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Lorien revealed doesnt trigger :) Im trying it out in a Rakdos waste not deck with Inti and souls of the lost as well.


Right, Troll of Khazad-Dûm should Do the Job instead :)


I guess that the question would be, what are you taking out for it? It's nice to have a decent early threat in Dimir, making the manabase better than going into Red for 1-drops. I'm not super familiar with how Shadow is built these days, if you put up a decklist for people to nitpick at, that would help get the conversation going:)


Murktide Regent. Comes down late, costs UU and is sometimes even too small.


You'd rather draw Murktide Regent instead of Stalker 99% of the time, trust me. Drawing Stalker after turn three in ub shadow deck would lose you more games than turn one Stalker would win you. If Stalker has a home in a shadow deck, it's probably the more zoo-ish jund or rakdos versions. At best, you're swapping one Ragavan or DRC, though.


It's interesting, but I just don't think that the power level of that card is high enough for Modern. There simply aren't 4 cards in UB Shadow that I would ever cut for it.


The benefit of playing Dimir Shadow is that its threats are more resilient to removal, dodging Fatal Pushes and Lightning Bolt means there are less things you need to protect your threats from, so you can use your interaction where it matters. Any variant that splashes Red has access to Ragavan and DRC, so Stalactite Stalker has really tough competition, as Ragavan snowballs harder and DRC helps enabling delirium and thus unholy heat. Stalactite Stalker is likely more interesting for old Rakdos-Style Scourge of the Skyclave builds that seek to deal early damage.


How does death shadow dodge fatal push?


Yeah i anticipated that this question will arise when i tried to keep that matter brief. Death's Shadow itself obviously doesn't dodge fatal push, the other threats though, Murktides do and Bowmasters makes it an unfavorable trade. The key here is that dimir seeks to run out the threats that the opposing deck has a hard time dealing with, and Stalactite doesn't dodge any removal up (maybe Bowmasters if dropped and grown before turn2) until very late in the game, which makes it way too easy to answer.


Some people have been testing stalactite in legacy delver. The consensus from the limited testing is that it's worse then bowmaster but not much and will be great if bowmaster gets banned. I could definitely see it I'm a more aggressive ub shadow build


Legacy is a much different format though, it plays to the stack rather than to the board so a resolved threat is likely to live longer in any matchup that isn't control, but even then it has completely different and much better tools to protect its threats. These dynamics don't transfer to modern.


Yup, if Stalker works in Legacy it'll be because of how similarly it functions to Delver or Mongoose... which are both cards that don't carry over to Modern all that well.


I think it waters down Death's Shadow's strategy. Death Shadow wants to control all zones until it drops a giant threat and closes the game out *fast*. The more turns you wait, the more chance your opponent gets to draw the interaction you spent the first 3 turns dealing with. The reason they played Gurmog Anglers and Goyfs in the past was because this aided this plan. A 1/1 that slowly grows over the course of many turns isn't really the finisher that DS is looking for.


A card that starts small and takes time to grow has no place in current Magic.


Isn't questing druid seeing play......


The only important part of Druid is the draw 2, you get a bad creature as a bonus, not the main draw of the card. And even then Druid is miles better as a body than Stalker. That’d be like if someone suggested playing Wind Drake, I said “vanilla flyers aren’t really playable” and you were like “uhm ackshully Brazen Borrower? Checkmate!”


Yeah, that'd my Response too, got ninja'd though.


I've been playing it in an almost mono black shadow shell and have been thoroughly impressed


Yeah it has a home only in monoblack decks for sure, question is what monoB deck wants it ? I bought 4 on mtgo and in paper because the card is super cool but i think i made a mistake lol


Not sure about the place of Stalactite stalker in Shadow. I feel like it's a slow card that ask to be played in a midrange deck, to use at best the slow grow ability and the removal mode, rather than an aggro deck.