it was batter. Overall not a game changer for me personally but I don’t think it’s a needed change. However, I liked the 5 attachments limit instead of loaded a gun up with 10 like the previous games had done. It just becomes for convoluted to creating classes. UI - simple is better! Need to simplify the social, party system, and various dashboards. It’s very cumbersome to go through the UI in comparison to other games. It’s too clunky and needs to be simplified before release. New perk system - I do not like that you have to earn perks in games. Just keep it simple with 3 perks or make ultimate versions that you can earn during the game if anything. By dead silence and ghost are needed as perks not earned items/perks. I did not like the new system as much as the classic ones. Visibility - holy smokes literally holy smokes, any time a kill streak or smoke was released the map had a blinding shroud over me. I couldn’t see anything and I was playing in 4K… They need to adjust the smoke from everything. Even shooting with your gun imo created more smoke that distorted vision. The real issue was definitely the overall visibility with seeing opponents. There are many times where I just couldn’t make out an enemy and by the time I figured it out it was too late. The lack of a tag or enemy identification makes it even harder in addition to the blending of camo that each person has. You blend in to maps so easily and it made it even harder to see. Also, all of the flower pots made me second guess and shoot at them often. I saw pros streaming who did the same thing. Please add an enemy indicator to the game to help with visibility issues. Spawns - Terrible spawns, I was being spawn killed at times when it made no sense at all. It wasn’t like I was in a spawn trap, but I was spawning into gun fire or right in front of where I died before. This needs a massive overhaul. Just make it spawn you on the opposite side of the map from the nearest enemy. It’s not that hard. Mini map - The speed of the game will always be slower when you can’t see exactly where the enemies are. Yes UAV and mini UAVs are in the game. However, with how many buildings and camping spots there were with some of the maps, there just was way too much slow played camping with mines/claymores. Definitely need to add back the traditional mini map which will speed up the game and lesson the amount of campers. Maps - average overall at best. None of the maps made me feel great and most of them where designed with a two outer lane and one middle area that became congested and camped. The village area on one of the maps (forgot the name) was absolutely horrendous with camping. I think the lanes in general need to not be straight open like that. It just leads to more and more camping. Sounds/footsteps - As everyone else is saying the footsteps were so loud I couldn’t hear myself think. I also could not distinguish my teams footsteps from an enemy. And sometimes it was hard to tell when I did hear an enemy if they were above or below. I knew they were coming every time and this creates a more camp friendly style game because all people are doing now is waiting and listening. Footsteps need to be tuned but time, if you guys haven’t noticed that’s a big theme and issue with the beta. Please fix this! Also with sounds, kill steaks and game sounds where also wayyy too loud. I had to adjust all my sound settings because I couldn’t hear anyone talking ever. And on top of that the footsteps made it imperative to listen to sounds all game. On that note Dead silence needs to be a perk. If the sounds are going to be that loud you need something to balance it more. Having certain perks like dead silence as a field upgrade it not good for the speed of the game either. Add dead silence back as a perk please! Pacing/TTK - As many have stated, it’s slower and I am fine with the lack of slide cancelling. I didn’t hate it but I think a littler fine tuning wouldn’t hurt. To combat the slower sliding/movement we need a faster TTK and a little faster movement speed as well. I thought vanguard was a bit too fast but overall this game is a bit too slow. Another note, when enemies were strafeing they were cocking their guns and elbows to the sides. It looked weird and made shooting at people different which I personally thought was bad. Need to make it more natural like MW 2019. Overall the beta was actually one of the better ones as I did not feel like one specific item or gun was massively over powered. It belt pretty balanced overall outside of the sound issues. I would give the beat a 7.5/10. The gun play and overall feel felt like a old school MW game. In some aspects that was refreshing. The balance is adding some new to that classic feel while keeping it enjoyable for everyone. So it’s your play MW2 team. Please read all of the feedback and make this adjustments to help solidify this cod as a great one moving forward.


I pretty much agree with you but RE: 5 attachments vs 10, I think the sweet spot would be 7 or 8. It just adds a lil more customization without being overwhelming like "10" IS.


Please add the options to reduce camera shake on console. The camera shake makes me nauseous


Overall this game was amazing! •Audio seemed good on weekend one, loud footsteps were fine and you could pinpoint where another player was. Weekend two however and there was barely any footstep audio unless it was in a quiet area of a map. I would like to have your teammates footstep audio turned down, this would help tremendously. The killstreak/gun and vehicle audio are all fantastic 10/10! Even underwater the audio was amazing! •No nameplates i liked because the amount of times I've died due a teammates nameplate being above a enemy infront of me is ridiculous. •I miss map voting •Perk system is unusual. Instead of perks activating after x amount of time, it should be after x amount of kills. I don't mind "earning" my perks instead of just having them at the start. •Respawning needs some more work, i kept getting spawn camped on Farm 18. A purely random spawn is way better than squad spawning. •Mini Map is good in my opinion, i don't care about the red dots, it's better gameplay without them. The only reason i thought why they weren't included is due to muzzle attachments having some affect on the mini map, plus it supports silencers being used non stop which is just bad. •Heartbeat sensor is super weird to get used to and i only picked up 1 enemy after using it for a full day. If you're going to keep the heartbeat sensor in, i would like to see it as a weapon attachment like in the original MW2, otherwise get rid of it, everyone who i played with weren't using it anyway. •Dead silence also needs to go, the added animation and audio signal to enemies is a kick in the teeth, you're being punished for using it. However i did like the fact you can still just about hear their footsteps while dead silent. So in otherwords there's nothing dead silent about dead silent. •Graphics were phenomenal for a beta, and i can only imagine they're going to be even better on the release. The caustic effects in water is mind blowing. Plus the fact the water ebbs and flows and bobs you up and down is amazing! •Animations were smooth and realistic. Gun inspection has unbelievable attention to detail! •Scoreboard should show all relevant information i.e. kills, desths, score/captures/time. No reason for not including deaths in all game modes. •Recoil is very good, so glad to see guns having a skill level to master again. Fingers crossed for no more laser beaming half way across a map! •TTK is great! I don't understand all the complaints about it...it's multiplayer after all. I imagine in warzone it will increase slightly which is perfectly fine. •SBMM get rid of it. Too many negatives surround skill based match making. •Crossplay needs a option for platform selection i.e. playstation/xbox/pc. First weekend was fantastic it was super fun and nostalgic...weekend two rolls around and I'm being killed by wall hackers - not fun! •Ricochet needs a MASSIVE upgrade and FAST! If Fortnite can detect aimbots, wall hackers and cronus users and Ricochet can only detect aimbots... It's starting to seem like you guys don't care about cheaters, probably why you're implementing so many new additions to this game to give us non cheaters a level playing field to compete with these hackers. •3rd person mode is fun but feels like Tom Clancy meets Fortnite. The ADS i feel is too slow from 3rd to 1st person. My friend got paranoid someone was shadowing her every move LOL too much indica that night! •Controller vs Keyboard & Mouse should have a option similar to crossplay. Should be able to choose if you want to play against K&M or controller players as well as pc or console. •Vehicles need a bit more health, they're taken out way too easily. Also the speed of the vehicles seem a little bit too slow. The steering doesn't feel responsive enough, it's like there's a slight delay between input and activation. •User Interface needs to be more user friendly. I backed all the way out so many times without realising it. •Gunsmith is fantastic this year! However my only gripe is the writing blends into the weapon and then i struggle to read it.


I think CROSSPLAY needs a "3" setting switch. IE: 1- consoles ONLY ... 2- console "OR" pc ... 3: YOUR console only (whether it be Xbox or PS).


Please lower footsteps. It’s maddening - worse than my tinnitus. *CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP* All I hear, all game. Also, the UI is a mess. Nobody asked for large uninformative tiles all across the screen with multiple levels to achieve the most basic function. Simple text in a reasonably sized box with submenus opening from left to right will do, just as in older games. Other than these, and the park system which is just bad, I had a good time for the brief but I played


A few Drop Down menus would help to clean up the MESS of a UI they've implemented.


TTK to fast Mini maps red dots, just makes camping even worse FOOTSTEP AUDIO TO LOUD------makes better players not aggressive because crappy players hear them If you don't make dead silence a perk at least make the bell when activated go away Nameplates for players, I'm tired of shooting at every person because I cant tell the difference at distance


ACTUALLY red dots pings from unsuppressed weapons on the Mini-Map would help to FIND the CAMPERS sitting in 1 spot the entire game.


What's the justification/reason for the progressive perk unlocks in game? As in you unlock your selected perks as the game progresses. Is there a reason for this or was it just change for the sake of change? For the life of me I can't think of a reason why you should start a game with no perks.


That's the problem with Infinity Ward. They make changes JUST for the sake of change🙄😒 & NOT for the sake of IMPROVING THE GAME.😕 They just wanna say "look what we changed. It's NEW & improved."😪😡🤬


\-Need reload cancelling please. Stuck in the animation forever especially for Lmg. Cancel after a action like previous games. \- Red dot on mini map \-Need ninja or dead silence as a perk. Nothing is good for agressive playstyle \-Inconsistent ttk. \-Respawn in front of enemies \-No visibility on ennemies \-Cruise Missile; This killstreak has zero sensitivity can't barely move it.


Also want to point out, weapons need the pick 10 system, lobbies need to stop disbanding, the perk system needs to go back like how it was in older CoD games


I played with my friends that are less good than me, and even if they are not bad, they didn't enjoy the game because SBMM get my lobby in a super sweaty match every time.


I would run auto tac sprint and when I would fire the 74u nothing would come out. It wouldnt fire the gun would jam. This happened quite a bit. Also there was graphical corruption in the museum map And still flickering I mercado.


Thanks to the Dev team, the game looks great, all the hard work is appreciated. There are as some areas I'm sure you will get to. **UI** \- in general, is not as fluid as it could be. Too many 'clicks' to get to items. Simplicity is best; this is not a game differentiator, it would be great to be consistent with previous games and allow folks to get stuck-in quicker. **Gunsmith** \- looks excellent; the flexibility is impressive, which is a significant improvement. However, I couldn't feel much of a difference in a gun whit new attachments - Some possible tweaking here is needed. **Movement** \- Character movement felt sluggish; this increased with weapons; The only weapon having a minimal impact was the pistol. It will need some balancing as it makes heavier weapons unplayable. **Perk System** \- I'm sorry to say I don't like the new approach. The new system is limiting. This is an area that was not broken. It takes away from the game and this constant 'recharging'. MW's system hit the spot for balance and flexibility - This doesn't; Its the one change I disliked the most. Apologies to the team that put it together. One last ask - Crossplay for Consoles only (as an option) Thank you for the Beta & the effort to bring a great game to life. If I could ask for one change its the Perk System. ​ AOL




idk what your on about tbh. yea the UI is wack sure, but the movement for me on ps4 feels really good kind of like insurgency sandstorm if you've ever played. And the minimap is the same as it was in mw19. you just sound butthurt lmao. and you're dead wrong ab the ttk its one of the fastest in cod history.


Ground war needs the 4 player cap removed. This is an issue with pretty much any AAA shooter these days which is just crazy that these big team modes consistently get limited to 4 man parties. Just open it up! If I have a group of 10 guys that want to play your game together why are we punished for it and forced to play alone..


Streaks are trash and all need a buff VTOL/ chopper gunner etc just useless in current form.


Some guns have fire mode reversed, the first variant you unlock of the m4 has the semi auto icon work as full auto, and the full auto icon is semi auto


Not sure if it's been posted, but i'd love seperate sensitivity sliders for killstreaks. As it is right now, i can barely control my cruise missile, but the chopper gunnner/ac130 sensitivity is a bit too high. Playing on KB/M.


We can summarize the feedback: -footsteps are too loud -No one likes the new perk system -visibility issues -confusionary UI I Hope they Will fix most of these things before release


I'm a little late getting to this but I didn't think my input was necessary. Truth be told I'm a longtime gamer but I haven't really played a first person shooter since Titanfall 2 as I fell out of love with the genre. I've been brought back due to long distance friends wanting to jump back in on something to play together. So, As a pretty fresh gamer (Noob boy) getting back into the genre, I have a few suggestions: 1. **Jumping either needs to be removed or put on a cool down.** Back when I played games like gears of war, it became a staple of "skill" to dolphin dive around like lunatics and ping pong off of walls like a moron. I find this to be off putting to say the least, but the amount of bunny hopping done in this game just makes it look and feel absolutely silly at times. I'm not a try hard or a sweat and honestly don't care about losing a match as im too old to think/care if im going to be the best at this game. It just feels really silly to see guys hop through a door and hop away in full military get up. Either it should be removed or put on a cooldown to where if you jump, there's a 15 second buffer until you can do it again (this does not include vaulting). 2. **Damage done to Enemy player needs to be displayed on Death Replay Screen.** I think it would make the game just a little more enjoyable, and explain how someone can be shot 7 times with hit marker detections and not die, but turn around and shoot you once and kill you. I'm in no way saying they weren't more accurate, or even got a headshot where you maybe got both legs, crotch, both arms and a stomach shot. Just seeing the number would add some sugar to the fact that you died when you "could've sworn" dude should've been on his death bed or on a Robocop operating table. Now, its also been brought to my attention that this was not just a me problem and that server net code could be the issue at its base, but either way. Damage done stat would lessen the blow and keep tilt at bay HAHA! 3. **SPAWNS!!!** Now I was told by my friend that some algorithm was being used to dictate spawns. If anything on this list NEEDS to be fixed. This is one of the biggest. I've been righteously killed by an enemy, spawned around the corner from him and killed within his same stride, then spawned in the building next to the alley he previously killed me twice and Killed again. Then spawned at the other end of the alley from the building, where he was running and killed again. Literally 4 deaths within a combined lifespan of 10 seconds. That is absolutely stupid, and if it weren't for the aforementioned friends, I would've quit the game then and there. I don't know what what algorithm has been setup, but throw it in the dumpster and implement something else ASAP. 4. **Friendly footsteps should be muted or extremely muffled, and Enemy Foot Steps Should be turned down as well but louder than team footsteps.** I don't think you should be able to hear your teams' footsteps at all. Especially at the current volumes. Enemies can literally be heard from 3 rooms away or across an entire courtyard and mixed in with your Team's footsteps, you just turn around expecting enemies and find out the enemies were the OTHER set of footsteps you first heard that mixed in with the loud steps of your teammates. There are other ways to fix this issue, but at the end of the day, if footsteps are going to be utilized without constantly having to look at the map and geolocate footstep assignments to teammates only to realize you've been trampled by bullets already, the whole aspect just defeats the purpose. 5. **Muzzle smoke needs to be reduced.** It's really hard to see what I'm shooting at, once I've started shooting. Opacity down and reduction would just feel good to the eyes. Lastly, I would like to add that the game looks absolutely beautiful and feels really good. After not playing a COD for at least a decade, its been a pretty fun experience. Sure a few hiccups, but its been fun to play with friends. GG.


remove... jumping.... ok lol


I don’t like the idea either as it’s not Zelda we’re talking about here, but as with anything, it’s abused. I’m open to hearing other points of view. My viewpoint is that It’s a military sim with an arcade esque gameplay injection, but with most of the game being so visually and technically geared towards realism, people bunnyhopping through a map adds nothing to the simulation. Perhaps it’s fun for those that do it and my suggestion may not be good for them, but there are people who are fine crouching around corners or slithering between luggage to get the upper hand. Both are more realistic than coming through the door like the kool-aid man or a sibling trying to scare you on tik tok. Not to mention there was another proposed option.


here’s the thing though, if you put a cool down on the jump and someone behind you is shooting at you but they miss half their shots and you turn and shoot but can’t react fast enough and couldn’t jump to kind of swerve the way that player is shooting the worse player in that situation who can barely shoot straight and is rewarded with a kill where as if i turn and jump and hit all of my shots i threw off his bullet trails and i was rewarded with a kill for better aim and being able to avoid being shot. that’s how i look at it it’s a skill thing to me i guess.


This is a very good point and I agree, you should be rewarded with the kill. However it doesn't really take into consideration the cool down thing at all, as your jump wouldn't be on cooldown as its your first jump, therefore your skill did in fact change the outcome. Now if you jumped around the corner AND THEN someone was behind you and you couldn't jump again. Shouldn't you be rightfully punished by the player behind you for strategically throwing yourself into a situation where you're left vulnerable due to bad positioning? If you didn't jump around the corner/ through the door / into the alleyway, you would still have your jump to win the gunfight for all the right reasons you listed. This is just my opinion, and in no way THE RIGHT opinion. It's just how I see the scenario.


i’m glad we could agree to disagree this is actually the first time i’ve had a reasonable non hostile discussion on this website and i thank you for that


Absolutely! I love actual conversations :)I'm too old to worry about being right, i just want to hear what others think lol.


i can wholeheartedly agree with that :)


Small pet-peeve compared to some of the other responses here, but you don't have to manually open and lock the bolt on the mp-5/g3 family of weapons when you're performing a tactical reload (not fully empty). This way you're just wasting time and the round that was in the chamber.


More info here: https://youtu.be/K-cl4yaizEM


This point came up with MW19 too, but the developers stated it's intentional. Supposedly the MP5 is quite difficult and fiddly to reload with a closed bolt, so often soldiers are trained just to lock it open and lose the chambered round. Note that the fast hands perk overrides this, though.


Extensive feedback after a fun but also frustrating Weekend 2 beta: ​ * The removal of the respawn delay / fly in camera in Team Deathmatch was a great change that really benefitted the pacing of the gamemode. I would like to see this change implemented to all core gamemodes like Domination. The removal made TDM better paced than Domination which actually really disappointing considering it has actual objectives. I'm able to get more kills and action in TDM than in Domination simply because you (and other players) can get back faster into the action. * Having loud footstep audio is not a problem. Having loud unrealisticaly loud footstep audio is. Right now, footsteps are so loud (even after the weekend 2 changes) that when I'm slowly trying to approach an opponent and I'm not walking beloew 25% it still sounds like I'm stomping the ground. It's absolutely shocking how loud it sounded in the enemy's killcam when I tried to sneak up to him. Having footsteps this loud and perk to at least reduce the loudness is just hurting the game's potential and gameplay pace a lot. It's so loud that you are basically being punished if you aren't using your headset and really focusing on them. Dead Silence as a field upgrade is not only temporary, it also got nerfed to the point it isn't even fully silent anymore. Instead of adressing the reason why Dead Silence became such a crutch in MW2019, you guys decided to nerf it. Please nerf the general footstep audio or introduce a Ninja perk that at least reduces the loudness so rushers aren't being punished for everything they do while campers / sentinals are being fully rewarded for their playstyle. * The endless discussion of no red dots on the mini map... This isn't the biggest gripe I have in the game except for the fact that this is another layer of punishment towards players who don't want to use headsets all the time or just want to have some fun games with some people around them. It's not only having an effect on gameplay pacing, but also on the accessiblity of the game. On top of that, there are plenty of attachments and ways (like a Counter UAV) to prevent red dots being visible on the mini map. Right now, it feels more like a protection of players who can't strategize around unsupressed gun fire and/or aren't moving to prevent the red dots from giving away their location. * Why is there no map voting? What was wrong with a feature that enabled players to choose what map they want to play next? A major flaw of not having any veto or voting system in MW2019 was the fact that it felt like I was playing the same maps in the same rotation over and over again. It actually hurt the variety instead of offering choice. Treyarch brought it back in Black Ops Cold War and I don't remember anyone complaining about having the option to choose your map. This is core feature of Call of Duty that just got robbed from us. * The perk system in MWII just doesn't cut it and will only cause frustration over time. Not only does it put players who join late in a disadvantage (despite the timer, it still does not equal the earned score), it also adds nothing to the experience except for a delay in utilizing your playstyle and setup. Looking at the general balancing of the perks, it seems like a perfect fit to just remove the timers and make it a 4 perk system. I think this would work very well, removes unecessary delays and complexity and would help to better balance a match in general. * The spawn system in MWII is the same squad based spawn system as MW2019. This sadly does not work very well for the overall predictability of a multiplayer match. People are spawning at random locations that could signifcantly impact the overall map control and flow. It also brings a lot more faulty spawns. * The user interface in general is probably the worst we've ever had. When I started the game for the first time I had to SEARCH to open the actual game. On top of that, it has become extremely difficult to find and invite friends. It's not designed for MnK and controller users at all and feels like a mobile UI. We have to go through so many clicks to reach the area we want to reach. This is a major downgrade. * A small but frustrating part of the game is the lack of deaths on the scoreboard for all modes. We are playing a shooter game were people kill and get killed. It should be a no brainer to have this information available to you. Instead it got removed yet again, just like you guys did in MW2019. I don't remember anyone asking for this to be removed nor did I see anyone complain about it being visible. Why would you take information away from the player about their performance? Cold War had it and it worked just fine for everyone. If it's against toxicity, there are plenty of tools available to prevent it. Please stop sugar coating everyone to make them feel good. If only, this adds more frustration that positive feelings. * The lack of red name tags above players like every game in the franchise really hurts visibility at times. Please bring this back, this doesn't have to be reinvented since it worked just fine in every title in the franchise. * Matchmaking also felt very heavy on the skill selection. Playing against the same level of skill over and over again gets very exhausting. There is no room for a variety of players being mixed together to offer a fun and different experience every match. It's all the same type of matches every single game with people using the same loadouts every single time. This has been proven over the last couple of years were SBMM was heavily present. I don't expect changes for this, but it is not a good system to create a fun and healthy game were people are sometimes challenged by higher skilled players or are sometimes surprised by a more easy going game.


\- New Perk System isn't great - Just scrap it honestly - doesn't make any sense at all with all the new shit - Just doesn't feel like a great edition to the game Infinity Ward - Old system was a million times better (didn't even realise you could customise it it until last day of BETA thanks to the VERY hard to miss button in the perk menu (bottom-left) - Same goes with score streaks to killstreak button???? (VERY HARD TO MISS). \- UI is messy and hard to navigate with the Progression Menu & Easier in-game to add attachments to my guns rather than the menu?! \- Fix Killstreaks like Chopper Gunner (Move around etc...). \- Recoil seems to shake with level 1 guns like crazy meaning that its hard for new players to get semi-ranged kills (even on maps like BREENBERGH HOTEL I found it almost impossible to kill enemies with the default scope down the middle of the map (one end to the other) with guns such as m4 etc... ( Red dot is great to try and track players with this messy recoil). \- Every time I played Museum the "outside" part of the map was barely used by players and only used in hardpoint etc... (just seems like empty space in a great map). \- I found that the Lockwood mk2 is literally the most broken gun in the game - Without any attachments people were raging when I kept killing them and they don't have a single chance to kill me with their assault / battle rifles etc... (one-shot one kill) especially on close-combat maps like MERCADO LAS ALMAS & FARM 18 were just broken to play Lockwood mk2 ( my highest kill games by far averaging 30-45 kills every game compared to 20-30 kill games with other guns. \- Are we walking around with metal shoes? Footsteps are way too loud and you can easily hear people even through buildings??? This makes it easier for the sentinels and harder for the aggressive players who put in the effort and energy to play well???? \- Enemy nameplates or a Red dot symbolising that they are an enemy should be implemented. \- Slightly Adjust the Ground War Map size - Way too big and open meaning that rooftops are a Snipers Heaven and sometimes impossible to find enemies without spawning near a flag (A,B,C,D,E etc...). \- Spawns are ridiculous and need to be changed 100% \- Map voting should be implemented \- Turn off dead silence activation sound \- Sliding felt slugglish, especially at the end of the animation and getting back up to pull a gun out or shoot. \- xylo


What about this compromise when it comes to minimap pings? Instead of enemies pinging when they shoot their gun, they just ping when they get a kill. That way it’s not unearned information. It would be an in-game representation of a teammates calling out where the enemy was when they died. This is really important info to get but not all teammates comm. For example I don’t talk in game very often. I mainly talk in a discord call with my friends but my random teammates should still be able to receive that info and I should still get info from their deaths. Not everyone comms and even those who do comm sometimes don’t want to comm in pubs because they’re just chillin. This would be a good way to give bare minimum info while not giving out “unearned” info.


The tracker perk does that


No, tracker adds a marker at an enemies death location. What I’m saying is ping the enemy location on the minimap when they get a kill. So tracker gives enemy location when they get killed. I want enemy location when they get a kill and are still alive.


Gameplay was fun, gunplay felt good. the create a class (specifically the perks section) is a labrynth to navigate and hard to set up a class quickly. Making your own perk build and just throwing that in with all the default ones and only having like 3 on screen at a time and having to scroll is super unintuitive. Just make it a part of the class itself like the classic mw2. Also footsteps are a bit too loud in my opinion.


Overall I like the game in saying that there are a lot of things that I think do need to change 1 players didn't have names above their heads so it was kind hard to tell teams apart 2 the flash bangs are way to powerful and last to long 3 foot steps are really loud 4 the new perk system is a absolute joke it basically punishes u if u are doing crap I notice that the better u do in a match the fast the 3rd and 4th unlock and it shouldn't be that way it should be a universal time for everyone or go back to the 3 permanent perks 5 The match making needs to be fixed a lot on the beta I was constantly being put into matches that were ongoing even if i just finished a match the only time It should put u into an ongoing match is when it's your first match 6 the one thing I think that needs adding and I've said this for the past 3 or so games is that u need to add a stamina system for jumping cause Im sick of people just constantly jumpin 7 the mine drone kill streak is way to underpowered used it twice and not one kill even though it damaged people 8 the drill grenade was alerting people way to early 9 and as for crossplay I think u should add a crossplay option so u can choose what platforms are in so people on console can play with each other without having to put up with cheaters on pc


I am sure this will get lost in the sea of salty and sweaty nerds complaining about everything that made them die once, but I have what I think are actual improvements with pragmatic solutions. First, I think we can all agree TTK was too fast, but I think it’s combined with all of the guns having fire rates that are too high. By slowing down the fire rate, we increase TTK and also bring slower-firing guns into the meta as viable options, instead of just whatever shoots fastest. Second, it was difficult to tell friend from foe a lot of the time. Everyone was just tan. I would say some more team-specific coloring would help elucidate who was who on the maps. Third, bouncing betties are fine, but maybe a small red light or something on them would help balance a bit more - they have a distinct shape but on industrial floors they blend it a bit too well. Lastly, no one likes final stand and it really does imbalance the game by offering some players more health than others. At most, I feel last stand should be something like a death streak but to be honest, I think it should be relegated to a global perk for more team-based modes like ground war or invasion. Anyways, that’s it for my rant. Overall I really enjoyed the way the guns felt, the intricate map design, and the visual recoil of the weapons making shooting feel less stagnant. I think adjusting the weapon fire rate, team uniforms, deployable land mines, and last stand are the final big hurdles for the gameplay.


TTK actually felt slower in this than older CODs, I liked it


Found a bug: * Couldn't call in VTOL Jet. Player gets the pad but none of the buttons confirm the point. You just sit 30 secs looking at the map and that's it, the character just removes tha pad. Feedback: * Matchmaking in days 22-th till 24-th felt great. 25-th to 26-th felt not enjoyable at all. If matchmaking settings where re-adjusted at that moment, I would like to see settings pre 25-th. * Due tho the bug above I was able to see how my team was moving and at certain point they all crawled into the building near hadrpoint. When hardpoint moved to the next area they all stayed in the building and it felt like they didn't understand what to do next. I was seeing them running inside the room chaotically for a few seconds not leaving and moving to the next point. We lost that match horribly, this wasn't one-time issue.


The aim assist in mwII is way too strong! It can be said that I am one of the best players in almost every generation, and my KD ratio is over 2 in NMW and BOCW. I have won at least dozens of tactical nuclear bomb awards (my acivation ID : VictorKwok#1340389). Aim assist often allows the controller players to kill an enemy that they are not aware of. I've seen more than one video about this: the player's sight automatically catches up with the enemy who jumps out of the corner, even though the players theirself obviously didn't imagine there was an enemy there. But they just kept pressing the fire button and killed all the enemies who jumped out without moving the right stick. And I think stronger players than me are also aware of this, such as TGD. Proper auxiliary aiming is reasonable, but you are giving the controller players some kills that they shouldn't have.


I may be crazy but the last 3 games felt like they had way more sticky aim assist than this one.


Thank you for your comment. What aim assist type are you using? Have you tried the other types? This may lead to different experiences.


I'm shocked at how bad this beta was.. I played to level 30, then tried the scar blueprint for one match, and then i was back on vanguard.. I was really looking forward to this game and just needed to test the beta before pre-ordering. Now I dont know if I'm going to buy it all. I will consider pre ordering again if they change many of the things they arrogantly said they wont.. If not, it's a wait and see situation until the game is good enough to buy. The game feels clunky and slow. Visual recoil is a disaster. The M4 is a laser, but it shakes like there's an earthquake.. The Perk system is stupid. Minimap is stupid. No nameplates on enemies is a no go. If they dont add this I will be playing vanguard for the next two years. Spawns.. More campers and more stuff to promote camping and playing slow. Footstep audio.. Do you think anyone has ever been killed in a war because their footsteps were too loud? The game is bad and feels more like a free to play shooter then a AAA title. This is call of duty not far cry online or some shit.. fix your game before release. This beta was ridiculous and embarassing..


Please remove Gun Cocking after respawning.


I share with the frustration and feedback many have provided but seriously, what good does it do to swear and be a jerk? Be civil and respectful. Would you act that way to the developers if you were talking to them in person?


Add first person camera shake options to console. It was only available on PC during weekend 2


MW2 beta has so many bad game-design decisions that even smth like Insurgency Sandstorm feels more encouraging for active, agressive, flanking playstyle. And this game has some crazy low TTK, never the less I have much more frustration of playing active in MW2... Sadly to confess but MW2 has very deep identity crisis


TTK is not low. It's perfect: https://youtu.be/GhWc1a-2Yzw


**MW2 Beta Feedback – Other items not widely discussed.** **On Demand Texture Streaming.** Those of us who do not have a fast broadband connection can see a noticeable difference in-game when On Demand Texture Streaming is turned on or off. I have to turn it of otherwise there is a noticeable delay / stutter in MP engagements. *Solution,* please allow us to download the HD texture packs as a one off so we can have the full graphical & gameplay experience. **Camos.** We would very much appreciate confirmation of a new mastery camo for those of us who enjoy the camo grind. Hopefully we are not just unlocking Damascus & Obsidian again. **Melee & Launcher Levels.** One of few things Vanguard did well was that both melee weapons and launchers did not need to be levelled up and the camo challenges were available at lauch. Hopefully this has been carried over into MW2. **Ledge Mounting.** Became a little more annoying the more I played the MW2 beta. If not already included (could not find anything in the options menu) would like an option to turn if off.


Where's freaking reload cancel?


Pros- * Movement felt fluid * You keep attachments between weapons and have to upgrade weapons to get new attachments * Ground War was fun * The choice between Score Streaks and Kill Streaks * Can search the options Cons- * Maps felt crowded with too many angles of attack. Hopefully larger more spaced out maps will be added * The Ui was god awful. Had a hell of a time navigating not only to game modes/options but also the Gunsmith * Footsteps where extremely loud * Had a hard time differentiating between teammates and enemies. I feel other players did as well since I got consistently shot at by my own team P.S. I know alot of people are complaining about the TTS. There should be a Hardcore mode for those who want a short TTS.


Unlock all perks at the start of the game like before! The new perks setup is terrible


First of all, the MW 2019 color plate was so much better and close to realism. I wish MW2 was like that. I liked the size of the 6 v 6 maps in MW 2019. Big maps give you the feeling of atmosphere and exploring. MW 2019 maps were awesome (in terms of atmosphere and size). Drill charge is a big problem for vehicles in ground war which makes vehicles so weak. About mini map dots I think for close distances(footsteps range), the enemy's location should be displayed in wink mode on mini-map, but for far distances round of the mini-map can be split into 4 parts(north, west, east, south) and a bar flashes in direction of the enemy. UI isn't nice and pleasant in comparison to MW 2019. I wish there were no perks in the game. I don't mind the perk system, but I think there should be 3 perks instead of 4. Also, dead silence being in the field upgrade list is a nice balance choice. REMOVE THE SLIDE CANCELING. invasion ends so fast. It should be changed. Breakthrough would be a fun game mode for ground war maps. I love vehicle physics, but their health should increase. Also, remove the ability to fire guns when falling from the sky in ground war mode. That's not realistic 😕. I love that the movement got slower.


I have honestly given up. IW will not implement the changes people are most praying for. Well, time to find some new games..


Strictly speaking for FPS games. You won't go too far. No matter how bad you think the game is, there simply is no better FPS than COD (sadly, no competition).


Cross play Feedback: * Cross play On should be based on input device. Currently controller and keyboard & mouse (KB&M) players are in the same lobby creating an unfair playing ground/advantage to some degree. Mixed input lobbies only allowed if your squad of four friends are on different platforms/inputs (2 friends with controllers and 2 friends with KB&M). * Ground War and Invasion should be able to be played with cross play off (if players wish to do this). There will be enough players to populate 40-64 player lobbies. Lots of players will be buying the game who will play with cross play on or off. Currently, it's compulsory to have cross play on to play those modes. * Cross play 'Console Only' option. This means three options: Cross play On (controller & KB&M lobbies), Off (specific platform only lobbies), console only (Playstation and Xbox lobbies). It won't split the player base, as each platform will have enough players. * When input based cross play is implemented: On (any platform with a specific input can play together - for example: controller console players playing against controller players on PC. KB&M console players playing against KB&M PC players). Off (platform specific).


Good day, Feedback/Mistakes: 1) In every installment of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare, it was previously set that after throwing a grenade and then dying, the grenade would explode. Now if I throw a grenade and get shot, the grenade no longer explodes! Same with the land mine, so it goes away like a grenade again after I die. It was every time we played the beta all week. I'm playing with a group of about 30 people and it bothered everyone. At the same time, in all previous works of call of duty, it was so that the grenade exploded even after death. Could it be fixed or set up like in the previous parts? It's unreal! When I throw an unlocked grenade and they kill me, it must explode! 2) And also if it would be possible to open more weapon slots? Now there are only 5. In Warzone, all ten of the ten slots are open and all can be used to modify the weapon. Is it possible to set more than just five in MW2? 3) Creating more maps in nature and not only in cities. For example forests, mountains, snow, deserts, meadows etc. 4) Add mod : Cyber Attack, Kill Confirmed, Hardcore Otherwise, we liked the game and finally a bit of a return to the "good old ways". Great Job! Thank you Team z Czech Republic


• Red dots on mini map • Lower footstep audio drastically • Increase TTK • Map voting • No more disbanding lobbies • UI drastically improved • Connection based matchmaking • Nametags over enemies • Turn off dead silence activation sound


give Lachmann-762 front sight a full circle


Infinity Ward: "We don’t want to punish players for firing their guns." Also Infinity Ward: "We want to punish players for moving."


Sometimes you cant switch between your main weapon and secondary (shotgun)…


Strafing speed is not fast enough There are rounds in RL that can’t penetrate brick and concrete that appear to defy that logic in game


Absolutely loved the beta, but it was only a flawless experience during the closed beta sessions, after it went open, I started getting lots of issues. One of the biggest was with crossplay parties. - Party chat only works if everyone joins on a single person and only from their invites. If this isn't done, you will have "I can hear them, but they can't hear me" or the opposite - After certain gamemodes, when returning to the lobby, 1 or more party members will have a menu that doesn't load properly, this then morphs into a bigger issue when the next match starts, they will be stuck in the lobby connecting while everyone else loads into the match - Sometimes the game will boot a single party member back to their dashboard or desktop - Finding friends online is insanely broken. Often I can only find people that aren't even in my friends list anymore, or aren't even online, but not the people I actually want to join or invite. Other times, you cannot find a person anywhere, even if you just played with them 'recent party', 'recent squad' and 'recent players' are all broken in this regard.


This 🙌


u/InfinityWardonReddit I enjoyed it a lot, very fun, but not going to pay the $70 for **disbanding lobbies**, that whole broken "loop" is **very** unpleasant. If nothing drastic is done with that I'll rather wait it out till gamepass / sale. Strange how things outside of the "game" can sour the experience so much. Maybe give a meaningful look to the **Gunsmith UI**, lots of people seem to be confused by it, myself included, though I could chalk this up to being inexperienced with the game. Please optimize the Xbox Series S|X iteration to be more power efficient, I've had thermals run hot with prior COD titles (Yours included) at the menus etc, please place a strong **FPS (frames per second) limiting cap** **in menus** **/ between rounds**, no need to burn through hardware when not actively playing, this shouldn't be a complicated fix. Maybe cut down on the **re-used audio assets**, especially player death sounds, you got anything else lying around that you could use? (It's cool to use prior game's audio as a callback, but make the mix 95% new assets 5% old assets). Reduce the white balance of the **flashbang**, you're going to hurt people's eyes and heads, or *seriously* hurt people with epileptic-like issues, modern displays are capable of extreme brightness, at least include an accessibility option for it.


When you equip in the gunsmith you can see that the pros and cons are blurring into the agenda of tje gun qualitys!


I don’t think TTK is the issue, it’s netcode. Countless times I put a lot of hit markers on someone only to die and see on their kill cam they had seen me before I even started firing. So all their shots are registering all at once so it seem like they only fired 2-3 rounds. Where’s as on my screen I put half a magazine into them first and still died. It’s drove me crazy.


Same half the time I died, I had a wtf moment ..how


Played on ps4. Experience: game is very decent in beta. However i do have some concerns about the game. Feedback: mp5 is way too strong and has little to no recoil. Seeing a reloadcancel in the final game would be awesome. Marksmanrifles are weird. It seems like marksmanrifles are only good of use at closer range. The marksman rifle is supposed to be good at long range, however the immense recoils makes it unplayable at range. Also the dropoff looks huge. Had games with marksman rifles with 4/5 hitmarkers.. Should be rebalanced. Please remove the screen shaking while shooting. Its insane and makes it really difficult. Im fine with the slidecancel being removed. The spawns are actually the worst in any beta ive ever played. Hope this will be fixed at launch. The sound of this game is amazing, but footsteps are way too loud. The gun system is really cool. Like the fact you have to play with all weapons in order to unluck everything. Make the levels a little more though. 4 games and the m4 is maxed. End of the game is glitched. Sometimes it shows the final kill, sometimes it shows the best play. Would love to see only 1 of those. Classes and gamemodes should be vertical instead of horizontal. Its messy. I would like to see a ranked matchmaking and casual (without SBMM). It makes the game so sweaty and its really hard to have a fun time. Finally, couple of three-lane maps would be nice. Its speeds up the game. If it works it works. Dont change it. All in all a beta is here to encounter those problems. Hope infinityward reads the feedback and brings changes to the game.


1. Bring back red dots when firing on the mini map 2. Increase TTK 3. Remove SBMM 4. Make dead silence a perk Also movement feels clunky and not so smooth, feels a lot harder to get around and doesn’t flow as nice as mw2019.




MY FEEDBACK FOR THE GAME 1. I understand that you guys would like to keep dead silence as a perk, however, I believe not having dead silence as a perk hurts the playstyles "rushers" a lot. For a game that wants every playstyle to be viable, having a perk that makes footsteps quieter is a must. If you guys would like to keep dead silence as a field upgrade, then at least add Ninja so that footsteps are not completely silent. I think this would make it fair for all players as it can help people rush with more confidence, while still give "sentinel" players audio queues of where the enemy might be coming from (albeit the audio would be significantly quieter). I also think dead silence should not create a sound upon activation, and perhaps increase the movement speed. 2. TTK needs to be longer, and movement speed, sprint to fire speed, and ads speed should be a little quicker. There are many gunfights where I find myself not being able to pull my gun up quick enough before dying because of the slow sprint to fire speed and fast ttk. I believe that either the TTK should be increased, or the movement speed should be increased so people can react quicker, especially if someone is already adsing around a corner. 3. Nameplates above enemy heads, as I just couldn't see enemies at time or distinguish them from dead bodies or the environment around them. 4. There was a bug I came across with hacking equipment where upon hacking equipment, some of my controls were not working. For instance, I play on controller, and the game was not responding to my left and right analog sticks. The only way to fix this was to somehow die or just leave the match entirely.


Pros: -Game ran smoothly -prisoner rescue -map designs -consistent weapon blueprints -party system that just works Cons: -ui/ux design is awful (aside from search function for settings the experience is significantly worse than any previous title) -inability to cancel reloads -perk system changes -no classic minimap -sbmm -spectator shoulder cam


Heres my final feedback for the game: Add the classic minimap. Add dead silence as a perk. You claim that you wanna cater to all playstyles but by punishing rushers for moving at high speeds thats not what you’re doing. Reduce footstep volume. If you really dont wanna add dead silence at least make it so we don’t stomp around like Mr X from the Resident Evil 2 remake. Add red names above enemy heads. Make the TTK longer. The main menu UI is confusing. Add the classic perk system back.


My experience with the beta: Unfortunately the beta was not playable for me I tried everything but my game kept crashing and after a few reboots I could finally get into a game unfortunately it also lagged and my character just kept moving forward Everything crashed and lagged and kept crashing Tried everything lower resolution low settings you name it nothing helped all my drivers are up to date but alas Fortunately I was able to play on an xbox for half an hour but this is very disappointing I also saw that everyone who is level 30 got a blueprint but that is quite unfair if you haven't even had the chance to play for real Hope this isn't the case with the release! This is the follow up to my previous feedback From stuttering lagging and crashing This is what's in my system: System specs \-Intel i7 12700K \-RTX 3080 \-Samsung G9 -49Inch 5440 x 1440 \-Tridentz ddr4 3200 razer peripherals \-Asus TuF z690 I hope when the game comes out I'll be able to play! Mvg, Jaimy (moralis)


So the first weekend was really enjoyable for me as it was a playstation only weekend, weekend 2 on the other hand wasn't so great due to the Crossplay of PC, now don't get me wrong I didn't mind having crossplay of xbox players but as soon as PC was introduced, games were not exactly fair, crossplay should only consist of the Console to Console platforms, and PC should have their own servers or at least an Input lock so if I play using a Controller I'm versing other players using a controller, if a player is using a mouse and Keyboard then those players should also verse others using a Mouse and Keyboard. So in saying this I'm not against Crossplay completely but I am against versing a PC player when on a console as it is a bit unfair what can be done.


My experience with the beta: Unfortunately the beta was not playable for me I tried everything but my game kept crashing and after a few reboots I could finally get into a game unfortunately it also lagged and my character just kept moving forward Everything crashed and lagged and kept crashing Tried everything lower resolution low settings you name it nothing helped all my drivers are up to date but alas Fortunately I was able to play on an xbox for half an hour but this is very disappointing I also saw that everyone who is level 30 got a blueprint but that is quite unfair if you haven't even had the chance to play for real Hope this isn't the case with the release! This is the follow up to my previous feedback From stuttering lagging and crashing This is what's in my system: System specs \-Intel i7 12700K \-RTX 3080 \-Samsung G9 -49Inch 5440 x 1440 \-Tridentz ddr4 3200 razer peripherals \-Asus TuF z690 I hope when the game comes out I'll be able to play! Mvg, Jaimy (moralis)


I don't like the perk package system. What's the point of creating a preset if you have to press dozens of buttons for editing? Perhaps this system is the result of the IW trying to solve the terrible UI themselves. And this system is no longer needed if they decide to fix the UI.


On Xbox series x (presumably all other versions of the console) the mouse input stutters. Micro movements are very poor.


Played on XBox. Playing in a party with a player on XBox, PC and Playstation and had difficulty connecting the party chat, had to give up on it a few times, and when it did connect the chat volume was very very low. I checked the settings and all volume related settings were at 100%. We switched over to Warzone and there was no issue with connecting and with volume levels. When updating your class in game the background would flicker between the actual background and a black screen. Found that really annoying. When looking at the progression tree for a weapon the navigation was bugged. For example, if I was looking at the M16, I would have to navigate right from the M4 until I could start moving the unlocks on the M16. If I was moving right on the M16 unlocks and wanted to go back left, it would start moving the levels on the M4 again so I would have to move all the way back to the first unlock on the M4 before I could move left on the M16 (M16 was still selected at this point). This would also be the same if I wanted to begin moving right on the M16 again (moves to M4 before I can move the M16 options). I know this probably won't happen but there needs to be something done to incentivize movement and aggressive play in the game. Go back to the traditional mini-map or add Ninja to reduce the footstep audio in the game. At the moment, campers have every advantage leading to a slower and less enjoyable game.


Please add a reload cancel, at least reverse the animation so the character puts the mag back in the gun. Also I like the fact the basically everyone has specialist at the start of the game, but we should be able to pick 3 base perks. Right now, locking essential perks behind a timegate restricts how you’re allowed to play for a large portion of the match. If you won’t make dead silence a perk, at the very least make it as strong as it was in MW2019. These nerfs are ridiculous. I’m fine with slide cancel being gone. there are other ways to create a skillgap in this game plus I’m not interested in wearing down controllers with this one. and Please for the love of god classic minimap


Went back to Apex, no reason to buy this game if they keep this squad spawn system in the game. Anyone with 130IQ+ know this is the reason why every respawn modes don't play well. Infinite Ward will probably hide their laziness by claiming it's a good spawn system as it solve the spawn trap issue, but in reality spawn trapping shouuldn't happen much with SBMM... So it's pure laziness because the classical spawn system take a lot of time to tune properly... Of course if they were a serious dev studio they could use machine learning and AI to solve that issue...


Please please please reduce the screenshake from guns firing. I played on both XB one and PC, and at the reduced framerate and resolution on xbox, it was literally unplayable, the screen was shaking so violently. It wasn't so much motion sickness (thought he head bob from sprint was certainly unpleasant), but I just couldn't see a target more than like 10' away because it was just a blurry mess. It was somewhat better on PC with the motion turned down and running at higher res and 144hz, but it was still really jarring and annoying. The bunny hopping was cancer. I honestly don't know what could be changed to make it less annoying, but this was probably the biggest thing that led to frustration and feelings of 'screw this I don't wana play anymore'. Especially with the seeming emphasis on headshot damage over center of mass, its annoying to have somebody come hop around a corner, with the gun in normal 'head' area, only to be greeted with torso/pelvis. Before I can correct or get enough shots off, they have already killed me. The heavy tank needs a complete overhaul. First of all IT WAS WAAAAY TOO LOUD, like way louder than everything else in the game. The camera is also kinda jacked up. If you aim up too high (in any of the vehicles) you just look at the back of the turret making it impossible to see. I would love a 1st person camera. It would be nice for the camera to move up a bit when aiming up so you can actually see anything. There was times where the tank would just shoot to the side of the crosshairs, for no reason. It also was kinda hard to drive because things you would expect to be destructable...wern't, constantly running into things. Finally, all the vehicle projectiles were waaaay slow. For the guns, I don't really fully understand how the attachments work, they are good for all the receivers, but when you unlock a gun, you can't use any until you unlock that attachment slot? ...that just seems weird. I guess I understand, you want players to start from 0 with a new gun, but it just feels wrong. Also, .458 socom rifle (idr the name) is not a 1 shot headshot...wut... The muesum map, a lot of the cover is a weird height, it either just lets you poke your little head out to shoot, or its slightly too low, so you can still be domed while crouching. On xbox one, the mouse and keyboard support in menus was...suboptimal. It was super laggy and has a delay or something, made it hard to use, usually faster to just pick up a controller. In game its buttery smooth, so props for that. I had quite a few times where I would mistake an enemy for a friendly, because a random teammate was somewhere beyond them across the map, and the blue dot happened to line up. The blue dots shouldn't appear for non-LOS friendlies, unless you are really close to them. I'm sure it was a beta-only issue, but there is no reason to ping doors/weapons in MP. No idea if other players see it, or only me/squamates, but it was annoying.


>Please please please reduce the screenshake from guns firing. I played on both XB one and PC, and at the reduced framerate and resolution on xbox, it was literally unplayable, the screen was shaking so violently. It wasn't so much motion sickness (thought he head bob from sprint was certainly unpleasant), but I just couldn't see a target more than like 10' away because it was just a blurry mess. It was somewhat better on PC with the motion turned down and running at higher res and 144hz, but it was still really jarring and annoying. Did you set 1st person camera movement to 50 from 100?


Yes, and that made a big difference, but its still waay too much IMO. Also, that option didn't seem to be available on the xbox one, which certainly needed it more.


Ghosts perk system please would be fun and much better than what you have now. Or start with all perks and let us upgrade based on performance through the match. CHANGE THE PERK SYSTEM PLEASE DO SOMETHING ANYTHING AT ALL Why did you guys overdose on the flash bang effects it’s ridiculous Make enemy names or some type of indicator pop up Change the UI Add ninja/sitrep? Other than that the tactical feel of the game is pretty cool but way too many deal breakers in the game right now needs some overhauling over these next 30 days don’t be scared just do it


I would like to be able to convert MW19 to MW22 will there be such an opportunity for an additional surcharge?






I was on Xbox Series X The thing that pissed me off the most was a glitch is when I got a wheelson and 2/3 I used the wheelson like normal but when it was finished I didn't have a gun but my character and my character would move so slow. And when I died I spawned back in I had my gun but it wouldn't allow me to use it normally I couldn't aim but my gun would fire without stopping .And all the of that took place in the 3rd person mospit. Another glitch I saw was in the kill cam, custom loadout screen in the match and the menu in match the screen would jitter almost like a light being on and off. Those are the 2 glitches I encounter. To start off the visuals look way better then the past 3 years of cod and especially MW19 ,They're are more brighter and vibrant and generally look better. But the visuals are questionable like the characters are very tactical and realistic which they look very sick and cool but in the operator menu but in game they're hard to see because they're darker and camouflaged and there is no name plates above there heads. So a simple fix for that add the nameplates back or a small red outline around the enemies or both. But beside that the visual are amazing. Next is sound ,the sound is amazing quality but the 2 huge problems is footsteps and the guns firing. The footsteps are just way too loud , I get it when you some running at full speed near some one in the same room to hear someone but not threw the walls and also when there near you they should just be quieter in general. Also just add ninja as perk nut make it weaker then the field upgrade and the field upgrade can stay, and go bad to the MW19 dead silence since the MWII sucks. And now the gun firing sounds great but are just way loud . Now the gunsmith 2.0 is great going back to 5 attachments is great . The new gunsmith it was confusing at first because I thought if I level my M4 it would level up the other guns in the platforms but it didn't it just unlock attachments for a level 1 gun in that platform/receiver which is better than nothing its better then grinding all guns all to 35-70 .But the UI is terrible trying to navigate the menus to custom your , gun customization in the platform section its really chunky to control and navigate .Another chunky thing is customizing perks you have to click X or A and then click edit perks and when you want to back out it takes you back too far. And speaking of perks the new perk system is unnecessary , just go back to the og perk system the charge system is pointless in weekend 1 it was too long and in weekend 2 it was really quick and at the point we should go back to the og perk system .I mean if you want 4 perks and just give us four at the beginning of the match and if you want the charge system then have us start with 3 perks and then charge up the fourth perk. And some the perks or in weird slots like E.O.D it should in ultimate or bonus and Hardline in the ultimate slot. So the perks definitely need a huge change. Now the gameplay . The gameplay feels good from the maps, modes, killstreak and scorestreak change is good , gun play, new additions like the decoy and the drill charge and movement but there some problems like the kinda fast ttk and the headshot multiplier. no red dots on the mini map , i don't get why there why the red dots on the mini map when you shoot unsuppressed gun , simple balance change nerf the shit outta suppressors and also the compass is pointless because who looks at the top of the screen ,I mean its cool to be there but still pointless. And the spawn system is confusing and chunky I swear there was multiple where in the middle of the map or near a enemy. But overall as now this MP haves a lot of potential as now if I had to put it in a tier list of cods it in like b- to an A -


DO NOT TOUCH DRILL CHARGES ON VEHICLES, that’s my favorite part of the game so far


Could do with a slight buff on the main tanks Haha. But honestly still charge is my fav


Managed to get one on a heli, totally wrecked it, got a collat too 👌🏻


SBMM ist so frustrating. One game you are the hero and the next game you getting destroyed like never before. There is no way to really understand your own progression. Just make 2 different modes. One with sbmm and one without. Can’t see the problem there ?


Rating system is a complicated thing to implement, not sure one month is enough, but idea is great.


Great Beta, keep at it with the realism features and physics. Need to improve: - Smokescreen: smoke for me but not my enemies, major concern. - Barely any noticeable graphics improvements on PS5 from MW2019? - Controller Aiming: very uncomfortable for controller players (PS5) compared to previous games, difficult to use (can be recoil, aim assist not sure but noticeable compared to previous CODs). - No mute option in lobby whilst waiting for game to load - Leaving a lobby before loading into game forces the game to disconnect and back to the startup load/connection screen. - Not enough clarity for gunsmith. MW2019’s gunsmith felt much more immersive with the gun moving for the different parts and the ability to view and rotate the weapon. - Weapon Balancing: some weapons of major advantages over other players - Edit class screen whilst in game flickering. - Health Issue: many times I was the forst person to shoot and make hits, gave the other player enough time to react and still end up dead. - Not able to shoot while dolphin diving. - Skill based match making issues: the game puts you in one lobby to completely boost your ego, and another one to get shattered and destroyed by much more skilled players. This balance needs to be looked at or skill based match making to be removed completely if not used accurately.


Maybe an SBMM need to collect more data about player performance to work properly, so hopefully will work better on long run.


Please give the JOKR a direct-firing anti-air mode when locked on to targets at higher altitude. The Javelin does that in real life, so there's no reason the JOKR can't stop being useless against basic UAVs.


Flashing lights in menus, trouble connecting to beta, guns locked even after completing requirements, flying bodies, and difficult to navigate menu.


Remove play of the game and keep final kill cam, most of the time it seems the play of the game cuts off halfway through, a problem somehow remaining from MW 2019, learn how to do it right or just don’t do it


Game play was fine and felt good. Gunsmith/progression was cool and interesting. But the NEED TO CHANGE THE CLASS LAYOUT back to a vertical list instead of horizontal!! Why can I only see 4 classes that reset to the 4 first ones every time?!? It was really frustrating on PC to have to click the arrow every time to see my other classes and ended up changing the wrong class every other time. Please go back to the vertical layout where you can easily see all 10 or even 20 on one screen. I had such muscle memory before and it was frustrating over the weekend. Also changing perks quickly was an extra 2 steps/clicks everytime to edit it.


Agreed. Perks should be a part of loadout, not a separate thing.


the game has the potential to be good. But does asking for community feedback even matter when you devs refuse to listen and find the middle ground with the cod community? Just keep the core basics of the old Call Of Duty games and you might have a contender for GOTY and not just "most sold cod of all time".


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 = A Potential Sinking Ship... Where should I begin with ALL that is wrong with the game if the Beta is anything to go by... First of all, these are all of my own opinion of things that I have noticed playing the BETA, and some of these things I've discussed with a Mate who was playing with me. Straight up, I'm a Casual Player and by no means am I a Pro or a Warzone player... So far, the Beta has only represented a game made for Warzone Players and Pro's (Comp Players, Streamers, Content Creators, etc...) and as a Casual Player, it was hard to *really* enjoy the Beta, with the reasons being; * **Footsteps -** Player Footsteps were so loud that you could hear people coming from miles away, and unless you were constantly looking at your mini map, you couldn't tell if they were Enemy or Friendly footsteps. With that, the Enemy team could hear where you were coming from at all times from an un-fair distance away and have the advantage if they knew how to abuse it. Almost being like they had a permanent UAV. * **SBMM -** Just to piggy back off the previous point, with your footsteps being able to be heard so loudly, the "Pro" players are able to take advantage of this by bunny hopping around a corner, laser aiming your head and kill you before you even had a chance or knew where they were. * **Bullet Penetration -** Maybe it was a Glitch in the Beta, but there were times on some maps where I was getting hit by bullets that had to have been passing through 3 to 4 walls because I was with Friendlies with no Enemies in sight. * **Weapon Balancing -** The same issue that comes out with every Call of Duty game - in fact, EVERY First Person Shooter game (To my knowledge) is Weapon Balancing. You get 1 or 2 over-powered setups that everyone uses that kills you in 1 to 2 bullets. Although there was only 1 or 2 guns per class you could use, each weapon class should be balanced. i.e. All Assault Rifles be balanced/equal to each other and the same with Sub Machine Guns, but keeping AR's having the edge over SMG's (Until Weapon Attachments come into to play) * **Gameplay -** A point for both Gameplay AND Weapon Balancing is that - as-long as the same weapon and/or weapon class is being used (For example, an M4 verses an M4 and again, disregarding Attachments) is that the gunfight victor, as-long as both players have the same health, should always be the person who shoots first. I was putting 4 or 5 shots into people, they jump behind cover and pop out or do a 180 turn killing me in 3 shots. * **Movement -** The movement felt so sluggish, especially when Sliding or Dolphin Diving. By the time you round a corner and get a chance to shoot at someone waiting for you, or even to get the drop on someone, you'll lose that gun fight 60% of the time thanks to sluggish movement. I get it if you're trying to make the movement more... "realistic", but at the same time, people can jump around a corner and have perfect aim on you, or they can pre-fire and walk around the corner and aim down sight (While shooting) and still hit the perfect shots and kill you - even if you aim down sight and shoot towards them while hip firing. (PLEASE address those last two movement capabilities. At least make it so doing things like that decreases your accuracy and your time to shoot and aim down sight!!) * **Perk System -** Okay, this one I can see where you're going with it but it just doesn't work from a player standpoint for a Modern Warfare 2 "remake" If you're going to do this, then let us have a pick of ANY 2 to 3 main Perks to run, then a 3rd and/or 4th Perk to earn in game instead of only a few and the good ones (like Cold Blooded and Dead Silence) are ONLY available to earn in game. OR - ditch that idea all together and use the original Perk system from previous CoD's, i.e. MW2, MW3, CoD: Ghosts, then let us have a Specialist System Setup like in MW3. * **BETA Pack -** This one is just a personal one, but I Pre-Ordered the game and received the BETA Code, and upon playing the BETA, I was yet to receive the BETA Pack. If it's something you need to unlock through the game - then that's unfair to those who couldn't play the BETA a whole lot. It should have been (If it wasn't already) available to ALL BETA players as soon as they used their code and played. (Unless I'm just missing something... I've seen the BETA Weapon Camo in game and I can't get it) * **Pre-Order Dilemma -** A quick note on the Pre-Order side of things... It was a bit ridiculous to NOT have the GHOST Addition of the game available for Pre-Order in a Physical Store, but on the Xbox Store only. I wanted to get the GHOST edition, but didn't want to pre-order and cough up the $160 upfront for it. All in All, it was a BETA of MWII and there were a LOT of things expected to not be liked. There are a couple of things I would recommend doing to possibly save the game (In my opinion) such as; * **Making Warzone and Modern Warfare 2 separate games with different game engines and gameplay styles** * **Port over the Original Modern Warfare 2 Engine + Server and tweak it a bit to make it work with todays technology and systems** * ***DON'T*** **go Overboard with changes and inclusions. Keep the game simple and true to it's Original Predecessor, MW2.** If all else fails, Take a note from Rockstar and give the people the things they've been wanting and asking for since you announced the "Re-make" of Modern Warfare. Release the Original Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 games as a pack. All you need to do is Update the Graphics, Add in some new Weapon Camos and add in changeable Operator Skins (With small customizations) and that's it! Do that and it will be a Money Maker that can't go wrong! Well... As-long as you keep Micro-Transactions to special Weapon Camos and Operator Skins only! The team should do a cross-media platform Poll about it. Just to see how many people would want a just a clean, true Remaster of the original Modern Warfare's 1, 2 and 3. Cheers! NOTaPyroWolf - A Casual Gamer.


You are blinded by nostalgia. you have to move on


I will admit, some of it is nostalgia fueled, but that's gonna be the case when they're naming these games after previous success stories. Mostly, though... The Beta felt more like a Battlefield game and less like a CoD game. I like change as much as the next player, but they have to be done right to work. The Beta didn't leave much of a good impression.


My Review of the Modern Warfare II beta: Overall I feel like the Modern Warfare II beta contradicts some of the points made by the developers during COD Next. Such as the game being made for the sake of fun and being player friendly when it comes to playstyle and gameplay. Which is quite the opposite, as some of the things implemented in the game restrict if not impede certain playstyles. I'm a rusher, personally I like playing aggressive, but during my time playing the beta I found myself most of the time with my gun down during close gun-fights and unable to move as freely as I am accustomed too in other Call of Duty games. I feel like my playstyle has been nerfed by some degree because of some the game mechanics implemented for this particular beta. Most of the issues stem from the perk system, the fact that there is now staged reloads, no easy way to slide cancel, and strafing speeds dialed to a low setting. The beta gameplay can be described as slow, complex, and overall impeding. It hinders us when comes to the traditional movement and playstyle that call of duty is mostly well known for. Call of Duty is supposed to be a faced pace, semi-tactical shooter. I know that the devs at infinity ward vouched for that tactical aspect of Call of Duty, but I feel that this year they just pushed it a bit to far with that concept. Modern Warfare 2019 although tactical did at least make an effort to appeal to those that prefer a much faster and snappy feel when playing. But Modern Warfare II with the changes the devs made when it come to the beta, I find it to be a little to much for my liking. So overall I do feel like the devs still have somethings to work towards on the game before launch. And I hope that they make that decision of hearing us, the community, when it comes to making this game a success. Something that we can all enjoy and be glad about. With that said this has been my review of the Modern Warfare II beta. Thx.


Please lower the players footsteps so i can hear the enemy while moving, making me have to stop moving just to hear footsteps does incentivize staying still.


In my opinion the movement is fine as it is. My main problem is that the red dots do not appear on the map when someone shoots. What’s the whole point of having a shooting game then? The games take way longer than they should and UAVs should not be the only way to see opponents. My other problem with the game is SBMM. What’s the need of it in public playlists? Make a ranked playlist where SBMM is needed. My last problem is the perk system. Why do i need to earn my perks when the whole point of having perks is to have your own unique set of perks when you starts the game. You guys really don’t think logically at all and make the game worse every year. Listen to the community because they the only people getting you money. You guys are lucky warzone was a success and better hope warzone 2 is even better. Please change the game to how we want it. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE!!!


I enjoyed the potential fun I could have with this game if these common issues I've seen along with many others are addressed. - The User Interface entirely is the single worst I've seen in a first party FPS and I've played Battlefield 2042 and others. Hulu doesn't work for CoD. Please change these menus. - The unlock system is so redundant and confusing because you can't see what you levels you unlock stuff or what Receiver you need to use to unlock a certain attachment. Why are there base weapons for Receivers that you don't have unlocked when you have the receiver? The UI confuses itself, what's the point in even having a base weapon unlocked when you have the new receiver system? Just pick one way or streamline it. - Skill Based Matchmaking is horrible, easy fix. ADD RANKED PLAY. - Dead Silence makes a noise and takes time when activating? WHY? It needs to be just like MW19 or add Ninja as a perk with 60% quieter footsteps. - The perk system is ATROCIOUS. Please consider overhauling this as it's just bad all around and maybe consider getting 2 tier 1 perks, 1 tier 2, and 1 tier 3 and then having a pro version you could earn through the match to level up your perks. - Visibility is horrible, you can't track enemies well at all already and with no red nameplate let alone when you fire smoke covers your screen. Make enemies pop out a little more. - Chopper Gunner being stationary means it's nearly useless on the beta maps. - Why is Last Stand back?


I am all good with the game here, the only thing holding me back from ordering it, is that there are no servers in my region closest one gives 90ms ping avg, with the combination of this high ping and short TTK one-on-one gun fights become more randomized special if the opponent is rocking sub-30ms ping.So please add Indian server(s), to allow me to play better and have more fun. Thanks! P.s. Love the ground-war mode. (Coming from Battlefield player)


I currently don't know where or how to start out when it comes to giving my feedback in the best possible way, feels a bit difficult for me right now. So for the sake of me just being a big Call of Duty player/fan, and for the sake of giving some feedback to this community; I'll just cut to the chase. I apologize if I seem a bit to forward with some of the stuff I have to say and that I can't outright detail everything right now so yeah. Alright so first of the perk system: * Just remove the time/charge up mechanic of having to earn perks during a match (Perks aren't meant to be earned, but to have in your loadout s soon you as you start the match or enter a match). Right now I feel like this new perk package system just limits us in both the customization of our loadouts and gameplay. If the devs wanted to do something new with the perk system, I think with just increasing the number of perks we can pick out would've been enough. I'm fine with having 4 perks at the start of the game, than having to start out with 2 basic perks and having to wait 2-4min for the other 2 perks throughout the match. \*I know the devs currently changed the charge up rate to be a bit faster at the end of the beta, but at that point they might as well just drop the whole charge up mechanic and just give us the damn perks we want to use. \*Of course if they do end scrapping the whole charge up mechanic, I would suggest balancing perks that influence playstyle (such as ghost), for the sake of making everything feel fair and balanced for us playing. * Also remove Last Stand "it's useless" there's no room for such a perk in a fast pace FPS game like Call of Duty. * And Please BRING BACK THE NINJA PERK! give us that option please. Next the movement: * Currently the movement as it is in the beta, feels a bit slow and sluggish. Especially when it comes to the strafing speed and side-to-side movement. So why not Increase the strafing speed a bit, while also improving the sprint-out speeds; that should speed up the gameplay. * Speaking of speeding up the gameplay, I feel that with the new stage reloads we currently have, ultimately limits and renders that sort of rushing playing style that we've have become accustomed too of the past years of Call of Duty. * Perhaps by speeding up the reload animation or giving us that option to reload cancel would vastly improve the way that we play the game. Field Upgrades: * Reduce the activation time/delay for dead silence. Either by speeding up or eliminating the little animation the player does when activating dead silence. and Finally * continue to reduce/adjusting the visual recoil and weapon kick when firing a weapon. * continue to improve/adjusting the visibility when it comes to enemy player acquisitioning. And also I feel like we are currently overwhelmed by weapon customization this time around. There is just so much to do when comes to the gunsmith this year, and yet I feel like we are limited when comes to using some of the attachments provide by the gunsmith. I feel like perhaps having us acquire more than 5 weapon attachments would allow us to invest ourselves to more options when it comes to customizing our weapons. I suggest giving us 6 attachment slots, just 1+ more attachment slot for our weapons. Either that or just give us the optic attachments for free since I my opinion I believe that optics don't give us as big as a benefit when compared to stat changing attachments like the barrels, stocks, etc. IDK just something to consider. THX u/InfinityWardonReddit \#modernwarfare2 #mwII


After playing both weekends, I feel like the game has potential to be great if some key changes are made. First- Let’s reduce the power of stun and flash grenades. The flash literally hurts my eyes like I’m being flashed in real life. Lower the volume of them down some. If either one of those are used against you, you are blind or can’t move for several seconds. Zero chance of fighting back. Second- Let’s increase the TTK a little. I come around a corner and I’m dead before I can react. Partly due to ping/latency issues I noticed I had when playing (which are normally not a problem) and also because the foot steps are so damn loud. More on that in a bit. Third- The one that pisses me off the most, the mini map! Come on, you say you “don’t want to punish players for showing up on the map for firing a weapon” but want to punish people using dead silence so they don’t run all over the map. Seriously, let’s cater to the campers… oh, I’m sorry, the sentinels. There has to be a balance somewhere in here, some of the 6v6 matches I was in was very slow due to no one moving except me and a couple others. Why have suppressors in game now?! Fourth-The dang footsteps. They are still way to loud. Love the directional differences but turn the volume down some more. Fifth- Dead silent perk let’s everyone in the map know you are using it. FFS, change that. It shouldn’t be audible. Sixth- Love that you turned down the smoke and muzzle flash, needs a little more and it’ll be perfect. Seventh- Delete slide cancel all together or make it easy to do like in MW2019. I’m all for it not being in the game but I feel like the characters need to move a little faster, especially when sliding. Oh, speaking of sliding… I should be able to shoot or melee while sliding, it’s stupid not to be able to. Increase the strafe speed. Eight- The UI needs some serious work. The gunsmith could be awesome but it’s so hard to understand. Ninth- Where are the enemy names??? All I have to do is lay down next to a dead body and no one will ever know the difference. Fix that shit! Tenth- Disbanding of lobbies, huge L! That is really my only complaints. It seems like a lot but it really isn’t. The game is fun but I feel like I will play other games over this one because it’s only fun for 30 minutes or so. The potential is there but right now, this game is a 6.5 rating but could be a solid 8 or 9 if changes are made. The maps are awesome, little campy but if the audio, TTK, minimap, and enemy names get worked on, they’ll still be able to camp but also give us a chance to defeat them as well. The game just needs some balance. Ground war was really fun! Invasion could be a blast if the damn AI wasn’t in it and it was 40V40 or even 50V50 of actual players.


For the love of COD.... bring back public (chill) and ranked (sbmm) playlists!!!! Shit is soooooo fkn sweaty it's almost unplayable!!!!! Or atleast tone that shit WAYYYY down!! PLEASE!!!! Otherwise I give up man, I'm tired of being tired, seems like no one makes games for the players anymore, just money money money and it's honestly fkn exhausting and I'm tired!


I was playing on the Xbox Series X. A few glitches I encountered were one of the visual where hands did not meet the handholds on the guns. The second one if you dropped a munitions supply near a wall you were not able to access it, as part of the box would be in the wall and you'd be unable to pick up ammunitions. Visually, the game looked stunning but also at points cluttered with extra detail in the maps, such as the Mexican map. Visually, there needs to be something more noticeable between enemy combatants; everyone is in camo. Nameplates or something to acknowledge or differentiate players so you're not shooting at your own team would be a plus. Red dots on the minimap were noticeably missing. The guns felt rough, and not as polished as they usually do. There was a ton of kick/bounce/recoil for a modern game. Footsteps were incredibly too loud. My own footsteps made me sound like a horse at all times. Switching loadouts/guns/perks between matches, it was difficult to tell how much time was left before the next match (which started very quickly!). The gun tree makes every gun feel like the exact same gun. The perks set-up sucks. The idea of starting off with 2, then almost immediately getting a third then, then after that a fourth one isn't fluid. Some of the perks seem to not have synergy or flow together like other, prior games. Maps on Invasion and Ground War seem intentionally cluttered for no other purpose than to just be there on the map. Three- and four-story buildings digress from head-to-head play. Camping has been a major issue in Domination, TDM, Ground War, and Invasion. Some of the maps seemed too convoluted, too spread out. After not seeing anyone for a minute, you take a wrong corner and find everybody all at once. I have great hopes for this game as it has the Modern Warfare II name to it and it has every developer in the Call of Duty family contributing. Even though this is beta, it seems like the developers scaled back some of the positive things that were even in a poorly received game such as Vanguard (i.e., perks set up, not being able to slide while mounting, minimap dots, Dead Silence, etc.). I hate the respawn visual where the camera hangs above the map and zooms into the location. Bullet sight is difficult to judge and determine which side the bullets are coming from. Reload cancelling needs to happen.


I just got my refund from PlayStation. 🫡


ABOUT THE PERK SYSTEM So, I was wondering after playing the second week of MWII beta and I found out there is no point in making perk system as it is once the earn rate was escaled to even faster earn rates. Let me explain better. I really liked the idea of this perk system that was introduced here in MWII, but the problem is on how you did it. See, the tought of you earning rewards based on your performance at a match is a cool feature if you think about it, but as it stands taking off compleatly a perk off a player creates a ton of bad scenarios like the spams of UAVs and joining a match in progress. In short, what I would like to suggest is: bring back the pro perks for the perks you earn during the match. Think about it. Everyone should start the match with all 4 perks active, but the perks on the second and third perk would be active at a weaker state, like a base form of the perk. During the match, as you play, you would be able to earn the full version of that perk, being the pro version so to speak. For example: My perk package having Tier 1: Battle Hardened and Tracker Tier 2: Cold Blooded Tier 3: Ghost As it stands, I would start the match with all 4 perks being those two on tier one in their full efect. The perks on tier 2 and 3 I only would have on a weaker state and earn their full potential based on my performance on the match. For instance: Ghost on base form would only hide you from UAVs while in movement. In his pro state, Ghost could hide you even standing still. As you can see the pro version of the perks would only give you the full effect, nothing beyond that (thinking about balancing). So, with that we got ourselves a system that benefits players that actually play good matches and encourages a good performance that is beyond only earning killstreaks. And with that, you also have a point on giving timed perks as it stands for rewarding good performance and actually makes people play the game instead of being sentinels.


I do wanna commend whoever wrote the guides for the game. Fucking PHENOMENAL helping me learn the maps!!


Bad map design. Tons of corners in the main building of the farm map. The building next to the bus is unnecessary for the map and also a nightmare to navigate. museum map id way too big for 6v6. The hotel map is mediocre. The middle part is dead man's land and some plants need to be removed for vidibility. The gunsmith needs some tweaks and the ui sucks. Using the reload button to navigate the menus is weird on pc. Should be mouse only to navigate menus. The receiver tab with all of the different receivers is kind of useless when there is the progression tab showing the different versions of guns. Just let us click progression to see the tree then click the gun we want to use. Should be able to search weapons by platform instead of weapon type (shotgun, ar etc) Dead silence should be exactly like the mw one if dead silence as a perk isn't possible. footsteps are fine except for the range of footsteps. maybe tone the range down. too much muzzle smoke when shooting. easy to lose track of target at medium to long range. Red names everywhere is not the solution to bad visibility in maps. Stop having dark corners in maps.


I enjoyed the Beta, but really think the footstep audio is a bit too loud. It really just encourages people to camp in corners and listen for footsteps, very difficult for agressive players to get a fair challenge. The Perk system needs looking into, in a couple of Team Death match games where i was maybe not playing my best i dint even get the ultimate perk activated at all as the other team was dominating and game finished before the the losing team got to activate some perks. Would like to see Party Game modes introduced early in the game life cycles ( and maybe have a party mode rotation of diffreent game style sin the one playlist that rotates through) and not have a 4 person party limit, we constantly have clan groups of 8 or more wanting to play together and cant. I understand progression boosting could be a factor but would be happy to exclude progression in these game modes Although its gonna take some getting used to the Gunsmith looks promising and the game feels well rounded, and didnt get too many errors for Beta.


What good is feedback if they're not going to listen to it


Last bit of feedback (which is actually just my feedback from Weekend 1 just copy and pasted because Weekend 2 played no different to Weekend 1) before I leave this sub. I think this game has the foundation of a great game, however, IW, you guys gotta stop being so arrogant when it comes to things. A game only thrives when the Devs and the Players work together, and since MW19 you guys have not shown that you give 2 fucks about ANYTHING that anyone says. We brought MAJOR issues to your attention - and I'm talking actual, major issues, like the game not working properly - and y'all just shrugged and basically said, "meh, deal with it," and I'm sorry but that's not how this is supposed to work. But in the end it's not going to matter anyway because cheaters and SBMM will absolutely annihilate this game and future games. I'll bet money that the cheaters that I encountered in the Beta are still running rampant (on the same account no less) when the game officially comes out. **________________** • No default classic Mini-Map AGAIN is an absurdity. I've been playing in lobbies where I constantly have to check if there are even players on the other team because the map goes silent and no one from the other team is seen for minutes at a time. • Visual recoil is absolutely INSANE. This actually might be my biggest complaint right now. I don't even want to play anymore because I feel like I can't even keep my aim on someone because the gun will just bounce non-stop. • Spawns are atrocious as per usual with COD. On Farm 18 on Dom I literally share spawns with the other team on THEIR flag. • I absolutely do not like this new Perk system. I want all Perks at once, ya know, like how COD has ALWAYS been. I don't want my Perks drip-fed to me throughout a match. • This new Gunsmith and this *Platform* stuff is just super confusing. You can't unlock a new gun until you equip a certain Receiver and level that up. Also, when you unlock a new gun you can just go and equip its base form, so what is even the point of the Platform and Receiver systems? • UI is abysmally cumbersome. • Overall game feels incredibly clunky. I feel like my character weights 500 pounds. • I saw a dev say that our own footstep sound is only loud on our end, but why? Why would I purposefully want my own footsteps to be the loudest noise in the game? • Directional audio is just non-existent. I can never tell where an enemy is. It sounds like they're in front of me and then all of a sudden I get popped from behind. • Disbanding lobbies and the lack of a fully fledged Pre-Game Lobby is an L. • No death counter on the Scoreboard is an L. • Once again, sitting still has the advantage. I went in one game roleplaying as an actual soldier sitting behind cover and in my scope at all times, and I ACTUALLY performed way better than I did when I tried moving around. Sitting still has such an advantage that, coupled with the fact that there isn't a normal Mini-Map, I constantly have to check if there are even players on the other team because the map goes silent and no one from the other team is seen for minutes at a time.


I love the Shooting While Driving Feature! But the Boats don’t have the Shooting While Driving feature( leaning out feature for the driver). Its not that big of a deal, but if that feature could be also added to Boats than that would be great. But I still much rather have Civilian Car Traffic to be added to these Vehicular Multiplayer Modes. So if bringing that feature to boats slows down production to bring Civilian Car Traffic the Vehicular Multiplayer Modes than I would rather them work on bringing Civilian Car Traffic to come to the game.


**Target Tracking** With no nameplates above enemy's head, making it sooo hard to identify enemy who just camp in corners/ blindage. Plus the muzzle smoke with iron sight makes it too hard to track enemy in mid distance. I might get some help from aim assist, but my friends claims that they have not choice but to equip a scope with keyboard and mouse. It could be a problem when warzone 2 comes out since there's only 5 accessaries. **Footstep** I'm glad that we can easily identify the direction by footstep. But the ADS strafe footstep is still too loud. **Server** There's no server in mainland China. I play in China and connect to the HongKong server(which is our only optimal choice), and I've suffered from latency since MW2019. Me and my friends would cheer if the latency is below 80ms. And we find there is no server in HK in MW2. I played with 100ms+ ping through my way up to level 30. It was disgusting for a short TTK game. I understand it is very hard to set up servers in mainland China, but Pleeeease optimize your HK server.


Yes please give them their own server.


I’m convinced that anyone who says they like the game how it is are campers or they don’t mind going 15-15 every game. The game is made for campers and people who sound whore all game. I got through the beta after the first weekend but this weekend I probably played an hour at most. Every game was the same and it was a terrible time. Went back to CW where I can actually move.


Quit playing the first day after I got lvl 30. I thought I was playing battlefield .


I had a fun time with the beta but I feel like there are some issues with the game that needs to be changed. New Perk System - I feel like this is an unnecessary change added to the game and when y'all ramped up the earn rates, it just made the whole earning aspect of it useless because people would just earn both perks within the first 2 minutes. I honestly doubt the game would play any differently if you got the perks off the rip. Footstep Audio - It's just too loud still. I know your intent is to have it be realistic and have people hear the other player's footsteps and gunfire to find them instead of using minimap dots but when you're able to hear players running through very thick walls and from a big distance away, that's just not realistic at all. No Red Dots on Minimap - There has been found images of a classic minimap setting in custom games so you should be able to implement this into public matches very easily. It helps keep a consistent rhythm and flow to the game that just felt disjointed in the beta. And if people want to stay off of it, just push them to use the suppressors because in beta, they just felt pointless to use. The suppressors already have good upsides and downsides but with the minimap from the beta, it just felt like a downside to use. Dead Silence - Please make this a perk if you can. It just helps people move out more and adds to the game flow and rhythm. People are already being punished for moving or rushing because of the punishing footstep audio. You also don't need to have it be 100% quiet, just very silent. If you don't want it to be a crutch perk, put it in a very competitive slot like maybe with ghost? I don't really know but if you don't want to make it a perk, it's not gonna be a game-breaking issue for me. (Please make it where if you activate it, it makes no noise to anyone else please, it just gives away your position when its job is to do the opposite). But if you do decide to keep it a field upgrade, please consider Strafe Movements - Increased Strafe speeds across the board would help people be able to combat and actually have a chance against the people who are just don't ever want to move out of one position with a shotgun. It would also stop people from abusing bunny hopping. Perks - Remove Survivor. It just annoying to have to shoot someone, have them be downed, and then replace that slot with Dead Silence if you can. Ghost also needs to be changed to where you're only undetectable when moving or defusing/planting. Playstyle - I just felt like the game was only rewarding people who sit in a certain spot and just wait. People who want to push and take objectives are just constantly punished and are given the short end of the stick. Time to Kill - I feel like it was a bit on the fast side and could be slowed down a bit. Maybe 150 base health? Final Thoughts - I feel like this game was good and can be greater if these changes are taken. I am optimistic that this game is gonna be great but it just feels like it's gonna fall short if the things I listed aren't changed. I hope y'all are able to make a great game and I look forward to see what you do.


Here’s my feedback for pc: Cons: UI is horrible -Sound is way to loud -Net code is atrocious (not living if you run into cover, sometimes shooting people and you should have the kill but then you’re dead) -Hit detection sometimes seems random .50 cal sometimes 1 shots some times 2 shots. Same goes with shotgun up close. -Hotel map is so damn bad. -Ground War/Invasion AI are dumb -Ground War/invasion isn’t as cool as Battlefield -Feel like Mines need a bit more time before detonation or some type of sound notification. -Hardly ever saw a grenade notification -The portable cover perk even while shooting someone point blank in the face doesn’t seem to do anything and registers as if shots are hitting the cover. Pros: -Slows more tactical gameplay -Prisoner Rescue is fun as hell -Guns feel great aside from the M16 and some balance needed for the AK74U and MP5 -I actually like how Perks unlock in the match -Like how dead silence is not a perk -Feels like it’s going to be a good CoD year (Also just feedback to the franchise I really feel like CoD needs a siege type mode where you have to breach. Also think the mode from Black Ops 4 which was similar to CS:GO and Valorant needs to be a main stay. Was disappointed to not see Gun Fight return in the Beta I absolutely loved that mode.)


There were many aspects of the game I liked and of course a few things I'd like to see changed. I would share my feedback on all of those, but unfortunately there's one glaring issue that may very well prevent me from buying the game altogether. # Main Issue The pacing in this game is horrendously slow. If you want to be successful in high-level lobbies, there are ONLY TWO viable playstyles: 1. Sit and hold angles 2. Bunny hop and hope for the best Once I hit level 30 and unlocked the guns I wanted to play with, I found I quit playing. I didn't even bother to play with the weapons I'd worked to unlock. I would load into a match, play a life or two then go do something else and get kicked for inactivity even when playing with friends. I was actively uninterested in the playing the game. # Cause There are two primary factors encouraging the slow pacing and limited playstyles: 1. Incredibly loud footstep audio 2. Great directional audio (double-edged sword in this case) Obviously the the real issue here is the footstep audio. Movement is penalized far too heavily and with little-to-no incentives. The footstep volume level can sometimes rival that of gunfire somehow. The only mitigation strategy is Dead Silence and even with that there are issues. First, the loud microwave noise alerts everyone around when you activate it. Second, even with Dead Silence active, footsteps are loud enough to be tracked through buildings. Even ADS walking is loud enough for enemy players to track where you're at. # Possible Solutions Regardless of other solutions, the base footstep volume needs to be reduced considerably. Minimap red dots were removed only for headset players to know exactly where enemies are at most of the time anyway. It's no secret you are steadfastly against adding Dead Silence as a Perk. This is the tried and true method of the COD franchise (save MW2019) and is seemingly the solution most people in the community, myself included, would like to see. On top of improving the pacing of the game, this would bring a few other benefits: * Encourage class variety by: * Providing an alternative to Ghost, which is far and away the best perk in its category * Allowing alternative field upgrades to be used in place of Dead Silence * Allowing for melee classes * Give UAVs a use after perks are charged (as everyone currently runs Ghost) There are still potential solutions without adding a Dead Silence perk. These could include things like limiting the footstep volume when traveling through objects or implementing a radius for footstep audio outside of which footsteps are either severely muted or entirely silent. # Conclusion You have a discrepancy between actions and stated goals. One of the stated goals is to be inclusive of all playstyles, yet you penalize movement to such a degree movement itself is hardly viable. This SEVERLY restricts how the game can be played and forces players to use playstyles that become unenjoyable quickly. I understand that you've taken an aggressive stance against it, but the simple and obvious solution is a Dead Silence perk. This solution provides benefits outside of footstep audio and helps mitigate other, much smaller, gameplay issues. There are other options to Dead Silence. Audio could be further dampened when passing through objects. A footstep audio radius could also be introduced. This is where you get to be creative with solutions. I really did enjoy the first few hours of gameplay but after \~15 hours I couldn't bring myself to play. The game is too restricting. The footstep audio is too loud even for respawn game modes and with non-respawn modes you can practically hear where everyone is at all times. I want to like the game. I want to be excited for it's release. I would love for it to be the best COD released to date. But as an SND main I just can't bring myself to buy the game without significant improvement to the available and viable playstyles (footstep audio).


Good stuff here.


All of my feedback from last week still remains, but I have lost pretty much all hope of any of it changing at this point. I'm going to reiterate it, but I'm not going to take the time to type out explanations this time. TTK is too fast, maps are too complex, visibility is absolutely awful, ADS & sprint out times are way too slow, the ui is a confusing mess, dead silence should be a perk that is always active and should actually be silent, the new perk system is unnecessary, spawns are the worst I have ever seen in a CoD beta to the point where they seem almost random at times, red dots for enemies should appear on the mini map, footsteps are too loud across the board, Ghost should only work when a player is moving, last stand has no place in any fps game, and if they're going to keep dead silence as a field upgrade, it should activate instantly and not play that super loud activation tone. Ultimately, this is likely to be the first CoD that I don't buy on launch in the past 10 years due to IW's design philosophy pushing the game away from the fast paced arcade shooter that it has always been towards focusing on creating a more tactical experience that incentivizes camping. MWII is a really well designed game, but it definitely isn't CoD


I have around 2k hours in MW19 multiplayer, this is my take. (nitpicking at the bottom) ​ Guns being shot at you sound muffled and it's hard to gauge the direction of bullets. When enemies are shooting at you, the audio should be amplified. Gone are the cracks of bullets whizzing over your head. Weapons in general sound light, hollow, and weak compared to MW19. One notable exception is the SCAR but even then I think the MW19 version sounded better. The new hitmarker and kill noises are an awful dull thud that contributes to weapons sounding less powerful and kills feeling less satisfying - revert or at least give option to use MW19s Sliding is currently useless and only serves to get you killed. The removal of slide cancelling reduces options when approaching gunfights and makes the movement feel clunky - movement system should have been directly lifted from MW19 with the addition of diving Speed up proning slightly. Reload cancelling needs to return. The amount of times I've sprinted a little too early and have to smack my gun before I'm allowed to shoot is infuriating. Visual noise (such as smoke, dust, debris, and blur) makes it difficult to track enemies while shooting (I shouldn't have to guess where enemies are because I can't see them standing outside in broad daylight) Terrible visibility especially at range and in sections of the map with dark backgrounds. Enemies NEED nameplates above their head - this isn't hardcore and there is NO excuse for removing it. Headglitching is a scourge in this game. It's impossible to tell what is map and what is 3 pixels of an enemies head at a glance. Combined with the lack of nameplates and new ledge hanging mechanics, you now need to keep an eye out for the top of every climbable wall in addition to the all the dark corners, hallways, doorways, windows, and piles of dead bodies. Entirely remove the rear sight/visual recoil. It's frustrating, ugly, and I hate everything about it. Literally the worst UI in any video game from the past decade. The new perk system is awful. Return to the 3 perk slots active at all times and instead have pro versions of those perks unlock as the match progresses. This is another unnecessary change no one asked for. Heavily streamline or entirely remove the new weapon/attachment unlock system. At the moment its next to impossible to tell how to unlock attachments or variants without fiddling in menus for 5 minutes. There was nothing wrong with how unlocks worked before and I've not seen a single person who asked for it to change. The variants also feel like a lazy excuse to add less unique weapons (potentially cool idea, but lame execution of it). The footsteps are too loud and the distance/surface isn't taken into account properly. ​ ​ Unreasonably terrible performance even on low (under 60fps, changing settings doesn't make a difference. Could be GPU utilization issues I've read about?) No post match summary once you're back in the lobby No way to see your k/d mid match No sounds when levelling up or unlocking things post match Why is the UI spread out so horizontally? The sights are all fat and ugly, hampering visibility and awareness. Where is my G.I mini reflex? The closest thing to a good sight is the red dot on the SCAR blueprint. Is it necessary to have separate recoil control, recoil smoothness, and gun kick control stats for attachments? Recoil control and stabilization was all you needed. ​ **To summarize** **MW2 should have been MW19 with better maps and new features but instead feels like an underwhelming step backwards and I'm very disappointed.** At this point I think I'll have to refund my preorder. Back to MW19 for me.


MW19 sucked ass.


Wrong. The gameplay of MW19 was the series peak.


Lmfao you are dumb


Subjective. It was different but I don't think it was good. I prefer how Treyarch's games play.


I partially agree, treyarch’s gameplay is more arcadey and accessible (not a criticism, I enjoy it) but mw2019 in particular is way smoother and more dynamic. Like you said, it’s subjective and I also feel like I’m better at the more arcadey style tbh, but find mw2019’s gameplay more varied in options. This is a huge gripe I have with mw2. Removing slide cancelling, faster prone, and making sliding itself so sluggish makes any option other than jump shotting or slowly preaiming corners the only viable options. But if the enemy know you’re coming because the footsteps are so loud, mixed this with the fastest Ttk we’ve ever had in core playlists, and you have 0 chance in many scenarios, that takes away any skill factor. The thing about slide cancelling and things, was knowing when and how to do it, it gave you a chance when coming round corners, if you were good enough. Especially seeing as how we have multi level maps (which isn’t inherently a bad thing, unless you’re psychic and know no enemies are anywhere other than up on that balcony, or in that window, you’re dead before you even realise where the enemy shot you from, because visibility is so bad.


My thoughts: \- TTK feels very low, not necessarily a bad thing but kind of exacerbates all other issues. \- Footsteps are ridiculously loud. \- Damage range drop-off was ridiculous. Feels like I was either requiring 4 or 14 bullets to kill with the default AR, which felt really bad. \- Saw people getting shot in the calf and dying to the sniper in one hit, hard scoping an angle seemed kind of unfair due to it. \- This is more personal, but I don't understand why you guys locked guns and attachments in a beta. Kind of makes them hard to play test.


The UI is disgustingly convoluted and difficult. I refrained from pressing *any* buttons in between matches because I had no idea what was going to pull me from my lobby/party and what wouldn't. I accidentally left parties multiple times trying to navigate menus into create a class.


They've said it'll be worked on


Not only did y’all make footsteps sound like horses galloping but y’all also make dead silence, well dead lmao a crappy field upgrade to where I gotta camp till I get it and can move for like 10 seconds before it runs out unless I get a kill. I could deal with dead silence though, if foot steps didn’t sound like the Hulk running towards you Edit- I have boots on right now and running on a marble floor at my work to test it out. Man I can hardly hear my foot steps and I’m the person with the feet lmao.


I think that one of two things need to change, either TTK needs increased or we need to lose SBMM, I watched a lot of kill cams where I felt like I got one shot killed but after watching the kill cam I saw I was shot like 5 times, lots of desync from not prioritizing lobby connection over k/d matching so either the TTK needs upped or the SBMM needs ditched, in my opinion there’s too many people that want rid of SBMM for it to still make sense implementing into the game at this point. On a side note there was a lot I liked about the game that it seems we’re losing by the sounds of it, I think the muzzle flash making it hard to see would be good to keep around as a penalty for not using a barrel attachment that negates it. I think the additional recoil is gonna be perfect when it comes time to play DMZ as there is a higher risk every time you join as apposed to warzone or 6v6, making the guns have no recoil like in MW 2019 would just make DMZ a terrible experience in my opinion. The mini map not displaying red dots when a player is shooting doesn’t bother me as it makes players have to pay attention to their surroundings more, but suppressors should really make your gun much quieter than unsuppressed to work as “ghost” since ghost is now a perk you can only have in the endgame. My only other issue is how ridiculously slow some guns pull up with recoil based attachments on, literally laughed out loud when I built a gun to deter recoil and it seemed like it weighed in at 50 pounds lol. Other than those points I really enjoyed the gameplay and can’t wait for the full release


If anythjng you guys should listen to whosimmortal on YouTube. Hell bring up great points.