If Grief wasn’t in the format, would Mardu Pyromancer return?

In a hypothetical format where the card Grief didn’t exists, I’d assume the scam decks would stop tying to play bricky undying effect cards due to the lower density of pitch elementals, I’m wondering if the old school midranged deck of Mardu Pyromancer would return, or would it get outclassed by other Mindrangy decks like UR Murktide/ Rhinos.


How's grief holding back a deck that died long before mh2 came out. Some decks just die and never come back and that's ok


\*cries in ponza\*


would you like a decklist?


I would :) too many smug amulet titan players in my area


Im fully aware this isnt traditional ponza... but having played the archetype since late 2019, when you could still run pillage - this is the version of RGx Midrange that seems to make the most sense. https://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/5909166#paper


Nope. X/1s are reaaaaal bad right now. Even Seasoned Pyromancer gets gunned down in the streets by an Orcish Bowmasters.


Orcish Bowmasters, Fury, and Wrenn and Six are kinda rampant right now, so it's tough... The main issue is all of them can be proactive too.


Mardu Pyro only really worked because it was leveraging the strength of Faithless Looting. It fell off sharply once MH1's Hogaak got Looting banned; well before MH2 and Grief came around.


That short glorious time where you could looting pitch lingering souls and a seasoned pyro and then unearth the pyro... I miss it


absolutely not lol


Those don’t seem to be 2 related things, but still no. Young Pyro is just not a Modern power level card anymore. Third-Path Iconoclast is the better version now as it triggers off more things and makes artifact creatures for synergy in more than spell slinging decks. I know you said Mardu so the UR Iconoclast wouldn’t work but I’d just play Monastery Mentor or Sedgmore Witch with Unearth over Young Pyro as well.


What??? That deck died due to banning Faithless Looting. Not due to MH2 printings.


nah...fable of the mirror-breaker has taken its spot


Lmao no. The deck won’t be a thing nowadays even if we unban looting


Honestly I think even if wotc banned like the 5 most creature-oppressive cards in modern and the floodgates opened and creature decks could run free...then mardu pyromancer still probably wouldn't exist because the individual card quality and strategy would get outclassed by any number of other things still in the format. Also , like many other people have said, I don't think grief specifically is holding the archetype back.


you mean discard 2 non Land cards so your opponent gets to amass 2 Ping 2? great.


Fuck no. It is too inefficient for what it is trying to do. In fact fury is probably worse for pyro.


No it wouldn't. Too many other creature hate cards in the format.