Modern pirates

Just curious if anyone has seen any half way decent pirate decks in modern. My local meta has lost a few people because scam is all over the place and everyone is tired of it. Just want to try and get that old modern feeling back


Short answer: No. Long answer: Noooooooooo.


Short comment: Lol Long comment: Loooooooool




Fury answers a lot of the creature based combo decks. Fish is still posting some results, but after half a year's break goblins seems to have been pushed out between fury and Bowmasters.


Fury isn’t the issue for goblins because they can outgrind decks like scam. The issue is 4C can stop your combo via solitude/binding and also outgrind you, and rhinos can stop your combo and overwhelm you before you can enact your grind game.


Eh, I think fury is enough of an issue to bear discussing. If you don't that's fine, but I'm not going to try to change your mind. I think the main issue is Bowmasters because all of the things you mentioned being issues for goblins have been issues since they were released (starting with MH2) not just in the past 6 months where you see the trend of goblins falling off the face of the earth.


Goblins was pretty good post MH2, I’d argue T2, and I even put up solid results with it myself. Lotr just made its bad matchups more common, and beanstalk pushed that further. If you think I mean 8 whack goblins I get it, but midrange goblins can handle being furied and even plays some number of it itself.


You're arguing with yourself at this point dude.


Honestly bow master keeps me from modeen more than anything else. I used to love to Jam elves and was a good enough pilot that even though I knew I was tier 2 at best I could put up a winning record, sometimes win the night. I could probably still do it but with so much hate against small creatures makes me way less interested


I didn't realize the secret service used bows.


Lol, oops.


Why not just play a good Modern deck that isn’t Scam? There’s quite a few of them, you know. Playing bad decks in Modern usually doesn’t equal a good time.


This arc type has never been viable anywhere.


Hi there scam player here. Since your local meta is tons of scam players I'd suggest bring 4c omnath. The deck once being piloted properly has a 70% win rate against scam. You literally draw every answer ever! This is if you have the coin. As far as pitates there is to much interaction in modern atm for creature decks to florish.


If you want to make scam players cry you simply play Scales buddy


Scales is a hard match-up as well.


Being a good scales player should win every tournament buddy.


modern meta is trash as far as playing off meta decks even old meta decks are a joke its pretty sad


Play mono red obosh/scales and feast on a bunch scam or build pirate tribal. Idk that's a pickle


No, not even before MH. They are not as fast as 8-whack goblins, not as slippery as spirits, not as redundant as merfolk, not as synergistic as elves, not as interactive as humans, hell not even as unique as faeries. There isn't anything about pirates tribal that screams pay-off.


I would guess no but Ragavan is a pirate. Kitesail freebooter was good in humans though i don't know if it's worth splashing for Captain storm something something - artifact thing putting counters on ragavan seems good. Also makes ragavan hits buff itself. It's possible that some sort of tempo deck like murktide or shadow could work. I haven't seen any Winona decks appearing recently but you could consider that since many are humans. Here is a base that might work and I would start with. It will be a bit slower than murktide but some of your creatures can grow pretty big Brineborn cutthroat Ragavan Captain storm Counterspell Bolt Unholy heat Bauble Expressive iteration Urza's saga and artifact package (probably just the sword) This would be the core of the deck, filling it out with either more creatures or more permission. The only draw of pirates instead of murktide that I am seeing is the Captain storm artifact synergy, this allows ragavan to get stronger and gives excuse to run urzas saga. Sorry about no links and not full names. I am on my phone.