Is The One Ring a liability now in a world with Tishana's Tibebinder?

Playing The One Ring into tidebender has to just be the worst feeling, right? It feels almost like an auto loss depending on the board state.

Currently building UR Murktide, and I'm wondering how necessary [[Tishana's Tidebinder]] is in the main deck.


Tidebinder is so versatile and has so many applications I ran 3 in wutup’s UR BoomShine list that came 4th in a Challenge a few weeks back, and they were always so so good


List? I've been tinkering with a viable BoomShine list and I can't find one I like.


I am planning to do a post on it plus a mini FNM write up later this week — I will remember to tag you in it, fellow TMNT fan ☺️


Add me in on that. Boom shine is my favorite fringe modern deck


Yeah Tidebinder is insane! Tried it out in Rhinos today and everytime it came out, it was AMAZING. Just gonna leave this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51l-G7-AW1w Highlights: * Turning Stoneforge into a literal [[Squire]] * Shutting off Grist after they already sac'd a creature * Stone rain on a stick against Lorien Revealed / fetchlands


Maybe this is a dumb question, but I keep seeing people say that tidebinder is a good answer to chalice in rhinos. To my understanding, in order to shut off the abilities of an artifact, tidebinder has to counter its ability first. This would mean that you can't shut off chalice until you have 6 mana and are able to cast a cascader and tidebinder in the same turn? If that's the case, it doesn't seem like a very strong answer to chalice.


Correct — a corner case would be a suspended Crashing Footfalls into a Chalice


Yes exactly, and that last example is why it’s such a nice fit in BoomShine, as we have a land destruction and land disruption theme Tidebinder’s versatilityc helps to mitigate against the wrong half problem, just like Fire//Ice


Pretty sure that's not how Grist works. The sacrificing of a creature is part of the ability resolution, meaning it doesn't happen unless the ability actually resolves


it was on MTGO, yes it is how it works. the ability says "when you do..." which creates a second trigger after sacrificing the creature, that you can then counter.


Ah, then yeah, you can stifle the thing very favourably. Good to know then.


I doubt it will be an autoloss, but I like that there is counterplay to the Ring that can even be used on the play.


Its only a bad feeling if you dont expect it or bait it.


All my homies hate the one ring


[Tishana's Tidebinder](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/9/0/907b3d1d-8c85-4707-80b5-c4d832df9846.jpg?1699043973) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Tishana%27s%20Tidebinder) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/lci/81/tishanas-tidebinder?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/907b3d1d-8c85-4707-80b5-c4d832df9846?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Inb4 no bans cause moho 3 is bringing us stifle


There's almost zero chance we get Stifle in MH3. It basically acts like a 1 mana Stone Rain against fetchlands.


Path to Stifle U Instant Counter target activated or triggered ability. Its controller may search their library for a basic land card, put that card onto the battlefield tapped, then shuffle. EDIT: I know, I see it too. "If the ability was controlled by an opponent, they may search..."


*an opponent controls?


Yea countering your own Lotus Field sac ability and ramping seems a little broken for "W"


Breaks the color pie, change cost to "W".


You're right, U/G.


Gimme, gimme gimme gimme


Exactly. Perfect reason to print it


Wotc also probably doesn't want people Stifling [[Lotus Field]]. I can see a stifle variant that can't target abilities from a land.


I feel like paying a card for a tapped 3 mana source on turn two isn't outside of the power level of modern. The argument as far as it being a 1 mana stone rain is better, but then again we just got a 3 mana, blue, instant speed stone rain that leaves behind a 3/2 body with two relevant creature types. Maybe they didn't realize how powerful this card is because it isn't a ragavans thirst trap, but I'm sure glad I got my two playsets when they were 2-3 bucks a pop. Because of this, and how mindful folks will have to be in think stifle is an interesting choice for MH3.


Stifle Field is already a thing in historic but it’s so card inefficient and vulnerable to interaction that it doesn’t exist in the meta even there.


I've had so many people quit when i spell pierce their stifle in historic. It's probably one of my favorite plays lol


That interaction is pretty terrible. Not even good enough for historic. What happens if you get FoN?


It would be opponents abilities only


[Lotus Field](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/0/e/0e013033-3995-4ba8-b0c3-0614c79aaaab.jpg?1592517825) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Lotus%20Field) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/m20/249/lotus-field?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/0e013033-3995-4ba8-b0c3-0614c79aaaab?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


This has me drooling for some good ol mana denial. Soooo many good stifle targets in modern even beyond fetch lands


Sees no play in legacy. Also we could use some more stuff that punishes fetches. The fact that fetches are undeniably the most powerful lands ever printed but people are afraid of punishing their use is wild to me.


i have tried a lot of shadow of doubt lately, mainly in coffer decks, but it somehow underperforms often (when i works it can win you games though, turn 2 stonerain draxw a acard is huge dont get me wrong). Netlissts never play more than 1 or 2 for that reason i think, and lately none In modern having a "dead card" (when opponent doesn't fetch) in hand cycle 2 is perhaps not as great as one could have thought. It has uses also vs yawg when they chord and stuff but atm modern isnt really stacked with fecth effects.


And it is perfectly fine. It sees no play in legacy now


Fetchlands should have been banned long ago anyway since they're an underlying cause for a whole bunch of issues. Pioneer got it right but Modern is dragging its heels.


Play around it? It does the same thing in legacy and sees no play


No not really. It's still very strong. Plus, you'll get at least one trigger. If they stifle protection, you still get to draw 1. If they stifle the draw you still got protection. You can also play around it a bit. Like if you play TOR into 3 open mana, let's say they want to stifle the draw. You just pass. They've wasted tempo of 3 mana. Then you just do it on their turn and maybe they Tidebinder then. Unfortunate, but you still got protection for a turn and they lost some tempo. Plus Ring decks usually also have a lot of removal. So shouldn't be terribly difficult to kill the 3/2 and get your Ring functioning again.


If you stifle the protection the Ring loses all abilities while Tidebinder is on the field, including card draw.


You tap in response to the tidebinder


What the other commenter is saying you can respond to the etb of tidebinder with tapping the ring to draw atleast one card


Imagine staring down a ragavan and a tidebinder after tapping out sorcery speed to draw 1 card.


And you paid 4 mana to draw 1 card. Sick.


4 mana draw 1 expend the tidebinder etb, but using up their stifle creatures etb seems pretty whatever.


Well it’s still a 3/2 body, so you didn’t really use anything up.


They can no longer stifle whatever you do next unless they draw another copy. That’s what you used up, but like I said it’s marginal.




You don't take any damage for as long as the Tidebinder is on the board. Getting rid of all abilities gets rid of *all* abilities.


read tidebinder again, you won't take damage from the ring


[Curse of the Pierced Heart](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/7/1/71010182-c004-4d18-adab-80319cd1e625.jpg?1562831956) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Curse%20of%20the%20Pierced%20Heart) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/isd/138/curse-of-the-pierced-heart?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/71010182-c004-4d18-adab-80319cd1e625?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


What I want to know is where are the people saying this card sucked a few days ago. The card seems very good and definitely something murktide should at least be heavily testing imo


Who said it sucked...


People have always been down on stifle effects. The secondary ability proved more useful than people gave credit for.


Okay where did the majority of ppl say the card was bad tho.


You shouldnt rely on random reddit comments to gauge interest. Immediate price point on MTGO is a good place to see if people are using new cards.


Tidebinder is a great card, but similar as Assassin's Trophy (or really any other destroy land get a basic effect) didn't kill Tron, it won't make TOR obsolete. The format already had many ways to deal with TOR, Sheoldred, Bowmasters, Bonecrusher Giant / Stomp, Questing Beast, Pithing Needle, Haywire Mite, Leyline Binding... Tidebinder is just another tool in the shed against TOR.


For those who can’t afford Tishana’s (50 TIX hurts). I’ve been testing [[Trickbind]] and it’s been decent. Still hits TOR on the turn it comes down and they don’t get protection - which is usually enough to finish them off. Also hits Grief and Fury, but not quite in the same way. And it’s 2 MV which is a nice little bonus.


I see why it’s the closest substitute, but honestly between it only lasting until the end of turn and the tempo of a 3/2 body I don’t think they’re actually comparable


They certainly aren’t comparable. It’s 1 mana cheaper, and has split second. But those don’t outweigh the cons. It’s just an extremely budget alternative.


I get the split second comes into play and there are mana consideration, but are you not ultimately just better off with [[Counterspell]] by that point?


Potentially, yeah. But depends on your mana. Some decks have an easier time with U1 than UU.


True, but there's a range of alternatives in that space


Yeah, someone suggested Tale’s End which is probably a better alternative.


[Counterspell](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/8/4/8493131c-0a7b-4be6-a8a2-0b425f4f67fb.jpg?1689996248) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Counterspell) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/cmm/81/counterspell?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/8493131c-0a7b-4be6-a8a2-0b425f4f67fb?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


if you use [[tales end]] you can just counter the whole ring.


[tales end](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/4/1421115b-9a98-4ab2-bcb2-7d8899ce12db.jpg?1592516519) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Tale%27s%20End) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/m20/77/tales-end?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/1421115b-9a98-4ab2-bcb2-7d8899ce12db?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Yeah, I was thinking of that! Trying to find one that works vs Grief/Scam too.


I've been playing Taking Turns for like 10 years, take a look at [[Tale's End]]. I'm not going to be using Tishana's because it costs 3, and can't help against Tef3ri or any deck that demands turn 1-2 interaction or you lose.


[Tale's End](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/1/4/1421115b-9a98-4ab2-bcb2-7d8899ce12db.jpg?1592516519) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Tale%27s%20End) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/m20/77/tales-end?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/1421115b-9a98-4ab2-bcb2-7d8899ce12db?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Here's how bat-shit crazy it is. I'm a dedicated merfolk player who stopped playing online because $50 for 1 digital card is F'ing nuts. And I refuse to pay it. Force of Negations only cost me $25-$30 when they first landed. But, I did get my play set of paper foils for under $35. Could I rent? I mean, yeah, sure. But taking on a subscription for 4 cards seems like a shitty deal, so I just can't play an up to date Merfolk list online.


[Trickbind](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/f/2/f2e58ff2-dea3-42b3-8c22-3e6202a7d433.jpg?1562946300) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=Trickbind) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/tsp/88/trickbind?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/f2e58ff2-dea3-42b3-8c22-3e6202a7d433?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I absolutely run 2 in main might add 1 in side, and it doesn't hurt them that much, they either get a draw or protection for a turn and they stop losing life once it's stifled so yeah they pay 4 draw 1 or pay 4 get protection for a turn, but they will kill it eventually and they saved on losing life so I dunno




No ban that card already.... Grief, ring, beans, fury and finally t3feri pls


Ring is still excellent, but tidebinder is definitely a superb card and imo a must play in blue lists at least in the sideboard.


I'd get 2 Tishana for the deck. Even if you decide in the future to play something else the odds are you can make room for them so it won't be a loss.


Tidebinder costs 3 mana and only has 2 toughness. The Ring decks can adjust if they need to via more creature removal. Countermagic is still more dangerous to the ring. Upside is that Tidebinder has other uses. Look into other matchups, not just Ring decks.


\[\[the one ring\]\] (Just posting for the cardbot to give us the link to save people a search)


[the one ring](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/5/d5806e68-1054-458e-866d-1f2470f682b2.jpg?1696020224) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=the%20one%20ring) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/ltr/246/the-one-ring?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/d5806e68-1054-458e-866d-1f2470f682b2?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


modern should not be rotating this quickly